A strong spirit, strong character and iron willpower – fantasy or reality

Life is full of various “surprises,” and it is good when they are pleasant. But more often it is full of difficulties, which one must be able to overcome, to move forward. Only people who are strong in spirit, have iron willpower and strong character can do this. Weak people do not become leaders, they do not follow them, they are plankton, who need enough handouts from the stronger ones.

Naive people may convince themselves that all these qualities of a real man are genetic “inheritance. They say that all this is given at birth. If nature didn’t give you the spirit, power, and intelligence, then that’s it, put out the light. But it is not so. Whatever positive quality you have, you can always develop it in yourself. The main condition is regular work in this area.

It is important for a person to learn to do all the tasks he has set for himself. Only in this case, he will learn to control his actions, feelings, emotions, will gain strength of mind and firmness of character, will become disciplined and improve his inner mood.

In order to strengthen your character and train your willpower, you must work tirelessly on yourself. This should be done until it becomes a habit. Every day you will need to overcome your own laziness. The desire to drop everything and continue to go with the flow will prevail, doubts will eat away from inside and whisper “drop everything, why do you need all this trouble”. For a man the greatest enemy is himself.

But if the task is approached with the utmost seriousness and responsibility, to constantly work, then you can improve the character and in general – life.

Developing willpower, character and a strong spirit – where to start?

The inner qualities in all of us develop the acceptance of responsibility. Managers and those who have a team of people in their subordination should have them.

However, this does not exclude the fact that subordinates must also learn to take responsibility for themselves. This quality will help at work, in family relationships, friendships, and will become necessary for oneself. A man must be able to take responsibility for his actions. He must take responsibility for his actions as well as his thoughts.

Such a worldview will lead to an understanding of oneself, correspondingly, to a happy life. And if people take responsibility for their own actions as well as the actions of others, then in general life will be better for everyone. Everything has to start with yourself and not demand from others what is not in you.

Once you work through personal responsibility, it will motivate others to do the same. Your example will encourage the people around you to make their own changes, even if they don’t really want to. Always the weak aspire to the strong, on a subconscious level they want to be similar, ideally the best.

It is important to have an opinion on any situation, only strong and mature personalities are not afraid to talk about it, especially if it is different from the majority opinion or the opinion of management. It is necessary to learn to get rid of imposed other people’s opinions, to form their own objective vision of a particular situation. But this does not mean that someone else’s opinion should be discarded as an unnecessary thing – learn to listen to it, but prove by facts that yours is the right one.

It is also extremely important to learn how to get rid of the intrusive opinions of other people who are trying to suppress your personality. For example, you are communicating with a person unpleasant to you and do not want to listen to him. Show resolve – get up and leave, not allowing the torment of conscience to torment you.

You need to accustom yourself to introspection. This is important for an adequate, real assessment of your own actions and deeds. Often it happens that a man himself does not know the depth of his character, does not understand his own essence, because he does not know how to step back and look at himself from the outside. Yes, this is very difficult and accessible at the level of the “Guru. However, no one and nothing can stop you from analyzing your own behavior, watching your actions. It is quite possible that you will reveal some unpleasant habits or bad qualities.

Their identification should not make you sad, on the contrary, it means that you know “the enemy in the face” and now you can look for ways to deal with him. Only by identifying these negative aspects, you can work through and eliminate them. And it is self-analysis will be your main assistant in this. After working through the negative traits of your character, you will not allow them to prevail over the positive qualities.

Equally important is that you should not be afraid. Be afraid of new problems, failures, mistakes or unforeseen situations. All of them are your life experience and in any case are beneficial, as they fill you with knowledge, stimulate you to develop, “grow” with useful skills, improve your character and strengthen your willpower.

Try to surround yourself with people who are strong by nature and firm by character. Those who always have a positive attitude, do not broadcast negativity and dissatisfaction, constant whining. Being in such a society encourages you to become like that. Your chances of developing willpower, character, and fortitude increase significantly in such an environment.

Never wear “rose-colored glasses” and convince yourself that everything will be easy and simple. Not at all. Prepare for a lot of obstacles in your way – because they are only hardening. Events can have a negative outcome, failures will follow you. But it’s important not to broadcast failure yourself – don’t constantly expect things to be bad.

Just realize that there will not always be good luck and victory, events can turn out in a completely unpleasant way for you. Do not fall into a stupor, go steadily towards your goal, even if unpleasant moments try to knock you out. It’s like in the joke about the chicken in the yard – get up, shake it off and go on.

Take the time to plan for your future, think about it, but in doing so, continue to live here and now. What is the future? These are your dreams and expectations, and the more real they are, the more likely they will be realized.

Don’t expect gifts from fate, complaining that “everything goes right into Vovan’s hands, how is that possible? This Vovan can plow like Papa Carlo, you just don’t see it. Fate has not signed a contract with you and has no obligations to you whatsoever. You must be able to be aware of your actions and deeds, realize how you live, how you want to live, what you are doing to achieve the best.

Remember that excessive emotions are harmful. You are not a capricious girl. A strong-minded person does not succumb to emotions and prejudices. Emerging issues should be addressed with a cool head, based on clear arguments and sober reasoning.

Whatever you do, do it better than anyone else. Wherever you get, strive to be the first. Exclude inaction from your life, work hard for yourself. Become happy – because this “function” is also not given from above, it is worked out by the man himself.

Overcome monotony and take only the best from life, be honest with yourself and people, be sincere. Make all decisions without fear. These are the qualities of a strong-willed man, a leader, a real man.