A complete list of questions for the interlocutor


What can we do together RIGHT NOW? tell me

Just you and me….) Do you like to PLAY ?

Are we really beautiful without makeup in the morning?

I have no weird wishes, but maybe you can ‘awaken’ some….

Do you like sports and know a lot ???

How to find out what men think about before going to bed?

Do you like my outfit today hmm?))

Do u want a nice conversation with me?

If we were dancing … would the dance be romantic ?

I have so much love for you to share


What moments in your life would you like to relive?

I have a question for you…

Can I be your loving fluffy kitten?

What would you do first if you saw me?

Why don’t you give me attention?

Are you ready that your HEART will be STOLEN by pretty Ukrainian woman?:)

Let’s get to know each other, do you mind? )

What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do?

Would You Ever Live In A Foreign Country?

In what unusual place would you like to do this?


Do you like it when a woman has a lot of different costumes?))

What is your dream job?

I will be happy to be your special lady

Where is the craziest place you danced?

I want to make you a tempting offer

How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

I want to look into your beautiful soul through your eyes )

My BIG SHAPES in your TASTE? mmm

Will there be global warming? What do you think?

What film role would you like to play?


You viewed my profile, did you like my photos?

My intuition suggests that you are a very interesting man – can we talk and check?

Why do you think a woman needs a man ?

You can pull me on yourself!)

Ready to be mine?

What attracts you the most about me?

I think beauty is, as the song say, ‘only skin deep’, but it is through the eyes that one can get a glimpse of their true soul.

Passive or active?

What would you tell me if call you up late in night?

Men do not like flowers …but I am sure you will like mine )))


I want to give you my time and attention. do you want this?

Do you wonder how many men are now online?

For what qualities you can fall in love with a girl?

What style of clothing do you prefer?

What kind of clothes do you prefer to see on your girlfriend?

I am calm and focused in all situations. you too?

How nervous do you think you are?

What do you always like about women?

What kind of girl do you need?

Have you ever had a fantasies about me?


How can I please you ?

I ask you to dress me for our date, what clothes will you choose?

What would you do if I sent you an interesting photo with me?

I love to travel a lot, do you mind being my travel guide?)))

What kind of woman is perfect for you?)

What was the weirdest food your ever eat?

Do you think , can I raise your mood ?

Would you let my smile change your world?

For the world you may be just one person, but for Me you may be the whole world !

Do you want to find a good woman like me?


What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?

Do you like what you see ?:)

Will you marry me today?:)

Do you like female students or teachers?

Could you talk to me, please?

Do you like spicy food? What about spicy women?

Could you live with a woman who can read the thoughts?)

We will be fine together, I am not attached to my country.

How do you live? your lifestyle?

What do you find interesting about me?


How do you like me?

A large number of girls is apparently bad …

Should i wait for you on my birthday ??

How do you like to spend your birthday?

How long have you been using this dating site?

Why don’t you answer me, you don’t want to chat with me?

Do you like naughty conversation?

Do you like initiative girls?)))

Do you want to see my cute smile now?

How long can I wait for your answer?


Where do you like to walk?

How do you feel about discos and parties?

What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

Will you ask me out on our date?

Today my waist is 58 cm, I like to wear long dresses made of light fabric, do you think I’m better in long or short dresses?))

Have you ever met a true love in your life?)

What is something that you’ve never done but would like to try?

Are you more attracted to young girls or slightly older women?

How would you wake up in the morning if I was your lady?

I will be very happy if today you think only of me. Don’t forget to eat in between


What did you find useful from school?

Am I ugly? seems no luck for me here((

Do you miss my chat invitation ?lol

Are you ready to get a woman in your life or you have it here already ?

So let’s look more deep each other’s world !!?

How long have you been single and without a girl? or are you comfortable being alone?

What movies do you watch? what do you advise?

Sweetie, I wanna have some FUN right now)) will you help me with it???????

Do you want me to raise your “Mood”?

I got very wet today, you know why?


If your partner doesn’t like something, will you stop doing it?

What makes you different from other men?

Are you an emotional person?

How do you imagine our first meet there?

Don’t pass me by honey I can be the woman of your dreams.Be sure!!

Do you like girls with strong character?

Do you know that I’m waiting for you?

What’s the best place for a date??))

Want to create a storm of emotions in you, ahah

All I’m waiting for is a message from you! You want me to stop waiting?


Tell me all your dreams about me

Could you fall for a woman like me ?

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

How do you feel about girls with successful careers? Would that give you a sense of competition?

Are you ready that your HEART will be STOLEN by pretty woman?:)

Do you like being the first to take the initiative?

Have you ever gotten tired from running around my dreams?

Do you like petite and slim girls like me?

What were the strongest emotions you experienced?

Can you easy show feelings and affection to your woman?


Want to feel with you unforgettable feelings. Will you give them to me?

Are you hairspray? because i cant get you out of my head

Do you believe that sincere feelings exist?

Have you ever been foretold as a precaution?

Love can drive you crazy, but is there any other way to live?

What are the stupidest words you’ve ever heard in a song?

What can make you feel happy?

In the company of which lady you cannot control yourself?

Did you know that adult men drive me crazy?

Are you experimenting easily?


Look at me and tell me what becomes the highlight in your eyes in me?

The thought that we can be together warms my soul …

Do you have someone you can chat with all night long?)

Would you ever go to a foam party? Or maybe I watched it?

How do you feel about me, dear? Am I gorgeous?

Do you want to have a loving woman in your life?))

You have no idea how much my heart races when I see you

Do you want to know how long my legs are?

You’re too busy right now? you have the opportunity to chat with me?

Will you be my strong hero?


What makes you happy in life? )

Do you believe in chances or it is just silly stories?

Tell me something about yourself? Maybe you will be my cristmas gift?)

I have a surprise for you! are you interested?

Read my profile …Hope you will like me just the way I like you…..

If the work is bad for relationships what will you do?

If I am a lock, will you find the key?

I am just here for an interesting man, is it you?

Do you want to know one interesting a fact from my life?

Would you be able to marry an ugly woman, but a wealthy one…?


Do you think every woman have own flavor?

Would you like to teach me ?

Help solve the dilemma. What is the main thing in a girl – intelligence or beauty?

Which song evokes strong emotions in you?)

Do you really need perfect wife?? Or ideal woman??

Your coffee is ready! what would you choose for dessert?;)

At what point did you notice that you liked me?

What is your mood in the mornings? Playful, sleepy and bad, mood for cuddles?

What do you like to think about at night?

Any fantasies for today? Do you want to share with me?


Do you believe in science or divine providence?

What is the nearest holiday in your country?

Do you wanna see more my photos?

Anybody tere?)))Ok here I am)) Do you like me?

Have you ever had to lie to your ex?

Could you do a crazy thing for your beloved girl?

Are you open to new acquaintances?

I wanna show you something))

Do you think I`m good or bad? mmm

Good girls go in heaven but bad girls BRING heaven to you Agree?


Do you think you can somehow understand in advance whether love will be eternal or is it a temporary feeling in a couple?

Do you believe in love here?

Do you believe in love online?

Do you like to eat deliciously?

When was the last time you had a vivid unusual dream?

Say hello and you’ll get a quick response)))

Fortune favors the bold?

Where were you on your last vacation?

You interested in a long-term and strong relationship?

Do you have any family recipes and what is this dish?


Can I distract you? Or do you have a very busy day?)

I dream to meet the prince on the white horse,is it you?

If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?

If your future woman will get bigger salary will you leave your work and stay home to let her protect your family?

I am your true love!

Have you already made your crazy fantasy?

Waited for a girl at a beauty salon for a long time?

What are you planning to do tonight?

How do you usually meet lady?

Why are you silent? Am I really that bad for you?(


Do you know what we need now?

Do you like it when a woman wears high heels?

What’s so special about me you liked??

What is your most wonderful dream?

What do you have on your mind when you see a pretty lady like me ?

What kind of woman do you think you deserve???

Do you need more than 3 dates to be confident in your feelings to woman ?))

Would you let me be a boss??:)

INSANE LOVE MAKING is on my mind)

Do you like natural beauty or a lot of makeup on a girl?


I want to feel the breath, the gentle touch, and the beating of my man’s heart. what kind of girl are you looking for?

You give me a chance to communicate with you today?

What kind of relationship you’re looking for serious, friendly or for the game?

Do you always watch the film to the end, or do you watch parts of it in your free time? )

You don’t like me or why don’t you answer?

Do you have time for me? )

How are you, what’s new in life, mood, health in order? )

I can be Yours! Would you like?

They say that guys are attracted to girls who take the initiative. What do you think about that?

Interested, intrigued, and that’s why I couldn’t silently scroll through your profile)


I ate a piece of cake today. Can you tell me the best way to eliminate those calories?

Did you look for a princess? Here I am.

Is it true that men are polygamous or do I have a chance to become the only one?

What kind of ice cream do you like?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in your life?

What place would you like to visit right now?)

How is your mood today? i hope you will like me

Tell me your perfect vacation. Where will it be?

Do you believe in love of first sight or prefer to look closely?

Tell me what you expect from me, and I will try to meet your requirements. mmm??


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Describe your perfect vacation?

Describe your perfect day?

Describe your house for me?

Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?

Describe your dream vacation?

Describe your country?

Describe your childhood days?

I hope you will get to know me better and then you will be sure that I have very serious intention about finding my soul mate here and making a family. I was raised the way that family should come first no matter what!

Only an extraordinary person can bear such an unusual name. I’m right?


What about us do you think works well together?

Are you friendly?

If you can get any life, how it must be?

Do you like an active rest?

How will you begin to get to know me?

What is the most attractive feature of your character do you think?

What do you think would be the most romantic place to travel together with your woman?))

How do you feel about romantic evenings with me?))

If I followed you home, would you start to clean your room?)

Describe yourself in a single sentence?


Do you have an incredible photo with which you have the fondest memories?

Do you think I’m a bad or a good woman fo your?

If you want me to fulfill all your desires)

Do you want travel with me?

I’m glad to see you here

I have something for you)) are you interested?

Imagine that I came home from work tired? How do you take off my stress?

What skills of a girl can totally impress you?

Do I inspire you?

What’s one thing about love that scares you?


What is intimacy for you?

What makes a relationship healthy?

I am at the stage when I want to build my personal life! And you?

Excuse me, is the space on the bench near you free?

Would you like to go out on a date with me?

I could be the perfect piece of your life?

What country is the best for you?

Were you a popular kid at school or were you rather a quiet type?

Do you like all my photos on my profile? did they shock you?

Look at my photos!) Do you like me?


Are you happy man?

Will I be shocked when read all your minds?

How many girls you need for happiness?

Give me an advice …

Let’s have a nice talking?



Are you ready to start a new life with me?

Do you like feet at all?

What is the best bad decision you’ve ever made?


Should I tell you about my wish that I have never told anyone ?

What kind of girls do you like, so that they would be like a model or just smart and beautiful ?

Do you like to have dinner with a girl and feed her out of your hands ?

Getting up early in the morning, choose an autumn outfit and go to the nearest coffee shop for hot coffee and a cinnamon roll together?

What is a real pleasure for you? Can you describe?

I want to become for you that person who replaces everything for you. But no one can replace me;)

I am not a stupid lady beeing interested in horoscopes in magasines – but I have fun when I read about real horoscopes and see how it fits))

What is your star sign??

I hope you can see in my eyes all my inner world. No? Check my photos again!))

I do not want to be one of many, I want to be the only one, can I?

Can you love me sweetheart?

Do you want to read my minds?

Are your wearing socks?

Do you have private photo?

Can I give you visual PLEASURE)?

Are you loved ones here or no one writes to you?

In my life I have seen very few people who could make me happy ((((This is very sad because very often I thought that absolutely everyone can bring happiness !!!

I want to cook you a delicious breakfast

I like to give joy

What eye color do you like in girls blue, brown , green ?

Let’s talk? I would like to continue our conversation)

How do you like to spend your free time, what kind of entertainment do you have?

Maybe a lot of fun?

How would you make this evening with me?

There’s room for you in there if you want to join me.

Well I guess soon I am going to make some coffee and take a shower

It would be so much better if I could look at you standing in front of me.

Do you love looking at my pictures all the time?

Where would you like to invite me on a date in the evening?)))

Why you sleep alone?

I want to be your true and only lady! You want?.

I wonder what can make such a serious young man smile?

Guys are said to love girls who take initiative. What do you think about this?

Good girls don’t write first. Or do they write?

Happiness escaped me today. Do you know where it might be hiding?

“Impudence is the second happiness” – I thought and wrote to you.

Do you think we could become the most beautiful and strongest couple?

Well, how long were you going to hide from me?

For complete happiness, you do not have enough me!

Why not you? I need a good man, I consider all options. Perhaps you are my destiny, we need to get to know each other better)

Where is it better not to have a first date?

What would you like to fix or add to your life? )

Did you faliled in love?

What do you like more, salty or sweet? This only applies to food?:)

What’s your favorite feeling ??

How about a serious relationship. Are you ready for this?

Do you want to come to me? I have a plan for our actions…

Can you imagine what I can do for you?

Do you want to swim with me in an ocean of love and fantasy?

You’re here looking for love? I want to please your heart?..

Do you panic a lot if something happens or are you always calm?

Have you ever met someone on a dating site?

Where would you like to travel with me ???

Do you think I am real without all the masks and filters ???

While training in the gym, I have already lost 2 pounds. This is such a great achievement and I am glad that I am succeeding.

Who do you think should go first?

How do you feel about non-standard questions? Can i ask you?

Do you like breaking the rules? I doubt that you will want to break this rule with me!

Do you know what to avoid when visiting Ukraine?

What is the most important thing in a girl?

Do you want to meet me in real?

Can I come to you?

Invite me to live with you)


How are you? ))))))

Someone is knocking on your door!

I hope I made you laugh hard))

Why do women scratch their eyes in the morning?

Yes, my heart will beat a lot faster and the trembling of my knees will also take some time

What does it mean if you never remember your dreams?

Time will wake up) Come write to me))

How do you show signs of attention to a woman?

I see that you have very strong arms) Can you hug me with them?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

Man’s hands would help me a lot

I would like to join you

Many, being on self-isolation, completely stopped taking care of themselves. Bristly mustaches, tattered beards, beer bellies. Horror. And I generally keep quiet about men …

Do you love your job, is this the life you dreamed of? )

Don’t look for another, it won’t be better, because we were made for each other)

Are you worried about my happiness or do you want to be happy yourself?

Do you like to shop for food, carefully choosing the best product? )

I would love that would you know my soul…. trust me, I am worthy of love and I’ll give you my love..))) you want that?

I understand I’m not a model.. but I’m also a girl who needs male attention. you give me?

If we meet you one day, we’ll go to the movies?

Do you believe in love by first signt?

I want to be your woman, can I?

What do you think is my best feature?))

Tea, coffee or meee? what would you choose now, sunny? ))

Name three things you want from me, anything you want?;))

Do you have anything big for me?)

Do you like fast driving or safety first? )

At what age does childhood end?

You still can’t believe it really happened to you…

Would you like to watch a movie with me right now?

What part of me do you like the most?

What’s the most unusual thing you’d want to do to me?

Do you think it’s possible to enjoy a relationship?

Do you have some Space in your home for me?

Hamburger or cheeseburger?)

Would you like me to be your girlfriend and you to be my man?

Did you ride a horse? liked? )

What emotions would you like to get when you are in a relationship?

Have you been riding the roller coaster? Have you been in an amusement park for a long time?

Are you able to confess your feelings by looking into your eyes? Or will you keep quiet?

How did your parents meet for the first time?

Do you have any siblings?

What genre of movies do you like?

Favorite music?

Have you done anything out of the ordinary for a long time, like swimming in a cold lake, not sleeping for two days?

Your favorite part of the day?

Do you want me to do something that you can’t refuse?)

What type of woman are you looking for here?

Can I be the first thing you see in the morning and the last you see in the evening ?)

I want to show you something special)) Are you afraid of someone young like me?

Do you consider yourself a religious person?

Provincial or metropolitan?

Have you ever been arrested?

Is it better to be smart or happy?

Where do you most want to go?

What is your favorite book?

How many friends do you see regularly? )

How do you usually start your morning with a cup of tea or coffee? )

Do you read quickly or slowly and thoughtfully? )

As yourself would always make me want this so much

Isn’t it what you’re DREAMING about?

I dream about romantic evening with relaxing music, candles and tasty dinner in your company today… I hope you too)

By the way, today I’m going to cook pizza with my mother)

What kind of pizza do you like?

I love a special ingdridient in it…. guess what?

Do you believe in fate?) are you ready to connect your life with me?

What qualities and character traits of your friends do you envy?

What films impress you?

How often do you need to communicate with people on the phone?

U believe that feelings have no age?

What flowers would you give a girl on a first date?)

Why are you so attractive?

Have you reviewed all my photos yet?)

Would u risk everything for a special woman?

If I close my eyes will I see you? ))

Day and night. Morning and afternoon. Any time. Every time!!!

Do you know how to surprise woman? Maybe, you can do something romantic?

What do you have on your mind right now? something serious!? 😉

Are you a curious person?)

Do you like shopping with your woman dear???

How to get you carried away?:))

What’s the most ridiculous assignment your boss has ever given you?

What would you like to own: a sports car, a private jet, or a speedboat?

Will you unravel what i hide behind my simple appearance???

Which one of my dresses suits me best?)

Let’s write a romantic novel together… on true story… our story…

CHOOSE: to be happy with the best woman or to be success all life?

Do you have a special secret talent that no one knows about?

Would you like to be a media personality??

What was your longest relationship?

Change of partners! When is it necessary to start a relationship after a break?

If you could change something in life – what?

What’s one thing you always procrastinate on? Mmm… maybe write to me? ;))

Who was the first person to have a crush on you??

Do you need feminine energy now?

What do you do when you have a boring mood?

Are you still searching???

You are a very interesting man, I dream to meet you?

Did you have a lot of girls?

Were you scared at home alone at night when nobody was home?

Do friends mean a lot to you?

Would you like me to be your wife?

What do you do most nights when you’re awake?

Do you like to experiment in life?

Can I help you with your stress?)

How do you feel when you look at me?

Do you have a pet?

Do you like spicy food?

What does it take to be happy?

Rate my photo from 1 to 10

What was the best thing for you this year?)

I am very fragile. Can you be gentle with me?

Me often say that I look good, what do you think?

Are you picky? what is the perfect woman for you??

What did you think of when you saw MY PROFILE?

Obedient or naughty girls? Which ones do you like best?

What is the most fabulous place for you)?)

Are u an elegant man?)

If you had a private jet) where would you fly first?

What kind of relations are you willing to build? 🙂

Could you tell me a compliment ?

What’s the sweetest you’ve tasted?

Do you prefer good or bad girl?

I have a goal to become a beloved woman! Do you want to be my favorite man?

Why don’t you want to communicate

If we lived together, what should I do for your comfort?

How do you feel about watching adult movies?

Do you know how to make a good impression?

If Destiny could send you such a woman like me, would it make you happy?

What do you expect from the first meeting?

What is your first thought when you open your eyes in the morning? Maybe it’s time to love?

Are you looking for the ideal?…

A woman looks like a butterfly, which is nice to see, but difficult to catch?))

If you could pick a new “golden rule,” what would it be?

Do you think that i am the most beautiful and funny lady here?

Are you attracted to long legs?!))

What is the most pleasant thing for a man to hear from a woman?

Young man, you have such a great figure! Could you pose for me, you see, I am working on a statue of Apollo.

Do you know the difference between brunette from blonde?

Have you ever done crazy things for a girl?

What is your opinion about free relations ?

Dancing slow in your home, will you invite me?

Do you like to look at the clouds and the stars?

What feelings do you have for me? What attracted you to me?

Distance is not a hindrance to real feelings, let’s check ours?

Name an action in the film that you would like to repeat with me?

Would you like to make plans with me??

How would you test the chemistry between us?

How long have you been here?

How’s your search going?

How do you like my photos??? Am I not attractive??

Do you want to know or see my secrets???

Would you like to see everything about me?)

Can we be together or do I have to win you over?

How was you search?????maybe you need me?

Would I deserve your answer?)

What do you choose pasta or grilled meat?)))

Do you like girl models?))

Sometimes I work in many magazines as a model, don’t you get scared?))

Have you ever had a relationship with a married woman?

Would you be able to dance a dance with me?))

If you were invited to a costume party for the New Year, what kind of costume would you wear?

You look very charming , can we chat for a while?

Would you be able to test our feelings???

How long have you been here??

Are you a man who has a lot of women here?

Your attention is hard to get … can you give me a chance?

When was the last time you read a book?)

Knock knock .. is there anyone on the other side of the screen?)

Why are you silent and not answering? … I’m not a crocodile and not scary, don’t be afraid of me hehe

Do you have a favorite hobby, I would like to become your hobby)))

Would you like to be part of my concert?

What is your first thought when you see me?

How do you feel about popular women?

Do you fear popular women, such as famous musicians?)

Would you agree to a romantic dance with me under the stars?

Will you have time to spend with me??

Would I have a chance? or do you already have a woman??

I’m lonely and I need your support

Looking for the man of my life!!! Are you ready to try?

I’ve been waiting for you I’m waiting for you in the chat)

How much time do you need to fall in love?))

What flower do I remind you?

How many years have you been searching for your only one?

Aren’t you interested in me??

Have you already met someone from the site?

Am I still beautiful?

How can I improve your day? I have a special magic trick ;)))

My EX didn’t respect me, hope you will, right?

It seems to me that you can know how to do it. Am I right?

What smell makes you crazy? ) The smell of your beloved woman?)

Do You love to wear leather clothes? Or if a girl wears it lol )

How long have you been without a woman? do you want my attention?

Let’s make it like a fairy tale… forever together?


Do you think age difference matters?

Do you like girls that look like me?

Do you believe in our victory??

Can you support me with your words ..?

Are you protecting the environment?

Is the number of women a reason for a man to be proud?

Are you still a player?

The best defense is a good offense?

You know what having freckles on the face says about a girl?

Do you like the scent of a real woman?

Never too late to do a crazy little thing, right?

