7 Signs of a real woman

It is accepted to talk a lot about the absence of real men and to keep silent about the absence of real women. Real girls are more cheerful, reliable, interesting, kind, sensitive, responsive and feminine. They are even better in bed! How to know a real woman? How to recognize a real woman, and not be satisfied with a pathetic fake? Why do you need a real woman? She is much better than the average ordinary girls, let alone chickens, whores. Real girls are better in everything, including sex. What distinguishes real women from ordinary women?

7 features of a real woman

1. A real woman is independent She does not need a nanny, parents or other helper. A real woman is independent and self-sufficient. She does not need supervision, guidance or guardianship in any situation. She does not complain or cry at a world hostile to her. A real woman is able to take care of herself without someone else’s help. She is funny and always knows what to do.

2. Apartment of a real woman The apartment of a real woman does not look like a hostel, dump, zoo or children’s room. The room of an adult person reminds something of a hotel with a homely slope. It is not furnished extravagantly or strangely. A real girl does not have any bears lying around, there is no pink madness of flowers, there are no numerous animals. Her apartment is in order, and she is cleaned and kept clean. If a girl is lazy to put in order there, then in life she will be lazy. This will have an impact on relationships, work and other areas of life. The room should talk about an active and healthy lifestyle of a modern girl.

3. A real woman is clear Girls who build a mysterious and unpredictable personality are tiresome. When she has questions, requests or other difficulties, she is not looking for a cover for her thoughts. A real woman expresses her opinion calmly and thoroughly. She does so with respect and is ready to hear your opinion on the matter. The real woman is not silent and is always open to communication. Pouting, making cloudy hints and trying to manipulate is not in her character.

4. The real woman takes care of herself The real woman will not launch herself even after she has found a man. It’s not even about sexuality, but respect for herself. The real woman takes care of her mind and body. She is well-groomed, athletic and healthy. A real woman is a balanced mechanism inside and outside.

5. A real woman has clear priorities A real woman does not go downstream like a log. Uninitiveness, apathy and boredom – this is not about her. Such a woman has no goal to find a husband and will calm down on this. A real woman always has a lot of plans, ideas and dreams.

6. A real woman appreciates you and herself A real woman appreciates you, respects and cares for you. She supports you and your dreams. She knows how to apologize when she is wrong and is ready to find a compromise. She is sensitive, kind and responsive. A real woman appreciates and respects not only you, but also herself. She does not give herself offense.

7. A real woman loves A real woman loves you without expensive gifts. Her love does not need to be bought. She willingly has sex, because when you love, everything goes perfectly. You should choose a real woman. Real women are more cheerful, reliable, interesting, kind, sensitive, responsive and feminine. They are awesome in bed!