A complete list of questions for the interlocutor

What would you do if you were alone in the whole world?

Can I do anything for you?

Have you ever been in love?

How do you imagine your ideal soul mate?

I want to fulfill any of your wishes …NOW

Let’s have a date, where would you like?

Start the engine, I want to see you in motion ..)

Tired of long search here and endless chats?)

If this was the last day on Earth, what would you do first?

I’m waiting for you

What do you most dream about now? What do you need for complete happiness?

If you need gentle and beautiful princess, so it’s me) Do you need?

What do you need for your happiness?

How often do you think about coming to me?

You look for fun or love?

What flower would you compare me to?

Give me a chance to make you happy

I would be happy to have your attention now.))

I am interested in your innermost secrets.

I need somebody like you in my life

Wanna see my photos???

You’re looking for a hottie like me, aren’t you? 😉

Is there something missing in your life? Maybe me? haha)

I’m home alone…. any ideas what I can do??

What’s the first thing that you do when you get home?

Do you think we have a chance for a happy relationship?!))

Who is smarter than a man or a woman?)))

You here? )) How is your day? Busy?

Here, I am your princess!))) Will you be a prince?

How do you think will your friends and parents accept me or hate because I am young?

What all women want?

Do you like to watch tv?

Will you teach me how drive?

Can I dance for you?

Our future is a mystery, but I’m sure you’ll never get bored with me. Ready give us chance?

A beautiful princess is waiting for her king !!! Don’t make me wait long !!!!!

Hi sweetie!!! Great mood for talking with me ???

How should a good wife meet her husband at home?

Have you ever seen a cat without hair?

How many times can I write to you in the chat so that you would notice me?

Are you a gentle man with your woman, dear?))

What would you like to ask me to do for you?))

I am bored alone at home, mb u wanna chat?

Mmmm what you feel now…. share?))

Can you whisper words of love into my ear?…

Are you a gentle man with your woman, dear?

Do you like when woman looks strict or more feminine? ))

I am here and where you are?

Сan you tell me the truth?

I would love to be part of your life

What do you prefer for dinner?)

How often is your brain on autopilot? Now?)

Are you ready to be catched by me?

Will you teach me to ride the horse?

What do you think will happen if a girl gets socks on?

Hello! If you are looking for a good woman then you just have to write to me 😉

Let give us a chance to find common happiness!! There are no borders for finding true love! I am interested in you.

There is nothing in the world that is more wonderful than love. I want to create a strong relation based on trust, love, respect and mutual understanding. Just so you know that you are always welcome, love and support in any situation.

I am here for only serious relationships! Are you ready? 🙂

Hello, if you are looking for a good girl, you just have to talk to me… 🙂

Good afternoon.)))) how are you? What are you doing now?

Honey, can you describe the girl you’re looking for?

I want to talk to you and get to know you better. What do you say? are you interested?

I’m here to meet a man who doesn’t throw words to the wind. It’s you?? then you are for me!

I need a man, not a rag. if you are looking for a real girl, then answer me.

What type of girls do you like? what is this girl like? Do you see your future with me?

What kind of girl are you looking for? who do you need?

A girl with what appearance will be able to win your heart?

Would you like to have a meeting with me in real life?

Do I have a chance of communication, friendship, relationship with you?

Under what circumstances do you most often lose control of yourself?

In women, do you value assertiveness or tenderness most of all?

I am a woman who loves to enjoy life and is very open, frank, cheerful, playful. I am also very affectionate, romantic but I miss the real man next to me ….. what kind of person are you? What woman do you dream to meet?

What about this summer plans , maybe with me ?)

Do you believe in omens?

I’m in a good mood, should I share with you?)

How do you imagine emotional closeness?

What are your dreams now?))))

What’s your favorite color of dress on a girl? )

What wild animal do I remind you of?

What’s the craziest thing you can do for your beloved?

IS it your busy or lazy day?

I bet that you need me to be your company!;)

Imagine the situation, you and I are in a restaurant I’m in an evening dress with a large neckline and the waiter accidentally turns over a bucket of ice on me, your actions?)))

You like it when a girl has very big ones… eyes))

I spend a lot of time on a yacht, would you like to go on a trip with me?))

What will you do if I will say that I am dreaming to spend this evening together?

Honey Have you ever had relationship with a slavic lady before?

Would you like to have a real date with me?

Is your mood okay today? can we talk now?

I’m waiting for u) Or is my age scaring you?

I want a quiet family life, I want to become a hearth and loving wife) What do U need?

I was in a hike with my family, this is our little tradition – to go to the mountains every year!) Do U have family traditions?

I hope that my photos will make your dreams and you will think about me?

Are you ready to be with a girl like me? you’re a jealous man?

My personality will be of interest to you?

How long do you think a couple should date before getting married?

Are you the moon? Because you shine, even when it’s dark))

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you want to be?

I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true

With whom do you live now?

Could you tell me more about yourself?

Do you want to meet the woman of your dreams?

Let’s spend time together today?

I want to conquer your heart, your soul! you let me closer so I could do this?

