72 Ways to make money on the Internet

To date, the Internet has become a space that provides the user with many opportunities to earn money. And it is a matter of little – to learn how to find and use these opportunities, to select the right one, to reject pacifiers and avoid fraud. Let’s see what the world wide web offers us. And let’s start with someone who can even make a living online.

Someone who can make money on the Internet

The possibility of earning money on the Internet opens up unlimited prospects: now the workplace is the whole world. Moving, giving birth to a child, traveling to a distant country will not interfere with your work. The main thing is to bring a laptop and have constant access to the global Internet.

In the general sense, it is, of course, suitable for anyone who knows how to use a computer and browsers. But in order:

Pupils and students. For the younger generation, the network is a familiar space, and its own income is an important thing in the formation of independence.

Pensioners. Free time is their main trump card. Taking into account the average pension level, money is an important factor. And the ability to learn to use a computer is a solvable issue (there are special courses).

Housewives and mothers by decree. The inability or unwillingness to go out for regular work does not cancel the desire to earn money. And working with a computer from anywhere is a great solution.

People on vacation. Combining pleasure with utility is a great way to use your time. In addition, often, in order not to lose what you have gained, you need to do business always and everywhere.

Those who need extra income. Salary levels aren’t always good enough. And two or more sources of income can untie your hands.

Entrepreneurs. When it comes to online business

There are many options for earning money, but how do you know which is better and which is better for you? At the very least, you must first familiarize yourself with all the options. After all, some require special skills, some – a lot of time, and some do not bring enough profit to be interesting to do them.

But of course, the first question most users are interested in is whether they can make money online without investing.

What do not need to do to make money on the Internet

Before you start, it’s worth saying a few words about what you shouldn’t do when trying to make money on the Internet.

Send money as an advance payment to the employer for the form/test/test/confirmation of intent.

Transfer money from purse to purse (yes, there is such a scheme of earning. That’s just earning not for you, and on you!).

To participate in any form of financial pyramids. Any kind of pyramid! Understand at once – in a pyramid earns only the top. All other levels – first have the illusion of earning, and then lose money.

HYIPs. These are projects that get hyperpopularity in a short time, but for the same short time lose it. Those who do can make money. Except, as in the case of financial pyramids, this “somebody” is likely to be just the creator of the project.

Invest in binary options and forex. Only those who have a very good understanding of the system, as well as those who have economic and financial intuition, can make money there. Well, also those who know how to persuade (to persuade that it is easy to make money on it).

TOP 21 options for earning on the Internet with examples

Meet our tester, Eugene.

72 ways to make money online.

For you, he’ll test all your earning options. While he’s still positive and believes he’ll find a great way to make money. Let’s see what happens to him in two weeks.

A quick overview of online earning options

Deciphering the capsule input. The site where you pay for continuous and correct input of codes from pictures. The payment is small, and the amount of work is huge, as well as the load on the eyes. We do not recommend it.

Perform simple tasks, surfing and viewing ads. Too many dubious tasks with registration on obscure sites and casinos. Do not recommend.

Paid polls. Payment is appropriate. But the tasks are almost no. Do not recommend.

Subscription to social networks, likes and comments. Payment is small. We recommend it. But only those who do not feel sorry for their accounts, which will be littered.

Earnings on browser games. The whole point of the subscription of other users. Also have to deposit their money. It is impossible to make money. Do not recommend.

Copywriting Exchange. A large number of orders. The payment is small. But you can grow. Recommend .

Earning on reviews and comments. Money is not much, but you can earn. We recommend .

Earnings from file sharing. A lot of work, requires a good Internet connection and a lot of time. But you can still earn a little money. We recommend .

Freelance. Suitable for those who have minimal skills and a desire to learn. You can make money in different ways. Recommend .

Testing sites. The work is boring and boring. Not many orders. Not recommended.

Yandex. Toloka. Lots of tasks of different plan. From checking content for 18+ to taking pictures of offices. But they don’t pay much. We recommend it. But only for those who don’t spare time.

Bitcoin cranes. The simplest actions for which they give cryptovalut. The problem is, they give so little that there’s not enough for cigarettes. It’s not recommended.

Selling résumés. Now that there are aggregators on the market, it’s hard to do. We don’t recommend it.

Earning on mobile games and applications. The point is that you download the application, store it from 2 days to a month and perform simple actions. Requires a lot of memory on your phone. But you can make money. We recommend it.

Earn money on reading emails. The volume of work and payment are badly correlated. We do not recommend.

Earn money on watching videos. Too little payment, and time is spent a lot. We do not recommend.

Websites that buy cooking recipes. You need to be really passionate about cooking, and also good to take pictures and write texts. That’s why it suits only a few people. We don’t recommend it.

Review of computer games. Doesn’t fit everyone. Need to understand, play, and most importantly – well write articles. Do not recommend.

Economic online gaming. The principle is the same as in browser games. Although withdraw money a little more real. Do not recommend.

Yandex. Zen. It’s about running your blog. The problem is, only “yellows” are popular. If you can write like this and like to do it all the time, we recommend it.

Earnings from someone else’s homework. The old way, which went on the Internet and got his stock exchanges. If you have knowledge in this or that area, you can safely apply. We recommend .

Hand-maid trading over the Internet. Now it’s the main channel for most handmasters. If you know how to do things with your own hands, this is the way for you. Recommend .

Intermediary services on the Internet. To make money from this, you need experience and ability to search for information. There will be no stability. It’s not recommended.

Info business on the Internet. You need to have the skills not only to give useful information, but also to sell it. It won’t work for everyone. We don’t recommend it.

Partner programs. Suitable for owners of promoted accounts and sites. If you have one, you can make good money. We recommend .

Invest in your project. It’s a good way to not only earn money, but also get the most out of success. Recommend .

Invest in someone else’s project. Yeah, we’re not gonna have to work. But to have a chance of not getting burned, you have to understand the subject and analyze it. We don’t recommend it.

Earnings in games: pumping characters. Suitable for those who love to play and do not expect a large income. Do not recommend.

Earnings from games: Streams. You can make good money on this, but you need to become a professional and be able to make interesting content. Creative work that can bring money. We recommend .

Earnings from the games: competition. Suitable only for professionals. Loving games is not enough. Do not recommend.

Earnings from games: testers. The difficulty in finding such a job. Good offers are not enough. Do not recommend.

Earnings from games: the referral system. Suitable only for those who already have an untwisted account, where you tell about the games. However, it can have a negative impact on the reputation. Do not recommend.

Instagram. Page with a large number of subscribers. If this hobby you do long, it can bring profit. Recommend .

Instagram. Own photos. Suitable only for those who know how to take high-quality photos and approach creatively. We do not recommend it.

Instagram: promotion of its services. Suitable only for those who earn on another case. It is possible to increase sales. For all others – Do not recommend.

Instagram: page promotion services. Suitable only for those who understand the topic and know how to bring projects to results. But a stable income is possible. We recommend .

Twitter: commercial microblog. It’s a good way to earn extra money if you can write interesting and short. We recommend .

Twitter: selling commercial blogs. Too long earnings that require time and effort. We do not recommend it.

Twitter: advertising cap. Suitable only for those who already have many subscribers in this network. But it can ruin the reputation. We do not recommend.

Twitter: selling a block of personal information. Same story as the one with the hat. We don’t recommend it.

Twitter: Monetizing the background. The third option is to make money on an advertising spot in your account. We don’t recommend it.

Twitter: Advertising tweets. Unlike the previous ones – if you have many subscribers, you can sometimes insert advertising tweets. But not very often. It’s a great way to make a living. We recommend.

Twitter: partner programs. It’s the same thing, you advertise something. If it’s just commercial advertising, the reputation may suffer. However, it’s enough to approach such programs selectively. We recommend .

Twitter: sponsorship. Suitable only for those who have a professional account and money. As an advertising target. Not recommended.

Twitter: business account. We recommend it. But only for those who are engaged in a particular business and looking for new customers.

Twitter: Design accounts. This method requires specific skills. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone. And the service, unlike installations, is not so popular. It is easier to turn to the designer, who will make the complex. We do not recommend it.

Twitter: perform simple actions (comments, reposting). Money can be earned on this, but very little. We do not recommend.

Odnoklassniki: advertising in your account. Need an untwisted account, as well as understanding of what audience is the advertising company. Narrow profile. We do not recommend it.

Odnoklassniki: online store. If you have something to sell, then this social network as well as others can be useful. We recommend it.

Odnoklassniki: application “buy and sell”. The analogue of the store. You can earn on resale. But it takes a lot of time and the ability to find information, communicate and negotiate. We do not recommend.

Odnoklassniki: joint purchases. Long popular thing to make money on. But it requires organizational skills. We recommend it.

Vkontakte: sale of goods through the profile. The audience is large, with due diligence and promotion can be achieved success. We recommend.

Vkontakte: advertising in groups. Requires the promoted group. In the rest – nothing complicated. We recommend.

Vkontakte: administration of the group. Perfect for a small salary. We recommend it.

Vkontakte: promotion of groups. Requires the skills of a marketer. In addition, now such services are sold in the complex. We do not recommend.

YouTube: creating selling videos. Requires skills of video editing and shooting. Other than that, you can make money on it. We recommend it.

YouTube: partner program. YouTube partner is used by everyone. It does not affect the reputation of perception of the channel. So we recommend it.

YouTube: advertising. A useful tool for promoted channel. But for the new guy, it’s not allowed. It’ll ruin the reputation. We don’t recommend it.

YouTube: Help you launch your channel. To make money on this, you need to understand how to quickly start and recruit the first audience. But if you know how to do it, why not use it.

