A new way to turn a Xiaomi smartphone into an iPhone has delighted fans

Any sensible person understands that physically turning one smartphone into another will not work. You can change the graphical shell, which will achieve almost complete similarity. Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones running on MIUI have many different iOS-style themes. Some of them look even better than the original. But these changes cannot be called profound. Today we will tell you how to make full integration of “iOS” on smartphones with MIUI.

Let’s just say that all procedures will require a fairly high level of user skills, and all changes can damage your smartphone, so it is worth thinking once again about the feasibility of all actions. Your smartphone must have root privileges, this is a must. First of all, we need to go to the appropriate topic on xda-developers and download the module with icons and emojis.

Next, go to the Magisk application, select the view of third-party modules and install the downloaded files. After rebooting, go to the theme app and in the Icons section change the set of icons for iOS, which we just installed. All we have to do is install the message bar and iOS-style lock screen. Again, we go to the forum for developers xda-developers and install the necessary modules. After all these operations, the interface of your smartphone will be very difficult to distinguish from iOS on iPhone.