You would like to spend time with me?

Have you done anything in the past that bothers you?

DO YOU NEED an excuse TO CHAT?

Dear I am thinking of you now.

Let’s create happiness together?

What do you feel about our future?

Do u like night clubs?

What kind of talks is your fav?

U talk with everyone?

What do you do? how are you doing

Do you like to look at the stars?

If you had to sing karaoke right now, which song would you choose?

Do you like mountains?

Hello little bead

Do you like my appearance?

Would u ever hit a woman? ever done it before?

Do u believe in love with no benefits?

Is there a place for me in your life???

How is your weekend?

Can I be the woman who reveals your dreams?

Do you have secrets you can share?

Can you cheer me UP a little bit now? ? ?

WHY U are so silent?

Do u like women in dresses or jeans?

Do you like the way you taste?

Are you confused by how I look or my age?

Are you attracted to girls only with big forms?

Will you show me how gentle you are?

Do you still have your favorite legs for women?

Have many girls offered you strange things??

After a hard day, what would you choose: a romantic dinner or watching a movie with your lady?

Mmmm… baby!!))) Are you playful now???!)))

Do you like flirting with women?

Do you need me?

What would you tell me if call you up late in night?

Am sending you all my sweet kisses, all my warm embraces, with the hope that you can hear the beat of my heart, it beats for you, despite the huge distance between us now!!

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you today?

Honey, if you write to me, I’ll show you a special photo..want?)

Look at my outfit) Do you like it?

Hello! how are you? can we talk if you not busy?

DO YOU LIKE to do something special FOR YOU loved one?

ARE YOU READY to change for the sake of feelings?

What’s going on WITH YOU, will YOU SHARE it with me?



Are you ready to commit a crazy act?)

If I asked you to put cream on my back on the beach, would you agree?

Come with me for a ride on the gandolla, do you want to?

Have two fruits that you want to try, do you want to see?)))

Which is better? One night with Angelina Jolie or two nights with me?)))

Do you like to break the rules?? I doubt you’d be willing to break that rule with me!

I often hear that a virgin is a dream of any man. Is it really that important?

I’m not home alone right now…. do you want to be third?

I didn’t like it the first time…. but now I do it every day!

Do you know how to treat women well?

What is the best way to make this evening really perfect?

They say that the most important thing in a relationship is physical and spiritual contact! Do you think so too?

Do you like to play bowling? It’s a tricky game that hurts my fingers, but i’ve always wanted to learn …

I wonder if you go to the kitchen at night?))

Do you think about me when we are not together?)

I want to make sure that handsome guys are good conversationalists. Can you help?

Do you know how to compliment girls?))

Hello dear, we can have a nice chat …. join))))

Can’t you see what I’m writing? or are you just ignoring me?!!!

I’m very lonely right now, can you keep me company?

What if you don’t like me when we MEET?) what would you do?

Why don’t you want to write to me? I confessed my feelings to you, opened my heart to you, but you didn’t even answer me. I want to cry…

Dear do you like my natural hair color? do you want me to go with my hair loose?

Can you easily forgive people?

How do you feel about extreme sports?))

I know what I am doing now, yes; I am looking for my true love and asking for your precious love. I believe that I am worthy of your love.

What was the most strange dish that you have ever tried in your life?

Do you believe in destiny?

I want to enjoy you…)

I want to show you what clothes I take off Do you want to see it?

Would you let me rent half of your bed baby …???

I urgently need a romantic evening … Will you help me?)))

I know how to make you happier) Would you like to know my methods?)))

Would you like me to show you the world of happiness?))))

Do you like wet women after shower?)))

Dear, do you like sweets, can you guess where i am swetest?

Do you want to be my man?

Honey, you wanna see me without makeup, mmm? Do you think I look good? Here’s a photo of me! I am without makeup in normal clothes) how do I look?

Would you refuse to see me because I am from RUSSIA?

Do you often break the rules of life?

Are you intrigued by riddles in a woman?

Do you know what you like the most about me? all that i don’t show?

Can you see me ??? Do you want to talk to me????

Are you here??? I have the opportunity to catch you in the chat ???)))

If we had quarrel one day do you know how we will come to peace?

Are YOU brave enough to start a new relationship?

LOOK at me, I need your opinion!

A beautiful princess is waiting for her king!!! Don’t make me wait long!!!!!

Hello dear!!!!!You caught my attention!!! Can we talk?

Turn your life into a PARADISE? How do you like it?)

I WANT to try new TOY with you

What do you expect from your future wife?

Heyy would you like to spent this evening with a beautiful lady? 😉

Hey honey, guess what is on me right now? ))

Do you know what women want?

Now we can?

You think we cant t be couple?

My dark desires can scare away any man… will they scare you away?

If I find a suitable man here, the distance will not be a problem for me, and for you?

What do you like most about me at first glance?

What’s your favorite dessert?

Do you think a woman should be submissive for her man?

If you could only touch me in one place, where would it be?

If you met a genie in a bottle, what three wishes would you make?

Are you a dog or a cat person? Why?

