7 Real ways to relax if your vacation isn’t coming soon

The crisis is tight both in terms of finances and jobs. That’s why many do not have the opportunity to take a vacation they are entitled to. If you want to earn money, you have to work hard.

But one day you realize: I can’t take it anymore! So you’re tempted to punch your boss in the eye, or to write your resignation and go somewhere in the middle of nowhere so you won’t see the boring office… What to do if you feel like a pressure cooker, which is about to rip the lid off, and leave is not expected?

There are ways to do it. Our correspondent tested some of them on herself.

Remember this joke: a Jewish family with many children. Mom locked in a room, and the kids little and little can not get her out of there. Eventually, they burst into the room and see the mother of the family sitting on a stool in front of an open box of chocolates and melancholy eating chocolates. “Mom! What are you doing?! What about us!” – “Sha, kids! I’m making you a good mother!”

So there you go. All ways to reboot can be described in one sentence – “Making a good mom (or dad).” That is, from superhero mode to energy-saving mode. What can be delegated – delegate. Drop off children grandmother or send to the camp. With her husband agree to take turns cooking. Minimize the cleaning, etc. The main thing – to rest as much as possible. Otherwise it is not an hour you will have to rest in hospital – the body will not joke.

  1. An hour only for yourself

The best time is early in the morning, when it’s dawn and your family hasn’t got up yet. Take a cup of tea or coffee, your favorite book or embroidery – and out on the balcony. And the balcony, of course, should not be a pantry, but a mini spa. Hang a couple of pots with flowering annuals, put comfortable furniture. Slowly drink your drink, as you would in a hotel at sea, think about pleasant things. This time is yours alone.


The child is in the village at grandma’s, but I am still up at 7 am, although I could have been an hour later. I quietly drink coffee, eat breakfast, clean my feathers. I moved daily cleaning to the morning – with fresh forces to wield a mop is more effective. I go to work in a good mood – the day has not yet begun, and I have already done so much!

  1. Hobby reduces negativity

If you’ve given up on a hobby, take it out, shake it off, and start applying it. How is there no time? And the morning hour?

Better if your hobby fits the definition of “manual labor” and gives a visible result after not too long, such as embroidery, solving crossword puzzles and puzzles, collecting puzzles, drawing.

By the way, have you already sorted out the photos from last vacation? After all, they can make a book of memories or a collage to remember. Dive into the memories – and have a little rest.

The result:

Embroidery, scrapbooking and other crafts – not for me. I have no talent or perseverance. But all of a sudden, I discovered a coloring book for adults – there are now a lot. Shading a pencil – and anxiety recedes.

  1. Oh sports! You are the world

In the summer you don’t have to spend money on a fitness membership. Put on your sneakers – and go to the nearest park. Run, walk with Nordic walking poles, and pull weights on outdoor fitness equipment. See if there are any outdoor yoga or dance classes nearby. Sometimes these classes are free. At home, do a 15-minute basic workout in the morning. You’ll feel better soon.


A hackneyed recommendation. But it works! I walk with a pedometer in the park and try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Better yet, more. We have a lot of walkers, runners and cyclists there. All different sizes and ages. So I don’t have to be shy. I walk in headphones with vigorous music, breathing fresh air – good!

4 Limit the work load

The vacation season puts a double load on the shoulders of the remaining employees. But this is no reason to die at work. Yes, you’ll have to work intensely, with full immersion. But lunch is on the schedule. And you shouldn’t stay on duty beyond what you’re paid for, either.

Use your lunch break – go outside, there’s probably a nice coffee shop nearby.


Taking advantage of the good weather, began to go to the canteen at work in the next block. A walk again. And after dinner it’s so nice to sit in the yard in the green playground. Minutes 15 – and such a charge of positivity give!

  1. Immerse yourself in social life

In summer, children are usually at camps, with grandmothers or at dacha. It is a great opportunity for parents to see novelty rentals and attend concerts. Theater life subsides, but it doesn’t stop altogether. Study the playbills – for sure there is something interesting there. A glass of wine on the summer veranda of a restaurant is also a good idea. If it’s just one, and it doesn’t take long before midnight.


My husband and I usually go to the movies more often in the summer than at other times of the year. But, alas, this year the poster is not yet happy. But there is still time until the first of September.

  1. Get enough sleep

This is the advice that is easy to give and not easy to implement. But it is possible. Since you now get up early, count backwards from the hour X and, if you are kind, go to bed at that time.


I have long been trying to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. It’s not easy – I have to work late. But I try. And I’m getting better at it more often now. The main thing is not to sit down for “just five minutes” at the computer late at night. Otherwise, before you know it, and it’s two in the morning.

  1. Take some time off

For Friday or Monday. And go on a mini-vacation for three days. The best change of scenery – go at least to the nearest holiday home, on an eco-farm, a tent in the woods. Just anywhere, but out of the house, so that the routine doesn’t drag you down.

The result:

Three weekends in a row is great! It’s enough both to relax and to do something useful. And by the end of these days off already want to go back to work.