Partner programs on the Internet. Suitable for those who have their own audience. But you have to choose wisely, because it is easy to “upset” their subscribers with fraud. We don’t recommend it.

Infobusiness. If you know how to submit and sell information, you can make money. We don’t recommend it to the others.

Copyright and rewrite. Always in demand service. There are a lot of orders. We recommend it.

Creating sites. Big competition, but a service in demand. We recommend it. If you have the skills.

Translation of texts. Translators of technical texts earn more than just copywriters. We recommend it.

Dropshipping. You need your own website. Need the product and the ability to present. Otherwise, it’s a popular kind of business. We recommend it.

Lidogeneration. Suitable only for those who know how to create content that will gather a specific audience in one place. And then you’ll need a phone salesman’s skills. It’s a narrow specialty. Not recommended.

Banner ads. Suitable only for the owner of sites with visitors. But it can ruin the impression of the resource itself. Do not recommend.

Partner advertising on banners. Just affiliate programs can make a profit if you sell. Placing ads on banners is not the best idea if your site itself is not advertising. We do not recommend it.

Selling links on your site. Used most often on information resources with news and articles. A good way to make extra money. We recommend it.

Advertising in articles and posts. Like the previous method, advertising in articles and posts is perceived by users more quietly than banner and pop-up. Therefore – a suitable way for the owner of the site. We recommend it.

Email-mailing on the base. If you know that your subscribers will normally respond to advertising on your mail, then calmly use this tool. We do not recommend it to everyone else.

Holding paid webinars. To make them paid, you must first gain the trust of a large group of people for free. Therefore we do not recommend it.

Now learn more about each method:

Deciphering and entering the capsule

One of the easiest ways. All it takes is your time. The task is to decipher what is written on a distorted or blurred picture (captcha) and enter this code into the site.

There are several main portals where you can enter a captcha for money. Small, but still money.

  1. Rucaptcha com

72 ways to make money online

It is considered to be the best Russian-language site in this direction. Service is convenient, understandable, constantly evolving. There is a special program for Windows and Android. The average price tag is 60 rubles for 1000 caps and 100 rubles for 1000 recapitches. There is a rating of employees, which allows you to get more if you increase. Money can be withdrawn starting from 15 rubles through different payment systems.

Tester’s opinion: for a beginner it is a very complicated case. Not only do you have to constantly strain your eyes, but also pay here for 1,000 entries of the cappuccino at 65 rubles, before which you will need to pass a free test. Is it possible to enter 1000 in a row for one day? Maybe, but the payment is not comparable to the time spent.

  1. Kolotibablo com

72 ways to make money online

There are all handy chips – from statistics to rating. Average payment – 0,0005$ – 0,0011$ for one chip. To withdraw money, you will need to save at least half a dollar and make at least 500 cappuccas.

Tester’s opinion: there is also a timer ticking. You need to enter the pictures for a while. If you don’t make it once, you’re threatened with a lockdown. That means you have to enter 1,000 pieces without making a mistake and quickly without interruption. It’s a stressful situation, and the payment is minuscule.

  1. 2Capcha.com

72 ways to make money online

English-speaking analogue of Rukapci. It’s easy to understand, even if you don’t know English. Average earnings – $ 0.5 per 1000 inputs. You can output through WebMoney.

  1. Megatypers.com

72 ways to make money online

An American site where you can also make money by entering pictures. If you decide to work with it, read the rules carefully and fill in the details correctly. You can withdraw money only on Mondays.

This is quite enough to know if you need this method. You can’t make a lot of money here, it’s not a fun activity. But you don’t need knowledge and money, you need time.

Tester’s opinion: withdrawal of money from three dollars, with a commission of 0.8% for the transfer. You could try it, but you needed some kind of Invitation Code during registration. I don’t know where to get it.

Performing simple tasks, surfing and watching ads…

Another popular channel that will allow you to earn a little money by investing your own time. And let’s go straight to examples of what resources such work can be found on.

  1. Socpublic.com

72 ways to make money online

Comfortable website. There is its own program that makes it easy. The average amount paid for the task – 0.02 rubles. Tasks a lot, you can increase your rating, get achievements.

Tester’s opinion: there are some good tasks like “add to friends”, “watch the video on YouTube”, “download the application”. A couple of kopecks (literally) for it will give. That’s just a lot of tasks and completely questionable character. Some registration on obscure portals is constantly encountered, so you have to be extremely careful. Although you can still make money faster than entering the cappies.

  1. SeoPrint.net

72 ways to make money online

One of the most popular sites where you pay for clicking on links. Payment is different, if you can get good links, you can earn up to 100 rubles a day. In addition, they also pay for reading letters (opening), passing tests and tasks. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 2 rubles.

Tester opinion: 95% of all tasks – cheaters or casinos. Usual can also be found (“vote in the contest”, “download application”), but they are very few. It feels like there is no moderation in principle. How to withdraw money is completely unclear, but how to put them there for tasks – very clear.

  1. VipIP ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet…

There are a lot of tasks and work to be done here. There is a convenient program for execution, everything is extremely simple and convenient.

Tester’s opinion: it is written that they pay up to a dollar for one task. Here is only in practice a very big choice of absolutely strange tasks which do not cause any trust. Such as registration on suspicious sites.

  1. ProfitCentr.com

72 ways to make money online

It’s a similar service. Functionality is about the same. It’s a good place to earn your kopecks. There’s plenty of clicks to go by.

Tester’s opinion: the sum for withdrawal – from 2 rubles. Commission – up to 9 percent. Tasks format “go through a survey and get a hundred thousand rubles at once, or better to play in the casino,” “register with us on the safest site in the world,” “get cryptovalyut just so. I do not recommend anyone even close, because on 1 decent job comes 250 reminiscent of deception.

Online surveys .

The next type of earning on the Internet has been known for a long time. Passing all kinds of surveys takes time, but also can bring money. For the benefit of various research organizations are constantly in need of mass information about the behavior of people. And for the analysis of the consumer market they are used. So there are mostly enough tasks to do. It remains to choose the most interesting sites. That’s what we’re going to do now.

  1. Youthink.io

72 ways to make money online.

Interesting, large and convenient site with many questionnaires and surveys. For beginners a pleasant bonus – 80 rubles for the first questionnaire. For those who perform everything conscientiously, increase the rating and give even more good orders.

Tester’s opinion: it took one and a half hours of life to fill out the questionnaire. They promised 80 rubles to the balance after that. In the end, of course, they did not give anything. Moreover, not a single test was ever launched. After entering answers to questions about you, the message “the test does not suit you” appears. I tried it 5 times! In different tests! With different answers!

  1. Internetopros ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet

A popular platform for those who want to get involved in research for money. There is a rating system, which allows you to get more expensive orders while observing the rules and activity.

Tester’s opinion: after registration you need to answer a few questions about yourself, for which they promise to immediately provide tests for which you can already get money. And what is it? The survey has been passed, and the answer to you is “oops, nothing suitable for you, but you can answer a couple more free questions about yourself” …

  1. Surveys su

72 ways to make money online

A portal with polls. Paid surveys are available only for citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus and after 14 years. The average time to pass one test – 20 minutes. The fee – from 20 to 120 rubles, depending on the complexity and duration.

Tester’s opinion: 21 rubles for 15 minutes. This is what it says. The entire survey has been passed. Indeed, it took 15 minutes for everything. And really on the balance of personal account was credited 21 rubles. It will be possible to withdraw when 300 rubles have been accumulated. Except they probably will never accumulate. The site couldn’t offer anything else but this survey. Ah, and there were so many hopes.

Earnings on social networks.

What we usually do for our own pleasure can make money. This is the point of portals where you can make money by barking up posts, joining groups, leaving comments and doing other tasks. The point is that business needs activity on their accounts in the most popular social networks. This activity and sell, paying performers – that is you.

Consider a few examples of suitable portals, where you can get such tasks.

  1. Vktarget ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

One of the most famous and popular portals in this segment. Do not be fooled by the name, the site also works with other social networks – Facebook, Twitter. For completed orders here you can pay from 10 kopecks to the ruble. For users with large groups of subscribers – additional bonuses.

Tester’s opinion: the site offers to subscribe to groups in different social networks. For each entry – 30-40 kopecks. Maybe something is wrong with me, but after clicking on the button “subscribe” (it’s right on the site, not in the social network), nothing happened…

  1. Socialtools.ru

72 ways to make money online

A large and serious portal that works with many social networks. Including Mail.ru and Liveinternet. Accordingly, there is enough work here too. Also, happy and tech support, which makes sure that both orders are executed and payments are made.

Opinion tester: what you need to know at once – to at least see what tasks there are, you need to add to the base of the site their social networks. In this case, remove them from the database will be possible only in a month, if the task suddenly will not like it (if at all possible).

  1. V-like.ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet

Another popular site, which is suitable for everyone, works with several social networks. The average cost of tasks – from 10 to 20 kopecks. It has a nice and clear interface.

  1. Vkserfing.ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet

And this representative of sites for earning works with only one social network. So, if you want to use only Vkontakte and do not want to choose from a variety of inappropriate orders, use it. Payment varies from 20 kopecks to 7 rubles.

Earnings from browser games

Relatively popular on the Internet became the so-called economic or investment browser games. The essence of them is that the player receives in the game achievements / gaming products and can convert them into domestic currency. And already this currency to use either to invest in getting even more goods and achievements, or to withdraw in real money.

And it is really possible to withdraw. The only problem is that 100% of these games are built on the principle of financial pyramids. And in order to earn real money, you need to invest real money. But then gets so that to earn more than invested can only those who bring more players in this game, which of course, too, will invest their money. The sums are small. But just because of this, people are more actively caught from the network and do not notice the simple mathematical logic – really only the top earns there.