What you would do for me you can also expect me to do for you….and please know that I have healing hands….

Lay together on the couch and watch a movie in my arms?

You should know that I have a rather vivid imagination)

How do you feel about trust and loyalty?

I really like you, so I wanna know if you like me back?

How would you comfort a woman if you saw her crying? was such situation in your life?

You know, everybody falls in love with a fantasy every now and then.. can I be your fantasy???

The perfect woman – what is she for you? Can i be such?

Do you want to wake up and see my gentle smile every morning?

What are your hobbies, maybe we have something in common 🙂

I would like you to come to kitchen and cuddle me while I cook something nice for us.

I would love to have fun with you before going to bed, during the day and all the time.

You will always feel special near me.

Do you enjoy evenings out or at home?

Do you like candies like me, haha

For you I have a lot of them and I am sure you know how to receive them

Should I feed you with something tasty too?

Imagine you stand over me and feed me cream

You need to eat a lot of pineapples, you know why?

How would you wake me up, do you have a special way?)

There is a saying – “If life gives you a lemon, then ask for tequila and salt” haha

If life gives me a lemon – I will turn it into delicious lemonade!

I am madly in love with my life, which means that I look directly in the eyes of fear, setbacks and storms!

Now its on you whether or how we will continue our dance

Then we move together in a common timing

This process I repeat sometimes but every time I do it you come closer to me…

In my dance I challenge you to move to me when in the other moment I tear you back to avoid approch.

My hair is open and waves in the rhythm of dance

Could you imagine dancing me barefoot, only wrapped in a light transparent negligee.

I am very talkative person and there is only one way to shut me down. Would you like to know it or you have already guessed?

Can u save me from loneliness?

What city can be better than Las Vegas?

What makes you the most anxious?

Do you value tenderness or assertiveness in me?

How do you feel knowing that I intend to become the most important person in your life? ❤

Would you like to be stranded on a desert island in the company of me?

I am sure you will always have a GOOD reaction on me

Something that will completely delight you, make your heart flutter! Something that will make you feel always on top!

I need you today! Whom dot you need?

Is there an activity that calms you?

Would you still like a girl if she was a foot taller than you?))))

Where do you think the most romantic vacation would be?

What have you always imagined doing with a girlfriend that you’ve never done?

What’s your favorite restaurant?

What was your biggest achievement?

Complete the sentence: I couldn’t imagine living without _______.

If you have no plans for a weekend, how do you spend your time?

Shall we start a hobby together?

How do u usuallystart morning? what is the 1st thing u do ?)

Do you believe in destiny, or our future is in our hands?

Are you ready to be my personal knight?

Sweet lady is waiting for a nice reliable man)) is it you?

I want to be your loving woman! Can I?)

What can I do now to get a smile on your face?

Can I share my joy with you?)

Have you ever loved two women at the same time

Will you trust your lady? or will check her phone often?

All men like to be praised and admired am I right?

What kind of a party would u like to have?

What do you want to improve in your life?

I want to show you something that will drive you crazy right now!

Have you ever been in an accident?

What is the meaning of your life?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of life!?

What animal do you associate me with?))) you look like a tiger.rrrr…

At what age did you first fall in love?

How would you like me to walk around the house?

Have you ever communicated with geniuses?

What could make your morning really wonderful?

Will you be happy to be with me?

Do you want to be happy?

What about love? or you want other things?

What’s your attitude to cosmetics? Do you like women using it?

Have you ever helped other women with their babies? Was it difficult?

Have you ever been to the mountains? How was that?

What’s your favorite color and why? Do you like wearing cloth of this color?

Have you ever tasted a fruit salad? If no, would you like to taste it, dear?

Have you ever got a dream you made come true? Could you tell me about it?

Is glass half full or half empty? I’m really interested in your answer?

Everyday I’m trying to drink 2 litres of water. Do you think water balance is crucial for health?

Have you ever thought of living alone, among natural surroundings and so on? How would it be?

If you could build anything in your home city, what would it be?

Would you like to change the climate you are living in, and why?

Our time is full of big changes. Do you try to keep up with time you live in?

My general conception of friendship is care and honesty. What do you think about friendship?

Would you like to date someone from the blind dating site, at least once?

We only start to value people when we lose them. Do you think it is true?

My big question for anybody would be if love lasts longer than 3 years. For how long it could last?

Where do you want to go for summer vacation?

May I join you?

Would you like to start a long relationship with me?

Would you appreciate the attention of a woman like me?

I day dream about you on and off

What do you want right now? 😉

Good mood? now i can lift you))

What qualities do you see in me?

Do you want to read women’s minds?

Are you a faithful and honest man for your woman?

Would you like to live more in a city or a village, do you like city bustle and traffic jams?

Would you help me in the kitchen to cook dinner?)))

What do you choose lace or satin?)))

I have a lot of interesting things for you, do you want to see?)))

What is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting a person?

Do you like extreme sports with a beautiful woman?

What would we do if we were alone on the beach at night?

Great day for us to get to know each other

Do you know how much is 2 plus 2 times 2? 6 or 8 ?

When was the last time you talked to an ex?

Do you have a favorite dessert? How do you feel about sweets?

Do you feel comfortable being approached?

What is your temperament type?

How do you choose between blondes and brunettes?

If you were permanently banned from your current job, what new profession would you choose?

Do you want more my attention or something else?))

Do you think my search here is successful?)

Do you want to discuss with me now what’s bothering you?

U prefer Submissive wife?!.. or Dominant?

How is a guy like that not ringed yet?

I really want to find man, who can help me right now. I am alone, I have no one to give my soul, heart and care! you here?

And I’m going to go crazy with loneliness soon. be my Savior, Prince. Will you mine??

I would like to know a lot about you, your thoughts, emotions, feelings?

Only a relationship with me. Are you ready?

If I told you I love you, what would it change in your life?

Grandiose events and minor details, tell ме how are your days?

What do you have in the fridge to eat right now?….)

Would you like to send me your photo? let’s get closer to each other?

You want me to compete with other girls for your heart?

Did you have any serious contact here?

What do you think of couples who can’t be committed to each other?

Would you like to chat?

I’ll take care of it! You can not doubt))

Nock-Nock! Open your heart for me.

I want to find happiness and be the reason to love and feel in the life of a man … who gives me his heart, maybe it’s you?) LOOK at me!))

What do you think about your love partner mostly?

Can I share with you a secret?

Do you want to feel my deep feelings?

I’m a music fan. What kind of music do you like?

Don’t be shy! let’s talk)

Do you prefer to be rude, romantic or sensual?

Wondering what’s behind this beautiful facade?

Are you a beach, country or city person?

Are looks important in a relationship?

When was the last time you dreamt of me?

Have you broken someone’s heart?

Love is the joy of life.

I can be the woman who makes your wishes come true?

Do you want to have ukraine woman?

How long time are you single?

Do you like to spend time cooking?

Would you like to steal my heart?

Are you ready to wait for your woman as long as needed?

Would you like to see my new manicure?)

Are marriages between cousins legal in your country?

Can you really be interested in a serious girl, ready for a real meeting?

I am so desperate in my search that I am ready for very decisive action and risk! Are you ready to receive me ??

Are you ready to get vaccinated? Do you believe it’s safe enough?

I’ve been looking for you a long time…. maybe you’re the reason for my search?

Are you looking for an adult girl?? but why?? you think I can’t give you care ??

You’re not paying attention to me because I’m a freak

U getting my messages? I try connect you already not first time, busy?

I have a natural beauty. you want to see my pictures?

I feel like I’m ready for you. I’m too smart to waste precious time on discos, clothes, makeup and rumors. are you ready for me?

I love milk chocolate, and tulips. Forest outside the window and the nature of his native land. What do you like?

Have you ever dated two women?

How should we spend this evening to make it really wonderful?

What surprises do you think are the sweetest.

Do you know how to put a smile on the face of every woman? I can give you a hint if you want!

Do you know what makes relationship really strong and happy?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Will you leave me alone this evening??

What a boring evening… If we were together now, what would we do???

Do you know what your bride looks like ??? NO ??? (lol) look at me!!!!!

LEAVE YOUR DOUBTS!!! And just start a conversation, maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for!!!

CAN you think of me now ????? Is it possible ???

Are you silent … what are you thinking now ????

Oh poor darling (lol), there are so many beautiful girls here)) And you have to choose one, this is a problem))

Are you here or is your shadow here ???? Want to see me??

Where do you want to be in this moment?

What will be the first thing we will do after getting married

What would you do if I knocked your door just right now? Would you let me in? i am really interested to know what we could do together.

I’m looking for a gentle man. are you a gentle or rude man?

You still looking? maybe you’ll turn your attention to me and your search will stop..)

What do you want here?? I write to you, but you don’t answer me… you’re not interested?

I do not mind to have friendly relations and even to come to visit you. would you like this format of friendship?

Don’t deny my attention to you. OK? I’m doing this sincerely.

How do you blow what awaits humanity in the future? )

Do you want to win my heart? )

What is the ideal woman like?

Do you rarely have problems in life?

Are you strong enough to pick me up?

What are your plans today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, this year and next year?

What feature do you feel sets you apart from most

Do u have many female friends in real life ?

Have u seen the movie –Brokeback mountain– ?

If you go to a restaurant and have terrible service, is it ever OK not to tip?

What side of bed do you sleep at?

What kind of relationship are you in?

Do you have a brother or sister?


Would you like to appreciate my current outfit?

What can I do to make you pay your precious attention to me?

ACTION is the key.

We don’t have to wait for something to happen to react, we have to provoke it and act. Yes?

I have a need for you, your presence, your aroma, the calmness of your gaze, the need for … your love

What are your favorite topics that you enjoy discussing?

Is there anything more beautiful than a dream?

You are a dream, an illusion, the engine that makes me dream.

Do you like it when a girl shouts your name?

You are the sweetest beginning of a never-ending love story. You are the prince charming and I’m the princess in the story.

I want to meet you, do you mind ?

I ‘m doing repairs and I can do it for you , will you invite me ?

How to diversify your life?

Do you like to sleep for a long time or do you not want to waste your life on dreams? )

Who should take the first step in a relationship – a man or a woman?

Was there love at first sight?

Ever run away from a date for a fictitious reason?

I can be a very good hostess for the man I love, but I’m still alone

Do you like outdoor activities , I want to go to the mountains with a tent , but I ‘m afraid , and you ?

What’s new with you

Are you ready for the weekend

Have you had any symptoms?

What do you think is the most reliable vaccine?

Do you think that God really exists? or do people only believe in him because they fear him and want to go to heaven later?

I have an interesting question for you)if you don’t mind listening to me)

What is your personality in the personality test?

Are you friends with an ex?

Are yiu workoholic ?

How would you know if you have lived a good life?

If you were sitting on the seashore under a starry sky and a star fell, what would you make a wish?

So its time for the interesting questions))

I am young, beautiful but lonely, why is that?

How would you like to spend this evening if we could do it together?

Do you like the new pictures I have in my profile?

What do you prefer to do before sleeping?

Are you a shy boy ???

How to get the attention of a man like you?

I’m like a treasure chest … Inaccessible and secret, but if you find the key to me, I will become your happiness and wealth!

What are you doing now , I want to talk do you have time for me ?

Do you know I am very spiritual person I believe that two persons can have a special connection. You too?

Maybe you want to see how I look today?)

Do you usually reciprocate people? )

I’m a pretty serious girl and I want a serious relationship! what do you want ?

Are you jealous? are you ready to join the fight for women?

Tell me what do you expect from your life partner?

If you could travel in time, what year would you go? )

Do you have an interesting life? ) or do you not make plans, but prefer to live spontaneously?

Do you remember your first love?

Do you like to look at the starry sky?

Who would you share your fate with if you were on a desert island?

Did you ask to buy a dog as a child?

People say that love is in every corner…gosh! maybe i’m moving in circles.

Would you want to date a lady as me?

Am I your type of woman?

What are you looking for here?

Do you want to know what they say about you?

You love a romantic evening by candlelight ?

Do you want me to dilute your loneliness ?

Can I fill your heart with my love?

Are you ready to share your secrets with me ?

Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?)

If I wanted to come to you, would I live in a hotel or in your house?)

At our first meeting, what flowers would you give me?

How are you, is your health in order?

Do you like to look at people passing by or is it not decent? )

Do you also have a bad mood from lack of sleep?

Can you tell us something about yourself that I don’t know so that we can get to know each other better? )

You are not afraid of wild animals in the forest, do you know how to act in danger?

Have you been to any concert of a star for a long time? )

When you achieve everything and you have no goals left, what will you do? Without problems, can you live without a goal without expecting anything in the future? )

What are you most unable to live without?

Just you and me left on this planet, will you finaly make first step?

Can I tell you one secret? Women love when men writing first)

Do you want me to make you coffee in bed in the morning

How much time do you need for you to be able to make a woman happy?

Do you have a button? I want to push on it so you could start to talk to me)))

Do you like the idea of YOU and ME on uninhabited island?

Do you like theater?

What is your hobby?

Do you have any family traditions? Tell us about them.

What dish would you like me to cook for you? )

Do you think there is room for love in this cruel and greedy world?

I had a great weekend. How is your day going?

Do you believe in halves theory?

Can you find a black cat in a dark room?)

Hey, got a nice idea, how about you join me for a mug tea?

How do you feel about the “healthy lifestyle” trend?

Where are you my hero….

What kind of food do you like to eat with your hands, and not with standard appliances? 😉

Are we going to watch a movie late at night ??

Сan I tweak your plans for the evening?

How many girls had you have before?

D you want to have model girl?

Do you enjoy reading?

How can a girl get your attention ??

Don’t you want to have children in the future?

Will you consider my candidacy?

Are you looking for a barbie or a regular girl for a relationship ???

Do you belive in a God, and and the bible?

Will you let me be closer to you? I am ready to show you my whole life! And you?

Will you let me whisper your name in your ear?

Do you think I could surprise you?

Have you ever dreamed of something that you were embarrassed to tell others?

Could you show me your world, what do you live for? I would share this with you!

What would you say if I offered you to live together after a month of dating?

What do you think can make the evening more enjoyable?

How I would like to be in your reliable hands!

Do you want me to make you a little happier? Just tell me how !?

Let’s chat about any topic?

You and me, what’s the end result?

Do you have a dream?

Who do you need: a wife or just a friend?

Are you looking for a woman like me? come on tell me

Have you found your lucky woman that will fill your life with something amazing?

Will I be able to see you?

Do you like football?


How do you see your perfect life?

I think we’re probably nice couple!)

Are you ready to tell me some secret ? I want to share my secret with you

Do you want me to be the lady who will grant all your wishes ?

I HAVE a WISH , will you help me make it real?

I like older men! So you are my perfect!

What is your the most valuable gift which you received?

Do you like animals?

Miss our chatting! Will you answer me?

What a girl should do what would you think of her at night ???

Can i be in your heart?

If you were aladdin .. will you roll your Jasmine on a flying carpet ??? ride me on it)

Do you want me to fulfill your wish ???

Do you like chatting with young girls here

All’s Fair In Love And War… Would You Give Me Your Love?

Name three goodies that you are not able to refuse?)

Do you eat everything in a row or are you picky at the table?

When do you feel more cheerful: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening?

What does the word love mean to you?

Do you have feelings for your ex?

Who is the most influential person in your life?

Do you need a SERVANT or a WOMAN for love? )

Is QUALITY or QUANTITY important ??)

Why are so many people lonely these days?

Always had a passion for an old men

So, you are here for long game or short play?

Can I give you a pleasure of woman’s company?)

Do you know geography well?

When was the last time you were happy? why provoke you to such feelings?

Can I recognize you or is your heart already occupied?

Do you want to see my country?

Do you want to talk to me? I don’t bite, don’t be afraid

Were you looking for a strange and gentle girl? So I came!

Would you like your wife to cook for you in a cute apron?)

Do you agree with me that love without emotion is boring and monotonous?

What gifts do you like to receive on your birthday?

Do you like your lifestyle, do you want to change anything?

Do you have such a thing that you look at a person and it seems that he had been somewhere before? )

Maybe I’ll be in your plans?

Which of these suits you better?

Do I have a better figure and appearance than your ex?

The age thing is a potential barrier but not for me!


Hey, what are you doing?Not busy?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey)) do you see me????


I want to hear you, when can you talk to my dear? ((

Can you give me some free time? well, unless of course you don’t mind giving it to a woman like me)

Do you know what a fruit I am?)))

Sweetie, are you here?

Do you need a nurse?

Can we become more than friends?

Do you know how I see that you viewed me now?

Do you know why site recommends your profile to me?

Do you know why I envy you?

Do U know how it feels like to be inside your woman’s……. heart?)

What three adjectives would describe you? is faithful among them ?

What would be the absolute perfect day?

What are you thinkin about right now ?

Are you that man with whom i will stop my search?

I know I’ll miss you tomorrow more … than today if you let me know about you?

What topics i should not ask you about before we meet in real life? or are you ok to discuss everything?

Do u think i`m cute enough for you?

Could i become a woman who will support you in any life situaton ?

Are you interested in a real girl here?

Can I share a playful mood with you?

Have you been on a date with any of the girls here?)

Do you wish to speak to me on your topics ?

How do you like my new profile picture?

Would you like to get a very sweet surprise from me just right now?

Right or left?

Are you proud of yourself?

Get to know a cute girl? Sounds like a plan) LOOOOOOK))

Do you like to receive gifts or to give?

What kind of music do you like

How is your evening? I know how to make it much sweeter and more interesting for both of us!

How do you like spending time with your woman? I hope you will tell me all your interesting thoughts!

What do you prefer to do just before sleeping?

How do you imagine the perfect evening with me?

What would you like to do if I was near just right now?

What is the most loving part in a relationship of every pair?

What would you like me to wear for our date?

Maybe we should have the real date this evening?

How is your evening? I am sure we could make it much better together!

Let’s cook together at the weekend or lie in bed all day, how’s that for you?

What was your the most craziest dream which come true?

Which character of women do you like?

What if I tell you my biggest secret? could you keep it?

What is the best thing that ever happened to you?)

Do you think that love comes after friendship is established?;)

Do you know what women want? I know how to make a man happy!

What do you miss for happiness? Are you ready to change something in your life?

You know why I like men older than me?

Do you want me to be your wife? Mm

Do you have a diploma of high LOVE?

Would you like to be a part of my life?

What is the best thing about love?))

Want to try something sweet with me? Can be pudding??

Do you still plan any vacation this year? or only next year?

Who is the most prettiest woman in your imagine?

What device would you like to invent: a scanner of human thoughts, diseases, tricks,

Wanna know what kind of PLEASURE you will GET after 10 min chat with me?

I want to dispel the myth that a nice guy cannot be an interesting conversationalist. Can you help?

Do you have a favorite type of exercise?

What was your biggest experience of “culture shock” in another country?

How long do you need dating woman before get close together?))

If a traffic cop stops you while driving, what is the first word that comes to your mind?

What is the best way to finish a date?)

What’s your favorite thing to do after work?

Is it easy for you to start a conversation first?

How do you think, do you know what women want?

What do you expect from your future girlfriend?))

Do you like the way I look? Maybe I need to add something to my appearance?

I am more natural in my appearance … But I am still a free girl. will you pay attention to me?

Would you like to see me in real life? coffee with me or dinner with me?

Would you like that the girl would come to you in your city, or you are ready to come to Ukraine?

Honey, what do you think I need to do to win your heart? what’s the plan?

I ask You to give me a chance to open up to you and that you paid attention to me for a reason…..)) Good?

I’m interested to know your opinion, dear, if a woman is smart enough, is it her positive trait or is it still negative?

How often do you feel lonely? I’m very lonely right now…. help me more

Do you see in me the ideal of female beauty?

I know English, will this help us get closer?

Are you here to develop a relationship??? then say hello to me

At what age is it ideal for a woman to get married in your opinion?

What do you think about a woman’s appearance? is makeup important to you?

Can you talk? when is it convenient for you to find time for me?

Maybe we should stop our search and pay attention to each other.

Have you already made your choice in favor of some girl? or are you still free?

I want your photos. let’s exchange photos with you?

I think we need to get to know each other. my photo is for you. do you have a photo for me?

I want to find a man who is confident and knows what he wants from a girl. It’s you? I found you?

Do you remember the most romantic date you’ve ever had?

Are you busy?

I think you’ll take the time to answer me?

Do you get a lot of attention from women?

Are you free now? Let’s talk what are you looking for?

What do you expect from a relationship with me?

Do you prefer not to notice me??

How was your day???

Do you want to have a baby with me?

What do you expect from life???

Hey, can I steal you from everyone?

What is a woman’s strength? in beauty or in mind?

How often do you change your plans in life?

What kind of character do you look for in a woman?

Are you ready for a new adventure in life with me?

What kind of women do you notice in your life?

What do you notice most about beauty? appearance or maybe makeup or eyes?

Baby))) How are you doing??

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, I just CAN’T STOP ! See what you’re doing to me?!

I want to see your eyes, talk to you, cook you dinner or offer you Breakfast. what do you think about meeting me?

How do you like to have fun while away from home? )

Is there something that you would like to change in your past?

Let’s create a virtual time machine. I would go to childhood. Where do you want to go?

What, where, how…. tell me what do you want, with me!

And will you let me just explode with unused feelings?

Is it easy for you to fall in love?

A man is a polygamous creature. Is this myth or reality?

Are you flying in a dream?

Tell me, which girls are NOT your type?

How easy is that for you just to sit on plane and to fly somewhere?

Do you like acting spontaneously or planning everything?

May i ask you to do something for me?

Can I try to make your mood better? What can i do for you/ something special?

How often people make you smile? Sincerely…

Can you do something for me now?

What can i do for you now?

I collect smiles, I don’t have yours yet, will you show it?

What kind of food would you like the most now? )

What good will the future hold for you?

I can charm you with beauty and be in your heart if you get to know me better

Do you have a photo in any suit? It would be interesting to see)

Do you want me to teach you how to dance) I will be a good teacher:)

Are you ready to watch dancing every day?

You can add whatever you want

How would you describe the perfect woman for you?

