99 Business ideas for 2020

Do you dream of working for yourself? Do you want to try your hand at entrepreneurship? Are you looking for inspiration? Then this article is what you need: we have collected 99 business ideas to help you find your niche in 2020!


In order to make the most of it, first take a quick look at all the ideas and then, connecting the individual ideas to each other, try to find a really unique niche.


It is quite possible that you can find a new solution to an old problem and that will be your competitive advantage!

they’ve prepared some ideas:

Idea #1: online shop


You do not need to be a large hypermarket to create your own online store. No matter if you sell directly to customers or use direct deliveries, you first need to create an online store and have a good management system for online trading. You can sell your goods or products from suppliers in a certain niche. As a new idea for business, if you can do something with your own hands, you can trade your handicrafts and have a good profit on your hobby.

Idea No. 2: Trading things from a flea market.


It’s easy to find a lot of stuff at flea markets. You can sell almost anything: from vintage home products to jewelry that you have made yourself, they can then be sold on the Web through an online store, and for this is enough a few pages, and a new idea for business is embodied.

Idea number three: babysitting


In order to start a childcare business at home, you just need to have some experience working with kids and a safe home environment.


In most cases, you won’t need a special license to babysit at home (but certificates will of course be a plus) if the number of children doesn’t exceed a certain number. More and more parents now have to spend a lot of time at work, so home babysitting can be a great idea for your small business, and you can spend time with your children too.

Idea number four: lawn mowing


You can start offering your neighbors in your area lawn care services as a new business idea. All you need is a lawn mower and a car so that you can easily get to the right place.

Idea No. 5: Services on behalf of


Business people very often need help to do their daily chores. Therefore, by organizing an on-demand service, you can take money for services such as shopping, delivery of dry cleaning and other small part-time jobs.

Idea №:6 wedding consultation


If you like to organise and plan events, use an idea for a business from scratch such as setting up a wedding company. Mostly you will need to plan and help with various suppliers and contractors.

Idea #7: Wholesale Cooking


You can use the baking idea for small businesses. You create different desserts at home and then sell them in bulk to local bakeries or restaurants. Not only is it an interesting idea for a business from scratch that will help you make good money doing what you love to do, but it’s also a great way to try out your culinary masterpieces before investing in a full-fledged restaurant.

But first, you’ll need to learn more about the laws that govern home cooking for sale, and they’re strict enough, as well as to have the appropriate medical books from the staff.

Idea #8: A dog walking service


If you like to be outdoors with your animals, you can hand out some flyers in your area, offering dog walking services. This way, you’ll find a new idea for a business that doesn’t require complicated duties.

Idea #9: selling real estate


People who have lost their loved ones, or who just need to move out and sell a lot of their stuff, very often need help organizing real estate transactions. If you know a little about antiques and selling used items, take advantage of the business idea in this area.

Idea #10: The services of a personal boss


If you like to cook, but you do not necessarily want to open a whole restaurant, you can become a personal chef and cook for a client or customers at home or at his home, implementing a new idea for business.

Idea No. 11: Food Kiosk


Whether you want to open a roadside pretzel stand, sell tacos or something else, there are many opportunities to trade food on a small, sometimes even mobile, scale.

Idea #12: Cleaning pools


Very often pool owners hire professionals to keep them clean and ready for use during the summer. This requires some experience and skills, but not as much as in the case of technology.

Idea #13: clothes repair


If you have the most minimal sewing skills, you can offer your services to people when they need to repair or sew clothes.

Idea No. 14: Car Wash


Maybe you’re thinking of creating a whole network of car washes or just making some extra money, in any case washing machines is a great idea for a business that requires little or no technical knowledge.

Idea No. 15: Packaging services


People who are planning to move, but do not want to bother packing all their reapers, can offer this service for a fee. In addition, such a new idea for business does not require certain technical skills.

Idea No. 16: watching the house.


A person who will look after the house is able to give confidence and peace of mind, for example, to someone who travels frequently. Advertising such services does not require any special technical skills, although there are some sites where you can do so.

Idea #17: Custom-made embroidery


If you like embroidery and have the necessary materials, you can offer your services to people who want to add your company logo, initials or any other details on clothing or accessories. Many companies are interested in such services, so this new idea for business is not so difficult to implement.

