A cheap version of the next gen Xbox will be a serious competitor for the Sony PlayStation 5

It has been on the web for some time now that Microsoft is preparing a more affordable version of its Xbox Series X console, announced earlier this year. So far, the company has only presented it, but there is already evidence that the younger version exists on the Web.


If the older version is code-named Anaconda, the younger version is named Lockhart, and should be cheaper than the older version. It is expected to be called Series S (similar to the previous generation where Xbox One X and Xbox One S were). Rumor has it that this console should be available by the end of this month.

At the moment there is a lot of evidence of the existence of the above-mentioned console, including photos of the box from the gamepad of the console. The Xbox Series S controller, which is in white, was noticed a month earlier, but now, thanks to its packaging, we have learned what platforms it will support. In addition to the expected mobile platforms and Windows 10, it will also support the Xbox One, Series X and Series S, which confirms the existence of this available console.

The color in which this controller is made is called “Robot White”. According to insider information currently available, more details about this console should be available in the next three weeks.