Why do you have such an indifferent attitude towards me.. am I not beautiful enough for you to pay attention to me??


What is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting a girl?

I think you need to give me a chance ))

What qualities must your girlfriend have?

What kind of relationship are you looking for here?!!

Honey are you ready to start a new relationship with me??

I need love and sincere feelings! is that possible with you?

How to win your attention here?

Do You Want To Be Serious With Each Other?

Do you have a biggest goal in your life?

What is your attitude towards compliments to a woman, how often should they be said?

What is the best age in a person’s life?

Would you like to be forever young?

What do you prefer: to be busy something

Couples who cook together stay together. What would you like to cook with me?

Do you think it is possible to fall in love with somebody at a first sight?)

Do you believe in destiny?)

What are you doing this evening?)

Do you like any pets?) Dogs? Cats?

How do you like relaxing?) Can I help you with it?

What do you think helps people stay together for ages?)

How is your day going? Can I somehow make it better?)

Would you like to talk to me? Don’t be shy!

Have you ever been married? How was it?)

I didn’t like shawarma before, but recently I fell in love. Do you have such a thing that you don’t love something and then you start to love? )

What have you not tried but would like to try? )

Do you think that you should try everything in life or is it not real? )

What would you have done if you were here with mee?

Can you do something for that I am in bad spirit??

So what`s plan do to in our kingdom?)

Since you are a strong man, then I will entrust you with this role

Who will rule in our kingdom? MMM?

Everyone around would only be jealous of our crazy energy that would come from us

We could be a lovely couple on any occasion, yes?

What traits do you most admire in other people?

Do you think it’s okay to check your girlfriend’s phone?))

Will you be open with me?)

Do you answer uncomfortable questions?

Maybe you are ignoring me because you have a wife ???

What are you going to say to me? are you afraid to swim or depth

What was your most romantic experience?

Can you tell us a couple of funny curiosities that happened with your friends?

Imagine you the last man on Earth, would you choose one woman or will like all of them?

Can you tolerate bad breath, sweat or dirty clothes? Need to talk about it if this happens?

Which test is the most difficult to endure: feeding cakes, black caviar or oranges?)

What topics are you ready to talk about?

Do you think developed empathy is important in relationship?

That is true taht i am so bad ?

Do you know how to calm my desires?

Are you afraid that i can show true plesuare?

Do you like watching or taking part?

This is good being bad , and i do not turn back

You can conquer me ?

What taste you like? victory

Do you have everything in life from things or are you talking about something, maybe about an airplane? ))

Which of the positive emotions: compassion, positivity, enthusiasm, and initiative, is your greatest strength?

Which negative emotion do you think affects you the most: greed, anger, jealousy, and hatred?

Do you think men are more rational and women more emotional?

What do you think of the idea of walking down the boardwalk with me?

I hope you feel a little brighter after reading this message.

Do you miss dating? )

For your day to be filled with unforgettable experiences, you just need to spend it with me.

You remind me so much of the criminal who stole my peace.

Attention! Today only! This subscriber is about to confess his affection to you. Ahaha. How’s it going?

I’d give a lot to have you around right now!

Will you tell me the secret of how you keep yourself in such good shape?

What can you do very well?

Do you think life is a game?

How often are your greatest anxieties and fears realized?

What has your personal bitter experience taught you?

What is the wisest thought you have ever heard?

What will you regret not doing in your life?

Does alcohol help you to relax?

What did you learn about relationships from watching your mother and father??

Could you build a relations with a pure woman?

I love to share my strangest secrets! I want to share with you!

A lot of people think I’m crazy when they find out I like it!

What are you afraid of in life? )

Are you too tired of being alone and want love? )

Youth and beauty are good, but I think it’s more important what a deep inner world we have. A beautiful wrapper can get bored and a beautiful soul never)

What have you liked the most in the past?

What do you think I fantasize about?

Do you like to eat unusual food?

What do you do around the house? Do you think you should separate women’s work from men’s work?

How do you deal with stress?

Hello) What is your attitude to children?)

Hello) When is your Birthday?) Will you invite me?)

Hello) Do you like presenting flowers?)

What romantic places do you know? )

Hello) What girls do you like? Do you like me?)

Would you say you’ve changed a lot in a year?

If you could be president of your country for an hour, what would you change?

What are your favorite movie genres? )

Is everything a foregone conclusion or in our hands?

Do you want to try any relationship with me?

What temptation could you not refuse?

Do you like being teased?

I want to talk with you! Is it possible?

Can we talk now?

When will you stop ignoring me?

How do you represent our family)?

Do you think my figure is perfect?

How do you feel about girls who have a bad sense of humor?))

Which words of your relatives influenced on your life?

What is your definition of a “perfect life”?

What subject were you good at in high school?

Do you have big family?

U do not want to make me your wife , do u ?

Have you ever hit a parked car?)))

Do we change when we have power?

Is it hard to be a real man ?

What happens when you die? Do you just cease to exist or does your soul live on in heaven or hell?

You generous on gentle embraces??

Hi) how do you like my new photo?

Hi) what are you looking for here today?

Are you always busy in the evening or is it just for me?

Hi! are you still lonely? Or am I already too late ?

Hi! have you already arrived in Ukraine ? or are you just going to?

Tell me the shortest way to your heart? What should I do to make you feel very happy?

I travel a lot and dream of going to Alaska, are you with me?))

I’m looking at your profile and I want to ask one question, can I?

What kind of gift would you like to receive from me?

Is it you my future wonder man????

Do you want me to be your woman ?

I have always wanted to be a servant for my beloved man, but I have not yet been able to fulfill my dream


What activities distract you from bad thoughts and bad moods?

I’m always very obedient, would you like that?

Would you like to swim in the lake at the moonlight with me?

What kind of family can truly be happy in your understanding? What is its hierarchy and model, features in general?

How long do you think love lives?

Tell me about your brightest childhood experience, please)

Would you like to be a famous person?

Do you think stars have a difficult life?

What is your favorite time activity?

What’s your favorite thing about a first date?

What skills does a girl need to have to become your wife?

If a girl came to your meeting in a too short skirt, what would you say?

Do you like girls in high heels?

Do you give flowers to women?

Do you like it when love is loud or quiet? ))))

May be I am your biggest dream ?

Here many men look for models but if sincere beauty that we will find a common language is important for you

Don’t you want to send me a photo?)))

I’m looking for a man who would be like a stone wall for me. Maybe it’s you?))Let’s get acquainted

What does a great vacation mean for you?))

What do you aspire to in life?

The ideal relationship for you, what are they??

What do you think when you look at me??

What’s the perfect weekend for you? with me?))

What are you doing without me today???

I really want to win your attention))is it possible?))

Are you constantly developing or have you already reached the level that you know everything? )

Have you been deceived many times in your life or used your trust?

Does a person’s past matter in a relationship?

I want you to be my last man! All in, sweet !;)

Who is your favorite start?

Are you serious about looking woman here?

Will you be my king?

Do you like to read books or do you like modern magazines better?

By the way, what are your obligations?

Can I help you with your work?

I love to paint pictures. Do you want me to draw you?

Do you often read e-books or printed ones? )

There are no absolutely identical people! Do you think so too?

Serious relationship online. Can you build it?

This might be cheeky of me, but would you like to meet me?)

Do you like it when a woman is tender with you?

Do you like sweets?)))))

What’s favorite thing to do with your free time?

What about sincere conversation?

Who/what is someone/something that annoys you?

Today I did three things: I miss you, I fight my boredom, I made a great breakfast.

Have you met a celebrity in everyday life?

What is your favorite actor?

Are you expecting this feeling ????

What will you do to keep a woman?

What moments in life would you rewrite?

How do you get out of awkward situations?

Do we develop through hardship or can we do without it?

What is your definition of justice?

Do you want to know more about me?

Let me know, you single?

Hi,you are looking for a beautiful woman inside?

What will you do if I’ll come to you?

How do you know when a woman is attracted to you?

Life chills the senses, don’t you think?

How many years does true love live?

What do you think of fidelity?

How many times do I have to smile to melt your heart?

Can you wink both eyes?

What songs do you like to hum in the shower?

Do you like swimming? Are you good at swimming?

What is your favorite animal? )

Why do people pretend to feel good when they don’t?

Acting on the pressure of your feelings or listening to the voice of reason?

Why do opposites attract?

What is your definition of a soul mate?

Does love arise consciously or spontaneously?

Why does the grass clippings smell like that? Do you like the smell?

Could you write a novel about your life and what would it be called?

Would you be willing to build a long-distance relationship?

Which poets’ romantic poems do you like?

Do you have to live with the same person your whole life?

Will you continue in a relationship if your partner doesn’t like children?

What five people are you closest to?

What are the three things you most value in a person?

What is your greatest fear?

What dream have you yet to realize?

Would you like to watch an open-air movie? Do you watch movies often?

How do you like to rest?

Tea, coffee or something else in the morning?

What is the perfect relationship for you?

Will you tell me your three weaknesses?

Before you call someone important, do you say in your mind what you would say?

Do you believe that there is someone from above who is wiser than we are?

What makes a woman beautiful in your eyes?

What might cause you to have doubts about a woman’s love?

What quality do you admire in people, and which of these do you find most undesirable?

Do you think famous people are happier than ordinary people or not?

If you were asked to be president for a day, what would you change?

What horror movie character do you think is the scariest?

Is it hard for you to make a choice or have you already decided on your choice?

Tell me…. how do you see future with me?

I can be your girlfriend or I’m not your type?

Which cream do you like cream or chocolate?)))

What books do you like to read? I love smart men

What kind of relationship would you like with me?

My life is music, do you mind being friends with a singer?)))

What do you say to my proposal?

Let’s try together?

Any ideas?

Maybe we can talk a little?

What are you doing now ?

I wanted to ask how are you doing?

Can I take my mind off you for a few minutes?

Do you often make decisions based solely on intuition?

Which do you listen to more? The voice of reason or the heart?

Is perfectionism a bad thing or a way to improve your life?

Are you a realist or an idealist?

Why do people seek to do good if they are not asked to do it?

What are you willing to change about yourself for someone you love?

What do you like in woman?? Mind, appearance ??

How can I make you smile?)

Hey! How does your morning start?

Hi. one man told me that you can make gifts here on the site? this is right?

What are your next steps ?!)

What would you like to get from me ?!)

Do you think it is possible to go on vacation with a stranger to get to know each other better?

Dinner, candles, a glass of wine, the two of us. Introduced this pictu…

Are you brave to invite women to your house?

When was the last time you sang alone with yourself? And for someone else?

If you could wake up tomorrow, acquiring a quality or ability, which one?

What’s your most cherished memory?

Can you love stronger weaker? Or is love a given that cannot be more or less?

Is it better to live with the person you love yourself or who loves you?

Could you imagine that we would be together when you first saw me?

Does falling in love change a person? Why, how much? Are the changes permanent or canceled over time or along with the end of the relationship?

Maybe I’m waiting for you?….)

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever done it?

Hello, let’s play one interesting game with you.

Hi. you would like to get me coffee in the morning?

What is the one attraction in the world that you would like to visit?

Focused on our communication! You should think that we are here for the same purpose!

Today is the day for sweet talk! Do you agree, sweet?

Sweet, would you let me in, if I knocked at your door?

Do you believe in fate? what you expect from your future wife?

What do you think about the girls who take the first step?

What qualities do you value most in women?

Honey, do you like my photography? what do you like most?

What is your first impression of me?

Can I find out the reason why you are silent ?

What are you looking for? Where are you going? If your goal is love, a serious relationship?

Let’s share our secrets

I am in a very romantic mood, how about you?)

I hope that your search is serious and you are not here to play games!

What is your biggest wish now?

Do you want to see my special photo ??

I’m really interested and want to ask you something!

Do you know what kind of woman you’re looking for ? do you trust your heart or your mind ?

I have a good mood today and I want to improve your mood if it’s bad, do you agree?

Hi, how is your life without me?

What could we do on the first date?

Answer me in my dreams!

Do you like how I look?

Аre you ready for real love with me?)

Hi) are you ready for a girl like me?

Women from your country are mercantile?

What are three things that you like about women?)

What rules do you think every relationship MUST have to stay healthy?

Would you like if I will bring to you morning coffee?

How different cultures could be on a way of relationship between two people?)

I want to get to know you better.)) And you me?

I want to get your attention, give me this chance?

Do you know what kind of woman you’re looking for ?

Do you trust your heart or your mind ?

How’s your search going? successful or not?

You have a dream , what is ? what would you like to change in your life ?

Tell me, aren’t you busy right now? can we have a chat and get to know each other better?

Are you hiding from me??) I’m not pretty for you?

My messages fly to you like silent messengers to inform you of my feelings. Write me

Rainy weather or sunny?)

Wanna see me dance?

Do you wanna know what is the most important for me in relation with a man?

Would you rather choose fishing or hiking?

How often have you had to ask a girl out on dates ?

Will you let me into your heart??

If life gives you a lemon, what will you do?

Let‘s spend the weekend together?!

What‘s your favorite day of the week?!

What‘s your sweetest surprise?!

What’s one thing I should know about you that’s not on your profile?)

How are you? What is your romantic inspiration?

Are you in the mood to chat with me?

Hi. Have a couple of minutes for me?

Are you wear something for sleep?

When was the last time you were in my country?

I feel that you will play a big role in my destiny!

Do you want to see my biggest surprise now?)

Can I take your hand on the first date?

Have you ever had love at first sight?) it seems to have happened to me NOW!

I want to try everything, and you?

I need to be with you, you dont think so?

Many people look for a person who’ll understand them, for luck, for love, happiness… What are you looking for?

Want to dive in the world of pleasure

I’m just dying to know if you are truly as divine in real life as in my wildest fantasies

Guess what I’m thinking?

I have a surprise for you

Look at the good, smart, kind me, I don’t really praise myself (lol) ??? You urgently need to check this!!!!!!

You as a MYSTERY for me that I dare to discover

One woman likes you. Do you know who I mean?

You caught my eye when I log into your account, may I know you?

Open ??? Should I open ??

Is there anything you’ll never say in public? What is it if you are to tell me?

It’s believed that disagreeable people are more successful. Are you an agreeable or disagreeable person?

Are you living in a big city? Have you ever thought of moving to a village?

I want to talk to you, don’t you?

You must be working out? =))))

Write to me and I’ll open the door to my life.

How well do we know each other?

Do you like the way society is changing?


Can you feel my loving charm laying upon you?

I will make you happy)

I surrender in your hands)

What my actions make you speechless?))

Lonely girl needs your attention

Are u in a good mood this evening?? Can I make it more good?

I haven’t been hugged for a while, could you show me how to do it?:)

Can you stop the time and making me the happiest….?

Do you want to see my sweet photos? I know this is unexpected, but I think I can trust you?))

Can you feel my aura? (::

How so ? Do you want to offend me? Please, not silent!

How on the beach to determine the girl lifeguard from the usual girl? If they are all in bathing suits

I am lonely here now … I am writing these lines to you to tell you how much I need your attention. Do you feel the same?

What color are my eyes?)

What would you like to tell me now?

What do you think is most important in a relationship between a man and a woman??))))

What quality in the woman can push away you?

How do you want to do it?

What do you usually look for on the Internet, what information do you like? )

Can you give me some of your attention?

I am a woman, you are man. Don’t you think that together we can be a perfect combination? ))

Can you surround me with some love and care?

Is there something you want me to do for you?

Is it pleasure for you to help your woman? to feel needed?

How would you make me feel better with you?)

What is your dignity?)

I’m so hungry now!

Do you like the way I look?

Highlight five positive qualities in yourself.

What’s your favorite girl’s name?

How many days a year do you rest somewhere far from home? )

Can u and i fit perfectly together?)

Can we have 1 plan for two? please

How about u ? what is YOUR plan?

It has rained a lot in my life this year. Plan for 2022 is totally different!!!

I am afraid of darkness…can you take care of me ?

Do u sleep usually with a nightlight on?i do

U should always know that u will be loved and apppreciated in this relations!!!

What do you think of me as a girl?

Are you thinking about the girl of your dreams?

Should a wife obey her husband or have her own opinions?

Are you looking for an easy life?)

Are you really that busy we can’t talk ?

My heart is too big to be treated small, you know?

Do you love for something or in spite of something?

If we stopped talking, what moments would you miss the most?

Do you think that a relationship with a girl makes a man weak?

How do you like to rest after a hard day?

Do you want to start a family with a woman from My country? take a closer look at me

Can you open your heart to me?

Are you making plans for the next new year? what are they about?

What are your thoughts about love today??

Are you willing to share romantic

I think you are a very interesting and young man and I want to talk to you

Let’s start this day together. we will have fun together. I promise

Oh, God! I really like you! May I know you?

Would you let me feel the warmth of your arms?

What flower am I associated with?

Spend the night with me? Or all my life? Which option do you prefer?

Maybe you think I’m too young for a relationship or that I’m too frivolous …? but it’s not!

Are you willing to travel to country person you love is living in?

Do you like long letters or short informative texts?

Do you prefer chatting or talking in real life?

What do you think is more important in a relationship? Spiritual or physical intimacy? If you find all this in a relationship with one woman. Will she become your woman for life?

How do you understand the term “love”? Do you know how to love for real?

Are you free to talk today? what do you think about my haircut?

Do you have a dream?? what is she like?

Are you ready to notice me and answer me?

A man is a family leader or equal to a woman?

Are you looking for your love or entertainment here?

You look like the man I saw in my dream last night….. Is it you?

If you could go back to the past, what day would you come back?

Do you prefer tea in the morning or maybe coffee?

When was the last time you hugged a loved one?

Would you let me go to a party in such a bold outfit? or are you too jealous?

Have you tried eating lemon without sugar?

Hi) Do you want me to show you my figure?

What are you thinking about now?

What music do you like?

What time did you wake up?

Why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend?

Is the opinion of friends / relatives about your lady important?

Do you love confident ladies?

The sooner we start talking, the faster you will like me)))

Can you say that you are an absolutely open person?

So how do you taste?

I feel hungry now. Can you satisfy my hunger? 🙂

Do you think physical or spiritual closeness is more important?

Before going to bed, do you remember how your day went, what you achieved and what do you plan for tomorrow?

Whom will our daughter resemble you or me?))

Are you have some one?

Will I feel safe with you?

When you offer your girl to move in your apartment ?

Do you look when your girl dress up ?

I am delicious candy ?

They are very sensetive

Am I not beautiful? Seems no luck for me here

What do you like to do?

Breakfast in bed would you make for me?
Soft or hard ….. how?
I have a lot of secrets, do you want to know them?
Do you want me to come to you?
Everyone tells me that my hips are wide, don’t you think?
I want to see you?
Do you want to tell me what the future holds for you?
What are your hands doing?
Do you have special ways to meet girls?
Do you think I should be complex about my appearance?

Do you usually have a good mood in the morning? )
Do you wear watches on right or left hand?
I want to talk to you
Will you look at me?
What qualities should your future girlfriend have?
Do you feel the same excitement as I, when I look at you?
I’m going to go to the Canary Islands in March, would you like to come with me?
I want to visit Costa Rica have you heard anything about this country?
Can I be your ripe, sweet cherry on the cake?
PERFECT DATE .. tell me about it ??

Are you here? Don’t ignore me, please
Do you often stain your clothes?
On which finger people wearing the wedding ring in your country?
Is it better bitter truth or sweet lie?
Do you have a defrost mode in your microvawe oven?
What are your plans for the evening ???
Do you find any female professions repulsive to men?
Do you want to know which one?
My friend says that a man’s big nose is an indicator of great talent for a man))
What was first: han or egg?

Are you satisfied with your life or would you like to change something in the past?
Mmm… Do you want to know what I think about when night falls?
Do I look like your perfect woman? mmmm
Mmm do you want to try my sweet pie?
What are the most unusual people you’ve seen on airplanes and trains?
What animal do u compare yourself with?
What’s your idea of a perfect online acquaintance?
I am the first among your preferences?
Are you ready to overcome difficulties in order to achieve the goal ?
Are you close to your family?)

What can you ,me and my friend do? Do you have any ideas?
What do you usually do before you go to bed?
Are you quick to get along with people?
Do you know how to be really happy?
How many girls did you have?
Mmmmm I want to see your reaction … when you see me …
You and me and our happy family… do you want?
Is love possible at a distance?
Can I find your key to your heart?
Mmmmm how can I satisfy your hunger ???

What is the standard of beauty for you?
How long have you been single?
I can’t predict what future wait for us, but i have desire to find out
Do you enjoy dancing and disco ?))
Tell me, do we have a chance to talk today?
How do you think we can be good couple?
How often in your life do you miss a chance?
How do you want to get to know me if you don’t answer me??
Can I distract you now?
Here I am. What are your other 2 wishes?

Do you like to have dinner by candlelight and with music ?
I think you’re afraid of falling in love?
Motivation of life, what can fill your life with new emotions?
Is a long-distance relationship difficult or easy?
I want to get to know you, why is this impossible?
What are the most important expectations from starting a family?
What do you think about my appearance without makeup?
What would you like to know about me?
What are the most necessary goals you pursue and strive to realize?

When was the last time you had an breathtaking conversation with a woman? Do you remember it? Let me be the next one 🙂

Couples who cook together,stay together 🙂 do you know any recipes?

What’s your dream job?

Is there a dream you’ve always had?

Are you ready to ride my roller coaster with me?

How is your quarantine going? We have wonderful weather, and I want to walk. But all walks are limited to a balcony. How are you doing?

Actually, I would like to talk to you and get to know you better, because maybe you are the one we will have a great date with).

I hope you are not afraid of me?

The day is so good today. I want to cheer somebody up. How about you?

What would you say only when you met me? What does a personal meeting mean to you?

I like to cook. Do you have a favorite dish?

Do you like to dream? Do you have the most cherished dream?

Just keep going and I will tell you when to do it

I will be so happy to try it

What did you think of me when we first met?

Is there someone in your life that you are very grateful to?

Is work for you an end in itself or a means of achieving a better life?

What do you think the phrase “empty promises” means. When do promises become “empty”? How to avoid this?

WHEN will you have the courage to answer me?:)

What amazing adventures you have been on?