Idea #18: interior decoration services


Helping customers create interior design and decorate their homes can be an interesting new business idea for entrepreneurs who like design. Of course, there are some online tools that can help you do this, but they are not as important as a well-defined eye in design.

Idea #19: personal trainer


If you like to keep fit and help others with this, you can offer these services at home or at your local gym. You can also blog about your own achievements and recommendations.

Idea #20: Tutoring


Start tutoring and pulling local students in a subject, test or specialty. Also create your own blog site where you can train online to reach a large audience.

Idea #21: Personal Shopping Assistant


Personal Shopper services may be of interest to people who need assistance in choosing clothes or creating a shopping budget. In order to implement such a new idea for business, you just need to love to buy something and have a little sense of style.

Idea #22: recycling services


Many people do not know the way or simply do not want to face the problem of recycling large items such as computers. So you can offer them paid loading and delivery of these items to the right recycling center – thus taking advantage of a useful new idea for business.


Your notebook can be just a gold source in 2020. Steel, copper and computer components are more expensive now than ever. A good publicity campaign in your area and a car is all you need to start buying or just picking up scrap metal, old computers, electronics, cartridges and other recyclable materials. You can both make money and do Mother Earth a favor.

Idea #23: recycling things


Another idea for small businesses is to give a second life to old things. Have you heard the English saying that one garbage, another treasure, but did you think it could be turned into a real business? If you’re an artist or just a handicraftsman, try turning garbage into useful items and sell it at fairs or on websites such as OLX, Facebook or VKontakte. You can also invite people to update their old unwanted things, such as to fragrance outdated clothes to make them trendy again, or create a patchwork quilt with old T-shirts.

Idea #24: Pet Care


Anyway, animals are also human beings (or so pet owners think). If you love them, you can rely on them and you can easily organize everything – there will be no shutdown from work. The more satisfied your customers, the faster your business grows. After all, nothing can calm the heart of an animal owner like a good recommendation from one another.

People who travel a lot, but keep pets, very often may want someone to come to their home and look after dogs or cats. Offer this service to people you know and make it the beginning of your customer base.

Idea No. 25: A master of all trades


If you know how to handle tools and repair various breakdowns in your home, offer the “All-Around Master” service to people who live nearby and need this kind of help. Such a relatively new idea for business can become quite popular among your friends.

Idea No. 26: home helper


Very often, older people need help with basic tasks such as laundry, shopping in a store and travel to and from meetings. You can offer your services as a home helper to make it easier for them to cope with the daily heavy routine.


You do not have to be a nurse to do this. Many older people want to continue to live as active as they used to, and they just need a little help. Their families will also be very happy to find a responsible, reliable person they can trust.

Idea #27: Tour guide


If you know a lot about your city or area, and like to share that knowledge with others, you can think about such an idea for business – a tourist guide service to show people around.

Idea #28: yoga instructor


A yoga instructor is a good idea for a business that requires virtually no knowledge of technology. You can have a class in the studio or even organize it at home.

Idea #29: translation


Companies, individuals or even public bodies often hire interpreters to communicate with people in different languages. So if you have a good command of some other language, you can use this idea for business by offering your services to different clients.

Idea #30: selling antiques


A new idea for business may be the sale of antiques at special fairs, booths in shopping malls or even in your own shop.

Idea #31: Aquarium care


People who hold fish, lizards, snakes or other animals that live in artificial reservoirs or aquariums may sometimes really need help taking care of them. If this is what you like, apply the idea for business: offer your services on the road or at home.

Idea #32: wash your windows


If you like to be outdoors and clean, the window cleaning business can be exactly what it takes. You will only need detergents and special equipment in case you plan to work in multi-storey buildings.

Idea number 33: gardening


Another interesting business idea for those who love working in the open air is gardening. This way you can work for private or business clients so that their plants look simply stunning.

Idea #34: event organizer


Do you like to throw parties and organize meetings? Turn your hobby into an idea for business from scratch – set up an event agency. Like wedding consultants, event organizers work with clients to help them prepare different aspects of their holidays. You can even work with many more clients if you are involved with all types of events.

