A startup has appeared in Korea, promising laboratory steaks at $ 3 per kilogram (video)

South Korean food company Sea With announced that it will develop technology and offer the consumer a healthy product by the end of the decade.

This was reported during a presentation to which the local media were invited.

The plant-based steak will be based on algae, and bovine serum will also be used. This is the product used in the world to grow meat in laboratories. The meat will be “raised” to the standard thickness of 1 cm.

That said, there are such products on the market, but they tend to be very expensive due to the necessary media in which the meat grows. And the Koreans say they will be willing to sell select steaks for $3 a kilo.

The startup intends to launch the pilot product into restaurants in its home country as early as 2022, and then they will develop logistics and sell such synthesized meat around the world.

To enter the international market, Sea With is primarily looking at the US and Singapore food markets.