I thought long and hard about a successful phrase to start dating, but decided not to complicate it. Let’s get to know each other without boring smart words?

I want to make sure that a handsome man can be an interesting conversationalist. Can you help me?

Who is the most fascinating person you ever met? Maybe that person will be me?;)

Whats your all time favorite song or album?

What kind of hobby would you like to master?

Do you cook for yourself or maybe do you need some help with that?

What three facts people that meet you should know about you?

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to take a chance and meet me?

Do you think spontaniety is a good thing in relations?

What bothers u to become my atmosphere?)

Noone will do it better than i do)

You think u do not have to trust me so easily, do not you?

What kind of wine do you like young or aged for many years?))) I have girls very often associated with wine

I have a secret flippers with which I dive on the sea, do you want to know what the secret is?)))

Would you invite me to a cafe in the evening?)

Do you want to swim in a basin with me?))))

Do you think it`s possible to make connection among us?

Is YOUR heart open to new relationships?

Is it important for you to be loved?

Do you feel butterflies in stomach when you see me?

I like decisive men ! Are you ready to make step for our relations?

Do yiu want to have a nice evening with me?

Do you want to find real love here?

Do you want to be with me tonight?

Do you believe in horoscope?

Excuse me, Sir, when do u think u will finally make me yours?)

Let’s build our beautiful love story!!!

What do u think about couples who share same house with their parents?) it’s not supposed to be like that, is it ?

Practicing games?

Weirdest place you’ve ever been?

Looking at pictures of hotties from time to time?

What is worth the longest wait?

At what moments, and for what people, do you usually feel tenderness?

You caught my eye when I log into my account, may I know you?

What are the customs of his country always observed?

Do you like Slavic girls?

I want meet in real. maybe it’s you?

What is your favorite profession? Do you like your job?

Why, so handsome and without a woman?

I so want you to notice me

Would you dare to have the best a date with me?

I’m looking for a real man! Who are you looking for here?

I want to be your biggest fan )

What are you doing? Let’s have a chat, shall we?

Do you have a wish list?

Met the sunset at the lake?

Cooking Italian pasta?

What role do you think would suit me?

What is the most important thing in your life? How often do you prioritize?

Does the definition of love look the same to you as it did 20 years ago?

Do you like me? What do you say about my appearance?

What can life teach you?

What usually influences your choice of a woman?

How often do you change plans in your life?

How do you spend your weekends usually?

What is the strength of a relationship ??

How often does a woman compliment you?

Mind and beauty, what should be more important in a woman?

Your imagination often plays with you before bedtime?

Do you have a place in the house for me? hehe

Listen, do you have something interesting for me?

Do you know what to do when a beautiful girl texts you?

Start noticing me??

What is the most important and necessary thing in a relationship?

Can I win your heart?

Are you ready for life with a woman why do you keep ignoring me?

Does love in life take an important place for you or not?

Is family important, do you think?

Do you like old movies more or modern ones?

Are you looking for a wife here? Here I am!

Can you imagine that I’m your wife?

Do you want to be my soulmate?

I love dancing, would you like to see my skills?

Have you had a woman for a long time , what do you imagine before going to bed ?

How often do you play sports?

Is there anything about me you don’t like?

I can’t sleep this early morning today ..

Do you wanna fall into my arms in ?!

Have you ever been deceived?

What do you value most in women?

What is the most valuable thing in life for you?

What is your most cherished wish?

Can you compliment women?

Do you know how to truly love?

Do you value loyal women?

Do you get engraved on beautiful girls?

It’s so easy to do something nice – just offer spontaneous help.

Will you be my family?

What was your closest friendship that broke up?

Who in your life has the most positive outlook on life?

When are you really you?

What harsh truth about yourself can you tell me?

What kind of creepy action do you do on a regular basis?

Do you like baking?) I’m just delighted with cakes and buns)

Do you like to cook for yourself?

How is your day going? can we chat and see you? I really miss here alone) I’m waiting for a message from you)

Is everything well?I can try to make you happier ))))

You have as much time as it takes to express your thoughts and feelings. I’m not going anywhere

Do you like it when a woman rules you?

How deep is your interest to romantic things? I think every man has something special in his gentleman’s soul , or?

Have you ever loved someone you spoke to once?

What is the most valuable gift a woman can give a man?

How long are you ready to go to your dream?

What are your best character traits?

I think that coffee is not very useful, so I try to drink herbal teas. What about you?

I love chocolate so much, I just can’t live without it for a day) And what kind of food do you like?

Do you like to cook? What dish would you like to cook together?

Who is the most difficult person you have to deal with on a regular basis?

Do you like girls without makeup or with brightly colored makeup?For me, it all depends on the situation :).

What are you most looking forward to this year?

What photo do you want to see now from my side? AHHH it can be something special..

Do you have any preferance or assosiations?

What color do you like to see in your woman?

Help me forget all problems in this earth please…

Are you dreaming about something?

What is a sense of life?

Are you here?) I would like to chat with you

Have you ever broken the rules?

Mmm it will prove your expectations

Wow. I think i could easily fall in love with you

Would you agree to spend our first date on a roof?

What style of music do you prefer? What is your favorite song?

Do you think a girl is always a mystery or sometimes an open book?)

Perhaps you have some secrets that you would like to talk about?

I think it’s worth starting our acquaintance right now…) Do you agree?

You have a closer relationship with your father or mother. Why?

Are you always ready to seek justice?

What qualities, shortcomings would you like to develop or correct in yourself?

And I have a surprise for you, do you want to see??

Mmm do you like doing spontaneous things??

Mmm do you like an elegance?

Would like to change your location now?…..

Are you full of relax now?

Mmm would you like to see something amazing ,or yes?

How do you think??

Mmm s it kinda of cute?…..

Awww lets make this day a bit spicy??

Do you want to see it one more time??

I want a relationship where we can act like idiots, talk about the most random things, share music and never get tired of each other. How do you imagine them?)

If you close your eyes and imagine me next to you, what will you think about?

There are a lot of girls on the site, but how do you make your choice??

Are you ready to feel young and happy again?

Do you want to see my surprise??

Do you want to see me??

What kind of business can you do for free and for your own pleasure?

If you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

What country do you dream of visiting?

What are your most secret desires?

Can I OPEN everything for you now?)

What are your girl ? more beuty than me ?

You looking more pretty girl ? not scarry as me ?

Are you good with your ex ?

The simple answer is people can change, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will. Change requires having an openness to experience and a bit of hard work. nut everyone is so lazy….

Do u agree that love needes silence? do you want quiet or loud love ?

Not everything is within my power but at least i can make u loved. Is that not what u want ?

Would u like to share it with me ?

Today I want to give you… myself….

How you tried to meet on the street ?

Where shall we go?

When was last date?

How is your girl ?

What could lady do to left best impression on you?

Would you like girls to be similar hobbies like yours?

Have you had dreams that you have remembered for a lifetime?

My heart is like a lonely ship, looking for its harbor

Do you like a girl without makeup?

Let’s play a GAME? The loser sends a SPECIAL photo))

Do you like when woman cook be herself? Or it’s not problem for you if she orders delivery?

Do you want to feel my hands on your shoulders?)

How could we spend time together? for example…… I’m waiting for your options…))))

U love the naturalness? Yes, I am very natural. I’m for natural beauty! I you like?

I take you absolutely seriously and I want to get to know you more. can we have a chat?

I am such a gentle, romantic girl who loves to give caresses to her man all the time. You were looking for me? I’m here

What are your interests? I like to travel and take long walks on the beach

You would like to spend the evening with your beloved by the fireplace.

I believe in fabulous and unpredictable meetings

Your ex was beauty girl ?

Why can t U be mine forever???

Excuse me, Sir, when do u think u will finally make me yours?)

Is it true what they say about you?

Is the gossip about you real?

Can you make me completely crazy – just with your words?

What could be more beautiful than waking up with a cute young girl? ))

If you had three wishes, what would you do?

How do you wantto spend the rest two winter monthes?

Do you want to taste my cookies?

I want to have good communication now ! DO you want it also?

How do you feel about the fact that your girlfriend or wife will earn more?

May I ask you too personal a question?

The fact that I am writing to you is not by chance. I do not believe in chance, I believe in fate. And you?

Could we chat now or later? did you get my letter?


Is there romance in real life?)))

What is your biggest wish right now??))

Do you have a diploma of high LOVE?)))

What makes girl look just super?))))))

Do u think u are lucky in life?

Do you like provocative questions?

What can make you feel really tired?

How do you feel about girls with long legs and big hearts?

Would you like to make your unfulfilled dreams come true in your children?

I can be YOUR SURPRISE ) Do u like it)

Maybe now is the time for tenderness?

Are you looking for sweet, honest and affectionate girl? Congratulations, you talk to her now!

How do you feel about a nutritious breakfast after a long night? huh?

Have you had more than one relationship at the same time?

How do you understand you are ready to spend all life with this woman??)

Do you prefer a pool or a hot tub?

With or without makeup?

Mmm… what do you want right now??

Do you know the language of love?

Did you know that in Africa, for every minute here, there passes 60 seconds?

Did you know that Kiwi can mean three things? A bird, a fruit and a New Zealander!

Allow yourself small pleasures)))) ltalk to me)) :-****))

If we had a date, where would we go?))

How do you feel about extreme sports??

Is your look at me full of romance?

Do you want to be exhausted?

Are you ready to new feelings?

U think u old for me???

Can i steal you away from all the girls here?)

I am sure dreams come true)

How we can contact? Can we talk?

I want to become a part of you!

I want to make you feel better ))

Maybe I’m your destiny?

I’m a huge music fan. What music do you like?

Was that you I just saw a few faces ago?

What are your feelings now? )))

Do you like to watch TV before going to bed?

What makes you happy? 🙂

I want to talk with you, do you mind?

You probably do sports ?? =))))

What would you like us to do?

What part you want change in me?

Let me be your ANGEL!

I look for my soul mate. Are you the right one?

I still miss the summer days, you too?

What name would best suit our planet?

Is my smile wide enough ??

Soft toys are for little children only?:) What would you say if I told you that I still sleep with stuffed animal?:)

Flowers are one of my weaknesses. How often do you give flowers?

Listen only to yourself! Do you listen to “unsolicited” advice?

Have you watched the cartoon *Shrek*?

Is it fair that actors receive high fees for filming, while teachers are paid very low salaries?

What do you regret?

Maybe you`re my special?

Do you like getting compliments? What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Could you spend a night without sleep?

From strangers to friends and then closer..can it happen for me and you?

Peel the tangerine, eat half. You get distracted by TV or the Internet … and that’s it, the second half is gone!!! WHO EATS IT??? Who??? )))))

Do you ever walk into a room and forget why you entered it? ))

How do you feel about a separate vacation in marriage? Would you let your wife go to the resort alone?

What is your biggest fear?

Do you take care of yourself, such as fitness and staying healthy?

Did you paint with your finger on snowy car?

Do you know what I was thinking?

So where are you????

I am waiting you for check this more in details…

Do you want to check this???

I wait you here for wonderful communication…

Where are you my brave and open mined man…

Mmmmm… I am waiting waiting waiting…

Wow… is it you?? Are you that man with whom I will… mmm

What do you prefer more?

I hope you want to see my new photos and they will pleased you!

Mmmm I am waiting for you in…. red or maybe white or black…

I want to be your victim today…What do you think? Are you ready to catch me… rrrrrr…

Doyou understand what about I am talking?

Can you catch me??

Are you hunter??? YES???

Guess and if you will be a wimmer I will open for yousomething so so so exciting about me…

Can I share a pic with you?

Despite the fact that I am already an adult girl… my photos will surprise you…

So…. willyour open your soul to me??

I am ready to read your the most brave dreams…

Mmmm…. switch on your imagination..

Do you want have relax with me?

Red heart red thoughts red clothes… Do you like?

Mmm.. imagine you come home and I am there.. What will you do first??

So… do you want to get a lot of new feelings!

Do you want spend special time with me?

Are you ready for this now? mmm… Yes this moment!

Is this hot for you or no?

Do you like to be stronger that woman in all sences???

Lets imagine that youi catch me… HUH… If you will try… What will you do with me?

I am not far, just in a few metres.. Do you see me?? Mmmm…

How do you imagine the perfect romantic weekend or vacation?

Do you believe in the kinship of souls and that every person has his own soul mate on this earth?

In what ways can I support you in difficult times for you?

What is your idea of the perfect romantic gift?

Are you against my company?

What does an invitation to coffee mean? Is it just coffee or is it a hint of something more?

Millions of people do THIS at night. What it is?

Which clock shows the correct time only twice a day?

What can’t be eaten for breakfast?

Wanna know a hot secret about me??

Have you had girls who are older than you already?)

Can you feel the attraction between us?! MMM

What was your best experience? What came first-emotion, feelings, or physical contact?

What would you do to impress a person on a first date?

Experienced fear of the dark?

What is your favorite color? What about me?

How do you feel about pets?

You do not afraid of date?

What would you do on your first date?

Do you like gentle or assertive girls ????)))

What do you think we have in common ?)

Do you believe that on this site you can find your girlfriend?

Do you think true love exists in our world? Or are true feelings left in the last century?

How to win the heart of one attractive guy on this dating site?

I’m cold. Would you like some warmth?

Do you think I’m a bad or a good woman fo your?more?)

Maybe do you want to see more???

Shall we arrange a date?

I wrote to you because you are very interested in me, I also want us to get to know each other better here, do you mind?

I have a question, if you see me on the street, would you come up to meet me?

Do you have a favorite day of the week? ))

Are you strong? do you like it when a woman admires you?

Are you cold now? are you wearing warm clothes now?

Let’s enjoy every moment together?

Wanna have some fun with me??

I am so bored! Want to go on an adventure?

Do you want to see me more?

Why are you ignoring me ?

Can you brighten up my loneliness?

Why do you torture the hostages of your heart with silence?

What do U think of my photos?which U like more?

Do you think you have a great life experience?

How do you think the world will end?

What’s your secret when it comes to coping with stress?

Who has to dominate, man or woman?

Do you like to dominate a girl?

I am very hungry. You satisfy my hunger?

Do you like to see me in bikini?

If a button on my neckline comes undone, will you tell me about it?

Do you like a girl to obey you??

Do you want to dance with me? )))

Are you hungry? Because I have something you could eat))

If you don’t reply to this message in five seconds, you owe me two hundred dates!

Do you know what women want?))

What do you like in me?)

Let’s have some fun)))

Are you bored now?))

How is your search here?))

Do you want to meet?)))

Can you tell me, are you interested in me?)))

Would you like to sunbathe with me on a desert island?

Do you think marriage contract is normal nowadays or should marriage be built on trust?

What do you like to do at work when you have short break there?

Which famous person would you like to be? Writer? Movie star? Sportsman? Radio star?

Do you consider yourself a good team player?

Do you have some special source of happiness?

Do you have any Favorite woman on Site?

Is there any chance for me to get your attention now?

What do you choose – give or receive?

Do you think love can happen multiple times?



What inspires you the most?

What’s the one thing you cannot live without?

Is there anything you consider absolutely unforgivable?

Do you prefer stability or spontaneity?

Are relationship meant to last forever?

Will you invite me on a date?) What dress should I wear so you like it?)

Do you have secrets?) Tell me) hehe)

I like to watch the rain and listen to its sounds) Do you like it too?

What caresses do you like?

How do you feel?

Am I beautiful?

If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

You like swim?

All you need is me

Lets play with snowballs??

You enjoy single life?

Good or bad?

What phrase would you use to approach me on the street to get to know me? ))

A three-letter word that any man fears?

Not against exes in dreams?

Are you ready now with me not to stop your fantasies?

How do you think dreams come true?

Sweet … what are you dreaming of now?

Let’s have fun tonight

Do you like games?

What are you growing from?

I want to hear “The temperature rises when I see you.”

Which airport is near you ??))

Do you have a high school diploma?))

Sea, sun, sand, just you and me.. do you want?))))))

Do you like to experiment in love?)))

You know the secret how to be happy?

What would you do if you were next to me?=)))

Do you like to get surprises??

Could you fall in love with a girl like me?

Look at me! do you like me?

I want you gave me the best date of my life =)

Do u feel lik u’ve lost your way in life?

Do you meet girls on the street?

Do you prefer cities or the countryside?

What makes your heartbeat faster?)

Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?

What did u do last evening?

Do you believe in second chances?

What would be the worst thing to put into a piñata? )

Would you rather drink coffee or tea for the rest of your life?

If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, what restaurant do you choose?

I believe that the most beautiful people are kind people. The quality of men the most important thing is kindness

What is love ? For me it is to see the smile of my man, to see him happy. Love is happiness. Do you agree?

How do you like my eyes?

How do you like my appearance?

I have a question for you..Where are you now ??Are you busy for me??

What do you think you are much better at than you actually are?

It would be much more pleasant to spend this day together) Don’t you think so?

Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in general, in love. Love is worth living for. What does this mean for you?

What do you dream more about when you take a bath?)

Do you like beeing alone? Or do you prefer big companies?

Your favorite holiday is New year or birthday ?

More than one man has not approved of what I like to do!

I do it even before I brush my teeth!

I want to tell you my biggest secret! You’re will shocked!

Something incredible is happening in my room right now! You ready know what?

What should I do if I can’t stop the bleeding?

Do you know what day is it today???

Are you looking for an open-minded and active girl? It’s me!

What do you want to know about me?

Do you believe that you have to pay for everything in life, and if you were good, then one day it will be bad to the same extent?

Do you like walking along the embankment, with your favorite girl at night

Well, I don’t even want to set my imagination free but believe me – the day would be unforgettable and hopefully just the first one of many more to come ))

I wish you could be with me here and now

I am a hungry woman!!! hehe

How can I sleep when you do like this…..?

Then I would suddenly wake up, like a tigress and help you to be cuddle

Have you found the girl here yet? do you have a relationship with a girl?

I want to find a man and build a long and strong relationship with him. do you want this with me?

I’ve been a single woman for a long time. and you? I need a man for a relationship. Do you want to do that?

How many rooms does your house have?

What place would you choose to spend your vacation together?

Why are you so silent? are you in a bad mood? I can make it better, do you want?

Does love have a short time?

How to understand at the initial stage of dating that this is your person?

What’s the best time for a date?

Is your heart still free to love me?

What is the ideal woman for you?

What is more important for you: to live with the woman you love but earn little in her country, or to have all the privileges but without a beloved at home?

What annoys you the most in today’s society?

How would you spend the evening with me if we stayed together?

Do you have a big enough bed at home?) can there fit two people?

What does it mean for you that husband and wife are one?

What qualities do you want to see in your wife?

What part of the clothes do you think you can not wear at all?

Because of what marriage can become under threat of divorce?

What is the most global problem of humanity in your opinion?

Do you think there are perfect people?

Do you like my beautiful long hair?

What else are you planning to do today? will you tell me your plans?

Do you prefer to eat in restaurants or at home?

Who is your ideal woman for you in all world?

Looking on me which thoughts do you have on your mind ?)

Will you be my Valentine? Every year spending this lovely day alone..

How is your search? Can I be the one you are looking for? 😉

Do you want to know each other better?)

Mmmm look how I do it now))))

YOU are already a big boy, can you trust secrets?!)))

What did you find out too late?

What helps you recover when you’re tired or under a lot of stress?

Do you like to watch sports games at the stadium? Do you like sports?

What sights you recommend to visit the guests of your city?

Do you turn around after a beautiful girl who passed by? Or do you pass by?

It’s the first thing they say after breaking your heart: They can change if only you’ll give them a second chance. And while you really want to believe them, you are left wondering, “can people change, or do they just lie?”……

Have u ever been in love with a girl of your friend?))) if yes, what did u do then ?)

Which historical figure would you like to go to lunch with?

I always have a secret recipe for an incredibly delicious dish) I love to please my loved ones) Do you have a favorite dish?

Who can help you with household chores or do you do everything yourself?

Are you still wearing a protective mask or are you not afraid of the virus?

Which tropical island would you like to go to?

Would you like to climb Everest?

Could eat a whole pizza alone?

Traveled in your car?

Do you like to listen or talk?

Is a relationship a job or a pleasure?

Who do you think should try harder in a relationship?

What’s something you wouldn’t forgive a girl you’re in a relationship with?

Is there something you want to ask me but are afraid to?

What makes you excited, happy?

What is a little everyday thing that makes you happy?

How do you usually make your life brighter?

How many children do you think there should be in a family?

How often are there happy moments in your life?

Mind and beauty, what should be more important in a woman?

I’m not looking for a prince because I already understand something in this life. I need an ordinary man, is that you?

Do you really think you properly know what means “to have fun”?

In your opinion, is it important to tell the object of adoration “I love you” every day?

How far into the future do you make your plans? Do you make plans for the future?

What do you expect from a woman at the beginning of a relationship?

Do you believe in eternal love?

What do you think it takes to improve your mood?

Do you know how to appreciate those who help you?

If you feel that you have lost everything, remember: trees lose their leaves every year. But they continue to stand and wait for spring

Do you always tell the truth?

Do you like to dance?

I know how to make delicious pizza , what kind of pizza do you like ?

Do you have some crazy dream in your life ?!

What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?

Choose me today … and maybe for life)

Do u prefer to learn by mistakes of others or by your own mistakes?

Are there any positive things about being lonely? without a couple

Do you prefer Wine or Juice? Coffee or Tea? Sweet or Salty? 😉

You know, I lost my happiness somewhere… Sadness in the shower… And you, by any chance, do not have it there… …my happiness?

What was the last book you have read?

Which type of girls do you find most attractive? When they are princesses and you can take care of her or when she is strong?

Do you agree that a woman needs to be looked after? Or do you have a different opinion?

If we had a date then where would we go?

Does it matter to you how your companion dresses?

You know, they say that men are the best cooks. And what dish do you like to cook?

What music artist do you never get tired of?

What talents do you have? Do you develop them or do you think they are not important?

Do you like extreme sensations and adrenaline in your blood?

Do you see in me your ideal of female beauty?

When you are alone in the middle of the night and you can’t quite get sleep, what do you think about?))

Did you have such a thing that you drank more than enough?

