Actual business ideas for starting a business in 2020

A unique business idea is the key to success. We offer a list of business ideas that are popular and will have growth prospects in 2020.

Salt Room

Salt rooms or salt caves began to appear in the country’s cities on a massive scale a few years ago and the process of their “breeding” has still not subsided. On average, for every 100-120 thousand inhabitants of large cities there are two salt caves. The reasons for the popularity of this business are very simple: it does not require much experience, any special knowledge, permission from the authorities and serious investment. The essence is simple: with the help of a specialized construction company you make repairs in a small room, which creates a design in the form of a cave consisting of salt. Visitors come to breathe air saturated with salts, which allows them to improve their health and calm their nerves. Of course, for guests to come to you and give you money for air with a calm soul, the cave must be beautifully decorated.

The cost of installation of the salt room of 30 sq.m. can reach $ 10,000, including the cost of design and installation of equipment. The best location for the salt room – sleeping areas, as the target audience of this business – mothers with small children. It is desirable that the salt room is located near the kindergarten, school. The average payback period of the salt room is about 4 – 6 months, depending on the size of the investment. To increase profits, you can sell customers oxygen cocktails, for a fee offer visitors massage chairs, steam capsule.

Manicure studio

The fashion for professional manicure is becoming more and more firmly established among the female population of the country and is becoming a daily norm. As a result of this trend, there is a growing number of specialized manicure salons, which allow to do manicures quickly, qualitatively and at any budget.

Manicure business is good in that it requires a very small investment – about $ 3000 – 5000, if we are talking about a small manicure office. Of these, $1,500 will go to buy furniture, up to $1,000 more will have to be spent on equipment, and $500 – on consumables (nail polish, creams, cosmetics, towels). In addition, a small amount will have to be paid for the rental of space. For a manicure salon, in principle, will suit any location. If you have a little money, it is better to work in a densely populated residential area, or, if you have enough money, you can open a manicure salon in the central areas, where there is a wealthier clientele.

Manicure studio is suitable for any room, so you can save money by starting a business at home.

Competition among manicure studios is very high, so it is very important to hire skilled craftsmen. The owner of a manicure studio should regularly follow the trends in the beauty area, invest in staff development and advertising of manicure salon. Also, a modern manicure salon just need to have an active account in Instagram to attract customers.

Beauty salon

Opening a beauty salon at all times is considered very fashionable and prestigious. This business is usually run by women, financially supported by their parents or husbands. Such salons open a lot, but close a lot after a short time.

Before opening a beauty salon you should study the demand for the types of services that you intend to provide to customers, while taking into account the competition in the area of opening a salon.

Beauty salons differ depending on the orientation of clients’ income. VIP salons are designed for very wealthy clients, the number of services provided and, accordingly, their prices are high. Elite salons are designed for wealthy clients, prices are high. Casual salons are designed for middle income clients. Prices for their services are democratic. Economy class salons are designed for a wide range of visitors. Prices are low.

Depending on the size of investment, demand for this type of services and competition, a particular type of beauty salon is chosen.

It is desirable to choose a room for beauty salon on the 1st floor not less than 100 m.sq.

To launch a beauty salon of 200 sq.m. will require about $185 000, of which: design – $10 000, repair of premises – $60 000, equipment, furniture, software – $80 000, a set of consumables – $5 000, advertising, unforeseen costs – $20 000.

The amount of investment may vary depending on the equipment supplier, designers, qualification of builders, quality of materials, etc.

We calculate the profit with the calculation of 50% of the load of the middle class salon. Proceeding from the fact that the revenue from 1 sq.m. area of premises per month is 200 dollars. Based on the fact that the revenue from 1 sq.m. of premises per month is 200 USD – we can count on $ 40,000. USD 40,000 per month.

When choosing the right location and professional beauty salon management, the payback period of the business may be 2.5 – 3 years.


Stickers are a popular topic among teenagers and youth today and a good business format. Heroes of stickers can be famous cartoon characters, film characters, singers and various famous personalities. In major cities of the country even began to appear specialized outlets – stickershops, which besides stickers sell a variety of unusual souvenirs for fans of certain characters.

Stickershop does not require large investments, for the start will be enough $ 1000-2000 $. Stickers can be drawn by yourself (or hire an illustrator) or purchased from AliExpress. Before opening of business it is necessary to be defined with a format of trade, to choose between island in shopping mall and Internet shop.

The main buyers of stickers are young people, so the best places to sell stickers are shopping malls, cinemas and parks.

The advantage of the shopping island – spontaneity of purchase, also you do not have to spend time and money to promote your business on the Internet. However, every month you will have to give 200-300$ for rent of a trade point (if it is a question of Kiev). Besides, you will lose a part of a potential audience.