Here are examples of such games:

  1. Taximoney

72 ways to make money online

Offers to become a virtual taxi driver. Invest in a car that will make a profit every day. The more expensive the car, the more profitable it is. Well, you get it. Give me more money.

Tester’s opinion: acting as a taxi driver. It took 7 minutes and 39 seconds to complete the first order. You sit, you wait. You get the award, 43 diamonds. Except in the personal office is still reflected 0 rubles. Okay, second order. 5 minutes to complete. Again, nothing. How to make something to earn something is not clear. If you look in the “answers to questions,” you can see that it is also necessary to “get a job”. There is such a function. It costs a lot of real money. You can also buy a cool car, chips, or even your own taxi park. Of course, it’s all for your real money. The essence is simple – pay the money and there will be happiness. That’s what they write. In fact, just pay the money. Happiness is not for sale.

  1. Golden Birds

72 ways to make money online

The point is, you buy the birds that lay your eggs. These eggs can be exchanged for game currency. And you can buy more eggs for the currency, or you can withdraw the money. There are actually a few games with eggs and birds. The problem is the same – to withdraw more than invested (and even the same amount) is almost impossible without attracting new players.

Tester’s opinion: to play, you need to buy a bird. The cheapest bird costs 1 ruble and can carry 7 eggs per hour (for comparison, the most expensive bird can carry 125450 eggs per hour, but it costs 12 thousand real rubles). Eggs can be sold at a rate of 100 eggs = 1 kopeck. The most beautiful thing is that even if you can earn some macaroons (after investing naturally), you can not withdraw all the money! Only 30% of the amount is available. Anyway, you can’t make money here. Oh, that market relationship and agriculture.

  1. Goldenmines

72 ways to make money online

It’s the same story, only in another setting. Instead of buying eggs, you are offered to hire dwarves to work for you and extract gold for money. And this gold can already be converted into real money. Nothing changes. It’s the same scheme.

There are many such projects. And if you do not want to spend extra money in order to learn the kitchen from the inside and share with others negative experiences, then we do not recommend to consider such games as an opportunity to earn money.

Tester’s opinion: changed the fungus spot, and the hen eggs. Same story as in the previous game. Only instead of eggs, you grow dwarves. You hire them, I mean. Dwarves dig you up ore that you can trade. A cheap gnome force is 2 roubles of real money. Dear dwarf, 2,000 real money. Nothing changes. You can’t make money, you can’t spend it, it’s okay.

Writing and selling articles. The copywriting exchange.

This is the most popular, if you look at the number of people employed there, a way to make money on the Internet without investment. Articles, content, translations, rewrite and copywrite texts – all this is in demand now more than ever. Beginners can’t make much money there, but there’s no ceiling. By improving skills and gaining a customer base, you can achieve good results. Most orders are concentrated on a few large exchanges. It’s not hard to find them:

  1. Advego.

One of the largest and most popular resources. There is really a lot of work to do, both for beginners and professionals. There is a rating system, white lists of customers, payment control. You can find tasks of all text profiles.

  1. Etxt

72 ways to make money online

Another content exchange that has managed to gain the trust of both customers and performers. People who want to apply their skills and earn money without leaving home – here.

  1. Copylancer

72 ways to make money online

Convenient service, where the cost of the task will be determined by the rating. Money can be withdrawn three times a week. Available and kiwi wallet.

Earning on reviews and comments.

Partly, such orders are found on exchanges and services that operate through social networks. We wrote about it above. However, now we are talking about profile portals that allow employers to get quality feedback for online stores and their sites.

Among the resources we can distinguish the two most popular in this area:

  1. Feedback .

72 ways to make money online

Views of comments and reviews that users leave are paid. Also on the site you can often find contests from different manufacturers and companies that want to draw attention to their novelties.

Tester’s opinion: two reviews took five minutes. For each really gave 2 rubles 40 kopecks. There is nothing written about the amount from which you can withdraw. Apparently, they don’t care. But you need to write normally, if you do it from nonsense, it will quickly get banned. For 100 reviews, 250 rubles will come out. And if the review is also different photo and video to add, which will force users to this review for a long time to watch, and also get bonuses from above. You can live.

  1. Qcomment

72 ways to make money online

A large number of orders for comments, reviews, including pages on social networks. There is a rating system as well as a small pre-screening exam before you are given a paid assignment.

Money on file sharing

Those who often look for information on the Internet know that there are whole resources where users exchange files. That’s what they’re called – file exchangers. But not everyone knows that for such activities can also get money. Small, but still.

  1. Payperinst

User-friendly interface, pleasant design. Payment varies depending on the region. On average – about 4 rubles per download. Also provides a separate mobile download. You can withdraw money after 100 rubles.

  1. Oxy.Cloud

72 ways to make money online

This option does not provide a loader, which can be a big plus for those who usually have problems with antivirus. There’s not much advertising. And the minimum withdrawal comes from $10. On average in Russia for 1000 downloads can earn $ 35.


72 ways to make money online

Now that’s a rookie. But we couldn’t get past him. The fee can reach up to 70 rubles for one launch. Such functions as mobile downloads and fluffs are paid separately.


We’ve already talked about some freelance directions like copyright, reright. But the concept of freelance is much broader. The freelance market is in demand a lot of skills – design, layout, programming, accounting, video editing and much more. But not only those who have specialized skills can find here for themselves orders. There are also simple, such as translating audio recordings into text format, placing ads on the network and much more. You can find such a job on the stock exchanges.

  1. Fl.ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet

One of the most popular exchanges. Large number of customers and executives, convenient design, order filter and intuitive interface.

  1. Work-zilla

72 ways to make money online

Another famous freelance exchange. Proven its reliability for those who are looking for work, and for those who are looking for performers on their orders.

  1. Kwork

72 ways to make money online

Relatively young portal, which nevertheless managed to quickly get promoted and become a popular exchange where you can find orders for yourself.

Earn on these exchanges you can not only on tasks, but also creating content (eg, useful unique articles), and then sell them there.

Testing sites

You don’t have to be afraid, this kind of work does not require special programming skills and knowledge. On the contrary, the more you look like an average client of the site, the more valuable information on its work can give the owner.

To find such orders, which is also a lot, the benefit of all activities now passes through the Internet, take a look at one of the profile resources:

  1. Askusers.ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

The portal allows the site owner to ask questions to ordinary people and get feedback. You will not need special knowledge, but to give clear answers – yes. But it is not difficult, and the money, though small – pay.

  1. Usertesting.com

72 ways to make money online

And this is the American version. If you know the language, you will be able to evaluate the work of the portal. You can test sites on orders here not only from your computer but also from your phone, and the money is withdrawn through the PayPal system.

  1. Pagetester .

72 ways to make money online

This option is slightly different from the others. Pagetester is a browser add-on, not a separate site. But it allows you to get test orders and execute them. The system monitors the execution itself.

  1. Yandex. Word of mouth .

72 ways to make money online

We have singled out Toloka as a separate category, because on this service you can find a large number of orders of completely different profiles. But all of them are related to the fact that help the artificial intelligence of Yandex better understand user behavior and respond to requests correctly. For example, you will encounter tasks where you will need to watch the output of Yandex according to a certain request and decide whether the computer did the right thing or not. Or, for example, you will need to take a picture of a place that is marked on Yandex.

There is not much to pay here, but orders are not complicated.

Bitcoin Cranes

One more way for those who don’t want to do anything at all. All you need to do is go to the site and do the easiest things. Most often – just watch ads and poke the button. One and the same. Once every few seconds.

And they give you the crypt currency for it. Yes, you didn’t mishear. But! Naturally, it won’t make much money. Well, here’s an example. The site will give you about 30 Satoshas (cryptic currency) in 1 hour. The problem is well known. 10,000 Satoshi equals 52 rubles. So think, for how much you can earn such a sum.

  1. Freebitcoin

72 ways to make money online

The interval in which the currency is given is 60 minutes. You can get about 31 Satoshas at a time.

  1. Adbtc .

72 ways to make money online

No timings, but the crypt is given for going to other sites. For one visit you can earn from 15 Satoshi.

  1. Satoshi Hero.

72 ways to make money online

A variant of bitcoin crane with the Russian language on the site. After three requests, the interval becomes random. Issued from 5 Satoshi at a time.

  1. Sale of resumes

How do you seem to make money on your own resume? Only if you count the work that you can find with it. But no. There are resources that are willing to pay you on a dollar. This is what Resumarket.ru does.

72 ways to make money online.

Why not, if you’re looking for a job, make some money while you’re looking? It’ll work out a little bit, of course. But it’s still money.

Earning money on mobile games and applications

Mobile business applications are as important now as sites. And of course, companies need people to download these applications. At least for statistics. You can make money on this as well. You can find out what applications you need to download to your phone at specialized sites. It is important only to understand that usually such tasks involve not just downloading, but also opening and even some period of time during which this application will not be deleted.

  1. AppCent

72 ways to make money online

One of the first businesses in this segment. Allows you to switch to similar earnings from partners when you finish downloading tasks.

  1. Apperwall .

72 ways to make money online

The site positions itself as an opportunity to earn on feedback to applications. However, the same downloads are actually required. However, this does not detract from its interest, if you want to do such a thing.

  1. AdvertApp

72 ways to make money online

It is considered the most popular service in this segment. The principle of operation is the same. For one task they give from 5 to 30 rubles. However, you must download from the official website. It is not in the markets.

Earning money on the Internet while reading emails

Yes, sometimes it’s useful to read letters. The essence of this income is based on the fact that you open and view commercial correspondence. That is, what the company’s money pays for, doing mailings to the base of its clients, and these clients are lazy to open and watch.

Here some portals which for such work to you are ready to pay.