Everyone – from organizations to corporations – needs someone who can organise their events. The work of an event organizer requires ingenuity and attention to detail. You also need patience to deal with customer issues and reach Zen to stay calm during stressful situations and unforeseen disasters.

Idea #35: selling products at fairs


If you know how to do everything from clothes to candles, you can learn how to create such items at home or come up with a master class and then go to various needlework fairs in your area, even around the world, to sell them.

Idea No. 36: Safety Check at Home for Children


When people have children or just invite guests with their children, it is good to be able to call an expert to see if everything is safe in this house. This is a fairly new idea for business, but it has every chance of becoming popular.

Idea #37: Cleaning the whole machine


Car owners will not be stingy for someone who can wash the car not only from the outside, but also clean it from top to bottom inside.

Idea #38: Florist


The work of the florist allows you to work with a variety of flowers and plants and combine them so that your customers like it.

Idea #39: hairdresser


If you have the experience and the certificate of a hairdresser, you can realize the idea for small business today, offering a haircut, coloring and other services to create hairstyles.

Idea #40: make-up artist


You can also work as a makeup artist, inviting people to your home or even come to work with them.

Idea #41: Painting houses


Such services can be offered to clients who need to paint houses or businesses outside and/or inside.

Idea No. 42: glasshouse


Do you like plants? Setting up a conservatory is a great idea for small businesses. It can be used to take care of various street and home plants and sell them to customers.

Idea #43: help with relocation


If you have large transportation and a team of strong assistants, you can offer clients in your area a complete relocation service. We are sure that this new idea for business is not so difficult to implement.

Idea #44: Carpentry


From furniture to birdhouses, you can create a huge range of wood products. And then sell them to local companies at art fairs or flea markets.

Idea No. 45: Selling twists and turns


Twist allows you to save different types of food, so you can easily send them to customers or even sell them in bulk to local companies. In this way a familiar occupation can easily be transformed into a new idea for business.

Idea No. 46: Restoration of a photo


Old photos fade with time, they show other signs of wear and tear and tears. Restoration requires some special knowledge, but some types of photos can be restored without using digital technology.

Idea No. 47: Laundry


Students, older people or even working adults can be offered regular laundry services so that they don’t have to worry about it anymore. The idea is probably somewhat time-consuming, but quite acceptable to a new idea for business.

Idea #48: Writing a resume


Young professionals, or people who have not been looking for work for years, very often need advice on writing a resume. This is exactly what could be a new idea for the business – to write, share, hear comments and suggestions from clients working on resumes or cover letters.

Idea #49: creating soap


With just a few ingredients and tools, you can make your own soap with different scents, each with its own zest, and then sell it to local perfume or household goods stores or maybe even at handicraft fairs. Today it is a quite lucrative new idea for business, as handmade goods are popular.

Idea #50: Nutritionist


Do you know a little about food and proper nutrition? Then we have a new idea for your business – work with your customers and give them advice about their food.

Idea #51: Editing services


You can also offer your skills as an editor, such as articles, grants, resumes or even assignments for the school. This may not be an entirely new idea for business, but there is a need for such services.

Idea #52: Career Consultant


Do you want to help people and inspire them to do new things? Working as a career advisor can be exactly what changes lives for the better, and it’s something you’ll enjoy. As a career mentor, you will be able to meet people of all ages, from young people who don’t know yet which way to go or how to get their dream job, to people of a more respectful age who are looking for a change in their career. Help clients prepare for interviews, improve their resume and look for addictions.

Idea #53: Online Retail Sales Consultant


If you have a good understanding of the online store and know its shortcomings, you can help other people until their online business is successful. Help customers create and improve their stores, advise on how to make the best product photo and write the most appropriate description. You can also teach online business owners how to use social media to promote their stores and how to make their products recommended in publications and sales increase.

Idea #54: Cleaning company


Are you one of those people who really likes to clean up? If so, you just sit in a gold mine – an interesting idea for small businesses. People who work in this field for themselves can make very good money. Despite some decline in demand for such services, there are still many people who need a little help around the house.


All you need for your own cleaning business from scratch is a stock of cleaning products and access to customers, to get good reviews, flyers or ads, if you do not want to create your own site, although it will be only a plus.

