A complete guide to clothing styles. How to find yours and always look good

And although we still meet each other by our clothes, modern fashion tends to make it so that you can wear anything. Anything that you like and fits well. In order for each outfit to look flawless and fully reflect your character, you need to choose the details with great care. The choice of clothing for men is not as great as for women, but it is possible to find the perfect thing. The main thing is to know what you’re looking for.

How to find your style

What is important to pay attention to in the fitting room:


The thing should be of high quality, comfortable to wear. Don’t skimp on quality, especially when it comes to shoes. Better to have a few things, but ones that are sure not to let you down.

Shape type

The right silhouettes will emphasize its advantages and hide the disadvantages. For example, not tall guys do not go for things free cutting, and owners of a large complex – tight. Always take things in size, which will not run short or hang bag.

Color Type

It is worth checking whether the clothes distract attention from the face. People with a contrasting appearance can easily wear bright colors. But a person with fair skin, hair and eyes colored outfit can overshadow.


There is a different outfit for every occasion. Flip-flops are appropriate on the beach, and a three-piece suit – at a social gathering.

But most importantly, the clothes should reflect your inner state, then you will be truly comfortable in it. And when you feel confident and are not too accentuated on his appearance, you can impress others not only “dress”, but also the mind and other personal qualities.

To decide on the style, think about what words-tags you could describe yourself, your character, your way of life. What emotions you want to fill it with. Then see what style resonates with your definition.

So, what styles of clothing are there?


Tags: harmonious, traditional

A great option for older men who want to stay stylish. But will also suit young people that always prefer the proven classics. Shirts with jackets, comfortable pants, leather shoes, simple cut, classic prints (check, stripes) and calm colors will always be relevant. The traditional style has several rules. For example, the socks should take the tone of the pants, and the shirt – a little lighter than the jacket. Belts, shoes and bags are chosen in similar tones. Mature men should give preference to basic shades of clothing, this will make them look younger.


Tags: strict, concise, status.

These are classic suits of jacket and pants with stitching, elegant shoes, shirts, ties. Perfectly fitting or slightly oversize, sewn from good fabrics, the accessories are also made at the level. Clothing is emphasized by status accessories. Office style is suitable for work. But it is also possible to wear such combinations in everyday life. If not to the park, then to an exhibition or a restaurant.


Tags: festive, festive

It includes everything you can wear to a wedding or the red carpet: tuxedos, tails, suits-doubles and triples (with vests). Cut and fabrics are also very important. Designer’s pieces or tailored pieces are welcome. You’re unlikely to walk around the city in such clothes. But every man’s closet should have at least one suit for a special occasion.


Tags: comfortable, simple

Its advantage is versatility. It is suitable for men of different ages and professions. To dress in this style, remember the main thing: no strict rules. The priority is convenience. The basis of the style are the usual sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts. Bright things are mixed with the basic, complemented by comfortable shoes. Practical accessories are welcome: a bag, a backpack, a watch.


Tags: versatile, varied, current

The combination of comfortable things with business things – this is the smart-casual. Perhaps the most striking example of the style is this bow: loose jeans (may be with scuffs or tucked) are worn with a t-shirt or shirt and a jacket with a classic cut. Wear sneakers or stylish boots.


Tags: artistic, creative

Most often this style is chosen by young people who love art. It is important for them to dress well without putting a lot of effort into it. They wear retro style shirts with jeans, knitted sweaters, sweatshirts with interesting prints, heavy boots or sneakers. Often complete the look with a large backpack, glasses or a hat.


Tags: free, active

Clothing in this style is designed not to restrict movement. It is worn by people who never sit still and above all value comfort. Loose pants, shorts, T-shirts, oversize hoodies or, conversely, elastic things to the figure – sports bows have a wide variety. The most popular accessories are a backpack and a baseball cap. The shoes are sneakers.


Tags: brutal, rebellious

Rock outfits are great for self-expression. They are preferred by rebels and extraordinary individuals who are not afraid to challenge society. The most popular details: leather leather jacket, jeans with holes, rough shoes. Clothing and accessories are decorated with zippers, chains, studs and rivets.