  1. SeoPrint

72 ways to make money online

Pleasant design, convenient functionality and ease of use.

  1. Seofast

72 ways to make money online

The portal deals not only with letters, you can find work there and other areas. The only goal is to create traffic for entrepreneurs.

  1. Socpuplic

72 ways to make money online

Just like in previous versions, you can find here not only the option with letters. The site is gaining momentum and is becoming more and more popular among those looking for easy money on the Internet.

Earnings from watching short videos

Most of the portals we talked about as part of the block about earning money in social networks and earning money on emails, also provide an opportunity to earn on watching other people’s videos. The point of all this is the same. People need videos with advertisements to be viewed. And services meet this need with the help of those who want to make money effortlessly. Below are some examples of services that we haven’t mentioned yet:

  1. Smmok

72 ways to make money online

Fast earning service. Provides the opportunity to receive money not only for watching videos, but also for other simple tasks. You can also authorize on the site through the social network VK.

  1. Cashbox .

72 ways to make money online

A portal with pleasant design and simple interface where you can find a lot of different types of jobs. Including watching videos for money.

  1. Moevideo .

72 ways to make money online

This option differs from the previous ones and is more like YouTube. As you know, video authors earn their living by watching YouTube. And those who create channels and just publish someone else’s work are bananas with time. You can also make money from other people’s videos on this portal. There are no such restrictions.

Websites buying recipes

This may surprise you, but some cooking sites are willing to pay to publish your recipes. You can’t just describe the cooking process and get paid for it. You will need to describe each step in detail, the text must be unique, as well as a photo of the process that you will attach to the article. That is, yes, you will not be able to drag someone away. You will need to do everything yourself and qualitatively. But for those who like to cook and experiment with food – a great option. Here are a few portals that provide that kind of income:

  1. Patee .

72 ways to make money online

Paying for “interactions.” That is, it is not enough just to publish a recipe, you need more to download it, add it to your favorites. But you can get from 350 rubles for 1000 interactions.

  1. 2edaa

72 ways to make money online

The step-by-step recipe portal. It pays for them. Describe everything as clearly as possible.

  1. Finefood

72 ways to make money online

You can also publish video recipes on this portal. And they pay more for them than usual.

Earnings from the review of computer games

No, this isn’t about YouTube. It’s about profile portals that specialize in covering the world of computer games. Some big sites are willing to pay for your reviews. In general, many thematic sites with arms and legs take those who can create useful and interesting content. Therefore, reviews can be not only text. You can get money for video reviews, and for various guides and instructions. Here are a few thematic sites:

  1. Vgtimes .

72 ways to make money online

A portal that’s always looking for people who follow the industry. Because it is important for them to quickly publish the latest news from the world of computer games. Could be a good help in making money. For example, newsgroups can get from 50 rubles for 1 news, and streamers – 100 rubles per hour.

  1. Ag.ru

72 ways to make money on the Internet

Another information profile portal, which is always looking for new authors. You can post reviews, interviews, columns and so on. In fact already a full-fledged work, if you know how to do it.

In general, most portals have the ability to conduct your own blog. And if you know that you like it and it works, go to the section of vacancies at such sites. They are often updated, and you can’t find them on the headhunter. That’s how you can get a job on some Gaming site.

Economic online games

We have already written about browser games, which are in fact financial pyramids, because to withdraw money from them, you need to invite other people and pour their money. There’s also a similar subspecies. This time it looks more expensive. These are online games with an economic component. In fact, the principle of this game – to do everything possible so that the player paid at least once (better a lot) and invited more players who will also pay.

Such projects, too, a lot. Withdrawing money from them is easier (that is, it is possible, not unrealistic). But most of the time you just play, invest and encourage others to invest money. Let’s list a few so that you can imagine what you’re talking about.

  1. Entropia Univers.

Cute in appearance game on character development with his own world. Offers to earn real money just by playing. 99.9% of players earn after they’ve invested. Not once and not for a month. And less than you’ve invested. So they don’t make money. Be careful.

  1. Rushplay

72 ways to make money online

This is a range of games, from poker to checkers, where against you as if real people are playing, and the winnings can be taken away. In fact, in front of us is an online casino. And their task is not only to bring you the pleasure of the game, but also to take the money and insist on driving a friend. Be careful.

  1. Yandex. Zen

72 ways to make money online

One more service where you can publish your texts (from recent times and videos). In fact, it is a giant automatic (for Yandex itself) farm of content. More than 200,000 people daily write something there. Topics are almost any. You choose for yourself. What’s the quality? Yes, too. Look at the Zen ribbon and you’ll see what people are interested in. So you don’t have to have any writing or blogging talent to write there. And you can make money if you’re read. It’s not much, really. It used to be bigger and faster. A lot of Zen channels, by the way, are dedicated to it. How to make money on Zen. Info business in its purest form.

Making money doing other people’s homework…

Yes, you can sell your knowledge, even if it’s limited to the school curriculum. There are portals that collect orders, where you need to solve the problem, write a test, essay and so on. And accordingly, we need people who will do such tasks. Here are some services where you can take such orders. As a rule, on popular portals competition is very high for such tasks. However, you can start small, improve your rating and get orders more interesting.

  1. Vsesdal

72 ways to make money online

Service with convenient system of ratings and payment. Problem solving – from 40 rubles, control – 300 rubles and so on. If you understand, for example, mathematics, then why not get money for it in your spare time?

  1. Homework

72 ways to make money online

Student help portal. It’s how they position themselves. There are no special requirements for education, but in order to receive orders you will have to upload your documents there and be accredited.

  1. Reshatel

72 ways to make money online

And this service also offers online help with exams. As they say – what has the technique reached. Earn a site offers about 20 000 rubles a month with regular orders.

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

Earning money on the Internet without investing

In order to understand whether you can make money without investing in the Internet, you need to determine what this means. Because there are different investments.

Earn without financial investments. It is possible because there are many options that involve the execution of orders and tasks that can be performed remotely.

Earnings without investment of time and effort. Options that do not require an investment of effort – there are. But the options that do not require investment of time are available mainly where a lot of work was originally done (example: a promoted group can generate income through advertising).

Earnings without effort, time and money. Such simply can not be. What do you actually have to pay for then? At least time, but to invest.

Note for beginners: for each variant of earnings there is a similar variant of fraud schemes. This is the nature of great opportunities, because everyone can use them. So the first rule is to consider an offer with a cold head and a desire to check the information.

What prevents you from earning money on the Internet

Most people who start looking for online earning options have one psychological problem that can slow down the search. They want the profit from the lesson to be sufficient (sufficiency here is already considered individually) and fast. But all options with sufficient profit require a lot of time to invest. The same variants, which offer a quick profit, cannot boast large amounts.

As a result, a person rushes between unwillingness to spend time and unwillingness to earn little. Although in fact, earning on trifles, it is possible to create seed money for a large project, which will bring tangible profits.

The second factor may seem strange. There’s a big choice. Surprisingly, a lot of options only make it hard to stop at one thing. You start comparing by identifying strengths and weaknesses, and you can’t stop. And there’s a lot to choose from. From developing your own group on a social network, your own website, freelance, to reselling things, auctions, info-business, administration and other things.

Therefore, the task of our article is to show the main ways to earn money on the Internet.

Ways to earn money

Mode 1. Trading hand-maids over the Internet

Why, in fact, did we start with a hand-maid? Because handmade products are a universal way to make money. Including through the Internet.

First, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to start. It is enough to buy material in small quantities (depending on what exactly you are going to do), and then through the implementation of the first products to increase capital, procurement and invest in low-cost advertising.

Secondly, the options for handmade now so many that it is simply impossible to find a suitable one. And long ago this direction has ceased to be, as many thought, female. A separate advantage is that there are also many sales channels. From one’s own group or a page on a social network (for manual work, Instagram is ideal) to specialized resources, such as a craftsmen’s fair.

Thirdly, many areas do not require years of experience, and the availability of free training and master classes on the Internet makes it possible to make money from this affordable and real.

Mode 2. Intermediate services on the Internet

Being an intermediary on the Internet is not difficult if you do not have problems with communication, as the essence of this activity is to find the seller and the buyer. And it does not matter at all what kind of goods it will be.

There are many options for intermediary activity. You can start with a simple one, and resell the goods from China, which you will order, for example, on Aliexpress. You can take on the topic more difficult – to find the seller of the goods, somewhere on sites like Avito or special sites, and then find the buyer on this product.

To be an intermediary can not only in a commodity niche, but also resell services, such as – writing texts, essays, real estate services, hiring drivers and movers. That’s the beauty of the Internet these days – everyone is looking for information just there. And whoever owns information can make money from it.

Mode 3. Information business.

We’ve already written that whoever can find the information first has every chance of making money on it. But there’s another option where you have the information from the beginning. And then, this information can be offered to other people for money in the form of training.

This is a developed and widespread niche today, which contains many areas. For example, a person who speaks a foreign language well can offer his knowledge for money to another person in the form of lessons. The same scheme works with any knowledge, whether it’s a recipe for a delicious meal, or breathing techniques to combat stress.

The formats of the information business are also different. Most often, you can find video courses, or individual online consultations. The only difficulty here is getting a potential customer interested. The easiest way to do this is to awaken interest in free options to convince people that you provide quality services and useful knowledge.

Mode 4. Partner programs

These are special cooperation programs from advertisers. Both the smallest and the largest. The essence of them is that the user places on the resource that owns, advertising information, and the audience of this resource uses it. The advertiser, depending on the company pays the owner for clicks, transitions or sales.

This method of cooperation is very convenient, because it does not require any additional investment. No money, no effort, no time. However, to use it, you need to be the owner of developed resources with good attendance. And this is what we still need to achieve.