Ice cream or cake?what do you prefer?If l feed you ?

What desires do you have now? Are they connected witha woman?

Are you preferring blond, black-haired, chestnut-haired either ginger-headed girls more?

What things would you like to do with me?

Would you like to change something in me?

Can you tell about something you really care about?

Would you like to swim with me at night under the starry sky?))

You must be so sweet, do you want me to eat you?

Do you feel happy right now?

Do you miss my feminine warmth?

Mmmm do you want to be on a desert island with me?

What sweets do you like?

I want to know your favorite joke! Tell me please,maybe our sense of humor will match perfectly? 😉

Have you dreamed about to be a musician? If yes,which instrument you would play?

Is it hard for you to become really close to someone? Or do you open yurself easily?

Love is blind, do you agree? or with ages you learn to be more judged in terms of love?

How long have you been out of a relationship?

How many girlfriends have you had? And how many serious relationships?

What is your biggest inspiration?)

Are you ready to overcome difficulties in order to achieve the goal ?

What genre of cinema impresses you the most?

What color would you like me to wear on our first date?

Do you often forget to water flowers at home?

Do you forget sometimes what day is it today?

We all look for unconditional love , but why it s almost impossible to be found? everyone takes everyone for granted…

What the relations of your parents were built on? respect? care? loyalty? what was it?)

Do you care about a woman’s opinion of you or not?

What do you usually find attractive in a woman? is the appearance or the age of a woman important to you?

Do you like to set goals for yourself? What is the main goal in your life?

Will you feel comfortable if you go to a restaurant or movie alone?

Do you like your work? What is the work of your dreams?

When you hear a woman say that she is ready to follow you even to the ends of the world. What will be your reaction?

How proud are you? What is more important to you than love? Or should love come first in your life?

Do you think quarantine was a good test for relationships?

Why are you silent??? Don’t know where to start the conversation?) Say Hello to me)))

The love and heart of an experienced man are precisely these goals that will pursue me) perhaps we have a common path, what do you think?

I’m here))) you can see me))) do you see??

Maybe you do not believe that my intension honest here?

Why haven’t you found a girl yet?

I need a man who shares life with me! I’m looking for a real relationship. Are you ready for this?

Do u need a woman for love and for a family ? if yes, then run here) hehe

Are you serious here or just for fun?

Never look back! we are here for our happiness which awaits us in the future!!

I want to make you happy! what should i do ?

How do you feel about spending this evening together?)

What about adding me to your plans today? ::)

When you see a lady , what is the first part that attracts you? ))

Do you like to risk? or do you prefer to stay safe?;)

Am I crazy for trying to be your lady ?)

How are you now, do you have the mood to talk with a woman like me?

You have a desire to see me now? it may begin to approach each other?

I’m looking for a man with whom I will share my life! What are you looking for?

What are your intentions for the future with your woman?

Do you have a place in your heart for me?

What kind of woman do you want to find here?

Would you like me to present you happiness?)

Honey, please help me get rid of this loneliness!

I don’t think I can ever get enough of you

Do you want big love? Write me

Have you had any problems with the law?

What would you choose: to let your woman be a housewife or to work as you?

How is your quarantine going?

What interests you about me?

I want to ask you something indiscreet, can I?

If you were here, what would you like to do with me?

You think u do not have to trust me so easily, do not you?

Tell me how do you see your perfect date?))

If I invited you to parachute with me, your actions?

Can you give him to me?

Do you like to share?

I want to be with you, do you want the same?

Is your heart open to love? I am looking for a future husband and my soul mate here. Are you looking for me?

Where i can find good relationship?

Do not be cruel please!!!

What you gonna say to me today ?

Are you ready to change your life in the New Year with me?

What time do you go to bed and wake up?

Feelings are very important! How do you express them? Are you impulsive person?

If we everyone has own sense of life, do you agree love is one of the most important things in life which helps us?

Are you working? Do you like it? If don’t, for what would you exchange it?

I suppose, all of us were somewhere in our lives. What romantic places can you remember at once? Would you like to take me there?

What would you recommend the top 5 films to cheer up?

Can you make your woman the happiest in the world?

Maybe you are my future husband?

What music did you listen to last?

Who do you think should be the first to compromise in a relationship?

What is your favorite song? What kind of music brings joy to your heart?

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! how is your mood? ))

The weather is so beautiful outside, I walked and enjoyed it, but I was A little sad because I was lonely. Something tells me you’re sitting here too, bored, am I right?

We live in a new world where a woman can take the first step! Are you against ??

What’s your favorite drink ?

If you had no choice and had to move to another country, what country would it be?

Where will you calebrating new year ?

Today is such a cloudy day! Will you become my sun?)

Do you dream of seeing me wake up in the morning?

Do u prefer to be a team-worker OR a leader?

Would you like to share a candlelit dinner with me?


I can not decide, I want to be a bad girl, or be serious. Which option do you choose?

What kind of ladies make your blood boil?

In case I see a nightmare in my sleep and get scared, will you be here to hold me tight?

A beautiful girl with a beautiful soul is waiting for you…use the moment :))

Someone said, that relationship is like a cherry on a top of a cake. And you can have good relationship, if you already have you own cake – happy life. So i have a “cake”, would you like to be my cherry?

True love distance is no obstacle! you agree with me?? )

As a child I didn’t mention what the surrounding me people did for me) for now, I understand how difficult and responsible adults should be. Are you responsible person?

Do you have a real, true friend whom you can tell everything? I hope, you have) let’s become friends and not only friends)))

My life seems unpredictable. I can never predict exactly what to do better. Do you have such an ability?

Do you want to see my smile and more?

“It is better to love and lose than not to love at all.” Do you agree with this expression?

Do you like planning your day? If so, how do you do it? Do you have a notebook or use your smartphone for such aims?

So let’s be together!

I wonder if my proposal would interest you?

Have you ever met a person who was like you mentally?

Bet you will never guess what I am doing just right now. But I am sure that you would love it very much!

What do you prefer to wear when you are at home? I hope I will not scare you with my preferences!

Tell me about your perfect date?)

Do you know the best way to be happy??

Do you prefer to give or receive?

Hi, i hope u are looking for true love, if i am not wrong about u we have mutual interests)

I haven‘t received surprises for a long time?!

What do you need to be absolutely happy?:)

Hello, I’m waiting for you … and I’m ready …

There is a wall between us, but I will break it myself. I am a persistent girl. You can make sure of this for yourself

I know where how to open your cherished door. Do not believe? Let’s check

Silence is your new vocabulary but it won’t stop me

If you had one wish, and I would grant it, what would you wish?

Give me three points of how I can hook you!

Can I be your fairy? Make wishes!

Would you like your innermost desires to come true?

What do you prefer to do when your woman is having playful mood?

Do you like when woman has natural beauty?

Im a woman who likes to talk and listen, a woman who can be fun and spontaneous but serious. are you looking for me?

How do you imagine our relationship? I want to experience a variety of feelings, starting with romantic feelings and ending with something more personal.

I am more natural in my appearance … But I am still a free girl. do I have a chance?

As a woman, I am primarily looking for comfort. what are you looking for in a relationship?

Dear, can your friends ‘ opinions influence your relationship with me?

Can you see me? Do you think there is really love at first sight?

Are you waiting for the girl to write to you first or are you taking the first step first?

Honey, how many girls claim your heart?

I want you to know that I’m a single girl and my heart is free… let’s join our hearts?

I’m not ready to be on this site until my old age. are you ready to start something real with me right now?

Do you have any children? What kind of relationships do you have with your children?

If you meet someone you really like, do you think you will want to meet them in real life? How soon? Where and how?

What do you know about my country?

I am conducting a social survey on the topic “Dating on the Internet”, could you please answer me a couple of questions.

I want to ask a question – what to write in a message to someone who you like?

What films do you like? Especially after 23-00?

Now I look at you and understand that it’s time for us to get acquainted!

I don’t want to sleep at all, shall we chat?

I thought about watching the show, but I want to talk to you more!

Can you help me brighten up this evening?

How do you like spending time with your girlfriend?

How long can you date one girl?

Have you read any good books lately?

Share with me the events of your day … I hope there was time to remember me among the urgent matters?

Let’s play? A blind choice – warm or cold?

The sooner our meeting takes place, the sooner you will realize that you are in love with me.

There is something elusive about you. And this something hooked me seriously and for a long time.

You have a beautiful and unusual name. I’m sure his parents could only give an extraordinary guy. I guess?

I am eager to share with you one interesting thought! I am sure you will like it insanely!

Do you enjoy travelling overseas?

Would you like to take our first flight together somewhere?

Are you ready to start a serious relationship soon?!

Can I find out more about you than just your profile?

Maybe you want to make this evening much more pleasant? we could do it together

How bi did you want to wake up in the morning?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

What was the most expensive gift in your life for you ?

Do you need a housekeeper with a good and attractive appearance ?

What question would you ask me when I saw it?

What do you want to ask me?

Everyone has their own way, maybe our paths will cross?

Better answer now, otherwise I won’t be gentle when I take you prisoner !)) You can’t hide from me!

When was the last time you got a woman’s attention?

Can’t you see what I’m writing?or are you just ignoring me?

Of course I understand that a lot of girls texting you,but I want you drew your attention to me..

Can you pay attention to a modest girl like me?

Let’s give each other a chance to get to know each other better!

Do you think there should be some freedom in relationships? Maybe you have some rules or guidelines, don’t you want to talk about it?

I would like to spend this evening with you! would you say no to a woman like me??

Are you waiting for me?? then write to me))

Are you a prince? because i feel, that you are amazing for me!

Do i look tender or like a … for u ? what do u think ?

Can U compromise?

Why all men are all in all polygamous in their hearts?

I wanna be with you EVERYwhere…..

What do you expect from a relationship?

What are your favorite restaurants around there?

Have you ever had a dream about me?

Do you trust people easily?

What do you think is the most impressive thing you’ve ever done?

Do you consider yourself purposeful?

Are you a punctual person?

Can you speak with a stranger on the street?

What is the most important thing in life for you?

How can I please you now?

Name 3 things from which you get the most pleasure?

Do you have a dream? Are you going to make it come true?

Do you remember your childhood? what did you like to do mostly?

Do you have a drea,? Are you going to make it come true?

A pretty face is important for you?

Are you here? do you see me?

Can I be your wife and friend and lovers three in one?

What are the most interesting videos you’ve seen?

What will you wear for the first date?

What motivates you better in love?

Will you survive from light bites?

Did you get my picture in ?)

If your woman is younger than you is that a problem ???

Would you be ashamed of a young girl like me?

Are you ready to be with a girl like me?

I do you like brown-eyed crocodiles?

What are we going to do together in real life?

Do you have the courage to know my wildest desire?

Share your fantasies with me!)))

I live in an ordinary family… does that scare you?

What should be in a girl so that she could win your heart?

Tell me about your dreams, maybe I am a fairy and fulfill them?)

Do you need a lot for happiness? Cars? A variety of female love? what will make you happy? I will make happy a simple hello, writing you from the heart!

I am a goldfish, do you want to grant your three wishes?

Do you like my appearance today? I’m without makeup.)) what do you say?

I am sure that age does not matter in love, because a person shows who he is with words and actions!do you agree?)))

You love peace of mind in a relationship, without scandal. I’m right? )

Who do you think is more inclined to cause scandals for men or women? )

How many pillows in your bed?

Do you want to be with me now?

Are you busy? )))

What is your favorite dish?)

Would you let me drive your car?))

Let’s spend an unforgettable evening with you today!

What do you usually do when you’re home alone in the evening?

Do you like exotic food?

What’s your least favorite housework?

Are you often sad?

When everything is not going according to plan, does it upset you? ))

I really want to confess to you one of my behavior that is not appropriate for me , to tell you ?

What do you think of the girl WHO DOES THE FIRST STEP ???




What can you do with your eyes closed?

Are you satisfied with your life or would you like to change something in the past?

There are evenings when it’s particularly boring, don’t you think?

What flower do you associate yourself with?

Listen, I’m terribly curious – what does your hair look like early in the morning?

I ask you to dress me on our night of night, which outfit would I choose?

When you’re feeling unwell, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

Do you know what I love after a romantic dinner with a man ?

I like men who are strong and generous , and what kind of man are you ?

Do you like it when a girl is the first to take the initiative in dating ?

Hi, I would like to know more about you than I have already read, you are interesting to me

If a time machine had been invented, would you use it now? Do you want to look into the future or change the past?

Warm greetings! Let me introduce myself to you.

Look into my eyes – you will see what you mean to me.

Stop searching, I am the one you are looking for!!!!

How do you feel about romantic evenings with candles, delicious food, and fine wine?

What reality show would you like to be on?

What’s the funniest last name you’ve ever heard?

Would you be able to go on a blind date?

Do you like it when the guide tells something or is it better when you walk and just look?

What do you love to do for your woman?

Think you can lend me your locker?

Will you kick me out if i come to your house?

Aren’t you looking for a serious relationship here?

Am I unworthy of you ??

Coffee with a croissant, an omelet or maybe …?

Have you ever dated with Slavic woman?

What do you prefer?)

In what clothes do you hope to see me on your first date?

How can I lure you?

Do you know what is the difference between Christmas in all world and Christmas in my country?

Can I try to see your eyes ands read youremotions too???

What do you see in my eyes right now??

Is it truth that eyes are a mirror of soul???

Can you read by eyes???

And how it is in your place?

Do you walk less in winter?

Do you think you can change your destiny?

Do you know who this is?

When was the last time you went to the cinema? )

Do you need a lot to be happy?

Would you like to spend your free time with me ?

If you want to give me a message, where do you start?

How long does it take to understand if we are right for each other?

HANDSOME within u I lose myself, without u I find myself waiting to be lost again

Do you want me to come to you or do you want to live alone?

How do you like my new photo ?

Is it easy to get caught in my snares?

Do you want to tell me what this character is?

Have you ever asked your friends for help?

Do you mind finding new friends here in the face of a girl??

Where would you even date me if I was in your town?

How old were you when you first fell in love?

I want to talk to you, about us, about life. hope you don’t mind?

Is there a country or place where you do want to come back again?

How would you like to spend your nearest vacation?

Are you flying in a dream? ))

Do you have an experience that influenced your life? If so, what was the experience?

Do you like my T-shirt?

What is shape of your heart?

Hello, would you like spend this wonderful evening together with me?

I saw you and I think we have things in common, can we find out?

Are you busy now? Can i distract you so you will be busy with me? ))

What are your plans? Wanna know my?

Could you tell me how to please one charming guy on this dating site?

Probably, girls often invite you for a walk to the registry office?

Do you love popping bubbles on the packing bag as much as I do?

If you had a time machine, where would you like to go?

If you happened to become a woman for a short while, what would you do first?

Do you wear jewelry? )

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true? )

What do you think is more important for a girl – to be beautiful or smart?

Feelings or physical contact? What do you want to have with me THE MOST?

Would you like me to be the designer of your clothes?

Whats in your pockets?

Can I visit you tonight?

I deserve a compliment from you?

I will dance and jump tonight

Will you handle me?

I don’t want to be lonely, I want to be happy by your side

Hello! Do you think we have a future?

Hello, I really miss your love!

Hi, I saw an interesting movie, and I would like to ask you something!

Hello! What do you prefer to do when it rains?

I want to know you better

Do you know why I chose you?

LOOK at me, I need your opinion!!!!!!

Where is my man ??? Where are you??? I’m waiting for you))

I want to develop with you our relations with you. u want it?

Do you think children should help their parents when they have grown up, or should parents help their children?

I’m ready for risk, risk is my middle name)) Are you a risky man? )

What motivates and energizes you?

Do you dress for fashion or for the weather?

What actions distinguish a boy from a man?

Guess who I’ve been fantasizing about all day

I have a good idea what we can do tonight…

I had a very interesting dream last night…Want to know what it was?

Who is the closest person in this world to you?

I love winter, there is a possibility of the fulfillment of desires, and you?

Romance should never end, it should always be present in a relationship. Do you agree with me? )

What songs help you cheer up, calm down, or have fun?

How do you show your interest in the other person?

Would you change your habits for the person you love?

What do you pay attention to when you see a woman for the first time?

Do you have colorful childhood memories that you remember for a lifetime?

Do you have friends that you’ve been with since childhood?

Do you know how to admit your mistakes or are you always right?

What qualities of women do you value the most?

Does a person have to work in an unloved job?

Are you dependent on the opinions of the people around you, or if you decide to do something, do not convince you? )

What was the most unusual experiment?

What would be your first thought when you see a girl wearing your T-shirt?

What are you doing tonight?

Would you forgive yourself if you ignored me?

Would you solve any of my secrets?

Do you mind if I come into your life?

I look at you and I realize it’s about time we met!

Do you like to learn something new?

What would you like to learn?

What is most important to the success of a relationship?

Are you attracted to my appearance?

Have girls fight about you before ?))))

If you went back in the past what would you change there?

I want to be special for you !!

Hello !! Let’s be friends?

How to meet you?

Let`s spend this time together?

What kind of clothes do you like best on a woman?

Have you been out of a relationship long?

How do you feel about painting? Would you like me to draw you !?

Can you be as relaxed as possible with me?

Sometimes it seems to me that if right now there is no man of my dreams near me, I will just go crazy!

I dream of sleeping on your shoulder , and what are you dreaming about ?

Close your eyes and imagine us together……Do you like what you see?

Let me be your woman…

What is important to you in a girl?

What attracts you the most in a lady ?

All distances are submissive to love, isn’t it?)

What are u ready to do for your special one?

You are a patriot of your country, why do you love it?

I will fill your life with beauty, love, care and attention. So that your every new day is a holiday.

Do you believe in horoscope compatibility?)

Do you pay attention to how the girl is dressed?)

Is appearance or soul more important to you?)

Can I call you a cat?

Have you carefully examined my new photo?)

Maybe you can play a game with me now?

What do you think I’m doing RIGHT NOW?

What would you like to get for the new year?

I have an interesting proposal, you want to know ?!

What is the main symptom of coronavirus?

I have an urgent question!

When was the last time you had a fever?

What is the best thing about family relationships?

Do you have a favorite fictional character? If so, then who is he?

If you were only allowed to do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Do you like your current job?

Did you see what i showed you ???


Could you move to another country for love?

How could we spend the evening together ?? do you have ideas?

Let’s play a game?

I’m alone now, stay with me, we will have fun)))

I’m just tired of living with it …

Have you been vaccinated?

Have you got the coronavirus?

What would you like to try in life?

I think we’ll have some fun !!!)))

Would you want to have a farm?

Is it important for you what people think of you?

Is a day off for you always being together with the person you love or something else?

Should we start a conversation or just keep liking?

What family holiday is the most precious for you?

Do you have some sweet memories that you would like to feel them again in your life?

Do you believe in love? Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with one woman?

When do you think the world will conquer covid?

Are you waiting for a Christmas miracle? hehe

Do you like how i look today ??

If we were the heroes of a movie, which movie?)

Are there people in your life who changed your life one day?

Thrillers? Disasters?, Comedy ??? …

Do you want to watch a movie together ??)))

What’s your favorite movie ?? …

What movies do you like?

What does the word “love”mean to you?

Could you describe me in three words, if so, which ones?

Should there be a mystery in a woman?

Is my age right for you?

Does it matter to you what your woman is wearing?

What do you think can destroy long relationship?

Can you do something for me?

Are you a tiger or a purring tender cat today?

Can I claim a place in your heart?

How can you describe yourself in few words ?

Do you believe in soulmates?

Do you agree that online dating makes it possible to feel freer and liberated in communication?

I will get so old without getting an answer from you or someone else will take me away from here

What attracts you most in girls?

Let’s talk? about anything!!

Are you addicted to your phone? or you try to live your life?

Do you have the mood to talk with a smart and attractive woman like me or am I not attractive ??

How about traveling together?

What delicious can I cook for you?

When you just wake up do you think immediately about work or what are your first thoughts? )

I am sad that there is such a huge distance between us …

How do you think, what is the most important in relationship? What should every loving pair do to be happy?

Do you believe in magic? Have you had any strange situations in your life ?!

What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned and would like to share with your kids one day?

I do not look at appearance or age, but at the inner world, I think that this is much more important. Don’t you think so?

Let’s talk? )) are you here for communication?

Hi. I’m glad you paid attention to me. I would like to find a good man. I hope it’s you. Lonely for a long time?

What brings you to this site?

How many times a week would you like to go to the gym?

Do you have a car?

Are you completely satisfied with your job or would you like to change your occupation?

When we are together as a couple, what will be the first rule for me in our relations?) And will rules exist at all?

What will make you happy right now?)

A woman blooms from male attention. Do you agree? Will you have time for me?

Can a girl like me get your attention ??? Answer me please

Appearance or age, which is more important to you?

Do you also sometimes want to find a person who will understand and listen to you?

Sometimes it’s so lonely that you don’t even want to live (.

do you know what i mean?

I am here and you can see me! I am real and ready to meet with you

Do you have many friends whom you trust and who can support you in difficult times?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Night city lights, slow music, candles, gentle breeze, nice dress … would you have danced with me?

Are you missing? Look at me and smile!

Do you want to try something new in life?

You can’t make a dream come true if it doesn’t exist.. what dream should come true in your life in order for you to feel happy?)

Do you have good or bad habits?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you like long hair?

Obedient or defiant?

Can you lie to your girlfriend?

How many make up is enough for looking pretty for you?

SHAVE OFF ur beard before OUR first MEETING

Which kind of resort would you like to visit?

What is better to have a goal or to have everything and the goal is not needed? )

Would you like all knowledge and skills to be loaded into your head like in the movie The Matrix? )

What do you expect from your future wife? What kind of woman do you want her to be in your marriage?

Do you believe that our dreams are sent to us as a warning?

What country would you never live in?

I’m eager to know if you’re as good in reality as my fantasies about you.

All I want is for you to be happy.

Have you learned the meaning of life? Can you tell me what it is?

Do you think you’re a man in love?

What profession should your woman have?

Do you only go on trips in the summer? )

Is delicious food a great joy in your life?

I wonder, if something real, deep and and longlasting is possible between us.. i want to check and you?)

Do you have something that you love doing and people always compliment you on?