Idea #55: working in the garden


Do you have a lot to do, or are you going on a trip? Most gardeners will of course cut your grass, but they don’t necessarily have to do things that their owners don’t have time for, such as weeding beds, planting plants, raking leaves, clearing snow, hanging or hiding holiday decorations. With just a pair of work gloves and a stepladder you can realise your idea for small businesses very quickly.

Idea #56: Taking care of computers


Do you have any experience with computers? With the spread of tablets, smartphones and laptops now used by every member of the family, there are many opportunities to provide private computer services. Installing anti-virus software, cleaning your desktop, downloading software and connecting your printer may well form the basis for a new business idea.

Idea No. 57: Energy Saving Consultant


Homeowners and businesses are always looking for any way to save money, but figuring out how to cut energy costs is not as easy as you might think. Anyone with some knowledge of engineering or construction systems can advise property owners on how best to insulate the room, install smart meters, reduce water consumption, etc. This is a very valuable service that can be used as an idea for small businesses.

Idea ¹58: services to restore order.


There’s one thing you can get from a whole bunch of reality shows about slobs and hoarders. Sometimes people like to pick up stuff at home. And a lot of them don’t have the time or skills to organize it all. If you like to clean up and create order in chaos, then organization services can be exactly the idea for business that you need.

Idea #59: virtual assistant


Virtual assistants in 2017 in fashion. All you need to start with is a laptop and a good website. To promote yourself in social media is also very easy. If you have the basics of management work, but want to work for yourself, this is just a great opportunity to implement the idea for small businesses from scratch. Virtual assistants work remotely and do everything that does not have enough time for the business owner or manager, as, for example, open and respond to emails, cooperate with clients, issue them invoices or pay bills. All of this, and even more, can be done through cloud storage sitting at home, so this new business idea doesn’t require any special functionality.

Idea #60: Remote Accountant


During an economic downturn, many companies are cutting staff to the minimum possible extent. But very few can survive without an accountant. But that doesn’t mean they have to keep it on staff. If you have experience in accounting and record keeping, you can offer your services remotely and in most cases do most of the work at home.

Idea No. 61: savings advisor


Have you ever noticed that your phone bills seem to be growing all the time, and before you know it, you’re already starting to pay a couple hundred more per month than you agreed to? It’s a story like that for everyone. The problem is that not many people have enough time to meticulously study all their accounts, call their ISP and find out. The savings advisor offers these services to companies, thus helping them save thousands. This specialist needs to be thorough in detail and have the skills to persuade. Once you prove to the customer that you can be useful, a good reputation will appear very quickly.

Idea #62: Social Media Consultant


If you are one of those Generation Y people for whom using social networks is as natural as breathing, you can start a career as a social media consultant. Such media is undoubtedly the best business idea for advertising, but only if you know how to use them. If you can help existing companies incorporate social media into their marketing campaigns, it is easy to succeed.

Idea #63: copywriter


Any site owner will tell you what they need to do all the time – to create new content. Search engines work for the benefit of sites with fresh, relevant and constantly updated content, and most companies do not have time to create it day and night. If you have experience in writing, journalism or knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian language, you will face a great demand for such work. In the middle of web content, blog posts and press releases you can find a lot of ideas for business from scratch. It is worth being an expert for big articles or knowing a new topic.

Idea #64: medical insurance consultant


Healthcare reform means that in the near future most companies will be obliged to provide employees with health insurance. The problem is that many businesses cannot afford to support a full-time human resources employee, and the complex nuances of health insurance take much longer to deal with than administrative assistants can spend. That’s why more and more companies will be looking for remote services to help them understand the details of health plans and insurance premiums. If you have experience in human resources or insurance, health care reform can be just a gift for you. You don’t need a license to do that, unless you’re selling insurance. A health insurance consultant should just help you understand all the details.

Idea number 65: making costume jewellery


This type of business is ideal for introverts. If you know or are only interested in the theme of creating jewelry – hurry up! This interesting direction does not require much investment. All you need is patience and a subscription to several useful channels on YouTube. Costume jewellery can be sold both in real shops (especially if you live in a tourist city) and online. Do not forget that beautiful handmade bijouterie is always an expensive and memorable gift.