Therefore we recommend you to open an online shop of stickers. It is not necessary to create a site and to invest money in its promotion. You can also do with a page in Instagram. However, you will need to pay attention to the design and promotion of your store page. But you will be able to reach more potential customers. We advise owners of stickershops to combine both formats of trade, sell offline and online. If you have a good range and properly debugged all business processes, the stickershop pay off within six months.


Bakery is one of the most popular small businesses today. The number of bakeries and bakeries in Ukrainian cities is growing like on yeast, but many of them do not withstand high competition, close due to improper documentation, non-compliance with sanitary conditions and quality standards of products. Nevertheless, the growing demand for fresh baked goods, as well as trends towards healthy lifestyles, are key factors in the success of opening such a business in the Kyiv region, where competition is less intense than in the regional centre.

Two things are most attractive in this business: high demand (about 70% of Ukrainians will consume bread and bakery products every day) and the opportunity to get along with a large number of competitors. Thanks to the small format, bakeries are easier to adjust to the tastes of local residents and offer customers something more delicious and fresh than the products of bakeries, which supply the same set of rolls to the shops near the house.

The amount of initial investment in the bakery may be about $150-200 thousand. 50% of the investment will be needed for the purchase of equipment, 20% will be invested in repairs, 10% – to pay for the lease of space, 3-5% – in the purchase of furniture. It is also necessary to plan the costs of obtaining permits, developing the technological project and design project, purchasing utensils, textiles, raw materials and conducting an advertising campaign. On average, the process of opening a mini-bakery takes from 3 to 6 months.

Bakery for 30 seats with an average check per visitor of $2.5-3, can bring a year’s income of about $ 200 thousand. Sales profitability can reach 25-30%, and the payback period of the bakery will be – 2.5-3 years.


It would seem that pizza today no one is surprised, but the number of pizzerias still continues to grow, signaling that the market is not yet saturated. Every minute, about 100 pieces of pizza are eaten. Customers love pizza for its endless combinations of flavors, entrepreneurs – for its low cost and ease of preparation.

In Kiev, there is a fairly large number of institutions of Italian cuisine with average checks from the highest (from 200-500) to low (in the range up to 100). At the same time, the pizzeria segment has great potential for growth.

Given the low cost of pizza production, we can conclude that opening your own pizzeria in the current conditions is quite a profitable business opportunity, which has good chances to become a profitable investment.

In Kiev, opening a pizzeria will require more investment than in the regions, but the inflow of customers will be constant, and therefore the payback period – much less. It is rational to open a pizzeria in the bedroom area, close to office buildings or educational institutions.

A budget option is to open a mini pizzeria, it will require an investment of $ 15-25 thousand.

The amount of initial investment depends on the size of the kiosk and the equipment installed (refrigerator for semi-finished products, oven for baking pizza, tables, etc.). The cost of the equipment may reach $10,000, the kiosk – $8-9,000. Various other costs will also require investments of $200, the purchase of raw materials will cost $200-400. The profitability of the mini-pizzeria will be about 20-25%.

We can also consider opening a full-fledged pizzeria with a large hall, cooks and waiters, which will require much greater investment. In this case, responsibly will have to approach the choice of suppliers of raw materials, recruitment and organization of delivery service.

You can also consider opening a pizzeria on franchising. The price of the pizzeria franchise may vary between $ 50 – $ 70 thousand. Return on sales of pizza in full-fledged pizzerias can reach 30%, profitability of sales of drinks – 40%. Typically, about a third of total pizza house revenues are accounted for by pizza, sales of other dishes and alcoholic beverages are 16% each, confectionery products – 11%, other beverages – 8%. Payback period of the pizzeria can be 2.5-3 years.


Vending – trading through automated machines – is popular all over the world. There are 3 main types of vending machines: vending machines for selling piece goods, vending machines for preparing drinks, combined machines. Vending machines are used to sell ready-made food, drinks, chewing gum, newspapers, hygiene and personal protective equipment, medical shoes, toys, etc. The range of products that can be sold with such machines is constantly expanding.

Combination units, which combine equipment for trade in drinks and piece goods, can satisfy customers’ demands to the fullest extent. Popular among buyers combination of devices for preparation of drinks, sale of snacks and bottled drinks.

If in Japan and the U.S. one vending machine accounts for 20 and 40 people, respectively, in our country to buy through vending, the buyer is not used to it there is one vending machine per 1000 people. However, given the speed at which people learn to use cashless payment cards, we can hope that they will get used to the vending machine more quickly.