If you do not have enough bright colors in life, then I could add something…

When does friendship end and feelings begins between a woman and a man?

I know what photo to surprise you with … are you ready?)

Do you want me to try to read your thoughts?))

Do you want me to tell you a joke ?

Would you take me to work ??

Do you believe the forecasts of the weather forecasters? )

Do you think I’m cute or not?

Would you like to start a special journey with me?

If we ever meet you, shall we go to the cinema?

Teacher, Nurse, or policewoman? What is the best profession?)

Сan u send me a special photo? mmm?

Let’s go right now we can admire the stars in the sky

What are you dreaming about this beautiful night?

What’s the perfect romantic meeting for you?? )

I think it’s a great time to start new relationship, don’t you think?

Hi, how is your day at work? is it easy?

Do you dream to jump with a parachute or do you not like this extreme ???)

It is never too late to leave all the misfortunes in the past and open your heart to new feelings! you agree with me??

Do you think I am serious?

How do you like my new photos? Did you see them?

Do you have a favorite walking place?

It will be our secret?

What do you really love?

Will you risk your life to save me?))

Should we listen to our reason when we are in love?

Have you ever had a hallucination? )

Heard about the placebo effect? do you think this is real?

What should I do to be a perfect woman for you?

How do you imagine the perfect honeymoon?

What should your woman do for you every day to make you happy?

I’m curious, do you often watch love movies?

Would you help me do all the male housework?

What thoughts do you have when you look at my photos?

Maybe we should have a picnic together?

Maybe we should have a date today? I have a great idea about what we could do!

About what you could talk for hours?)

What are you thankfull for in your life?

Hi) Could you tell me your story?

How many WOMEN do you want to live with?

Do you have houseplants at home?

It’s nice to dream of something beautiful)) what if dreams start to come true)) Do your dreams often come true?

Did the girls approach you on the street to meet you? )

How do you feel about comics?

What couples are examples of pure love for you?

Let’s be frank with each other!

Would you like to be with me on a desert island? )

It’s high time to add your account to the list of prohibited substances … addictive.

The sooner you answer me, the sooner we will be happy.

Hey! I hope you have already prepared for my appearance in your life?

You have a beautiful name, do you want to know its meaning?

Do you want to know why i do not sleep tonight?

What is your character ?

Do you know how to make women happy ?

I want to give you happiness

Do you give flowers to a woman on the first date ?

Would you like to fly like a bird in the sky? Flap your wings and feel free? ))

Have interesting, funny situations happened in your life? )

Do you want be free as a birds in the sky and fly everywhere????

Before I saw you, I only read about alpha males in magazines

Do you believe in love at first sight or do you prefer to take a long look?

What’s the funniest grimace you can make?

Hello!Is there something you can’t imagine your life without?

I’m not a miss universe, but I hope that I could win your heart?

Has your girlfriend ever danced for you? mmm maybe i’ll be the first?

I can’t figure out what to wear today. Can you help?

People say that a person’s eyes are a mirror of the soul, what do you think my eyes reflect?))

I read that a person needs to use 70 muscles to smile. I suggest you start downloading them right now. Smile and let’s get acquainted!

Do you know what an electrical discharge is? This is what happened when I looked at your photo.

You look like the guy I saw in a dream recently. True, he was not alone, but with a white horse. Isn’t that you?

You look like a wild beast – brave, smart and daring. And yet I think I can tame you.

I want to watch a movie tonight. Any advice? It seems to me that you are well versed in cinema and not only. Mmm ..

The secret of relationships is in caring, understanding, respect, trust, love, developing relationships, helping each other, communicating.

What do you think about art? Do you like paintings?

How can I win your respect?

I am flying in my flying carpet now. Can i visit you???

Imagine, you need to use 20 muscles to smile. Let’s train them together? Let’s give each other joy and good mood. How do you like this proposal?

If you have one candy left, will you share with me?

What are the strangest things you’ve done in your life?

What kind of character do you value in a girl?

Do you think there can be just a strong friendship between a guy and a girl?

Do you think a girl should be a touchy or affectionate kitty?

I recently had a wonderful dream. A handsome man on a horse galloped up to me. It seems to me that this guy is very similar to you. Admit it, was it you?))

What’s your Enneagram type?

At what age do you think people should think of settling down?

Do you like to watch different funny videos? )

How do you know when new interesting songs appear, does it happen by accident? )

Swimming in the lake?

Watching the sunset?

Cooking a meal while listening to your favorite song?

Would you rather humiliate or submit?

Do you like discussing a girl’s figure and shape?

What free topics do you talk about with your colleagues or friends?

Have you ever tried swimming in ice water?

Do you like unusual things?

Do you take care of your health? Are there foods you don’t eat for health reasons?

How would you describe your life’s purpose?

If you had to give something for happiness, what would it be?

Loneliness or noisy company?

Candy or cake?

Juice or coffee?

Do you like to sleep?

How do you present yourself to a girl?

Do you like obedient girls or girls with character?

Do you like solitude or noisy company?

Maybe something else missed?

Face to face, eye to eye, warm atmosphere, and soft music.

Preferred dishes and good wines?

How would you like to describe our atmosphere of this evening at home with me?

Hi my wonderful

And what would you like to get from me?

Will you solve this problem?)

You should promise me one thing!

Serious talk!!!

I need to smell, taste, feel, hear and see YOU!!!!

If a stranger knocks on your door, what will you do?

Do you easily find a common language with strangers?

Why don’t you answer me? is there something wrong with me?

How are your weekends going? Do you have time for a nice girl like me?

I am here to find my happiness and love…. what are your goals here?

What do you think of natural beauty? is this important to you?

What kind of girl do you want to meet here? would you like to meet a real girl like me?

Do you know how to make a spark between us?

What makes you silent? Is there something wrong with my appearance?

Do you want a virtual date with me? I’m waiting for you right now))

My grandmother always said that love is a great gift from God. And the only one who knows how to love truly can live fully! Do you agree?

What was the most terrible thing you heard from woman?

What can i do for you?

Send me a photo, let me give you a compliment and you tell me if I am good in that

How often does woman has to tell her man that he is good and at all tell him good words?

Do you have wild dreams sometimes?

Is love really important for you?

Are you busy right now or do I have a chance to talk to you??

What are you doing now? do you have a few minutes for me?

A lonely sweet woman is looking for a faithful man. It’s you??

What do you think about my age?

Hi dear. get to know each other better? I will follow my man … I want to become a truly worthy woman for you.

Do you want to see more of my photos and find out how I live, what I think about relationships?

We must not waste time! Everything depends on us! The faster we get to know each other, the faster our meeting will happen! Hope you want this?

Do you see what I’m writing to you? I want to get to know you, and you don’t answer me. do you have someone?

Do you think we have a future together???

Will you answer me? maybe we can talk today?

Would you like to be my man? what kind of woman are you looking for?

I see you online and I think that you, like me, are in search, is that right?

What are you looking for new in a woman?

What’s wrong with a big age difference in a relationship?

I’m different from all women, do you know why?

How often do girls say they’ll VISIT you?

I’m ready for some really crazy first date stuff! You ready to know what??

None of my friends know my big SECRET! But I can share it with you, right?

How do you feel about non-standard questions? Can I ask you something?

Do you want the girl to move to your house ?? Or can you live in Ukraine? lol

I’m waiting for you in orange)) What is your favorite color?

Ready for a serious relationship?)))

I would like to fall asleep on my man shoulder every day. Is it you?))

If you had a chance to make a wish what would it be?)

What do you like to do in the evenings?))

Cute look at me)))You like the way I look now?))

How do I get your attention?

I’m ready to show only for you. OK?

Would you rather forget your partner’s birthday or anniversary every year?

What event most influenced you as a person?

Hello tell me do you like to cook or should they cook for you?

How many foreign languages ​​do you know? Do you want to learn another one?

What three words immediately reveal your character?

What do you like to do when you are alone???

Nice to see you here! how is your day?

What do you do for a living???

Smile to me please

Baby, are emotions rational or irrational????

Are you left- or right-handed?

Is it a good day today?

Are U hiding something from me ?

Honey, are you ready for love and new relationships?

Honey, with what three words would you describe me?

I think we will find a common language with you, I may not be your ideal, but I’m a good girl. Getting to know each other better?

How do you cope with loneliness, what helps you?

What is more important to you in the house – coziness, comfort or style?

Imagine that you have a teleportation machine. Where would you go right now? 😉

Which shopping is better: traditional or virtual?

I suggest sharing photos)

You’re looking for something more than just a conversation, I know that…..

Hey! I want to be interesting and desirable for you … shall we try?

Do you know how I can make your morning very pleasant?

Do you like it when a girl is fragile and depends on a man’s decision?

I open at least one window for ventilation. Do you do that too?

Do u often think of me ?

Do you think we are compatible by zodiac sign?

What does your intuition say about me?

What is the strength of a relationship? are you ready to fight for a woman’s attention?

So what are you going to tell me about your day today?

What is the beauty and intelligence of a woman?

Do you want to talk to me ?

I would never miss a moment to share my life with a good man, would you?

What scares you? Covid?

What movie would you watch again? )

Do you like adventures, what incredible situations did you find yourself in? )

I suggest you come to me . I’ll show you my city, we’ll spend a couple of days together and maybe you’ll understand that I’m the girl you’re looking for?

Not finding what you want. what will you do next? what girl are you looking for?

Dear, are you looking for a girl only from Ukraine or Russia also? maybe Europe also?

Tell me, here are a lot of girls on the site, there are normal and serious and there are bad girls. what girl are you looking for?

I’m only looking for one man. are you ready to be with just one girl?

So, what brought me on this site? I am looking future man, my soulmate, and I really hope our goals the same!

How do you spend your time now?? are you home alone? then I see no reason to be silent!

One day I dream of waking up next to my beloved man, hugging him while he sleeps, going to the kitchen to make coffee for him and bring a delicious breakfast to bed … Do you like it?

Feel free to send your photos that you think, I’d like to see. I will send you pictures if you want..)))))?

Darling, do you really want to find a young girl for yourself?

I need a man who is not afraid to be himself, someone who will be there in a difficult moment, someone who will go with me to the end… what kind of girl are you looking for?

You know love between man and woman is something that nobody can describe, it is chemistry, respect, honest and trust, do you agree?

I can give a lot to my man. I need your reciprocity. will you give it to me?

Why are you always ignoring me? why don’t you appreciate my attention?

Cute, girl for you must be high, or small or can be middle growth?

Do you like watching a movie like that? in the cinema I want to cuddle up to you, my head on your shoulder!

I think a man and a woman should be for each other as lover, friend and partner.. right?

Cute, belly piercing, do you like it? At us it is accepted to do it simply for beauty))

Which new popular songs do you like? )

Do you often use bad words, honey ?!

Which place do you think is one of the most romantic?

What qualities should your significant other have?

What or who will you take to a desert island?

What’s your best feature?

What made you smile today?

Is there something that you have dreamed of doing for a long time?

What do you like to do when you have free time?

What role do love and relationships play in your life?

Whose initiative to ask for a date should be ?)

Would you like to attend some interesting events with your beloved?

What surprises will you make for your woman?)

What do you choose – a quiet family dinner or a party?

Do you believe that the Internet is a place where serious relationships can start?

Are you looking for happiness?

Do do you believe in virtual love??

Is friendship between a woman and a man possible ??

Сan we go to the adult level?

You are always so quiet ? when do you show your emotions ..mm?

What usually motivates you?

Do you feel like I’m alone in the evenings?

Do you have a secret? Would you have opened it to me on the first date?

What does the perfect date look like for you?

Do you like to go shopping?)

If you had the opportunity to choose your super ability? What was that?)

What do you like most about yourself?)

Would you make me happy?

For whose sake could you risk your life?)

I’ve got an alarm clock that makes the best

What kind of clothes do you like on a woman?

What’s your ideal type of girl?

Do you like girls wgo take the initiate?

Would you bring me coffee to bed?

Maybe every day?

Career or relationships, what do you choose?

Imagine I’m a fairy. what wish you have?)

What do you choose fresh brains or long legs? ))

What qualities are you looking for in a girl?

Could you fall in love with me?

Do your dreams often come true?

How many languages do you know? )

How do you see your life in 10 years? )

Do you like how the world is developing rapidly now? )

I need love, care and understanding. Do you want that too? )

The first date is memorable for a lifetime and should be special. How would we spend our first date? )

Laughter is a wonderful emotion that I love to experience, I want to laugh in life as often as possible and at the same time look adequate) Do you often laugh? )

It’s important to me that you show me what awaits me when we get closer 🙂

What do you think about me? be honest))

For a year, you must wear a T-shirt with one word on it. Which word would you pick?

Do ypu live alone? can you do dmestic things?

Hi! can we talk a little?

Describe me in three words …

How can I get your attention? lol

How do you imagine a romantic evening with me?Are you romantic?

Let’s make a date right now ??? Mmmm

Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason.

I love the way you make me feel.

I am not good at directions, and I need you to help me. Do you mind telling me where the shortest way to your heart is? Because I really want to get there fast and stay there forever.

Any plans after work? I might just have a little idea up my sleeve that I’m sure you’d like…a lot.

Do you like to sometimes remember the past, watch photos and videos of the past?

What ways do you know to cheer yourself up? )

Do you like traveling? what interesting places in the country or the world have you visited? )

What clothes fits you more?

My general mistake in life is being honest with everyone. How do you think, could it get me in trouble?

I have a lot of experience with learning English. Do you think I should learn one more foreign language?

What are you searching? Im here

Do you like to watch extreme sports on TV?

You’re silent again…why??

You probably just shy man?

What’s your favorite plant? )

I want to take your hand and go to build our happy family future)

Do you miss the past? )

Want to know why the site recommends you?

Do you rank girls according to some kind of rating?

Do you like sweets?))) I can make you a cake))

How do I differ from other women on the site?

What cars do you like more, sports or ordinary?))

What are you dreaming about now?

What kind of flower do you think I look like?)

What is your favorite season?

Helped the girl when the heel broke?

Do you have a woman now?

When you was little boy with who you like to play more ? girls or boys?

Have you been on a date this year?

What is the most attractive accent ??

I’m here just recently, what kind of girl are you looking for?

Do you need to relax after hard work ?

Do you have the mood for the game right now ?

I want to tell you that I have something that another woman does not have, do you want to know what it is ?

My heart tells me that we need to get to know each other better and build a joint future if we fit each other)

Have you ever wrote a poem for your love?

Do you think what to dress on a date?

And what do you need for happiness?

Come to me and make me happy !

Look for someone real and sincere ?

Are you alone?

Hey. How is your mood ? mmm

Do you like ukrainian girls? Lets talk?)

How do you like to spend your time?

Do you like it when a girl sends you her photos?

Can I be the woman of your heart?

How often do you have to let the “steam”?

What are you afraid of in a relationship …. judgment?

How the game going?

Is your first love the best?

I am you I am in the chosen ones? so why don’t you write to me?

I dream of a man like you, you know why?

Do you like my exotic beauty?)

Dreams tend to come true

Were you an obedient child? )

What place impressed you the most and with what? )

Did your school knowledge help you in adulthood? )

Who is your favorite superhero? )

Do you remember your childhood well or have many things already been forgotten? )

We start encouraging people to get vaccinated, and I don’t know if it’s worth doing (

I will be very grateful to you)

Are you romantic? do you give flowers to your woman and say complements?

Where do you dream to go vacation with me?)

Do you like to exchange pics?)))

What do you prefer to wear when you are alone at home?

Do you want me to tell you a little about myself! And will I show you?

Show me your mood now! I want you to be as sincere and open as possible with me now!

Dear, I would love to share my feelings with you now!

What should woman do for her man every day?

Do you want to know how to make every woman happy?

What qualities does a real woman have?

Do you think I can become that person for you? ))

Who knows you best on Earth?

Such a pure happiness, so easy, but we both don’t have it

Give me a chance to make you happy?))

How do you like to spend your free time?

Do you like one part of the world/country best?

Is that true ??? “happy relationship -happy life”))!??

Are your searches going well??? my not..(((((

I want to cook breakfast in the morning, accompany my beloved man to work

How often do you have a dream? What do you feel then when you Wake up??

In life you have a girlfriend or you want to find her here?

The only one who will give me incredible love, a man who will turn my head up with his continuous love … Are you ready to give yourself to a woman like me?

You want me to get a visit to you??

Dear you near with computer or away? Why silent?

Will you be mine?

Do you feel alone?? I will change this be sure)

I like strong men)) Can you conquer me))?

I want to make something special for you) Do you want to know what)?

Tell me something good?

Can you be mine?

Are you ready to try my?

Who are you thankful for everything you have?

If You Want To Know Where Your Heart Is , Look Where Is Your Mind Goes When it Wanders … Do You Agree?)))

Do you have a good sense of humor? What is always able to make you laugh?

How do you feel about “under the moon” walks? I think it’s so romantic).

Would you come to the movie theater in one robe? Ha-ha, just kidding)) Do you like to visit cinemas?

Honey, do you want to see amazing things?

Just relax and feel what your heart says

I’m probably making you nervous …

But be careful, the amount of sweets in me is off the charts))

In the morning – tea, coffee or me?)

I would like to know your preferences

Here she is in front of you!

What do you do best? What are you strong at?

How patient are you?

How often do you remember your dreams?

How old is your pet?

How often do you go on vacation?

How much water do you drink per day?

How much time should couples spend together?

How many speeding tickets have you received?

Are you a jealous person?

Are you a fan of dragons?

Time without you stretches like an eternity, why is this happening, you do not know?

I would really like to continue our acquaintance) Where are you?

Hi)how is your search here?

Squid game. Have you watched the series?

Candid girls for you?

What in a person attracts you and what repels you?

Would you like to ride an elephant?

Do you believe in talismans that bring good luck?

What was the last book you read?

How was your day?

Are you one of those people who set many alarms every 5 minutes to get some more sleep, or is one alarm clock enough for you to get up without any problems? )

Let’s change each other’s lives for the better? )

I’m so happy now.

Brunettes or blondes? What kind of girls do you like?

Do you like athletic girls?

Would you like to hypnotize me?

Do you think it’s normal if a girl takes the first step?

Do you want to come to me and stay and live in my apartment?

Do you want to be with a woman who will love you ?

I like to have fun and have a buzz from life , and how do you like to relax ?

Can you see me

I like) how I look now) do you like it?

When u felt most broken in your life, honey ?

Which epoch of the centuries you living through you felt most like home?

What kind of relationship do you need for happiness

I think we are probably quite compatible.

Can you make me happy?

Happy evening , What do you like most about me?

The most painful, most painful question coming from the depths of heart is this: where can I feel at home? Maybe next to you?

At night all reflexes become sharper and desires are unbearable, do you agree?

I hope you like women like me , do you understand what I’m asking ?

Hi, I just realized how much I missed affection in my life

Do you like how I look now?

Rough or sensual?

Hello, I still want to be happy

Hi, I so want real, endless love

Do you feel you can go crazy from me?))

What clothes did you dream about today?

When you are alone and so bored , would you like to go to the concert with me for relaxing ourselves ?

I invite you to eat, I make all the dishes.

Have you always helped people? How many people have you helped in your life?

How well do you sleep in hotel rooms?

What is your perfect evening??

Are you lonely?

So what do you think?

Do you think I am too old for you? Or maybe not beautiful enough?

Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?

English or French?

Do you belive that you can find love in internet?

I am new here and alredy tired of fake men. but i know, you are special!

Do you wanna discover my beauty whole?

Can you tell me you already want a serious woman? !

You do not interesting in me?

How to about date soon?

Are you ready to develop relationships?

Did you always have a pleasant acquaintance with the girl’s parents? ))

No beautiful words from you today (((??


You are not in talking mood dear?

Would you like to fly without the aid of any apparatus?

How is your day in general?

How is life?)

Are you a night owl?

I wanna be your girl.

Do you have a lot of love that needs to be shared ???)))

Do you want to open my whole soul completely ??)))

What’s the most essential part of any relations?

I’m embarrassed to ask, but I want to ask right now, will you answer honestly ???

Do you want to see me?” What do I need to do?)

“Charming gentleman” is this phrase about you?

My legs are so tired now … can you tone them back?)

Do you want to wake up and see your beloved’s face painted in the morning, or are you not afraid to meet her natural look?

I was told you were looking for me …

Hello dear. Everything happens for a reason – do you think we will be able to meet you?

Do you have time for communication?

Sometimes want romance. do you love romance???

So, if you are not playing games, you think about our meeting?

Will you let me get to know you better?

Do you want me to come to you and we started our journey?

How are you, the joy of my heart, have you forgotten about me that you are not writing? )

Would you like to change anything in your life?

To get to know each other better and get something real, we need to start communicating, right? Or do I not understand something??

Can I be your candy?))

Sweetie) I would like to know your todays wish)

What would you like we do together sweetie?)

I want feel taste of your love))

I give everything for your smile 🙂 can you show me now..? ))

if you had opportunity choose any girl from this site it would be me, baby?

Do you like? Give me your attention please?

Lets talk?) I want to win your heart?

Do you like me ? I want to know you …

What style of clothing do you prefer? )

How do you like to start your morning so that you can enjoy it?

What did you do early this morning?

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator, and if so, what did you do alone?

Have you ever visited a toy store?

Is there something you’ve wanted to tell me for a long time, but couldn’t?

What is your favorite color, shade?

What Mandatory Rule Would You Like To Add For All Internet Users?

Are you still alone?? let me steal your loneliness

Could you brighten up my evening tonight?

If you met me for a walk in the park, would you come up to me?)

You are ready?

Would you like me to surprise you?))) I have something for you

Can you make the girl happy?)

You are everything to me, let’s try to talk. I would like to spend every minute of my life with you.

What makes you happy ? me ?

Choosing your person is like choosing a book; You might be attracted by a well thought out cover, but if the content of the book is not impressive, it will be difficult to finish reading it

Being close is not only straightening each other’s blankets, but also straightening the inner world when it is out of order …

I am sure that our thoughts and our feelings for each other will shorten this distance!

Would you like a cute picture with me?

What’s an interesting fact about you that most people around you don’t know???