Idea #66: making soft toys


If you know how to catch trends and have a sense of humor – you can make such soft toys that will be sold as “hot cakes”. The fact that the toy is not only a memorable thing, but also a cool gift. How exactly to create toys can be found on YouTube. Try to make toys for different target audiences.

Idea #67: making Christmas tree decorations.


Of course, it’s a seasonal business. Although you can start with it (a few weeks before New Year’s Eve you can already disassemble all your stocks). Making Christmas tree toys is more likely if you already make soft toys or decorations. Try to catch trends and don’t forget that toys are above all a good mood.

Idea No 68: Dancing School


If you can and love to dance, the dance school is a great option for starting your own business. Gather the first group, find the right room and equipment and start training your target audience. Don’t forget that the best advertising for this business is a recommendation. So make sure you get talked about.

Idea #69: School of Drawing


Drawing today is more like a kind of rest, relaxation, like yoga. People who want to learn to draw do not necessarily plan to exhibit their work in an art museum (although this is not excluded). Many people just paint for themselves, for friends and just for leisure. If you can draw, take an adult painting course. Believe me, if you are positioning yourself right – you’ll have a turn to join your school. By the way, you can immediately set up and sell the necessary tools for drawing. But this is another idea 🙂.

Idea #70: SEO agency


Want to help others promote their sites? Then a SEO agency is the right thing to do. Of course, this area requires certain skills. The number of sites that fight for the attention of potential customers is increasing every year. And this means that there will always be enough clients in this area.

Idea #71: Digital Design Studio


Digital Design Studio is an agency that deals with the visual design of websites, logos and provides services for creating and processing digital images. To begin with, the studio may consist of only one specialist, but in the future (and as demand grows), can grow into a full agency.

Idea No. 72: personnel agency


A recruitment (or recruitment) agency is an intermediary between an employer and a future employee. The value of a recruitment agency is its own base of proven employees and reliable employers. Although it is possible to find a job today through online platforms, a recruitment agency can take on all stages of selecting the best employees. Such services will be cheaper for an employer than hiring an individual employee.

Idea #73: a travel agency


Why not think about your own travel agency? Especially if your city is interesting for tourists. First you need to find out where people are looking for the services of travel agencies and how you can attract attention to your agency. You can provide the services of a guide on your own, or you can become an intermediary and sell the services of other specialists.

Idea #74: car instructor


If you have a car, driving experience and strong nerves – try yourself as a car instructor. True, this type of business requires some changes to your car. But the demand for an experienced car instructor will exist as long as autopilots do not displace the role of the driver 🙂.

Idea #75: advertising agency


Advertising is the engine of trade. The methods of advertising are changing, but the essence remains the same. In modern conditions, the agency can provide services to configure Google Adwords and promote information about goods and services online.

Idea #76: taxi services


With the growing popularity of online taxi ordering services, interest in this area will grow. To begin with, it may be an additional income, but with the right promotion, you can open and own taxi service. Knowing the specifics of the area, it is much easier to provide transportation services and fight for customer loyalty in your city.

Idea #77: courier service


The urgency of delivering goods will increase as new online shops and cafes open. Not everyone can have their own transport and logistics. Take your chance while the level of competition in this area is still not high enough.

Idea No. 78: foreign language courses


There will always be a demand for learning foreign languages, because globalization requires knowledge of at least two languages at the level of fluency. Unlike individual tutoring, foreign language courses do not require you to know a language. All you need is to be a competent manager to organize courses from the teachers of your school.

Idea #79: board games club


One of the funniest ways to start your business is to open a club of board game lovers. Initially, the games themselves can be a little bit. The main thing – to gather the necessary party. In the future you need to take care of expanding the range of games and cozy room. Unlike casinos where they play for money, the club board games do not require any permission.

Idea No. 80: ferry cars


Car delivery service from one city to another is not a bad option to earn money. Especially if the cities are in different countries 😉. In fact, driving a car is quite competitive and requires not only dating, but also some legal literacy. Nevertheless, the sphere is quite profitable.

Idea #81: pillow restoration


Pillow restoration is one of those topics that is unlikely to become obsolete. Many hostesses prefer feather cushions and blankets. Over time, they must be cleaned and tidied up as the feathers become knocked down and become a place for bacteria to spread.