All these options do not require monetary investment, and if so, the minimum. However, at first, the profit will be minimal. To increase it, you need to spend a lot of time and effort – to develop, promote, becomes popular with a particular audience, which will bring profit, or to earn connections and channels, if we are talking about resale.

Invest money to make a profit.

This section is for those who do not want to waste time and effort, but can afford to invest some money. It can be divided into two branches.

Way 5. Invest in your project.

Invest in your project, make it popular and start earning money on it. A good example would be to create your own website. It will take a long time to create a website and make it profitable, but the money will help accelerate this process if you pay a team of specialists. Naturally, it is not an option to create any website. You need to think through the concept, topics, interface, service. What will be in it that people will use it for? But when everything is ready, you can either sell it for a good amount, or use it to gradually earn on advertising.

Way 6. Invest in someone else’s project…

Become an investor. Even if it’s the same site. However, you need to understand and preferably understand the investment rules, because you can just lose money. In addition to sites, the network can be found and special sites where projects and startups are exhibited that require investment for development.

Investing in projects on the Internet has one big disadvantage. A small number of really worthwhile options. No, the projects themselves are actually a lot, but according to statistics only 4 out of 10 results can bring profit.

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

Ways of earning online for beginners

Another undeniable plus of earning online is availability. Find a suitable channel to earn money can anyone, it is enough to make an effort. Including the full beginners can realize themselves here. And it is not necessary to study long and persistently.

Let’s take a look at examples of such ways of earning.

Earning money at the games.

Online games gained popularity as soon as the Internet became available to the public. And if someone thinks it’s petty entertainment, then they’re wrong. Because the industry is actually very big. And the plus it is for those who do not develop games not only in the fact that he can have fun, but also in the fact that he can make money from these games. Yes, many of the ways of this niche will not bring a tangible income, but still, for beginners (and if the beginner – a schoolboy or a student – especially) will do.

Method 7: Earning money from games. Pumping characters.

The fact that many games involve a system in which the character of the player develops. With the development it gets many advantages – rare in-game things and abilities. But some want to immediately have such a character, without wasting time on pumping. These people and can sell their developed game alter ego. The system of trading rolled accounts in games developed a long time ago. In fact, you sell your time. The only difference is that you can also enjoy spending it.

Mode 8. Making money from the games. Strims.

Strims are called online gameplay broadcasts. In essence, the method offers you to become a video blogger, which will saturate its YouTube channel a certain type of content – namely, interesting records of games. At the moment, popular are both regular passes and special videos with parsing mechanics, Easter and other things. Earning in this case may go in different ways. For example, a developed channel with many subscribers will be interesting to advertisers, and subscribers themselves can make “donations” of any amount during live broadcasts. But to do this, of course, you must do something that will really interest many people.

Way 9. Earning money on games. Competitions.

There’s been a lot of jokes about the fact that eSports is recognized as a sport discipline. But jokes jokes, and nowadays competitions in various computer games can really bring money. The main thing is to be able to play and participate well.

Way 10. Earning money at games. Testers.

Games, both large and small, are developed all the time. But since this process is very complex and involves a lot of debugging, companies often need people who in the pre-release version of the game must find bugs and report them to the developers so that they can release not a raw product, but a quality product. In fact, on testing early versions of the game and you can make money. Talk immediately – a little. Because large companies have their own staff of testers, and the small ones can not pay much.

Mode 11. Referral system in games.

Many browser games are distributed for free. And earn on the little things that players buy inexpensive benefits. Accordingly, they are directly interested in having as many players as possible. The most interesting way to spread the game was the referral system – when one player is interested in bringing the game to another. This is a pyramid. The system is not only effective, but also interesting for players because it gives them different bonuses. That’s why they invite other players. The bonuses are usually in-game.

However, the same system is also used as an advertising campaign. Thus, the developer company can pay people for the fact that they place links to the game, or promotional code, which can register a new member (for each registration pay money).

72 ways to make money on the Internet

Earnings at Instagram

Instagram has recently become one of the most popular social networks in the world. The number of users is off the charts. But if for someone it is just an excuse to find friends and share the stories of their lives, for others it is a great excuse to make money.

By the way, now Instagram is used not only by the general public, but also by companies that promote their product. From fashionable clothing brands to factories. But we wonder how anyone can earn at Instagram.

Mode 12. Instagram. Page with many subscribers.

A universal way to make money on any social network is to make your page or group visited by a lot of people. This is what makes it attractive to advertisers. You can actually earn a lot. That’s the only way to be careful, because your own users may be dissatisfied with the appeared advertising. Especially if it will be a lot. To make the page popular, you need to develop it and constantly offer an audience interesting and quality content.

By the way, there is an option with twisting subscribers, but it will not lead to a positive result. You will only waste your time.

Way 13. Instagram. Own photos.

It is known that unique content and especially high-quality photos are in great demand. After all, the content is the majority of all Internet resources. Therefore, the uniqueness of the content give additional attention. Thus, large firms, for example, try not to use stock photos, and buy out backgrounds and photos from photographers and artists. Of course, only a small number of companies do this in Russia, but even we have interesting, unique, unusual photos that bring their owners money if any company is interested in them.

Moreover, you can use special services to promote your photos. You can learn from a professional artist as you go, the main thing for the start – creative vision and basic knowledge. Professional equipment is also not necessary at the first stages, because good phones with photos are now doing great.

Method 14. Promote your services

Page in Instagram can serve not only as a way to earn on advertising, but also as an analogue of the online store. In some cases, even a more convenient analogue. Especially if you provide any service. Promotion in a social network is easier than the promotion of a separate site, subscribers can be more targeted and they are much more with competent promotion. Therefore, so much there, for example, all kinds of clothing stores. After all, photos in installations – the basis of the foundations of this network. But you can promote and sell any services – from handmade goods to psychological help. By the way, the ability to write short, concise and interesting texts is very useful in this case.

Way 15. Instagram. Page promotion services.

As you have already understood, page promotion in Instagram is a popular service, because the popular page is a source of income. That’s just most potential customers can not afford to pay professionals from an advertising agency, so use cheaper services freelancers. That is demand is. We just have to use it. But in this case, of course, you will need to explore ways to promote. Another thing is that you can do it by promoting your own page, not just by studying a naked theory. It’s a double benefit, because then you can make a profit from the page as well.

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

Earnings on Twitter

Another popular network. Twitter is used by a very large number of people around the world. And, strangely enough, in Russia Twitter is not as popular as in the whole world (it is also relevant only for megacities). However, it is still one of the four popular networks.

As for earnings, Twitter has been neglected for some reason. Not in the sense that you can’t make money there. On the contrary, you can. That’s only if most users have figured out how to do it with Vkontakte and Instagram, with Twitter still have questions.

So let us sort it out. And first of all, we need to focus on what the benefits of earning money in this social network are.

There are no big posts there. (Big posts often the user just scrolls up without reading).

According to statistics, Twitter is many times more likely to search, even by hashtags.

Twitter has a readership of 400 million users.

Twitter allows you to make money even with minimal attachments and attendance of your page.

Ways to make money on Twitter.

Way 16. Twitter. Commercial microblog.

Even without the functions of an online store, in this social network you can get money by selling your own goods or services. In order to make the account maximum selling, you need to qualitatively adjust the appearance. Make a hat, which indicates the achievements, rewards and so on, which could indicate that you – the expert in the case. Expanded accounts are highly valued by eBay users.

Way 17. Twitter. Selling commercial blogs.

Yes, a commercial blog can serve not only as a sales tool, but as a product itself. Any promoted themed account can attract buyers from among business owners. So, for example, if you were running a blog about hiking, which constantly told about what tents used to use, what sportswear bought and thus were able to sign a lot of people interested in this topic, then your account is easy to interest, for example, sports store.

Way 18. Twitter. Advertising hat.

The method is suitable for those who do not want to clog the ribbon with advertising posts and nervous own subscribers. It’s not hard to make a hat like this. Moreover, even if you order the design, it will cost inexpensively, because the work a little. It is possible to do without the order, having drawn a hat independently with the help of the graphic editor. The main thing is to reflect the wishes of the advertiser. But of course, that the advertiser in general appeared, you need an untwisted account.

Method 19. Twitter. Selling block of personal data.

Yes, in Twitter you can monetize even a block of personal information, which is under the avatar. The principle is the same as in the cap, although the functionality is smaller. There you can insert links that will lead to a certain page with services.

Method 20. Twitter. Monetization of the background.

It’s a popular tool nowadays. The point is, you order a special design with advertising under the background. And if, for example, you have the same travel blog, the background can advertise hot travels, or sports store.

There’s one big disadvantage to this method. Users who access the page via the mobile version will not see the advertisement. Because they just can’t see it. And the audience for mobile phones is very wide right now.

Way 21. Twitter. Advertising tweets.

One of the simplest and most common ways in this social network. In fact, like other social networks. Advertising posts bring good profits to the owners of promoted accounts. As always, pages with high traffic attract advertisers.

But we are not tired of repeating – with the number of advertising posts must be very careful, because the audience reacts sharply to any changes in the tape. And if suddenly you wrote about something interesting, for which you have earned popularity among users, and then suddenly began to publish ads constantly, then do not expect a kind word from your subscribers. Most likely, some of you will unsubscribe at once.

Way 22. Twitter. Partner programs.

As everywhere else, this social network also has partner programs from different companies. You’ll find both the smallest and the largest. The point is that you place ads in a reference format, but the advertiser does not pay you for the placement, and for the user to make a useful action. For example, click on a link, or even sale. Actually, that’s why these things are called affiliate programs – you help sell a product or service to a company.

Mode 23. Twitter. Sponsorship.