What was the best decision you ever made?

What do you think of me?

Let’s become friendly

Cheer you up?

Are you still looking for a girl? do you like my photos? are you attracted to my figure

For what qualities you can fall in love with a girl?

Your suggestions?)

What will we do next?)

..It would be very nice of you!) Meow)

Do you like apple pie

It’s great that we have a possibility to know each other on distance and I believe that our communication can to lead us to happy union. Of course it would be better if you be closer to me, but love have no borders and I am ready for a real meeting.


I think you have a lot of hidden desires, share them with me))

Would you like to share your evening with me?

Your queen is waiting for you!

Eeehhh today i have so great mood and i want to share with you now))) u dont mind?

I can be precisely what you need baby, wanna check?

Hello did you free for me now ?

How do you express anger toward another person?

Do you want to spend time with me ?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hello, what do you think our souls are from – yours and mine, are they the same?

What are you doing?

What disappointed you the most in the relationship?

What do you expect from your future friend?

What are you ready for a relationship?

Can you tell me more about yourself? I will be happy to know

I came across your profile, and now I am haunted by one question …

I want to try life with you

Are you a sociable person in life, or do you prefer less talk and more action? )

Do I look like the magic princess from your dreams? )

Do you have fantasies related to me?

I’m dreaming about our date mmmmmmm and you?

Do you live alone?

How many people do you have willing to support you?

Do you trust people and do they reciprocate?

I have a plan to know you closer and hope you will not ruin it?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What would your ideal life look like?

What have you not tried in your life but would like to? )

Are you in the mood for some fun today, dear?

Do you like my glam look, dear?

You know what’s good about having a young wife?

You ok today ok?

Do you think a woman must answer the question, what kind And how many men were there in the past? Is it better to leave the man in the dark, deceive him or honestly tell everything?

Do you think that soon the borders will weaken or everything goes to the fact that, the countries will be closed for a long time?? and we should hurry up if we want to unite and build a happy future together?

If I said that I have extra ticket to travel to space, would you fly with me? 😉

Whose voice is the most pleasing to you?

What do you prefer: living the same day for a whole year or losing a year of your life?

Do you well remember your last trip?

Do you need rest, are you tired of work, want to finally get a good night’s sleep?

You like girls of Slavic appearance, or Asian?

What you are attracted to girls from Ukraine?

I want you to know that I can open my whole secret world

How often have you received obscene offers?

I will be your snow queen who needs to melt the heart and be in warm

Or maybe you are thinking about something? you can tell me don’t be afraid

Do you have questions for me?

Of course I’m not jealous, dear. I know you would not want to be with someone other than me-))

Your perfect meeting a girl… what’s it like?

Don’t be indifferent and give me a little of your time

This offer is limited and applies only to you

And what kind of photo variation are you more interested in?

If you are interested, just answer me “yes” and I will know that you do not mind

Please see my photos and rate which one is better?

I want to be your gold fish

Do you have such strong and gentle hands at the same time?

So few hugs, I want more warmth

I want to make my desires come true

What do you think is your best quality?

What do you think is your worst flaw?

How do you remember high school? Was it a good experience or something you wish you could forget?

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Do you believe that it exists?

Do u consider urself a happy person?)) Do u consider urself lucky?))

What attracts you in me? could you share your thoughts?

Hello ,Are you a conflicted person or are you trying to solve everything peacefully, in a calm conversation?

Do you like it when music plays in the BATHROOM?)

Do you like to make breakfasts for your beloved woman ?)

Have you found a woman here or are you still single ?

This is me, always with you. I took with me a lot of positive and humor. Share with you?

Are mountains and rivers the most interesting in nature for you?

Hello)) I wink at you

Maybe we’d better talk like adults? )

Do you want another question? How are you? ))

And when will the messages be ??? )))

Let’s at least say hello for decency)

Do you watch the news when we’re already there to read minds and not to type? ))

Let’s chat, or have you already found the love of your life?

Are all my questions bad, you know the question better, which one? ))

Are you used to women taking the first step?

Is the bathroom door always closed in your house?

Do you often like your girlfriend’s interests?

What have you done in love that you will never do again?

I am glad to see you in good health.How did you spend your weekend?

I’m tired. I want sweets and handles …

My world will turn upside down if you answer me!

And overcoming shyness is not so difficult. It turns out that you just need to write the first message.

Do you mind if I wish you good dreams?

Hello. I hope we can get to know each other?

Do you often look in the mirror, is it important to you what people think of you? )

Do you have toys at home?)

Did you ever miss your plane?

What do you want for breakfast – if I make it for you?

I believe we one day will talk the language of love – and do many things

Would you like to see my dance, smile, laugh and open my eyes in the morning?

What makes you feel goosebumps?

Is it possible to fall in love with a person you have never meet?

What do you pay attention to when meeting a girl?

Honey, what woman will you never be with?

What lesson did you learn from your past relationship?

What are your plans for a relationship?

What character traits do you want in your future wife and which do you categorically dislike?

Please do not hurt me, I want happiness and not suffering. I think you are a good person and we can build a great relationship.

Let’s talk, I want an interesting conversation with you) are you very busy? ))

Have you ever slept in a tent in the forest at night? )

What beautiful places have you visited?

When do you want to come to me?)

Why do you not like me..? I try to talk to you so much

Do you like it in the evening or morning more?)

I’m in a very playful mood, don’t miss this chance))

I really like situations where everyone expresses a desire

I would like to spend such time together with you. How to you this idea?

Can I be a woman you search for here?? seems no luck for me(( what is wrong with me?

I have a chance? Maybe I am not a model, but at least I am honest down-to-eatrth girl.

Have you ever met any woman from this site in person?

Hey hey)) look who is so sweet here)

Can you curl your tongue?

What kind of relationship do you want with a girl?

Do you like to be in love?

What happened during this time in your life, are there any changes? )

What would you do if you could change your gender for one day?

What did you do for the first time lately?

What amuses you?

How often do you go outside to get some fresh air?

Do you like the sunlight?

What does it do when I really want to eat a candy at night ? and I can’t get better , I’ll be fat ((

Tell me about what other girl say to you? I’m interested to hear it.

A lot of girls write to you here?

What are your favorite ways of spending time with woman?

How did you spend this summer, how do you remember it? )

What can you not write here and are ready to say in life?

Are you ready to put your life on hold and wait for me? I will be fast

Are you here? Will you ever find time for yourself and me?

Are you ready to marry me?)

Are you free for the rest of your life?)

What do you need to be happy?))

A woman looks like a luxurious flower)) what do you think, what flower do I look like?))

Oh, I’m so tense I’m going to explode!))

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

It’s not that big of a difference between us. Maybe we will suddenly find out that happiness is not at the age? )

What’s your biggest fantasy or dream? ))

How can I call you in a sweet way? mm and in bееееd?

I was cheated and it hurts, have you ever experienced this feeling? ((

At the kitchen table we can be happy

Dialogue between a man and a woman brings souls closer together. Do you agree with that?

Can you name at least 3 shortcomings of the girl that you are not ready to put up with?

Maybe we can implement them together?

Do you want to know about my wishes?

Do you want to fall in love as you did when you were young?

Do you know which three words i wanna hear from you honey?))

Kitty, will you be my true love?))

Can i steal a little your time on that happy day?))

Do you know what I want now ?

Hi! I’m really curious… Are you busy, dear?… or maybe you are on a date with someone and you will not confess??;)

Hello! How long do you exchange messages with a girl before meeting her in person?

Can I show you something?

Would you like to see my magic?)

Baby, could you save me from loneliness?

Are you easily falling in love? ))

What’s your relationship with your ex-girlfriends?

How many foreign countries have you been to? would you like to visit my city?

Dear, you can give me his warmth and care?

What impression do you have after communicating with women here?

In General, how was your summer? there is something to remember?

Looking at my photos, you think I’m a pretty girl?

Your family or loved ones know what you’re trying to find a girl from Ukraine? how do they react?

I want to meet real man…

Will you teach me?

Do you usually stay friends with your exes?

Define love in 5 words.

What was the happiest moment in your life?

Would you rather go skiing in winter or summer on the beach?

What makes you special and unique?

What is the most interesting city you have ever visited?

Hi, if you are looking for a good girl, you need to write to me …)

I`m glad to see you

Would you like to be in a game show or a star in a soap opera?

Would you like to be the known film star or member of favourite popular musical group?

What would you like to tell me about yourself so we can get to know each other better?

Do you remember me? Is there a place in your heart for me and my feelings?

I’m going to fall in love. Are you ready?

What your plans for autumn? Lets spend it together?))

How do you see your future?

Do you think i look tempting? if not, let me show you more .. do you agree?

Do you like to meet the sunrise in a special way?

I have any chance with you?

I think now is the right time to start our communication, and what do you think?

You here just for chat or something more… for something more realistic ?

I would like a man like you ….!

Would you like me to cook breakfast for you in the morning?)))

Do you like brunettes like me?

Are you admirer of pets?)

Can i be your princess?)))

This print will make your heart go much more often))))

Are u naughty boy??

Will you take my hand to make our hearts beat faster?

Hello, my beautiful man))) For me now is the day, but for you? What do you like to do at this time?

I want to be a little bird in the arms of a strong, brave man

What keeps you awake in the morning, an alarm clock, exercise, tea, coffee? )

Are you looking for a gentle girl? It’s me!

Do you like new experiments in love?

I want to love and to be loved and you?

Dear, can I become a rose beside you?

What do you think when you look at my photo?

Do you like to watch or are you a man of action?

I have a great mood today, do you want me to raise yours? :))))))

I will steal your heart)))) haha))

Maybe I am just so a girl who is worthy of a man like you?

lf you had three wishes,what would they be?

Wanna have some fun?

I can give you the vivid emotions, you want to?

I am bored… Can You entertain me?

You generous man?

Can i make your day better?)

Can you keep a lonely girl company?

What do you do when you like a girl?

What do you do when you’re lonely at night?

Do you want me to be your faithful and loving wife?

Hi, how’s it going? I want to share with you a funny story from my life, which my mother told me. One of my relatives always on principle does not put down the phone at the end of a conversation and continues to listen further. And since he works in business, he often learns a lot of interesting things about himself and his work. Sometimes such a nightingale droppings poured on his head – Mama, do not grieve! I even got into this situation once: after I finished talking to him on the phone, I started talking to my wife about him… Do you usually hang up right away when the conversation is over, or do you wait until the other side does? ))

Hi) I want to share with you a piece of my life, namely an interesting story. As a student, I had a neighbor in the hostel who was very walking. And now she has a new “boyfriend”. It turned out that he was married, and while his wife was giving birth, he was drinking with friends in his apartment with my neighbor. The neighbor fell in love, and he sang songs to her about how he did not love his wife. He said he would quit as soon as she arrived from the hospital. The hospital asked her relatives to donate blood for her, and my neighbor ran to donate. Blood for her boyfriend’s wife. They did not take blood, it turned out that she had gonorrhea … Can you imagine what you think about it? )) Has anything like this happened in your life? I want trust between us, so that nothing will destroy our relationship that is under construction.

How do you feel about politics in your country, do you like the way the country is run?

What exactly do you like more in a girl?)) Beautiful eyes?)

Baby, are you looking on me???? LIKE????????

Are you very hungry ?

Could we have a serious relationship?

Will you be my life ?

Will you be my king dear?


Do I have beautiful eyes dear?))) Look … I’m waiting for you in the chat dear !!))

Hi) Do you see me?

Hi!!!)) I want to tell you, about the man who is my hero. My hero is my grandfather. Not the horrors of war, not the change of political regimes, not hunger made him my idol, but his way of life. For as long as I can remember, he used to wake up, drink tea with apparent pleasure, get on his bicycle and go to the town of Lisy Nos to work at the airfield. He had his own wagon there, with bunks, a kettle and a four-string banjo, where the aviation technicians would spend their evenings playing jazz and talking about life. I dream of being like him in my old age – the kindest man in the world just because he’s happy. Do you have someone you want to look up to and be like?

Hi)) I have a story from a young age, I wanted to share with you. My friend and I were about 15 years old, we were walking in a strange yard, a drunk man came up, gave him 10 thousand rubles and asked to buy him a phone, because he was broken, and he himself was too drunk to go. Well, we went, bought it, returned the change, he offered us resources for it, they refused. It turned out that his phone just ran out of battery, and he decided to buy a new one. Do you think this story is very strange or normal? You are a kind person, would you mind if I were in my place? I want my man to be with a big kind heart, able to help other people in difficult times.

Do you want me to tell you by your eyes?

Are you for marriage here or for fun?)

How many real friends do you have?

Do you like to travel?


Baby, are you looking on me????? LIKE?????????????

Darling, can you help me fight loneliness?

Happiness is…? what is it for you?

Do not be shy, because I am waiting for you. Come in!

Are you good at making new friends?

Hi. I remembered one story, I want to tell you before I forget)). When I began to grow up and began to walk at night, I noticed that on the way to my house late at night, the grass was moving parallel to me, as if someone was running alongside me. I thought it was an animal, but this went on for 5 years almost every time I went home in the middle of the night. And once she was in a bad mood, and again this thing “walked” next to me. It pissed me off, and I said: “Fuck off already, tired!” At that moment, everything stopped and never happened again. I can’t imagine what it could have been. Do you believe in such strange or paranormal phenomena? I wish my man could protect me from danger. If you were by my side, would you comfort me dear?

Hi. I need your help, dear. From time to time I have the same dream, as a huge wave is approaching me. Such a tsunami from a disaster movie. It’s always very scary. I’m trying to run or grab onto something, like a tree … It seems that it will pass, but I will remain intact, in an embrace with the trunk. Recently I learned from my mother that at the age of 2-3 years we were vacationing in the Crimea. I am on the beach in the sand, my mother was sunbathing nearby, and then, she says, such an eerie silence came. It turns, and a big wave is coming at us. Subconscious, damn it …. I think if you were next to me, then I would not have bad dreams, but only pleasant ones. Could you calm me down if I wake up my daughter from a bad dream? What would you do to calm me down?

I do not like to travel alone. Would you take a trip with me?

Dear, today I realized that summer is coming to an end .. it’s kind of sad from these thoughts

What places have you been to you would like to show me how they are special for you? )

Guess what color my outfit is and I will show it to you))

What if we have extraordinary chemistry but you don’t take the plunge and don’t write to me to find out? Would you like to try it?

Ok, look at me) you’ve never seen a woman like me!!

Where are you, honey?

Have you had covid? How did you feel?

I have a desire to see you, corona will not let me do it?

Tell me about your desires))))

Hi. I really need your advice. I’m terribly annoyed by my neighbor. He looks like a nice person, but he loves to drink on weekends. I have already come to terms with loud music and karaoke, but closer to the morning he starts yelling in an inhuman voice. The sound “ah-ah” just screams, as if the devils are frying him in a frying pan. When I meet him sober, he doesn’t remember anything. The policeman does not react. Apparently, the exorcist will have to be summoned soon. What is the best way to proceed in this situation? If you were there, would you save me from him? It seems to me that you are a brave person and will give me an offense.

Hi)) I want to tell you a funny story that happened to my grandmother. My grandmother lives in a private house. This summer, thieves climbed up to her at night, climbed over the fence and fell into a cart standing there. There was a terrible roar, they got scared and ran away while grandmother went out into the yard. An expensive stolen phone was left in the yard. We found the owners and gave them to them. We still laugh. I just thought, if a robber got into our house with you, how would you protect us, did you think about it? I want to feel safe with my beloved. I think you know how to deal with uninvited guests, am I right? )

Is your new day usually very different from the previous day, or does nothing change? )

What can I do for you to help you fulfill your dreams?

Do you want me to wear the high heels to the date with you?

Tell me about your desires))))

What is the most unusual piece of decor you’ve seen in someone else’s house?

How are you? Can I talk to you?

How about talking with a beautiful girl?

I don’t know if you know this, but you look a lot like my next boyfriend

Are you afraid of starting a relationship with me?

May i ask, if we marry, will your family against me?

My ex thought that the world revolves around him. What is your story?

How are you still single? We should to fix it immediately! Waiting for you in the chat…

Do you like the sporty girls?

Would you like to have the adventure with me?

Do you agree that people should have weapon in every house?

Did you ever feel a fit of pique because of the first date?

What was the main reason of parting with your ex?

Is there anything that could bespeaks that you are a good man?

What you prefer strolls or hikes with me?)

Hi! You have interesting name. What does it mean?

What are you proud of in your life and what do you consider to be your greatest achievements?

What do you like to fantasize and imagine?

What happened to you yesterday?

What’s your recipe for happiness? Do you have such?

Do you dream of warm evenings in the family circle?

Life can be more interesting than a movie! do you want to check out this with me?

Do you know that one girl became interested in you? This girl is me!

This day can be the best in your life! just write to me!

What thing in your life you want to amend first of all?

I feel that our life will soon change in the better way! Do you want this?

I take everything close to my heart, that is why I am always careful with the words I say

Which part will you look at me in our first date?

I am writing my memories, do you want to be part of them?

How long have you been on this site?

Do you like emotions or do you like when everything is calm?

How are you doing this lonely evening? (

Has your boss always been angry with you? (

I can tell you the truth about me …

Are you good at driving, honey?

Hi there) are you busy?)

Why do you think there are more divorces and fewer weddings in today’s world?

Have you changed much with age in your character? )

Can I be your Slavic mermaid?))

How you want we have fun together?))

Would you like we be together?)

What are you doing today sweetie?)))

What do you think I want now?)

What would you like we do together today?)

Darling, how are you today?) Hope you free?)

Don’t you like me? I want you to know I’m waiting for your message

Can you help me to fulfill my dreams and make my desires come true? None of my men did it…

Is your heart free for true love?

What in your life do you feel most grateful for?

Hello dear! Will you allow me to give you the brightest and most colorful emotions?

In which age did you have your first love?

Tell me if you think you will be a good partner for me )) I want to know your point of view.

Sweetheart, do you like it when a girl cooks food ?

How do you usually manage to cope with stress in a day, or do you just not want to take everything to heart?

What wakes you up really well in the morning ?

May i ask you smth?

Are we going to get to know each other again, or did my age scare you? ))

Can you give me advice ???)

Baby do you like solving puzzles? Can I be your mystery?

Do you also love tenderness and love? You miss that too, right?

Would you go on a picnic with me? Just me and you? Just the two of us !?

My dear, would you like to share this evening with me?

Good! What can I do to make you notice me?

Are you ready to have a good time, baby?

And so, I’m ready … ready for the most unpredictable dialogue … and you?

What habits you can’t accept in a woman?

I love silence because it helps me focus and lets a new stream of thoughts and ideas into my head. What do you like about silence? )

Do you like the thrill?

I need a man who will inspire me and make my eyes shine

What character traits do you value most in girls, and what do you dislike most ???))

You will be surprised when you find out at what age I first tried it …

After that terrible night, I am terrified of dogs …

A woman is a reflection of a man’s actions, did you know that ??


Do you want to fall in love for real and for life ???))

How do you feel about a relationship without commitment?

Do you observe all the traditions and holidays in the country? )

Rules are rules, but I always follow my heart. Let’s do it together?

Women want to be rescued. So don’t hesitate. I’m drowning in a river of loneliness.

Do you know me already?

Guess what I’m doing now)

Stop staring at other girls ! i am much better than them) I am real) want to see me?

I will make you feel happy!

I’m not attracted to you as a woman?

Do you even post messages here?

Don’t you like to write first?

Let’s talk, are you busy?

What are your top three priorities?

How many of your friends would you trust with your life?

Honey, what do you expect from a woman at the beginning of a relationship ???))))

Can u be my inspiration ?

Do you like me as a friend or something more?

How often your friends trynna find a girl for u ?

Do you want to be with me all your life ?)

Did you like your ex-wife’s food or did she cook badly?

Do you agree to be mine forever?

Do you appreciate the natural beauty in a woman’s face and figure??

Have you ever get coffee in bed?

Where do you want to go with me?

Mmm, let’s have a chat ? I’m waiting for you

What do you like to do for fun?

Can you invite me for a date?

Does it feel amazing to have attention of so many women ?

May I get to know you better?

Do you feel like our life is black-white striped?


Do you like my eyes?)

Сan I be your honey?

Nice to see you)

Do you like brave women?

Are you ready to be with me today?

Do you think I’m pretty?))

How are you dear?still awake?

All our limitations are in our head, right??

Are you still silent? what is the power of your silence so that you can learn more about me?

What are you doing when choosing a lady of the heart?

Honey, do you know what I feel when I see you?

You are in my thought today! why?))

You waiting for me?))

Do you like to dance with good mood? 🙂

Do you like my pictures?

Is this a good time for us?

Have you been in Ukraine?

Do you do any sports?

Does age matter for you?

Do you like my profile?

What are you going to do today?

What happened to you yesterday?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of life! what is the meaning of your life?

Listen, why are you alone? my handsome)

Is it important for you that your wife cooks well??

What will you do if you will see me everyday?

Did you attend any coteries when you was younger?

I am sure that you will be completely lighthearted when we’ll start relationship

Did you ever dreamed that bevy of female admirers chasing you?

When we`ll be together will you have enough time for me?

You probably don’t notice me??

I think that Ukraine will be able to show you true love! do you agree?

How do you feel about Ukrainian women???

What’s in your head??? is there a woman who promises you happiness??

Are you going to keep winking or are you going to answer me?

I want you to be my husband and best friend. all rolled into one. is everyone looking for this in their partner?

I think you have the time and the mood to get to know me more, right??

What does it mean for you to fall in love?

Who prevents you from answering me? Do I look bad?

Do you have a nice day?

What would a woman be good or bad for him, what would a man admire her and she would fascinate him ?

So what will you do with my message ???? If you answer it, it means that we will be together forever !!!!!

My smile is enough for you to pay attention to me?

Would you like i will be your golden fish baby?))

Honey what’s your main desire here? mm?

Yesterday I went fishing with friends, this is the first fishing at my age because I once went with my parents.When I was little, I caught 5 kg of crucian carp yesterday. a week for the weekend to go fishing with friends I think this is great What do you think so maybe you can advise me some kind of fishing rod or spinning rod which is better to buy for catching crucian carp

You love having fun or living a boring life?

