A robot that makes purchases in a store was presented in Japan (VIDEO)

Japanese grocery stores have long faced a shortage of manpower – there are not enough people to keep up with all the business in the shop floor. Therefore, they are gradually being replaced by robots.

For example, two years ago Lawson launched self-payment systems – clients scan products with the help of an application and pay for them there. Thus, they do not stand in a queue and the average length of a visit decreases.

Another solution proposed by the network Family Mart, writes SoraNews24. Model-T is a robot that is controlled by a person using VR. It is planned that he will be able to do the work faster than a person due to the fact that he can work with more weight.

Thanks to Model-T, the work of a robotic merchandiser will be accessible even to retirees and people with disabilities – the Japanese government promised that by 2050, the country will be a leader in the number of robots that people will be able to control.

By 2022, the network plans to have 20 improved Model-T – they will increase speed and accuracy.