A new automatic feature will appear in WhatsApp

WhatsApp will have adisappearing messagesmode, which will automatically delete messages from chats seven days after sending. This is stated in the blog WhatsApp.

We want your WhatsApp chats to be as live as possible, which means you don’t have to keep them forever, ”the company said. She calls the interval of seven daysoptimal“. It seems that this is a good balance between the benefits you need in the case of text conversations, and the feeling that things are not delayed forevera representative of WhatsApp.

The new feature will be available to users around the world during November. The messenger will automatically delete even unread messages. In the case of personal messages, the function can be enabled by each individual user, and in group chatsby the administrator.

The autodelete feature also exists on Instagram, where users can post missing photos and videos in private and group chats. Autodelete messages are available in Snapchat and Signal, as well as in secret Telegram chats.