Before you start, you need to choose a place to install the machine. Most models of vending equipment are afraid of weather, they are designed for indoor use, or at least under a shed. Therefore, it is best to focus on shopping and office centers, retail chains of supermarkets, educational institutions, departmental and government agencies, medical facilities. In short, it is advisable to install the device where it will be in contact with a large number of people, but will be protected from weather or vandals.

The cost of vending terminals varies widely enough. It depends on the type of equipment, country of manufacture, as well as technical condition. For example, a coffee machine of Ukrainian origin can be purchased for 12-15 thousand. Such machines are produced by the Smart Machines company. Snack terminal from Saeco or BVM companies will cost within 40-70 thousand. Up to 100 thousand will be asked for a copy or photo machine. Condoms are the cheapest, they are sold for 5-10 thousand on average.

Let us cite the economy of an average coffee machine, for which we will have to pay from $1500-5000. Coffee itself will cost you from $150 per month, dishes and various ingredients from $150 per month, staff salary of $300-500 per month, rent of a trading place $100 per month. In this case, the profit per month from 50 servings of coffee per day will be from $500 and above.

Business at Instagram

Today there are many ways of doing business through Instagram, from selling finished goods or services to earning money on the social network itself, namely on promotion and administration of accounts, sale of installation photos or performance of tasks. The uniqueness of the site is that it allows you to find options for both easy earning and business for the soul, such as blogging on your favorite topic. As the popularity grows, many bloggers start earning money selling advertising posts.

Fresh Bars / Music Bars

Fresh bars are stationary or mobile catering outlets that specialize in selling freshly squeezed juices (frescos) or other drinks based on them. They may be called juice bars or smoothie bars. The reasons for the fashion for the frescoes among the population are love of novelties and fashion for a healthy lifestyle. We can assume that in 2019 the number of fresche bars will increase. Fresh bars are still few and the competition in this niche is very low. Usually it takes just a few squares of space to open a fresche bar. Although there is a high markup on drinks, but fresh bars do not earn much.

There are mobile and stationary frescos bars. A mobile fresco bar (a small mobile kiosk) is best placed in the park, near the beach, on the promenade and on a busy street. A stationary fresco bar can be opened in a fitness club, on an island in a shopping mall, in a cinema and in a large beauty salon. It is worth noting that the fresco bar is a seasonal business, the mobile bar can only function in summer, and in the stationary one sales will drop seriously with the onset of cold weather.

The amount of investment required to open a fresh bar can be 50000-8000 dollars. The average payback period is one year. Do not place your point near competitors, as smoothies are not cheap and even in a large shopping mall traffic for two fresh bars will not be enough. To increase the number of clients and increase business income, we recommend expanding the range of your bar, adding not only drinks, but also fruit desserts (in winter you can sell herbal drinks and teas). Smoothies should be made from the cheapest fruits (apples, bananas, oranges) to reduce the cost of production, but it is worth buying the best quality fruit, drinks should be added to ice to save products.

Psychological salon

There are many areas for business in training and the number of them is constantly growing, but the entrepreneur who got involved in this business is constantly haunted by two problems: how to ensure a stable flow of clients to their trainings and what program to offer them to come to the training not once, and would go to them constantly. An interesting format that solves these two problems is the psychological salon, which has parallels with the literary and political salons of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The hostess of a psychological salon is usually a woman who plays the role of a leading course, psychological games and trainings. Thanks to this club format and the use of modern techniques of rapid development of training, it is possible to build a fascinating and stable business, which is ideal for women who are in search of “business for the soul”.

To start a psychological salon, you need to invest about $ 1000-2000. This money will be spent to buy furniture and computer, to rent an office. The average payback period of the psychological salon is half a year, the cost of psychological counseling can vary from 200 to 1000 per hour, depending on the level of specialist. Therefore, it is desirable for the owner of the psychological office to have a profile education, as well as regularly improve their skills by attending various courses, seminars.

It should be noted that psychological counseling is not popular due to the peculiarities of mentality – Ukrainians will prefer to talk about their problems with relatives or friends rather than visit a specialist. That’s why one shouldn’t count on a big income from psychological salon.

Self-service car wash

Annually, the Ukrainian car fleet is growing by about 80 thousand units. In 2019, there are about 6.5 million passenger cars. Along with the growth in the number of cars, there is a growing demand for car washes. Self-service car washes have the highest capacity today. Their productivity is 3-4 times higher than that of conveyor car washes and dozens of times higher than that of manual car washes. If the carwash will work on a quarter from throughput capacity, investments will pay off by the end of the second year of work.

The optimal place to place a car wash – a new sleeping area, it is important that potential customers were not difficult to get to your car wash. There is no need to buy land for the construction of a car wash, it is enough to take the land for rent, and since the building itself is constructed of metal structures, it does not need a foundation. To open a small car wash you will have to invest 20 000 – 35 000$.

