A device for rapid disinfection of smartphones from coronavirus has been created

At the Kickstarter co-financing platform, fundraising has begun for a “box” for quick disinfection of smartphones – MagBak Halo.

This is a contactless automatic SANITIZER. It is able to eliminate 99.99% of microbes that live on the surface of a mobile device in 30 seconds. To clean the phone, you need to place it in the hole at the top of the gadget. MagBak Halo will gently lower the smartphone inside like a toaster piece of bread and start disinfecting it. For this purpose 12 powerful ultraviolet lamps are used. Any model of smartphone in a case should easily enter the hole.

Sanitizer for smartphones

It is claimed that the device can destroy coronaviruses. Retail MagBak Halo will sell for $ 159, but the first participants on the Kickstarter campaign will be able to buy the device for $ 149.