8 Signs of male gait

We always try to respond to requests from our readers. Since we have been asked to write an article about gait for a long time, today I will tell you about it.

” Model Guys

1) Watch your posture. I’ve already written a wonderful article about it in my time, now the argument is from a completely different steppe: aikido coach always tells us that a good fighter always watches his posture and always keeps the vertical position of the body axis. In addition to the fact that all muscles work (maintaining the verticality of the central axis is not so easy), the body is always open to all movements and turns. Make a mental line between your butt and head – this is your axis. And it has to be vertical.

Look how models do it at the Gucci show! After all, model schools specifically teach them how to move around in the most effective way. Notice how guys hold, move, step and turn.

A man in a bear costume

2) You don’t want the ground to shake. Don’t stomp! Bear, or what? 🙂 Seriously, people who stomp hard when walking are considered clumsy in almost all cultures. The only exception is if you have more than 120 kilos, 2 meters tall and your passport says something like “Nikolai Valuev”. In general, if you are really a big man, stomp on your health – it will not work any other way!

3) Watch some movies with actors like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Dane Cook. Pay attention to the components of their gait: it is both agile and a little rough. You can see that in the video of the show, too.

4) Be more confident! If you know exactly where you’re going, then your whole look will affect your gait. Self-confident people move, not afraid of tautology, confident and even bossy, it is always visible. You’ll learn in time, it’s easier than it looks.

The right shot at aikido

5) Enroll in martial arts, where there are throws! This may sound strange at first glance, but I want you to be taught how to hold a rack and balance. How many nerds have you seen in the same subway and on the streets that are insecure on their feet?! Yeah, billions! And a woman always wants her man to stand firm on her feet.

6) Take your time. Take your time, even if you’re late. It’s better to walk in peace and be late than to run, breathe and stretch three times on the road.

7) Always look ahead. Imagine you’re playing “shooter”: your gaze must always be pointed at the target. That’s how you’re gonna look purposeful.

By the way, I almost forgot – if you look closely at the guys-models, when walking they slightly rotate around the central axis of the shoulder. Movement is easy to learn from the video, looks very impressive and swings the torso on the move.

Right man’s gait

What’s the secret to a man’s proper gait? It’s very simple and it’s about shifting my attention. I switch it to my stomach, to a point that’s two or four fingers below the navel. It’s an anatomical center of gravity. Here, at the lumbar level, is the transition of our movement from one foot to the other and vice versa. If we do this, we automatically have a good posture, gait, the voice becomes deeper and masculine because it comes from the abdomen.

Always look people in the eye. Always look into the eyes of men, women, everyone around you. In this way you will impress a man who is sincere and open.

Try to do this exercise – with each step put the power of movement in the blow. Then reduce the amplitude of blows and finally completely stop applying them, leaving the impulses only in the gait.

Do it right now – get lower, hand to thigh and push your palm forward with a step. Do it twenty times, then hit less and less. And go one step further, holding the point of gravity in your consciousness.

As a result, you will find a good natural posture, a harmonious balanced gait, a deeper voice and will make a completely different impression on people around you.