Shop of car products

The business of selling auto goods and spare parts does not lose its relevance for a simple reason: the number of cars is still growing. Despite the fact that the number of online shops is growing rapidly, most customers also need traditional stationary points where you can buy inexpensive consumables and parts.

When opening a spare parts store, it is necessary to analyze the market to understand which products are in the highest demand. Then you need to find the shop’s range and decide on suppliers. The approximate cost of the project is $30,000. Payback period – from 12 to 24 months.

Auto spare parts store should be located either in a sleeping area or in a location with active car traffic, it is desirable to have a parking space near the store. A spare parts store requires a serious investment in marketing. You will need a site-card, pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram). It is also crucial to hire salespeople who are real experts in the automotive field.

Children’s development club

The more negative feedback about the quality of public education grows, the more the population’s need for additional education increases. One of the most promising niches is children’s education, namely, children’s development clubs. We have covered in detail how to open a children’s development club in this business plan. The key issue in this business is the development of an educational program. In case you do not want or cannot create it yourself, you can buy one of the franchises. The latter often offer ready-made methods with lesson plans.

For each age group you should develop a separate program. Thus, parents of three-year-old children will be interested in general development tasks for their children, but the main focus when working with five-year-olds – preparation for school. Competition among children’s clubs is very high, you can choose for your business specific specialization. For example, robotics schools are especially popular now in Kiev. A serious advantage for the children’s center is the use of a unique author’s method in working with children’s homes.

To open a children’s club, you need to invest $10,000-15,000. Most of the money will be spent on the purchase of furniture and equipment, rental of space. About 2000$ will need to be invested in marketing. For the normal functioning of a standard children’s center it is necessary to hire two administrators, a junior group teacher, a music teacher, an English teacher, a psychologist, a painting teacher, a speech therapist, and a choreography teacher. Good staff is a key component of your success, as parents often take their child to a specific teacher rather than to a specific institution.

Children’s art studios in TC

The number of shopping centers continues to grow, and along with the growth of their number, the culture of family shopping trips has spread. Children’s Creativity Studio in the format of islets is an opportunity for parents with a calm soul to leave their eternal nagging child in an interesting place where you can sculpt from plasticine or polymer clay and play educational games.

The advantage of the children’s art studio in the islet format is the low threshold for entering the business compared to the development club and kindergarten, the lack of strict requirements for staff. The price of the project – 6000 $-8000 $ depending on the format of your studio. You will not need to invest large sums in marketing – just organize distribution of leaflets in the mall, the main advertising studio will serve the island itself (or rather its bright design) and the activity of children in the studio. The average payback period for such business is one year.


Lombard is a business that never loses its relevance. Both in quiet years and in times of crisis pawnshop services continue to be popular among Ukrainians, despite the fact that the interest rate in these institutions is higher than in banks. However, it is quite difficult to get a loan from a bank, and it will take a lot of time. But, having put a valuable thing in a pawnshop, you can quickly solve your financial problems. In the first half of 2019, pawnshops issued loans to the Ukrainians for 9 billion hryvnias, which is 10% higher than last year.

You can buy a franchise from one of the networks of pawnshops. Then you get a proven business model, get rid of problems with registration and purchase of licenses. In addition, you can sell collateral items through the franchiser’s chain of commission stores. On the other hand, you will have to give the franchiser a certain share of the profit, and in some cases you will have to pay the pashua fee.

In order for your pawnshop to quickly pay off – you need to place the pawnshop in locations with high traffic (for example, near the subway station, in the crossing, shopping mall). For renting space of 30 sq.m. in Kiev will have to pay from $ 900 to $ 2000, depending on the area. For repairs, equipment purchase and advertising will take about $ 6000, as much as you need to allocate the capital for loans. The average payback period of the pawnshop – a year), provided that you picked the right location).

Business on phyto-walls

Thanks to the trend towards eco-design, the business has great prospects on phyto-walls. Constructions with live plants became popular in shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, offices of large companies, in buildings of state organizations.

Phytodesign is only gaining popularity, so this niche is not occupied. For business on phyto walls you do not need an office and permits, however, this activity is suitable only for people who have knowledge in design. To start, you need to invest $ 1500 in the development of the site, pages of your business in social networks and spend $ 500 to purchase materials. You will need plants, frameworks, irrigation systems. For business functioning it is enough to hire three employees: designer, installer and manager. To save on the duties of a manager you can take over.

The main potential risk for business on phyto-walls is low demand. Potential buyers of phyto-walls – catering establishments, large companies, wealthy people who want to decorate their homes. But since few people know about phyto-walls, you will need to build an effective marketing campaign to communicate the main advantages of phyto-walls to the target audience.

