8 Books on business that will be useful in times of crisis

Crisis times happen to individuals, countries, and even the world as a whole. Some people endure difficult times, while others buckle under the weight of difficulties. Of course, successful people and companies have their own secrets of resilience. They are based on certain strategies and methods.

Crisis is a time when it is important to be able to react quickly to circumstances and learn new skills. You can learn new skills with the help of thematic literature. Of course, it is not as easy to read as fiction books, but the possibility of practical application of knowledge cannot be underestimated.

We offer you a selection of books that will help you stay afloat in crisis situations.

  1. A nation of smart people: the story of Israel’s economic miracle

This book has received great acclaim from readers. Everyone knows that Israel has many successful entrepreneurs and an advanced IT sector. After reading the book, it becomes clear that things are even better in the country than they seemed at first glance.

The book is about innovative solutions and entrepreneurship and an economy that has the potential to grow.

  1. Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability

The book is by Nassim Taleb, a risk manager, trader and writer. It is about how unexpected and rare turns of events affect the course of life. At the same time, people often find quite simple explanations for them. The book also has stories about company upsurges, wars, and crisis situations.

According to a survey, many people in the IT industry liked the book.

  1. How to Profit from Chaos. Anti-fragility

The publication is also by Nassim Taleb. It is a prequel to Black Swan. The book is about the property of people, as well as systems to develop and become better. The author derives uncomplicated rules by which to act so that difficult times do not cause chaos in life.

  1. Think slow… decide fast

A 2011 bestseller by Princeton University professor Daniel Kahneman. The book is about the application of psychological methods to economics. Kahneman’s main idea is to show how the human mind works in light of new discoveries in social and cognitive psychology.

  1. “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

Although published ten years ago, it has lost none of its relevance today. The book by two authors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne explains how you can create a free market niche and not be afraid of the competition. The authors are convinced that it is possible to successfully come up with and implement new ideas.

Their ideas are presented in an accessible and understandable way for readers, as they are not only real, but also have many explanations and examples.

  1. Building business models

Yves Pigneur’s book tells the story of the construction and development of business models that such giants as IBM and Google have taken as their starting point. It also presents the factors that influence the success and profitability of companies.

  1. It won’t be easy. How to build a business when there are more questions than answers

Experienced entrepreneur Ben Horowitz shares tips for building and promoting startups. The book combines both theory and practice. It will be useful to anyone who is running their own business. The author also offers the best approaches in situations where you need to sell a business or fire an employee.

  1. Great by choice

Author Jim Collins discusses how well-known companies function and succeed. The book is based on the author’s research, which lasted nine years. It is based on facts and real data, so it has become interesting to many entrepreneurs.

Business books from experienced authors are a great way to understand how large companies and businesses achieve success. Such publications motivate you to open and develop your business, because successful people are not born, but become.

What business books have you read and would you recommend to others? Tell us about them in the comments.