Idea #82: manicure salon


The services of a manicurist, like that of a hairdresser, will always be relevant. Most girls want to have beautiful, well-groomed nails. Accordingly, once a week visit a manicure salon or call a specialist at home. In this niche there will always be a place for a good master.

Idea #83: photo studio


You can start without the studio. All you need to start is to have your own photo aapart and the ability to take beautiful pictures. Many photo studios (and even model agencies) started with a passion for photography by their founders. As a minimum, there will always be a demand to take pictures of weddings. Next, you can choose any of the areas and promote yourself or your company as a specialist in a certain niche (for example, in such a special direction as a professional photo of animals).

Idea #84: carpet cleaning


A separate niche, which is quite different from the cleaning agency. This service is relevant for large cities (and of course those regions where rugs are still an important attribute of the interior).

Idea #85: Blogging


In principle, blogging is a tool to promote a business. However, many blogs are dedicated to one or another hobby. Describing your hobby or sharing interesting information, you form an audience of readers. If properly promoted, your blog can become a full-fledged information platform with which brands or other specialized sites will want to cooperate. A separate promising area is blogging (video blog on YouTube).

Idea #86: online secretary


Very convenient service that can be provided from the comfort of your home. An online secretary is the chief assistant to a manager or manager. In order to start your business in this area, it is enough to stay in touch at all times and own some software products that will help you quickly navigate and provide all the necessary information on demand.

Idea #87: voicing and stuffing texts


Sounding videos and filling texts for podcasts can be a good start to your own business. For this purpose, it is desirable to have a minimum set of hardware to make high-quality recordings.

Idea #88: creating websites on WordPress


Many companies and start-up entrepreneurs are willing to pay for the creation of sites on the platform WordPress. If you have the patience to understand the basics of this platform (today you can find a free tutorial video), you can start even by creating simple sites and landings.

Idea #89: fitness trainer


Keep yourself in good physical shape and can you teach this to others? So you have every chance of being a good fitness trainer.

Idea number 90: DJ.


A DJ isn’t just a musician making his own music. A DJ is also a person who is able to create the necessary atmosphere through music. Any party, corporate party, celebration can not do without a cool DJ.

Idea #91: shoe repair


Interestingly, even in this niche there is its own gradation in levels. Depending on who your target audience is, it depends on how much you will earn on repairs and maintenance of shoes.

Idea No. 92: drone services


A relatively new field, where there is no fierce competition yet. Drone services may be of interest to video parties, corporate parties, weddings and other celebrations. Initial investment – drone purchase. You can start with the simplest models, and then improve (and raise the cost of its services).

Idea #93: manufacturing of belts and leather goods.


Handmade products are always valued above. What’s more, you can even create your own brand. To start your own business you need quality leather, punches, machines for stitching edges and jewelry.

Idea #94: cooking courses


If you love and know how to cook, your knowledge can make a profit. It is worth organizing cooking courses. Everyone comes with their products, and you provide the space and tools. It’s up to you to focus on what’s best for you: you can introduce people to the cuisine of the world, or you can teach them how to cook delicious and healthy food.

Idea No. 95: massage parlor


One of the areas that will always be in demand. Of course, in order to start your own business you need to get certain knowledge. The services of a quality masseur are always in demand, which means that all investments will return exactly.

Idea #96: Realtor’s services


In most cases, finding a rental caravan is an urgent matter. A real estate agent is a specialist who can find an apartment or rent out a property as quickly as possible. No additional investment is needed to start a business. It is enough to collect a database of apartment owners.

Idea #97: selling second hand clothing


Selling second hand clothing does not require much investment. Moreover, it is one of the few areas in which the investment returns quickly and the markup is more than 100%. The fact is that in warehouses things are bought for weight, then evaluated and already put up for sale by the piece.

Idea №98: installation and maintenance of intercoms


Business relevant to big cities. As the number of multi-storey buildings grows, so does the demand for intercom installations and further maintenance.

Idea No. 99: rental of children’s electric cars and bicycles


Rental of children’s electric cars and walking bikes in city parks – a good seasonal business.




To open a new business ideas that do not require complex computer skills, really a lot. For most businesses, creating a blog site will be only a plus, because there you can write interesting texts on the topic and get additional potential customers.