They say covid makes people more stupid? I am scared….how many stupid people are there in the world now???

I can not smell garlic, do you think it is covid????

I have a desire to see you, corona will not let me do it?

May I be the one to make you happy?

What do you want at the moment?)

A special woman for you, what should she be?

Are you by any chance the handsome guy on the cover of my favorite magazine ?? I think you look a lot like him !!

Tell me the history of your city or street ?? since our streets are named after great people

Where are you?? I so hope that you are the only one who understands me here … and will not offend …

Do you think I was born a freak on purpose ???

Can I send a special photo for you?

Can you play my favourite melody, please?

Is it better to listen to the brain or the heart?

I have prepared an unexpected surprise for you and I want to present it to you when we meet !

Today I went for a walk in the forest for a couple of hours..

Do you like when girls are plastic ??

I have a bright appearance, but I am still here. Why do you think I didn’t find my love at home?

I very much get used to the fact that you will not accept me and I will be left alone again ((((

How is your country doing now? What would you do if we met by chance? Well, how do you look after?

I want to confess to you that the more I watch you, the more I understand that I like you and I start to fall in love with you

What does your dream day look like?

How jealous are you? Do you consider jealousy a necessary part of a relationship, or is it a sign of mistrust?

How would you characterize your ideal weekend?

Do you want me to open up to you? Then let’s just start chatting.

I’m in a great mood right now, and you?

Makeup or not?

Do you already have a woman?? are you true to your choice?

Too scary for you or why are you silent?

What do you think is the best part of a romantic relationship?

What do you see in me??? do you want to get married or just friendship?

What qualities of a girl do you consider the most important?

Can I ask you something??

Do I have those necessary traits for your girlfriend?

Have you ever beaten your girlfriend? it is not right…

Do you allow your girl to go to the night club?

Are borders open to fly to your country?

I have gift for you…..do you wanna know which one?

What do you want from life? name 1 thing!

You’re lonely, I’m lonely, why aren’t we still together?

Fear?doubts?or something else makes you silent?

If I were with you right now, what would we do?

I wonder what our first date will look like, are you interested?

How would you like to spend the weekend with me?

Darling, do you want to try a new happy cozy life with me?

Honey, I am without you like a flower without a caring gardener!

Would you give your wife the opportunity to develop and grow?

I am waiting for you for …. you will see for what !!!

Good day, Sweetheart!! Would you like to find a beautiful place to get lost together??

Do you want to have a nice time with me?

Is your heart for just only one woman?

What do you know about Ukrainian beautiful girls, dear ?!

A man without a beautiful bride is like a Ferrari with an empty tank, are you ready to refuel?

Look at me! What do you think about me?

I’m just a normal girl. I’m not a model. do you want to get to know me better?

I’m interested in you as a man. are you interested in me as a woman?

Are you ready for a friendship or relationship? what do you want with me?

Am I your type of girl?

Hi dear. tell me, what is your mood now?))

I appreciate a man for his words and his actions. I hope you’re the man I’m looking for?

What kind of girl do you see your future with?

Honey, what kind of girl are you looking for? what’s your type?

Is your heart still free? what kind of girl can win him over?

Dear baby? I’m lost in your eyes, and you?

How do you like this dress of mine?

I’m bored and lonely. I don’t like to be alone. I need company. Would you like to join to me?

You do not mind that I am writing to you?

How’s your life going? I hope you are well 🙂

I won’t take a lot of your time, I promise…

Having a good day I hope?

How much llove can I expect from you in a day dear? )


Do you want to ask me a question ??

I allowed myself to believe that everything will change) And you?)

You know, I would have loved to be near you, to walk hand in hand in a beautiful park or on the shores of a lake, whispering romantic words to each other’s ears and having a candlelight dinner watching the sunset. I hope that this dream will come true soon.

I want to have in my thoughts you every second

Do you get lots of messages from Russian and Ukrainian models?)

What else could I do for you my man?

Hello dear! how is your mood? Wanna bet mine is brighter?

What kind of fruits you like the most? papaya?))

Tell me what you think of me when you look at meMy dear, how about a candlelit dinner?Looking at my photo, what do you think now?JUST DO NOT HURT ME CAUSE I KNOW HOW IT FEELS….please

Do you think you can love anyone, you just need different timing?

What qualities do you not accept in your other half?

What do you want from me at this time?

I can’t flatter at all, but I just can’t not say how I feel.

I would like to know everything about you and a little bit more!

I didn’t think my deepest wish would come true so soon.

Saw what is happening in Europe?

Why do you think this is happening?

What would you like to show me ?!)

I have something for you! …

I don’t have a very important part of my life – my favorite one. is your heart free for me and my love?

Do you have a pencil?

Because I want to erase your past and write our future. do you mind?For me appearance is not important, for me chemistry is important.

What is important?I’d like to build a relationship with you. are you ready to try it with me?

What interests you most about a girl? is there a feature?

As you think….. do we have the right combination?I want to talk to you and get closer to you.

I’m a single girl. what do you think of me?I am attentive, caring and loyal in relationships.

Do I look like your potential girlfriend?I like my appearance. and a real man will appreciate natural beauty and not selikon. right?

Do you think romantics are born or made? )

Is the joy of the results stronger than your fatigue? )

So what time do we start the dialogue? ))

Are your work things going up?How are you, can we talk about us? )

How are you, can we talk about the future? )

More often than not, I get that what I imagine in my head is not what happens in reality.

Why does this happen?

My soul is full of love, how can I share it with you?

How do we build a strong relationship?

How’s it going, is everything working out? )

What movie should I watch, please tell me?

How are you, will you talk to me? )

Hi) Let’s talk, about you or me? )

Hi) Don’t be sad, let’s communicate? )

Hi ) Do you feel that love is just around the corner? )

I can fill your life ))

All we need is love….Enjoy every moment….Follow my heart….

You’re so interesting, thoughtful, and cute!

Do you want to plunge into my hugs?

What are you ready for for your beloved?

Do you believe some people are destined to be together?

What makes a person beautiful to you?

What simple change could you make in your life that would have the biggest positive impact?

In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for?

What household chore do you hate doing the most?

What was the best year of your life?

What’s the silliest excuse you ever used to get out of a date?

Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

How much your life coincides with what u imagined it to be ?Come live in my heart

Will you let me change your life?

First date…. where should we start? Romantic dinner… what do you say?

I would like to read all your thoughts to know what you need and what you want! Actually, a good plan to win your heart?

Hi dear. is it hard for you to make a choice of a girl? can I help you with your choice?

I think that girls from Ukraine are the most loyal and beautiful. is that why you decided to look for a girl from Ukraine?

What kind of girl are you looking for? a man should love me for who I am….with my faults and virtues.

How often did you walk in the Park with your ex? do you want to resume these walks with me?

I know it’s hard for a man to hide his reaction to a beautiful woman. how do you react to Me?

Honey, do you want to show me your city? where can I stay?

I really want my loved one to have a kind heart, to be caring and understanding. let’s get to know each other better?

I could have met you anywhere else. I’m not ready to spend a million years here…! let’s go on a date with me?

What lucky encounter changed your life forever?

You will never guess what happened to me today!!!

How do u feel about me ?


Do you think that a fitness trainer like me can alleviate all your sorrows?

Your future wife is here,come on,don’t you want me to be with you?

I am struggling to get your attention and nothing seems to be working, why?

Would you fight for love if you have to?

What is your point of view about mutual understanding in couple? what it depends on in your opinion?

What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

What would you do if you were alone in the whole world?

Can I do anything for you?

Have you ever been in love?

How do you imagine your ideal soul mate?

I want to fulfill any of your wishes …NOW

Let’s have a date, where would you like?

Start the engine, I want to see you in motion ..)

Tired of long search here and endless chats?)

If this was the last day on Earth, what would you do first?

I’m waiting for you

What do you most dream about now? What do you need for complete happiness?

If you need gentle and beautiful princess, so it’s me) Do you need?

What do you need for your happiness?

How often do you think about coming to me?

You look for fun or love?

What flower would you compare me to?

Give me a chance to make you happy

I would be happy to have your attention now.))

I am interested in your innermost secrets.

I need somebody like you in my life

Wanna see my photos???

You’re looking for a hottie like me, aren’t you? 😉

Is there something missing in your life? Maybe me? haha)

I’m home alone…. any ideas what I can do??

What’s the first thing that you do when you get home?

Do you think we have a chance for a happy relationship?!))

Who is smarter than a man or a woman?)))

You here? )) How is your day? Busy?

Here, I am your princess!))) Will you be a prince?

How do you think will your friends and parents accept me or hate because I am young?

What all women want?

Do you like to watch tv?

Will you teach me how drive?

Can I dance for you?

Our future is a mystery, but I’m sure you’ll never get bored with me. Ready give us chance?

A beautiful princess is waiting for her king !!! Don’t make me wait long !!!!!

Hi sweetie!!! Great mood for talking with me ???

How should a good wife meet her husband at home?

Have you ever seen a cat without hair?

How many times can I write to you in the chat so that you would notice me?

Are you a gentle man with your woman, dear?))

What would you like to ask me to do for you?))

I am bored alone at home, mb u wanna chat?

Mmmm what you feel now…. share?))

Can you whisper words of love into my ear?…

Are you a gentle man with your woman, dear?

Do you like when woman looks strict or more feminine? ))

I am here and where you are?

Сan you tell me the truth?

I would love to be part of your life

What do you prefer for dinner?)

How often is your brain on autopilot? Now?)

Are you ready to be catched by me?

Will you teach me to ride the horse?

What do you think will happen if a girl gets socks on?

Hello! If you are looking for a good woman then you just have to write to me 😉

Let give us a chance to find common happiness!! There are no borders for finding true love! I am interested in you.

There is nothing in the world that is more wonderful than love. I want to create a strong relation based on trust, love, respect and mutual understanding. Just so you know that you are always welcome, love and support in any situation.

I am here for only serious relationships! Are you ready? 🙂

Hello, if you are looking for a good girl, you just have to talk to me… 🙂

Good afternoon.)))) how are you? What are you doing now?

Honey, can you describe the girl you’re looking for?

I want to talk to you and get to know you better. What do you say? are you interested?

I’m here to meet a man who doesn’t throw words to the wind. It’s you?? then you are for me!

I need a man, not a rag. if you are looking for a real girl, then answer me.

What type of girls do you like? what is this girl like? Do you see your future with me?

What kind of girl are you looking for? who do you need?

A girl with what appearance will be able to win your heart?

Would you like to have a meeting with me in real life?

Do I have a chance of communication, friendship, relationship with you?

Under what circumstances do you most often lose control of yourself?

In women, do you value assertiveness or tenderness most of all?

I am a woman who loves to enjoy life and is very open, frank, cheerful, playful. I am also very affectionate, romantic but I miss the real man next to me ….. what kind of person are you? What woman do you dream to meet?

What about this summer plans , maybe with me ?)

Do you believe in omens?

I’m in a good mood, should I share with you?)

How do you imagine emotional closeness?

What are your dreams now?))))

What’s your favorite color of dress on a girl? )

What wild animal do I remind you of?

What’s the craziest thing you can do for your beloved?

IS it your busy or lazy day?

I bet that you need me to be your company!;)

Imagine the situation, you and I are in a restaurant I’m in an evening dress with a large neckline and the waiter accidentally turns over a bucket of ice on me, your actions?)))

You like it when a girl has very big ones… eyes))

I spend a lot of time on a yacht, would you like to go on a trip with me?))

What will you do if I will say that I am dreaming to spend this evening together?

Honey Have you ever had relationship with a slavic lady before?

Would you like to have a real date with me?

Is your mood okay today? can we talk now?

I’m waiting for u) Or is my age scaring you?

I want a quiet family life, I want to become a hearth and loving wife) What do U need?

I was in a hike with my family, this is our little tradition – to go to the mountains every year!) Do U have family traditions?

I hope that my photos will make your dreams and you will think about me?

Are you ready to be with a girl like me? you’re a jealous man?

My personality will be of interest to you?

How long do you think a couple should date before getting married?

Are you the moon? Because you shine, even when it’s dark))

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you want to be?

I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true

With whom do you live now?

Could you tell me more about yourself?

Do you want to meet the woman of your dreams?

Let’s spend time together today?

I want to conquer your heart, your soul! you let me closer so I could do this?

You would like to spend time with me?

Have you done anything in the past that bothers you?

DO YOU NEED an excuse TO CHAT?

Dear I am thinking of you now.

Let’s create happiness together?

What do you feel about our future?

Do u like night clubs?

What kind of talks is your fav?

U talk with everyone?

What do you do? how are you doing

Do you like to look at the stars?

If you had to sing karaoke right now, which song would you choose?

Do you like mountains?

Hello little bead

Do you like my appearance?

Would u ever hit a woman? ever done it before?

Do u believe in love with no benefits?

Is there a place for me in your life???

How is your weekend?

Can I be the woman who reveals your dreams?

Do you have secrets you can share?

Can you cheer me UP a little bit now? ? ?

WHY U are so silent?

Do u like women in dresses or jeans?

Do you like the way you taste?

Are you confused by how I look or my age?

Are you attracted to girls only with big forms?

Will you show me how gentle you are?

Do you still have your favorite legs for women?

Have many girls offered you strange things??

After a hard day, what would you choose: a romantic dinner or watching a movie with your lady?

Mmmm… baby!!))) Are you playful now???!)))

Do you like flirting with women?

Do you need me?

What would you tell me if call you up late in night?

Am sending you all my sweet kisses, all my warm embraces, with the hope that you can hear the beat of my heart, it beats for you, despite the huge distance between us now!!

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you today?

Honey, if you write to me, I’ll show you a special photo..want?)

Look at my outfit) Do you like it?

Hello! how are you? can we talk if you not busy?

DO YOU LIKE to do something special FOR YOU loved one?

ARE YOU READY to change for the sake of feelings?

What’s going on WITH YOU, will YOU SHARE it with me?



Are you ready to commit a crazy act?)

If I asked you to put cream on my back on the beach, would you agree?

Come with me for a ride on the gandolla, do you want to?

Have two fruits that you want to try, do you want to see?)))

Which is better? One night with Angelina Jolie or two nights with me?)))

Do you like to break the rules?? I doubt you’d be willing to break that rule with me!

I often hear that a virgin is a dream of any man. Is it really that important?

I’m not home alone right now…. do you want to be third?

I didn’t like it the first time…. but now I do it every day!

Do you know how to treat women well?

What is the best way to make this evening really perfect?

They say that the most important thing in a relationship is physical and spiritual contact! Do you think so too?

Do you like to play bowling? It’s a tricky game that hurts my fingers, but i’ve always wanted to learn …

I wonder if you go to the kitchen at night?))

Do you think about me when we are not together?)

I want to make sure that handsome guys are good conversationalists. Can you help?

Do you know how to compliment girls?))

Hello dear, we can have a nice chat …. join))))

Can’t you see what I’m writing? or are you just ignoring me?!!!

I’m very lonely right now, can you keep me company?

What if you don’t like me when we MEET?) what would you do?

Why don’t you want to write to me? I confessed my feelings to you, opened my heart to you, but you didn’t even answer me. I want to cry…

Dear do you like my natural hair color? do you want me to go with my hair loose?

Can you easily forgive people?

How do you feel about extreme sports?))

I know what I am doing now, yes; I am looking for my true love and asking for your precious love. I believe that I am worthy of your love.

What was the most strange dish that you have ever tried in your life?

Do you believe in destiny?

I want to enjoy you…)

I want to show you what clothes I take off Do you want to see it?

Would you let me rent half of your bed baby …???

I urgently need a romantic evening … Will you help me?)))

I know how to make you happier) Would you like to know my methods?)))

Would you like me to show you the world of happiness?))))

Do you like wet women after shower?)))

Dear, do you like sweets, can you guess where i am swetest?

Do you want to be my man?

Honey, you wanna see me without makeup, mmm? Do you think I look good? Here’s a photo of me! I am without makeup in normal clothes) how do I look?

Would you refuse to see me because I am from RUSSIA?

Do you often break the rules of life?

Are you intrigued by riddles in a woman?

Do you know what you like the most about me? all that i don’t show?

Can you see me ??? Do you want to talk to me????

Are you here??? I have the opportunity to catch you in the chat ???)))

If we had quarrel one day do you know how we will come to peace?

Are YOU brave enough to start a new relationship?

LOOK at me, I need your opinion!

A beautiful princess is waiting for her king!!! Don’t make me wait long!!!!!

Hello dear!!!!!You caught my attention!!! Can we talk?

Turn your life into a PARADISE? How do you like it?)

I WANT to try new TOY with you

What do you expect from your future wife?

Heyy would you like to spent this evening with a beautiful lady? 😉

Hey honey, guess what is on me right now? ))

Do you know what women want?

Now we can?

You think we cant t be couple?

My dark desires can scare away any man… will they scare you away?

If I find a suitable man here, the distance will not be a problem for me, and for you?

What do you like most about me at first glance?

What’s your favorite dessert?

Do you think a woman should be submissive for her man?

If you could only touch me in one place, where would it be?

If you met a genie in a bottle, what three wishes would you make?

Are you a dog or a cat person? Why?

Do you know what my mom forcing me to do for her?Do you believe in pretty angels? What would you do to Me WITH PLEASURE?Let me love you?My dad always said that the most important thing in a girl is her mind, and my mother said that beauty is most important))

What is your favorite summer fruit?

What’s the secret to a happy relationship?

How do you feel about vegetarians?

Should wild animals from zoos be released?

What is the acceptable water temperature for you for swimming in the sea?

How many meals a day are normal for you?

Do you wake up to the sound of an alarm or whenever you want?

What pets have you had or have?

Do you have any problems with cooking?

Are you used to living alone in a house or is it impossible to get used to?

What do you love the most in your field of work?

What do you think I should give my father for his birthday?

Do you know how to satisfy woman in all aspects and give her many pleasures?

Do you need someone who will always take care about you, support you and love you?

Do you need a loving woman or a passionate mistress in your life?

Are you happy person ? If so, can you wish me a little happiness?

Should your woman cook well ? Can you teach me to cook something delicious?

What discovery did you made for yourself in 21 century?

What is your favorite wine ? Red or white ? Which 1 will you advise me?

What if I will be your muse ? Do you need to be more successful in your life?

Can we keep busy our lips and made our tounge dance? Will you love it with me?

Can my gentle touches to your skin relax you a lot? Or you prefer another way to relax?

Should a real man have gold hands and know how to fix everything?

Can you advise me a good hotel in your city? Do you know some?

Are you ready to marry with your beloved in church or it is not important to you?

Can I invite you to a cafe to eat ice cream together? Do you have favorite one?

Can I be your favorite candy in your bed? Do you love sweets?

What if I will start to learn your neck with my lips and tounge? Will you allow me this?

What special should I cook for you for breakfast? What you usually eat for breakfast?

Can I invite you for a date? Do you think should woman ask this man?

What is the best color for my lips, what color do you like?

There is no one to talk to about love. Do you know a lot about relationships?

Which ice cream do you like more cone or chocolate?

Where are you looking when a beautiful girl walks by?

I think I found my love, it’s you. Do you like brave girls?

How is your search for your girlfriend progressing, is there already a result?

What interesting place should I go to this summer, where would you recommend?

How can I find a good man. Maybe you are my betrothed?

I want to find the mature man of my dreams. I want to know, is it you?

My goal is to find a good man. Perhaps you want to become one?

What is the fastest sports car in the world? Maybe yours?

It’s raining so hard today, and I forgot to take my umbrella. Would you share your umbrella with me if you could?

Let’s find common topics of conversation?

I don’t know what to do in the summer. How to spend your vacation interesting?

Do you know how interesting it is to spend the summer so that you have an unforgettable experience?

Do you think there might be love between us? I have no doubt about it, do you?

I want to talk to an interesting, experienced man. Let’s talk?

Do you know how cool you can spend this summer to have something to remember?

What a good day for a heartfelt conversation! Do you agree with me dear?

I don’t know which movie to watch. Please advise me an interesting one from the last ones that you watched?

Is love the happiness I deserve?

What can you say about me by looking into my eyes?

Do you know how to win the heart of a beautiful girl?

If you have a big air conditioner, write to me, handsome. Owners of fans, please do not disturb.

An attractive man and one, I want to fix it. Will you let me?

It’s such awful weather outside, heavy rain, but for some reason I like it. What kind of weather do you like?

Well wow, finally a decent man has appeared online. Can I talk to you?

The singing of birds is so pleasing to the ear, especially if it is a nightingale. Have you ever heard a nightingale sing?

My finger is waiting for your wedding ring. Are you ready to put it on for me?

I know what a man needs to be happy. Can I tell you this?

I love to jump rope. Would you like to see this?

Look into my eyes and write what you think about them. Are they like the ocean?

Do you believe in love between partners of different ages?

How would you continue a romantic dinner with me?

If a beautiful girl takes the first step, is that okay?

What could your ex do to please you?

Does it annoy you when a girl whines in messages?

Unusual, fabulous, sweet relationship between us, will you suit?

Your car will fit into any garage, isn’t it too big?

Do you know how to look after a girl beautifully?

Dreams should come true. Do you agree with me?

Is it difficult to get to know you? your message can change our lives

I need advice from a real man. Will you help me?

I haven’t been hugged for so long. Do you have a tight hug?

My superpower is to cheer people up. Do you want to tell a joke?

You know how many fleas a dog has. Why does this question bother me?

Where will the ice cream flow if I drop it on my chest. What’s the correct answer?

If you take the tail from the unicorn. Will he have a new one?

Do I look like a celebrity? Guess who?

How old was your first time? What did you feel?

Can a sweet dessert for dinner hurt my figure?

Do you like my profile? Maybe something is missing?

Do you like to eat cake with your hands and then lick your fingers?

If I started knocking on your doors at night, would you open for me?

What sweet birthday present would you like?

Would you trust me to crawl on your phone?

Do you believe in love between partners of different ages?

Where does the girl’s appearance stand for you?

Sports kiss will soon be legalized. Have you already heard about this?

Dreams should come true. Do you agree with me?