Shop for creativity

Surveys on the theme of leisure show that most Russians spend their free time at home, preferring it to hiking in the cinema, cafes, hiking and so on. The assortment of creative shops is aimed at such “homebodies”, which can occupy hands sewing, knitting, decoupage, modeling and so on. The greatest prospects stores of goods for creativity have in large cities.

Approximate amount of investments for opening a creative shop is 20 000-30 000 $. Optimal location for the store – either the central area on the first line of houses (to save money you can rent a semi-basement room) or rent commercial space in the shopping mall. About 7000 $-10000 $ you will have to spend on repair shop, approximately the same amount will have to spend on renting space and staff salaries (for a start you can hire one senior salesman and two sales consultants), 6000 $ you will have to invest in the purchase of goods, a few thousand dollars for the purchase of equipment and marketing. The average payback period of the creative shop – a year.

Tire service

Above we have already said that due to the growth of the Ukrainian car fleet (today there are already more than 148 cars per 1000 people), many types of car business, including tire shops, can be considered a promising direction. This business is attractive with minimum investment, simplicity of organization and quick payback. However, due to growing competition, garage tire fitting shops are being replaced by more civilized formats. They provide a wide range of services, can be combined with auto shops or even mini-cafes, where the car owner can drink coffee, waiting for the work to be finished.

Before you open a tire service business, explore the market, suddenly there is too much competition in your city? Try to locate your tire shop in a place with good traffic flow (city entrance, busy highway), close to a sleeping area or garage cooperative. Your potential customers are young people and women who cannot replace their own tires by car. The size of the start-up investment depends on the size of the city where the business is starting and can range from $5000 for small towns to $15000 for large cities. If we talk about an average tire repair shop, about $4000-6000 should be invested only in equipment.

There are two segments of tire fitting business: stationary and mobile. A stationary tire fitting shop is a place where special equipment for tire repair and replacement is installed. Mobile tire fitting is a specially equipped car that provides round-the-clock field services in all kinds of tire fitting works. Mobile tire fitting services are more expensive as mobile tire fitting provides more convenience to the client, however, the quality of service at mobile tire fitting is lower due to the fact that mobile equipment is harder to calibrate.

The term payback for the tire fitting business is between 12 and 24 months, depending on the size of the workshop. You can increase your profit by using software to automate business processes and expand the range of services provided by your tire service.

Yoga Studio

The popularity of yoga in the country has been growing recently. Despite the fact that some experts say that the market will soon be saturated, there are still opportunities for successful business from scratch: weak players are leaving the market, leaving room for other entrepreneurs. The profitable part of the business is based on the sale of season tickets for a few lessons or months in advance, so the owner of the studio can feel quite confident after recruiting a group. Equipping the studio from scratch will not require serious investment as opposed to opening, for example, a fitness club. You can reduce the investment to a minimum by looking for a suitable room that does not require serious repairs.

In the opening of the yoga studio it is necessary to invest $ 15000-30000, depending on the size and condition of the chosen room, its location. Please note that the yoga studio is a business seasonal, spring and autumn revenue is much higher than in summer and winter. Besides, you should love yoga yourself, consider it your life’s work, only with a 100% immersion in the business yoga studio can it pay off. It can be very difficult to hire staff, as it is very difficult to find real yoga trainers. Also, it is likely that your marketing will be aimed not at attracting new clients, but at retaining the current clientele. On average, the investment made in a yoga studio can be returned within two years, but often the payback period of such business reaches five years.

Cleaning company

In recent years, many large companies have started outsourcing activities that are not directly related to profit. This sphere also includes cleaning, and in Russian – cleaning. There are specialized companies in the market which take on not only cleaning, but also complex service of premises. The most monetary niche is servicing the corporate segment: shopping centers, office buildings, premises of large organizations and enterprises. As a rule, this business is opened for a ready client, under whose needs is purchased cleaning equipment and staff is hired.

The cleaning business has several advantages: low entry threshold into the business, low competition, high demand. Major clients are legal entities, so you can count on long-term contracts, which will ensure the stability of your business. It is recommended to work with potential clients before starting a business to find out the market situation and sign preliminary contracts. The amount of capital investment to start – $ 10,000-25,000, depending on the size of the company and the settlement. Most of the money will be spent on buying equipment and purchasing a car. Cleaners should be hired at the rate that one person will be responsible for cleaning 500 square meters of premises, and the manager will control 6000-8000 square meters. The average payback period for a cleaning company is 12 months.

Burger room

The fast food market adds 5-8% annually and is not going to slow down. One of the most popular dishes – burger, which has even formed a new format of catering – burger. As the advantages of opening a burger room can be called low cost for ingredients, a small kitchen and a small staff.