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

This method is suitable for promoted accounts of semi-professional type. Just to be clear, let’s run an example. Let’s take tourism again. You’re a professional tourist who knows all about hiking and tweets. You give your subscribers recommendations, evaluate new hiking equipment and clothing and in general make the blog professional in every way. A good idea in this case is to increase the interactivity of your blog. And what’s more, holding some kind of competition in real life. But how can a blogger organize a mash-stabbing event? The answer is sponsorship. And it won’t be so difficult to find sponsors. In our case, it would be sporting goods stores. They will be able to allocate money and a prize fund in the form of their own goods. The essence of all this – a sharp increase in quality, professionalism, volume, status, user interest and benefit to advertisers in class advertising.

Mode 24. Twitter. Business account.

Twitter is good because it has better conversion rates than other social networks. And if, for example, you have your own offline shop and you want to sell online but don’t make your own website, you can use social networking tools. Other social networks also have functions for selling products (Vkontakte, for example). But in Twitter it is implemented more interesting and often more effective.

Method 25. Twitter. Account design.

Above we talked about making a good design for your own Twitter account, you can set it up for sales function. The same way fits on the back. If you, for example, know how to draw, why not meet the demand for account design. In Russia, for this much not paid, but to earn such a freelance is quite possible.

Method 26. Twitter. Simple actions.

Like any other social network, there is a demand for buying activity on Twitter. We mean all sorts of actions from the audience – likes, comments, reposting, etc. All this can be done for money with the help of special services, the type of exchanges. Payment on such services is not high, so you will have to spend a lot of time in monotonous actions, but the way is different in that no skills and financial investment is not required, is perfect for a beginner, even if this beginner – a schoolboy.

72 ways to make money online

How to make money on Odnoklassniki

Classmates are another social network of the largest. However, it differs from most of its audience. Many even like to joke that everyone in their 40s gathered there. But jokes are jokes, and a diverse audience gives its advantages. Including in terms of earning.

Mode 27. Classmates. Advertising in your own account.

Like any other social network, Odnoklassniki have the opportunity to bring money if your page is popular. And popularity can be any – professional, when you promote a page, providing users with information about the work of their company, or entertainment, when you just do interesting content. The more users, the more interesting your page for potential advertisers. Especially if your audience comes to a specific topic (tourism, for example).

Mode 28. Classmates. Internet shop.

Like other popular social networks, Odnoklassniki can provide small functionality for selling goods online. The principle here is the same, so we will not dwell on it.

Mode 29. Odnoklassniki. Buy and sell.

The chip of this network is the application “Buy-Sell”, which allows you to publish ads about the sale and purchase of a particular product. We have already talked in our article about possible earnings on resale of goods. So, Odnoklassniki provide tools for this.

Way 30. Classmates. Joint buying.

Co-procurement is a popular way to save money these days. People come together to order the same product in a large quantity at a discount. It can be a product for handmade products, or, for example, a batch of diapers. That’s not the point. The main thing is that by organizing joint purchases you can save on the purchase of goods, and then, for example, sell it at a markup. And it is in Odnoklassniki the audience is best suited for this.

72 ways to make money on the Internet

Earning in Vkontakte

It has been one of the most popular social networks in Russia since it was run by Pavel Durov. And despite the fact that Mayil.ru has made a lot of dissatisfied with the service policy, Vkontakte is still very popular. And accordingly, it brings money to those who can benefit from this popularity. Let’s see how it’s done.

Mode 31. Vkontakte. Selling goods and services through profile.

72 ways to make money online.

Recently, Vkontakte has paid a lot of attention to the tools of commercial opportunities, which are available both in individual groups and in the personal cabinet. Therefore, a user of a social network can quietly develop his profile exactly in the business direction, trading services and goods.

Method 32. Vkontakte. Advertising in groups.

If you pay attention to the large public that provide its users with entertainment content, you will see that among the posts a day there are 2-3 ads from firms. Moreover, not even entertainment, and information and training groups are not shy about such a dilution of content, warning users about the need for such measures. After all, the group needs resources to maintain. In summary, you can make good money if your account, or group has a large (several tens of thousands) audience.

Method 33. Vkontakte. Administration of the group.

Besides the fact that administration of a group is a necessary action for development of the public, it is also a demanded function. Thus, many large publics hire administrators who manage the public, monitor compliance with the rules by users, place advertisements and generate content. In this case, the administrator can lead several groups at once and in the end will receive good money.

Method 34. Contacts. Promotion of groups.

We’ve already mentioned this method of earning money. The fact is that professional agencies are more focused on promoting websites and portals. But the promotion of groups is mostly freelancers. Vkontakte is a network with more than 70 million subscribers and many small, large and medium groups. To adjust paid advertising the public and to promote it too it is necessary to be able. If you want to make money on it, you can learn from the example of your own group, along the way and promoting the resource, and gaining experience, and then offer their services to other public.

72 ways to make money online

Earnings on YouTube

YouTube is not literally a social network. However, this does not prevent this service from being a mega-popular resource with a huge audience. And, by virtue of its specificity, the tools of earning on YouTube are more diverse.

Way 35. It’s YouTube. Selling clips.

Shooting quality video clips is more difficult than making posts on other social networks. That’s why, to gain enough popularity for monetization is becoming more and more difficult. However, you can not use standard monetization, and shoot videos that are already aimed at selling a product or service. After all, when a person does not just read about a product, but sees it, it is easier for him to make a decision about buying. A product can be anything – from a Chinese knickknack to its own training.

Mode 36. YouTube. YouTube’s affiliate program.

Video hosting has its own affiliate program, which, with proper attendance of your channel can be configured to show special ads on which you will earn money.

Mode 37. YouTube. Advertising.

As in other social networks, firms are very interested in those who are watched by thousands of other users. Therefore, if you have a promoted channel, you may be approached by firms selling goods for an audience similar to yours. Options for advertising other firms may be different. From a simple link attached to a video to native advertising, when the video is built so that the narrator as if accidentally tells about the advertised object. But the most popular advertisement is in the form of reviews. Most of all, it is common among popular reviewers of technology, which receive new gadgets for the following reviews.

Mode 38. YouTube. Help you launch your channel.

Not so long ago, YouTube was a small service, and then it became very popular. At the same time, there was a massive desire to make money on YouTube channels, because many users think it’s not a difficult thing to do. It was not difficult a few years ago, when there was no such competition in this service. Now it’s difficult. But there is still a desire. So you can make money on this desire. If you know the principles of Youtube, tools and chips that will benefit the development of the channel, you can sell your services to novice video bloggers. It is desirable not to overestimate the price tag. The service is similar to promotion of the group in other social networks. But let us remind you that in YouTube it is harder to do because of the nature of the content.

Mode 39. It’s YouTube. Mounting the video.

Again, due to the fact that the content here is quite different in nature, not all users are able to competently create it. One thing is to make a video, quite another – skilfully mount it and impose special effects, process and choose the right video. You can also make money on this if you know how to do it and are friends with special programs. Offer your services. Many people will be willing to pay. The only difficulty is that beginners are usually not ready to pay a lot of money. You can compare this service with the services of copywriters, who create unique texts on the topic.

72 ways to make money online

Affiliate programs on the Internet

In addition to the fact that companies selling products offer their affiliate programs on social networks, there are a lot of them on the Internet outside the networks.

Mode 40. Affiliate programs on the Internet.

The essence of a partnership program is that someone else, namely you, is selling a product or service of a company. It’s just that sales are usually not active, but passive. In the form of advertising links and banners. But unlike advertising links and banners, the advertiser does not pay for them. He pays only for the fact that the user has made an active action. For example, he clicked on a link and left his data.

It is possible to earn on partners as big money, or very little. Everything will depend on many factors. And on what exactly the company pays for, and how many users you have been able to attract, and what is the topic in general. Let us take a closer look at the factors that affect earnings in affiliate programs.

The factors of earnings in affiliate programs

Interest in the offer

If you are offered very advantageous conditions with a large commission for sale, but the product or service itself will simply not be interesting to users, then you will have no exhaust from it.

Or if, for example, you advertise the services of a company that sells the goods at a price above the average market.

Number of affiliate programs

Double factor. On the one hand, the more you advertise, the more chance you have of buying some of it. On the other hand, if all your content will consist of advertising, then how will you attract users and keep your audience?

Quantity and quality of traffic

You can’t sell a tourist tent to someone who is interested in the phone. That’s why partner programs have to be chosen wisely. If you attract an audience with specific interests, you need to advertise the product of this niche. A lot depends on the quantity, too. The more attendance of the resource, where advertising goes, the more chance to sell.

Instructions for affiliate program

Find a partner

Analyze it for suitability across all factors.

Get a partner link. There are links to the product page, and there are direct links to the payment page.

Advertising links. Depending on what type of content you use to attract – texts, photos, videos or mixed versions, advertising will be built differently. In fact, since you advertise it to your audience, choose how to do it only you.

After you sell it, get the money.

Withdraw money from your account.

Note: withdrawal is often limited. For example, you can only withdraw money that is at least a certain amount. So be careful and read the terms of the affiliate program carefully.

Can I make money on affiliate programs without a website?

The answer is you can. But this method has certain difficulties. The main one is that you will have to look for resources where you can advertise and place links. These may be third-party sites of the necessary subjects, and thematic blogs. That’s just often placing links on these sites – for a fee.

Although taking into account the possibilities of the Internet, it is possible that you will be able to find and free way.

Note: to find affiliate programs, you can use special services – aggregators.

72 ways to make money on the Internet

Sale of information

The expression “whoever has information owns the world” has been known for a long time. And the information itself has also long been perceived as a product on which, with due diligence, you can make good money.

Method 41. Infobusiness.