Do you know what my mom forcing me to do for her?Do you believe in pretty angels? What would you do to Me WITH PLEASURE?Let me love you?My dad always said that the most important thing in a girl is her mind, and my mother said that beauty is most important))

What is your favorite summer fruit?

What’s the secret to a happy relationship?

How do you feel about vegetarians?

Should wild animals from zoos be released?

What is the acceptable water temperature for you for swimming in the sea?

How many meals a day are normal for you?

Do you wake up to the sound of an alarm or whenever you want?

What pets have you had or have?

Do you have any problems with cooking?

Are you used to living alone in a house or is it impossible to get used to?

What do you love the most in your field of work?

What do you think I should give my father for his birthday?

Do you know how to satisfy woman in all aspects and give her many pleasures?

Do you need someone who will always take care about you, support you and love you?

Do you need a loving woman or a passionate mistress in your life?

Are you happy person ? If so, can you wish me a little happiness?

Should your woman cook well ? Can you teach me to cook something delicious?

What discovery did you made for yourself in 21 century?

What is your favorite wine ? Red or white ? Which 1 will you advise me?

What if I will be your muse ? Do you need to be more successful in your life?

Can we keep busy our lips and made our tounge dance? Will you love it with me?

Can my gentle touches to your skin relax you a lot? Or you prefer another way to relax?

Should a real man have gold hands and know how to fix everything?

Can you advise me a good hotel in your city? Do you know some?

Are you ready to marry with your beloved in church or it is not important to you?

Can I invite you to a cafe to eat ice cream together? Do you have favorite one?

Can I be your favorite candy in your bed? Do you love sweets?

What if I will start to learn your neck with my lips and tounge? Will you allow me this?

What special should I cook for you for breakfast? What you usually eat for breakfast?

Can I invite you for a date? Do you think should woman ask this man?

What is the best color for my lips, what color do you like?

There is no one to talk to about love. Do you know a lot about relationships?

Which ice cream do you like more cone or chocolate?

Where are you looking when a beautiful girl walks by?

I think I found my love, it’s you. Do you like brave girls?

How is your search for your girlfriend progressing, is there already a result?

What interesting place should I go to this summer, where would you recommend?

How can I find a good man. Maybe you are my betrothed?

I want to find the mature man of my dreams. I want to know, is it you?

My goal is to find a good man. Perhaps you want to become one?

What is the fastest sports car in the world? Maybe yours?

It’s raining so hard today, and I forgot to take my umbrella. Would you share your umbrella with me if you could?

Let’s find common topics of conversation?

I don’t know what to do in the summer. How to spend your vacation interesting?

Do you know how interesting it is to spend the summer so that you have an unforgettable experience?

Do you think there might be love between us? I have no doubt about it, do you?

I want to talk to an interesting, experienced man. Let’s talk?

Do you know how cool you can spend this summer to have something to remember?

What a good day for a heartfelt conversation! Do you agree with me dear?

I don’t know which movie to watch. Please advise me an interesting one from the last ones that you watched?

Is love the happiness I deserve?

What can you say about me by looking into my eyes?

Do you know how to win the heart of a beautiful girl?

If you have a big air conditioner, write to me, handsome. Owners of fans, please do not disturb.

An attractive man and one, I want to fix it. Will you let me?

It’s such awful weather outside, heavy rain, but for some reason I like it. What kind of weather do you like?

Well wow, finally a decent man has appeared online. Can I talk to you?

The singing of birds is so pleasing to the ear, especially if it is a nightingale. Have you ever heard a nightingale sing?

My finger is waiting for your wedding ring. Are you ready to put it on for me?

I know what a man needs to be happy. Can I tell you this?

I love to jump rope. Would you like to see this?

Look into my eyes and write what you think about them. Are they like the ocean?

Do you believe in love between partners of different ages?

How would you continue a romantic dinner with me?

If a beautiful girl takes the first step, is that okay?

What could your ex do to please you?

Does it annoy you when a girl whines in messages?

Unusual, fabulous, sweet relationship between us, will you suit?

Your car will fit into any garage, isn’t it too big?

Do you know how to look after a girl beautifully?

Dreams should come true. Do you agree with me?

Is it difficult to get to know you? your message can change our lives

I need advice from a real man. Will you help me?

I haven’t been hugged for so long. Do you have a tight hug?

My superpower is to cheer people up. Do you want to tell a joke?

You know how many fleas a dog has. Why does this question bother me?

Where will the ice cream flow if I drop it on my chest. What’s the correct answer?

If you take the tail from the unicorn. Will he have a new one?

Do I look like a celebrity? Guess who?

How old was your first time? What did you feel?

Can a sweet dessert for dinner hurt my figure?

Do you like my profile? Maybe something is missing?

Do you like to eat cake with your hands and then lick your fingers?

If I started knocking on your doors at night, would you open for me?

What sweet birthday present would you like?

Would you trust me to crawl on your phone?

Do you believe in love between partners of different ages?

Where does the girl’s appearance stand for you?

Sports kiss will soon be legalized. Have you already heard about this?

Dreams should come true. Do you agree with me?