Before opening a burger room – explore the market, the main trends and abroad. Develop a unique concept that will help you stand out from the competition. For example, your burgers can be cooked according to a unique recipe, made of buns with unusual shape. Then decide on the room. Note that in any catering facility, about 40% of the space should be in the kitchen and 60% in the customer service room. Renting a burger room in a shopping mall or along with lively pedestrian traffic will cost you $1000-2000 per month.

Burger room equipment will cost about $8000-11000. Another $3000-5000 you need to invest in advertising, repairing the premises and purchasing products. Pick up good suppliers, as one of the main reasons for the failure of any business in the catering industry – poor quality products. On average, a burger a month can bring from $ 1000 to $ 7000, depending on the cost of burgers (burger price varies from 60 to 200 hryvnia). Approximate payback period of the burger room – 18 months.

Coffee with you

Demonstrates a high growth rate of consumption of natural grain coffee, and a significant increase in coffee consumption is observed in the segment of “coffee outside the home”. The average citizen of our country drinks about 100 cups of coffee outdoors per year. Traditional coffee houses most often order Americano, latte, cappuccino and espresso.

The rapid growth of this type of business is due to the growth in coffee consumption and low financial entry threshold. The most popular and low-budget options for the coffee business are considered to be the “coffee with you” format, including mobile coffee shops, coffee islands in shopping malls, trading coffee through vending machines and so on.

On the one hand, the demand for coffee with you is only growing, on the other hand, competition in this business is very high. There are two ways to open a business in this area: by franchising or to develop your own business model. Working in franchise, you will work under the name of a well-known brand, you will get access to the recipe, you will be trained how to conduct business properly, but you will have to give part of the profit to the franchisor.

Optimal locations for a coffee shop: malls, public transport stops, streets with busy pedestrian traffic, areas near universities. To open a coffee shop, you will need to invest $3000-8000, depending on the chosen business format and location. To increase sales, add various coffee drinks, tea, cocoa and desserts to the menu. It is believed that for a coffee shop you should buy the most expensive and high-quality ingredients, but this is not the case. To make your coffee shop profitable, keep track of your average bill and the number of customers. Keep in mind that even if your coffee shop is located along with lively traffic, it’s not the fact that the people passing by will be the target audience. For example, you are located near a university (students can’t live without coffee, but they won’t buy luxury coffee because they can’t afford it). If you are working on a successful business model, the coffee shop will pay off within six months, but keep in mind that the coffee business has many pitfalls.

Hotel for animals

Just a few years ago, nobody knew the word “pet hotel.” There were the words “shelter” and “overdose”, but zoos are something else. The format implies some kind of service: you can not only leave the animal to a caring owner, but also be sure that it will be well treated, properly fed, pampered and nurtured. The largest number of hotels in cities with a population of over a million people face the problem of a lack of places to keep animals.

There is no need to open a hotel with more than 30 beds, these ‘hotels’ are almost never fully stocked. According to health regulations, a hotel for animals cannot operate in an apartment building, so the best location for such a business is a private house on the outskirts of a large city. Please note that it is not possible to operate an animal hotel without being an expert in zoology. For example, if you have an excellent understanding of cats but don’t know anything about dogs, then only organise a hotel for cats.

The amount of investment to open a hotel for pets is $100000-$25000 depending on the size of the “hotel”. About half the investment will go to renovate the building, buy cages, install enclosures and houses for four-legged guests. Up to $ 2,000 will need to be spent on creating a website, advertising on the Internet and social networks. You can manage the hotel for the animals yourself, but be sure to hire an outsourced veterinarian, who will inspect the guests every day. Traditionally, the occupancy of hotels for animals is highest in summer and winter, while the rest of the time the hotel will be empty. A hotel for animals pays off for two or three years, so this business is not profitable, it will be suitable only for those who really love our younger brothers.


Man has always dreamed of learning to fly. An airplane is an attraction that allows many people to realize their dreams and make good money on it. In fact, all business on flights in an airplane is built around equipment. It is expensive, but the process of doing business is extremely simple and clear. Due to the high cost of tickets, it is possible to recoup the investment on the air pipe in about 10 months of work.

The cost of the wind tunnel starts from $40,000 for Chinese-made equipment and can reach $100,000-15,000 for Czech or German installation. It is possible to place an aerodynamic pipe on the site near the shopping mall (aerodynamic units cannot be installed near residential buildings because of the noise produced). An obligatory component of success of such business is a powerful advertising campaign in social networks, the Internet. Provide the target aviatoria with content that will arouse interest (eg, bright videos of flights in the air tube). Conducting discount campaigns and organization of show flights will also help you attract customers. Aerodynamic tube is a business season, the greatest demand will be in May-October. However, with proper marketing you will be able to pay off even within 6 months, as the niche is new and competition is very low.


