A rare version of Quake for arcade machines has been hacked

There are plenty of things in the gaming industry that many people might not have known. For example, you could once play Quake on an arcade machine, and now it’s available on the PC platform. However, it took enthusiasts over two decades to crack it.

The original version of the shooter called Quake Arcade Tournament was released in 1998 by Lazer-Tron. It was necessary to play it with a special roller and seven buttons, and allowed you to combine several arcade machines to fight with real enemies. Especially lucky and skill gamers could knock out of enemies tokens to exchange for real prizes – if they were in the local gaming room.

Quake Arcade Tournament has long been available online and downloaded, but previously it was impossible to run even with the emulator. The fact that the game required a special key – until recently, this protection could not bypass. To help fans of rare games came to the skillful mills5, who removed the lock on the executable file.