Tags: grunge, youth

A subspecies of rock is also contrasted with traditional and glamorous styles. Those who dress grunge like patches, leather, vintage plaid shirts over T-shirts, black pants or jeans and notable shoes.


Tags: cowboy, American

Cowboy style includes clothing made of leather, suede, wool and other natural fabrics. Its distinctive features are boots, hats, blue jeans, belts with buckles, fringe, simple shirts. All of these are great for people who value freedom and practicality.

English (dandy)

Tags: understated, neat, sophisticated

It is a combination of simple but expensive things with very stylish accessories in the best traditions of British dandies. It is customary to wear shirts, suits, vests, pullovers, and coats in calm shades made of premium fabrics. Complement them with a tie, belt, scarf, gloves, hat and impeccably clean shoes.


Tags: minimalist, discreet

This style is very elegant. But at the same time it does not require much effort to create images. It is based on a deliberately careless images in black, white and gray scale, monochrome sets of sports cut. And during the cold season – sweaters made of natural wool with patterns.


Tags: chic, unobtrusive

French chic involves combining the most ordinary things with elegant evening details. For example, jeans, sneakers and a jacket made of expensive fabric.


Tags: nautical, summer, lightweight

The ideal option for a vacation. This style is dominated by outfits in blue, white and red colors. The main print: stripes. All materials are lightweight, breathable and perfect for warm weather.


Tags: exotic, wild

Clothing made of natural fabrics – linen, cotton, suede – in shades of khaki and basic colors is appropriate not only on the African prairie, but also in the urban jungle. Safari means every day to wear shorts, t-shirts, hats and sandals.


Tags: bold, functional, reliable

Clothing reminiscent of military uniforms is functional and comfortable. The main details: waterproof fabrics, loose fit, plenty of pockets, rivets, and all shades of khaki.


Tags: bright, colorful

Lovers of epatage in life and in the closet can not do without brightness. Welcome: shouting colors, prints, unusual cutting. Monochrome and neutral colors are not suitable. Although a couple of basic things are worth buying, so that at their background unusual outfits look even more interesting. Ideal style for artists, musicians and other creative individuals.

70’s (Hippie)

Tags: natural, relaxed

Hippie style combines a love of nature and a positive attitude towards life. It is characterized by things with an original cut, flared pants, bright shirts, ethnic motifs in shoes and accessories.

80’s (Disco)

Tags: flamboyant, flashy

To dress in the disco style, you need to take narrow pants and a bright shirt with deliberately large shoulders, complemented by original shoes.


Tags: neutral, comfortable

A very simple and comfortable style. In that era, jeans with simple T-shirts and white sneakers were very popular, as well as panama pants.

Vintage (retro)

Tags: original, cinematic

The purpose of this style is to recreate the spirit of a certain era. It can be any period of history, from Victorian England, to Chicago in the thirties. Fans of these looks are often dressed to perfection. They look for original pieces in vintage stores and adapt modern details to their favorite era.


Tags: modern, trendy, trendy

This style combines all the latest fashion trends. Designers take inspiration from looking at the world’s most original fashionistas. And they in turn are the first to dress in all the most trendy. Now a combination of different styles and trends is at the peak of popularity. Feel free to mix any ideas from this list and bring in something of your own.

What should be in every man’s closet

Regardless of which style you prefer, there is a certain base on which your closet is built. Without these things, you can’t create actual and practical looks. They must be of high quality and fit well on the figure.

Be sure to purchase:

A wool coat in midi or maxi length;

A leather jacket;

A classic suit-double;

A neutral trench coat;

Straight blue or blue jeans;

light pants;

several white shirts;

a white, black or gray t-shirt with no prints;

a sweatshirt or sweatshirt;

a jacket for every day;

athletic shoes;

leather shoes.

Think about which style you like the most, which suits your lifestyle, which things you feel confident in. And choose your closet based on those feelings.