The number of bars is not growing as fast as the number of fast food bars, but nevertheless it has not decreased. Usually, the format of a bar means a rather wide range of establishments, but the unifying elements are three components: the bar counter, alcohol and the bartender. In addition to alcohol, you can also find snacks and shopping items in the bar menu.

The first thing to do is to decide on the location of your bar. The city centre is busy with pedestrian traffic, but it’s also where most of your competitors are concentrated and where rental prices are higher. In residential areas, competition is lower and rental prices are lower, but the buying power of customers is often lower (but not always). Try to develop a unique concept for your bar. For example, you can decorate the premises of an institution in a unique style, dedicate the bar to a topic (for example, music style, cars, famous personality). Another common format – pub, if you can feel the real spirit of Ireland in your institution, you are doomed to success.

At the start of activity in the bar you need to invest $ 10000-70000, depending on the size of the bar. The money will be spent on the purchase of equipment, repairs, furniture and advertising. Staff turnover often becomes a headache for bar owners, so pay attention to the selection of qualified personnel, and to avoid theft install accounting systems, automate business processes. You can repay the investment in a year or two.

Language school

General education schools today are unable to meet the demand for high-quality foreign language education, so the need to close private language schools.

You can rent premises for a language school in a business center, shopping mall or just rent commercial space in a suitable location. It is desirable that your clients have no problem getting to the school. About $ 10,000 to invest in the purchase of furniture, teaching materials. The main components of the success of any language school – good teachers and quality curriculum, try to use only the most effective methods of language learning in your classes.

First of all, the target audience will be interested in learning English. To attract as many clients as possible, offer several specialized training programs in addition to classic language courses. Your school can prepare your children for MSS, IELTS, and admission abroad. Organise Business English courses for adults, lessons for preschoolers. German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish and Czech are popular English speakers. It is considered that the language centre is a seasonal business, but if you organize the school properly, it will be busy all year round. The average payback period of a language school is one year.

Shop of shaped chocolate

According to statistics, 6 kg of chocolate per year is eaten by a resident of Western or Central Europe. Analysis of confectionery market shows that Ukrainians consume chocolate and other sweets several times less – about 1.3-1.4 kg. Naturally, to sell ordinary chocolate bars for a beginner businessman is a silly business, but to organize a small shop of gift shaped chocolate is a very promising idea.

It is best to place a chocolate shop in a big shopping mall. If you have bad capital, the format of an islet will suit you first, but it is desirable to rent a room with an area of 10-15 sq.m. If you have available funds, then organize your own chocolate production to stand out from the competition. Or you can sell products from well-known chocolate factories. Foreign products will be in good demand. Swiss, Belgian, German chocolate is very popular.

At the initial stage it is enough to hire two girls-sellers and an accountant on outsourcing. If you know about chocolate, you can take over the duties of a chocolate merchant. Chocolate is a perishable product, so you need to build a proper purchasing strategy. Don’t buy too many products, but before the holidays, when the sales of sweets are growing, dare to fill the warehouse completely. In general, to start a chocolate business you need at least $6000-7000, the money can be returned within 6-12 months.

Cotocafe/pesocafe/coffee shop

Ordinary anti-cafes now no one is surprised: the last two or three years in Ukrainian cities began to open all kinds of formats of “Zverokafe”, where visitors are given to talk to cats, puppies and raccoons. Most often, guests pay for the time spent in the institution, but for an additional fee you can order a photo session with animals, or even buy a pet for yourself. Certainly, pets in such antikafe should be some, otherwise all sense of a format will disappear.

Analyse the market in your city to choose a unique one for your pet cafe. 40% of Ukrainians keep houses of cats, owners of dogs less, but if the “cat” niche in the market in your city is busy, the sandbox or raccoon cafe will cause no less interest among the target audience. Take your pet to the shelter, and hire a veterinarian who will look after him and help prevent illnesses in animals.

Divide the space in the café into a few isolated rooms that the animals will not be able to access. The best location for the “Zverokafe” is a 100-150 sq.m. room in the sleeping area next to children’s schools. Cocafé visitors do not pay for food, but for the time spent in the institution (tea and cookies may be free at all). You can hire an educational organizer to run workshops with children. The investment for opening a small café is $ 20000-35000, and the payback period of such an institution is six months.

Training Centre

Training centers are a popular business direction, whose potential is only revealed and in which you can find free and profitable niches. Training centers can be online and offline formats, and topics range from teaching manicure techniques to working in the cryptovoltaic market. It is no secret that in many industries teaching a business is much more cost-effective than organizing the business itself.