The essence is to sell your knowledge and skills. There are many options for such sale. And the most popular of them is selling training courses.

One of the reasons why the infobusiness is not losing popularity is the fact that it does not require large costs. And no time, no effort, no money. The main component – what you already have – your useful skills.

The second reason – the infoproduct is created once, and you can sell it an unlimited number of times.

The third reason is that once you earn on it, you get a huge incentive to try again and again.

But the main thing to understand is that the info-product itself will not sell. We need to actively promote it. And the more users see it, the greater is the chance that someone will buy it. However, such problems will not arise if you really offer useful knowledge.

You can promote info-products in various ways – it’s contextual advertising, aggregators of affiliate programs, your own blog and website…

You can read more about the infobusiness in the article “how to make money”.

72 ways to make money online

Make money on the freelance

Thanks to the opportunities that the global network gives us, humanity has learned about such a wonderful thing as remote work on orders. In other words, freelance.


Flexible graphics. A hundred percent. It’s up to you to decide when to take the job.

Profitability. For a beginner freelancer, unless he has skills that are initially well paid, it is difficult to get to an acceptable income. But the more time and effort invested, the higher the price tag becomes.

Freedom of location. No, we won’t be supporting romantic stories about working on Goa beaches right now. But with a battery-powered laptop and Internet connection at hand, you can work at home or anywhere else.

Saving time and money. Few people in reality consider how much time an average person spends on travel from work to home and back, as well as how much money he spends on this travel and lunch in the office. And meanwhile, this factor is very important if you really have a goal to save.

Freelancer serves as an independent contractor in such areas as copywriting, web design, translation, programming, journalism, etc.

Mode 42. Text freelance

The need for texts will never end as long as there is a worldwide network and as long as there is a system through which search engines understand whether the site is important to users. The fact that any online resource – from a large information portal to the site of a small firm requires to promote unique and useful content. And first of all – these are texts. Given that new sites appear every day, and the old ones continue to update and update their content, the demand for copywriting will be high. But the high demand and high supply (and this is a very competitive niche in the freelance) give birth to a complex system in which a beginner copywriter to reach good earnings is difficult. But it doesn’t mean it’s difficult.

Method 43. Freelance on creating sites

Like we said, sites appear every day. Now is the time when any company must be present on the Internet, otherwise it simply will not be noticed and will be greatly missed profit (unless, of course, we are talking about a single shop near home. This is a different system).

Most of them do not spend on complex multifunctional sites. They are quite enough for a business card site or branding. But they are so many that the layout and web design also without orders in the world of freelance will not remain.

Mode 44. Freelance for translators.

If you have excellent language skills and are looking for ways to work, try your hand at freelancing. In the Internet age, all languages are in demand. But be prepared that most tasks are technical, so the language needs to be pulled up anyway.

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

Business on your own website or blog

Create your own website – a great way to further acquire a permanent income, which can be increased. However, “create a site” – too vague definition, which in itself says nothing.

If you take a little more detail and consider the main global steps, the action plan will look like this:

First of all, you need to decide on the niche and themes of your future online resource.

Next, begin to develop the resource.

After creation – to decide on the resource development plan and content.

Then begins filling the content (which does not end).

Run site promotion.

After is placed on the site advertising.

The last stage will be an analysis of the work, results, elimination of weaknesses and scaling the project.

So it became a little clearer, but you must understand that the scheme is very general. Each of these stages contains many items, information, and most importantly – time and work.

However, the goal is one – to achieve that your resource was popular – that is, had value for other people. The value can be expressed as a useful material, as well as in an entertaining character.

After achieving this goal will be automatically reached another – will open the possibility of earning through advertising. This can be a banner ad, contextual, teaser, through articles, affiliate program (which we have already discussed here).

But let’s see what variants of our own sites are popular. That is, what kind of site you can make to make money on it.

Mode 45. Your site to sell your product (dropshipping)

One of the most popular methods. People sell everything. And the Internet helps them a lot in that. Even if you just decided to resell goods from China, your own page with this product – a great effective (and in fact, almost the only) tool.

How to choose a product for sale on your own website

First thing to do is analyze the niches. The goal is to find out what’s more popular. Any tools can help in this – from the analysis of existing online stores, to simple social surveys in networks.

Then a site is created for the product. If the site does not require complex solutions and structure, you can use the site designer. We have already told about them in detail.

For the finished site is made an advertising company, in order to increase traffic and get a higher probability of ordering goods.

After receiving your order, you pay for the batch of goods and imported. You can do and vice versa. Immediately buy the product, and then sell it, but there are more risks.

By the way, the first way you can also check the audience’s interest in something. Simple branding is created and a message is made for people – it’s interesting – take an action (for example, leave your mail so we can send you an offer when the goods become available).

The final step is delivery of the goods and profit.

This type of activity on the Internet is called dropshipping.

Mode 46. Lidogeneration

Lead – in modern use – a potential customer who is interested in the product. So it’s basically a product application from someone who’s interested.

The principle of lidogeneration is simple. Online resource is created and sharpened to a specific audience. For example, it is information about business. That is, the site comes to people who are directly interested in business, because search engines show the site is them.

As a result, when the attendance of the site reaches good values, it becomes a great tool for those who are interested in this audience. In our example, it can be sellers of ready-made business, or those who provide advice to start-up entrepreneurs. In this way, you can turn your site into an advertising platform that supplies potential customers. And very targeted potential customers. Another thing is that you can not easily achieve this. To bring the site to query positions, especially those that are already popular on other sites, you will have to work and spend a lot of time and effort.

Mode 47. Contextual advertising for Yandex and Google

Contextual advertising has long been the most common way to advertise on the Internet. Income from it depends on many parameters. So it will be influenced by the theme of the site, how many pages are viewed by users on your site, what percentage of clickability, etc.

How is contextual advertising established?

Both search engines have their own services, which will help to correctly configure the contextual advertising. So, at Yandex, it is RSN (Yandex Advertising Network). In Google, this is Google Adsence. Moreover, each system has its own selection criteria for permission for contextual advertising. At the moment of writing this article, Yandex had stricter selection criteria. So, for example, to get the possibility of placing an advertisement in video, it is required that the attendance was not less than 10,000 people.

In addition to attendance there may be restrictions on the convenience of the site and its design. Which makes life very difficult for those who did not bother much with the development. On the other hand, Yandex does everything right. It is necessary to give the user a quality product.

In general, if you think about contextual advertising, pay attention to how good your site by three criteria:

Design .


Unique content

If everything is done well, you can connect to advertising and earn money on a permanent basis.

Way 48. Banner advertisement

Banner advertising is similar to contextual advertising, because it is also shown to visitors of your site. But if the contextual is selected by Yandex, you set the banners yourself.

Earning on banner ads can be two ways:

Placement of a banner for a specified period. The tariff is for the term.

The tariff for the number of displays of this banner.

How to find customers to sell the banner?

There are several ways to find clients for this service.

Take advantage of the exchange. Such exchanges work automatically, finding the advertiser. You make a description of the site, give a price tag and wait for someone to respond.

Direct sales. Here we’re not talking about automation. The owner of the banner space on his site himself finds advertisers, calls them and offers a deal. It is important to competently make a commercial offer and justify why your site will bring profit to the advertiser.

It is noteworthy that the place for a banner on a multi-page site does not mean that you can sell the banner only at once on all pages. Firstly, each of these pages will have a different attendance, and secondly, you can sell only on one page and individually.

Method 49. Partner program on banners

The idea of combining the two ways of earning money will not deprive you of profit, because it has certain advantages. So, if at the beginning of your activity you fill in the pre-allocated banner places parks, then not just get rid of downtime. After all, the partners will still shoot sometimes. And most importantly, a potential advertiser will see that the seats are occupied, and therefore – are in demand. This psychological moment can be a good tool for luring advertisers who will pay for the placement itself, not for active action or sales, as it happens in affiliate programs.

Method 50. Selling links on your site

A great way for promoted site to make money. The main criterion here – that the site had a high TIC (by Yandex), and other indicators associated with attendance.

Who is interested in links?

You might think at first that links are needed for those who want to promote – to tell other users about your project or product. But in fact, the first thing that needs them is links that are optimized. And yes, they are also for advertising. Except not the one we expect to see, but for the machine’s natural promotion of the site. Because this is one of the tools that allows you to bring the site to the top of search engines.

Note: if the site is less than six months old, you do not need to sell links. This will harm its promotion.

There are also special services where you can both buy and sell links.

Method 51. Placement of advertising in articles and posts

One type of advertising is placing it not “on the forehead”, but as a harmonic integration into an article or post on a similar topic. It’s also a very popular way. But still not so much annoying to users of the site as outgoing contextual advertising.

Again, the more people visit the site, the more expensive it is possible to sell such advertising. A good help in selling such advertising will be to offer such an advertising article to write. Because few people are able to do it.

Method 52. Earnings from the sale of infotovar

Info Business is one of the widest niches in the field of Internet business. We’ve already written about it. The main thing is to have knowledge that can be useful to other people.

But even if you do not possess such knowledge, you can become a member of this industry. Because you can sell other people’s knowledge as well. Of course, if their owner doesn’t mind.

An excellent option is to find an expert in a particular field and agree with him that you turn his knowledge into a digital product and start selling it. Naturally, for a certain percentage.

In this case, it is most convenient to create a simple site (branding) and on it to advertise your new info product.

Method 53. Emeil mailing list .

The wider a site becomes, the more regular users it has. And in this case, their contacts are something to be missed. And by contacts, you can mean at least an email address. Collect this data must begin as soon as the site will grow. But do it naturally allowed only in a correct and voluntary form. The client himself should want to leave you his address (for example, he can get something for it). And he must also understand what he provides this address for. The legislation is now closely monitoring this.