One in three employees plans to improve their professional skills by attending trainings and courses, so it is impossible to identify the most promising industries for educational business. Ideally, your training centre should specialise in the area in which you are an expert. Courses for children (e.g., courses to prepare for FPE) are not losing popularity.

The amount of money needed to open a small training center is $12000-15000. Most of the money will be spent on the purchase of furniture and equipment, paying for the rental of space. About $3000 should be invested in advertising, marketing. The educational business, on average, pays off within a year. A good way to save on office rent and repairs is to open online courses, but you will have to invest a large sum in advertising, pay attention to the strategy of promotion on the Internet.

Cosmetics Shop

According to sociological surveys, women are willing to spend 15% of their income on cosmetics every month. Due to the fact that there are so many types of cosmetics, small businesses always have a place to turn around. Cosmetics can be elite and professional, natural and decorative, brand and handmade, medical and home, Oriental and Arabic, and it can be sold in various formats from catalogues, online stores and islets in the shopping center to large stores.

Before you start a business, decide on the concept of the store and its specialisation. Your store may offer a wide range of products, or your store may have its own narrow focus. The first option is relevant for small settlements, where there are no large chain stores. The second concept is more suitable for large cities, as only the presence of a rare specialization shop and a unique range of products will allow you to compete with retail chains.

The next step is to choose a store format and location. You can sell oriental cosmetics, nail cosmetics, medical cosmetics, natural cosmetics, luxury cosmetics and perfumes, branded cosmetics. Cosmetics shop can be placed on the first or ground floor of an apartment building, in a shopping mall. It is great if there is a beauty salon nearby, where your target audience is concentrated. Pay attention to the design of the store, zoning shelves and racks with different brands, try to make a successful product composition, placing the most expensive goods on the top shelves, and the cheapest – at the bottom. Work only with proven suppliers and do not forget that a third of cosmetic products – is smuggling or counterfeiting.

Approximate investment for opening a cosmetics store with an area of 40 square meters. – 10000$-15000$, of which about 6000$ will be spent on purchase, and the rest will have to be invested in the repair of the premises. The payback period is one year, but everything depends on the location of the store and the range of products.

Street Food

One of the best directions for small businesses in terms of “low investment / high return” is considered street food. Moreover, the entrepreneur has many opportunities to choose directions: pies and cakes, donuts and donuts, shawarma, tacos and fajitos, hot dogs and corn dogs, pizza and horse pizza, waffle fast food, noodles, pancakes and so on.

Competition in street food is very high. The only chance to succeed is to choose a good place. You need not just a crowded place, you need a location where your target audience is concentrated (for example, herring sandwiches will be in demand among office staff, and sausage in the dough – the favorite food of students). Street food establishments are divided into mobile and stationary locations. Mobile – kiosks, trays, pavilions that are installed on city streets. This format requires less investment, but your MFI may get under demolition. Fixed street food establishments are located on the first floors of houses’ dwellings, in passages, in shopping malls. It is desirable that there are no competitors near your point, but a unique product and quality service will help to win the competition.

The average size of investments for opening one point of street food is 10000$-15000$, if possible you should open at once a whole network of establishments to minimize expenses. The payback period of street food is 4-10 months.


The popularity of outdoor events is growing, but there are not many catering companies that organize their service and provide catering of restaurant type. For a long time, such services were designed only for a narrow category of clients of large companies and organizations, but now the number of wishing to organize an away event has expanded: it can be weddings in nature, various festivals and youth rallies, corporate celebrations and so on. Catering company may have several sources of income, ranging from the provision of rental equipment to full support of events with serving.

On the one hand, in conditions of economic instability companies save on banquets and holidays, on the other – more and more companies order lunches to the office for their employees. The niche of ready meals delivery can become the main specialization of the catering company. Also, in addition to cooperatives, your company can serve graduations, weddings, birthdays to make business off-season. For catering business will require a space of at least 50 square meters, where the office and kitchen will be located. For example, you can rent a café or canteen and earn extra income from selling lunches to employees of nearby office centres. For catering, you will need to hire at least one chef and assistants. If you are only engaged in the delivery of food, it is enough to hire people who know how to cook deliciously, but if you organize banquets and arbitrate large and well-known companies, then without a professional chef you will not do. A good solution is to cooperate with various event-agencies, which can become your main clients.

Almost a third of all orders for catering services fall on winter holidays, another half – at the end of May – beginning of September (at this time there are most weddings, graduations and team building). The minimum volume of investment for opening a catering company is $8000-10000. Your business can pay off within half a year. But remember that catering is a seasonal business and in certain you may not have customers at all.