Accumulated same database of addresses of customers, which are initially targeted for a particular topic, as they found and came to your site, is an excellent tool for earning.

No, in no case we do not offer to sell the client base to third parties. This is low and shows only your spiteful attitude to your own visitors.

Usually this base is used for mailing lists. You do the mailing list, but you can sell the space in it to third parties. This is an advertising project. As a result, these users do not go to other people, they receive important information, and firms have the opportunity to thus dot the advertising.

Note: Any mailing list should be able to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

Method 54. Holding paid webinars

Webinars are another popular way. But if it used to be used to earn money, now it acts primarily as a way to attract customers and establish communication for the sale of further services.

The essence of any webinars – remotely sell knowledge and experience. Webinars can be held as a single version, or a group of several per course.

Algorithm in the organization of webinars

Create a landing to post information about the upcoming webinar.

Arrange advertising.

Receive requests

If the webinar is paid for, please contact us and get paid.

Have a webinar.

Seems like a nice and easy scheme. However, paid webinars can only be held when people are waiting for your product. No, no one forbids you to do it right from scratch. However, you shouldn’t count on a lot of requests. But the cost of advertising can be serious.

Or paid webinars are held as master classes. For example, you are going to show there something that is not yet in the free format on the Internet (there is almost everything).

The most effective method would be a series of free master webinars, which will introduce the audience to your work and convince them that you are doing useful and necessary things, and that your paid webinar also necessarily need to go.

How to make money on the Internet without investing

This section will describe the ways that you can avoid investing. But you have to understand at once that most of them do not imply any worthwhile income and are not suitable for use instead of the main work. But they can be used as part-time work, or as employment for schoolchildren and students.

The section of earnings without investment should include copywriting work. All you need is to be “friends” with texts and the Russian language. The rest will come while you’re working. But as we have already written above, the initial stage of copywriting is complicated. You have to fight for orders, and payment for them will be low. On the other hand, advanced copywriters earn the sums which quite enough for a life without work on firm.

In a separate way, we do not allocate a copywriter now, because we already did it in the last section.

Way 55. Earning by clicking.

The most popular way among those who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of the Internet. The point is that you are given the easiest tasks – and you perform them and get paid. Tasks are really the easiest – read the letter, view ads, for example. But also payment for them corresponding. In kopecks. Therefore, to earn at least on pocket expenses, you will have to not be limited to a couple.

Such tasks are issued by special services that work with mailing lists. For example, SEOsprint, WMmail, etc.

For you to understand the ratio of work and prices – to earn fifty rubles will have to look through the order of a thousand pages.

Way 56. Earning on polls

Until recently, paid surveys were popular on the Internet. They were conducted by large firms and analytical agencies. But as the economic situation changed, paid surveys began to appear less and less often.

Nevertheless, so far this is an excellent option without investing money and effort (only time) to earn a little.

You should look for them on the Internet. Usually they are asked to fill out a questionnaire in advance, and then they start sending surveys. However, advertising agencies that do this, set certain criteria. This is done in order to highlight the necessary audience for the survey. Therefore, even if you have completed the questionnaire, it does not mean that you will receive all available surveys.

Mode 57. Earnings by typing in the cappies

Captcha is a pebble from the English word captcha, which is used in relation to the code that defines that you are not a robot. You are usually asked to enter the captcha when you register for any services.

But you can also make money on this. So, for example, there are special services where you need to enter these code designations for money. But, that you immediately understand the ratio of payment – 1 dollar goes somewhere for a thousand entries.

So you can’t make a lot of money physically.

Way 58. Earning money at online auctions.

The essence of this method is no different from a regular auction. And in order to use it, you need to be the owner of any more or less valuable thing. But it does not have to be collectible coins or Antiques. Sell at such auctions can even simple clothes.

Kill two birds – get rid of things and you can earn a little.

Method 59. Sale of pictures

The way is perfect for those who just love to take pictures. And it’s not just suitable for professionals. Now there are many stock services, where photos with a good idea, beautifully made, figurative (but not necessarily on a professional level) can be sold. Naturally, this does not mean that all your photos will buy. But for those who just love to take pictures, this is the right option.

Way 60. Earning a living on Forex

There are several positions to be clearly defined:

You don’t have to invest more to make money on the exchange.

No one will ever give you any guarantee that your money invested in the exchange will return.

Therefore, we recommend you to be very careful with this method. And put it on the list just because it’s there. And that’s what we have to say. It is desirable, before you start, to understand everything in detail, and to act knowing the mechanisms.

Mode 61. Making money from file sharing…

File exchangers are mostly free. And they make money from advertising. You probably noticed that their sites are just banner and contextual advertising, and before downloading the file you still need to view the video. So, they can not only earn money, but also share their earnings. Many file sharing services have the opportunity to get a portion of the earnings for the person listed. Uploading new files will also affect your income.

Earning from a mobile phone

Way 62. Cell phone. Surfing sites

There are services that are ready to pay for what you will download a few megabytes of information daily and view ads by links. Such surfing sites can be done anytime and anywhere, if you have good and cheap internet.

Mode 63. Cell phone. Click clubs.

Another way to make money for clicks. These services also pay for you to watch ads. But earning starts after you leave information about social networking pages in your profile.

Way 64. Cell phone. Earnings from mobile applications.

In this case you will be paid for installing mobile applications, leave feedback on them and perform other active actions. There are services that offer you to do it both on Android and iOS systems. After dialing a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your mobile phone or via WebMoney service.

Method 65. Mobile phone. Advertising in text messages

All you need to do is to leave the consent to receive sms and videos on the special service, which you will need to open and watch till the end. After watching, you will receive payment. The truth is very modest.

Method 66. Cell phone. Sale of game characters

Earning by playing is a dream of many, especially schoolchildren. That’s the way it is. For this you will need the game mail.ru. The algorithm is simple – you set yourself a game from this section, then play, achieving a rolling character, then sell it in the section “ads”.

We briefly discussed 65 ways to make money online. Some of them can be used only for minimum earnings in your spare time. Some of them are suitable instead of regular work. But if you don’t like any of them, we recommend you to read the more general article “How to earn money. Top 100 ways.” In it you will learn not only about online ways to earn money, but also get tips on how to earn money without leaving home, how to earn nothing without investing and how to find a part-time job without quitting your regular job.

In the meantime, as a bonus, let’s take a look at current and frequent questions on the topic.

72 ways to make money online.

Frequent questions

Q: What is the most profitable way of earning money on the Internet without investing now?

Answer: First of all, you can’t do without investments at all. You will invest either money, or strength, or time. But more often – all together.

Secondly, the most profitable will be considered at the same time and the most dubious, where it is just as easy to lose everything. These are Forex, binary options and different bets.

Third, if you do not take into account the above methods, the most profitable will be an online store. The main thing here is to find your niche and your product. But in fact, the main profit from any online resource comes only after it can be promoted. After reaching a certain level of attendance in front of you immediately open many ways of monetization.

Question: How much money will I be able to earn online if I am a beginner?

Answer: Whoever said anything, and a beginner on the Internet will have to spend a lot of time to get good money. Mostly all the ways not to invest skills are paid for at a minimum. Therefore, we recommend you to be patient, take the time to learn the industry methodically. Because at the end of the day, it can make a decent profit.

On average, if you deal with the resource constantly (we are talking about promotion of the site), the visible results can be achieved in about a year. And after that, you can count on a profit of a thousand dollars.

72 ways to make money on the Internet.

Ideas for making money on the Internet

In this section, we will take a short look at the ideas that were not included in the main sections. All of them are in one way or another related to earnings on the World Wide Web.

Way 67. Yandex. Toloka.

Own Yandex service, which allows you to perform small tasks and get paid for it. The main convenience is that all is made simply and our domestic developers. Tasks are really minimal. For example, open and view the file, assess the convenience of the site, leave a review. Payment is appropriate. On average, a day you can get on such tasks five dollars.

Method 68. Transcribtion .

The point is to translate audio and video into text. It’s actually a kind of freelance. And you can find such orders on any freelance exchange. Price and volumes always depend on the customer.

Mode 69. Writing reviews.

Feedback is as important today as text for any website. They make it alive, give rise to reasons for user activity and ensure promotion. Therefore (probably alas), 85 percent of all reviews – custom. On the other hand, this can be earned. Because for writing reviews, too, pay. And, for example, to leave a review of the product, you do not have to see this product live. No one will be upset if you do not even hold this product in your hands, the main thing that the review was reliable.

Way 70. Yandex. Zen.

Another service from Yandex, where you can make money. First of all, it is a mixture of social network and information portal – there users publish articles on different topics and discuss them in comments. But you can make money just like on any social network. If you publish interesting content, gather a lot of regular readers, then you will have access to earnings from advertising.

Way 71. Resale of domain names

It used to be one of the most popular ways. But with the rapid development of the Internet, it becomes more and more complicated. Simply because it’s based on the effectiveness of domain names. The fact is, the simpler and more direct domain name, the better it is for the site. But the fact is that on any topic, the most “tasty” names are already busy. The task of a domain name reseller – to find interesting things on sale, buy it, and then sell more expensive. It is desirable to understand what domains are popular.

If the deal is successful, you can make good money. And the percentage of earnings directly from the quality of the domain name.

Way 72. Writing control, essays, exchange rate…

One more way for those who have certain skills. These can be skills in mathematics, Russian, physics and any other subjects.

So that they don’t just disappear (unless you work in a specialty, of course), you can use them to earn money. Because the help in solving the control and writing the coursework is required always and everywhere. There are no fewer students. By the way, if before this was done by individual agencies, but now most of the work has moved to the online sphere. You can find such orders on the stock exchanges.