Advantages and disadvantages of express dating

If you still haven’t found the other half and don’t want to spend a lot of time searching, then express dating can help you meet true love. What’s that?

What’s that?

Express dating, speed dating or speed-dating is a way to get to know each other, which allows you to talk to several young people in a short period of time, draw conclusions and continue communication. This method appeared in America, and a few years ago came to the former CIS countries. And today fast dating is becoming more and more popular due to the constant acceleration of life rhythm and catastrophic lack of time for many people.

By the way, some psychologists think that a few minutes will be enough to understand what kind of person is in front of you. In addition, it is often the first impression is the only true. And to fall in love you can and in a few seconds. In general, on speed dating, you may well meet your fate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Express dating has its own features.

Let’s start by listing the pros:

You won’t have to spend a lot of time searching.

You will not have to get acquainted, because on fast dates you will in any case communicate with several interlocutors. No one will be left without attention.

You will immediately see your interlocutor, which is not true for online dating and social networking (many people post pictures of others).

The organizers usually divide people into age groups, so that you will not have to communicate with people much older or, on the contrary, younger than you.

You don’t have to prepare for your date for long and figure out what to say. Communication is lively and relaxed.

You won’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t like the person you’re talking to, like you do on a normal full date. All you have to do is move to another table and start a new conversation.

You will be able to continue your further communication with those who are interested in you and still feel sympathy for you. This eliminates the need to make excuses or have a dialogue with an unpleasant person.

It is exciting and interesting. To go on a quick date is worth at least to get new impressions and emotions.

It is a great option for a lonely person to spend time with.

Now the downsides:

Express dating resembles a conveyor belt, because each mini-date has only 5-7 minutes. And this, of course, is not too romantic.

This way of dating is not a guarantee that you will find the other half or at least a person with whom it will be pleasant to communicate.

Rapid dates are visited by all kinds of people, including not the most adequate ones. So don’t be surprised if you get any obscene or weird offers.

Express dating can be very exhausting, because you will have an average of 10-15 interlocutors in the evening.

Many people don’t find it easy to quickly regroup and start talking to a new conversation partner.

Not everyone has time to get an impression of the conversation partner and tell about themselves in 7 minutes.

You can miss and forget a lot in a hurry.

Even if you have found the right person to talk to, and the person you are talking to feels good about, you will still be interested in talking to them.

Who needs it?

The goals of those who attend express dating can be varied. Some satisfy the need to communicate, others just have a good time, some increase their self-esteem, some just flirt and enjoy it, others look for a sexual partner. But there are also a lot of those who dream of finding the other half and start a serious relationship, but do not have free time for full search and dating. It is worth noting that these people are often more than “adventurers.

Where to go?

Where do speed dating take place? Today they are satisfied in almost all cities, even the largest. Usually speed-dating takes place in cafes or restaurants. You can find out where exactly such an event will be held in the near future on the Internet. Simply enter the phrase “express dates”, “speed-dating” or “speed-dating” into the search box. And don’t forget to specify your city.

How do speed dating work?

How do express dates go? They are organized by special agencies, so it’s not just quick conversations, but a whole coordinated process.

Basic steps:

First you need to sign up for a speed-dating or buy an entry ticket. You can do it at an event company or on the official website of the agency.

When you arrive at the venue at the specified time, you will receive a badge with your number on it right at the entrance. This will simplify the process of getting to know each other and prevent confusion. Don’t be late, it’s better to come in advance so that no one will be waiting for you.

There will be several tables in the room. Behind each of them will be placed 2 or 4 people, i.e. dates are held in 1×1 or 2×2 format. On each table you will find cards with different questions. Filling out these cards will allow you to assess and record your impression of this or that interlocutor.

For one mini-date is allocated about 5-7 minutes. Then a beep is sounded and the opponent is moved to the next table to move on to the next acquaintance. As a rule, all transfers are made by men.

At the end of the event, the organizers collect the completed cards and compare their results. If coincidences are found, i.e. mutual sympathies, the participants are informed about it, and they get the opportunity to get the contact details of the person they like (in another case your details without your desire nobody will know). Usually it takes about a day to process the cards, i.e. you will know the results the next day.

The organizers of quick dates can offer an entertainment program, such as contests. This will help you get to know each other better and, so to speak, “evaluate in action”. In addition, you can also order drinks. But it is forbidden to come on dates while intoxicated or intoxicated, or to eat while talking.

What to do at such meetings?

How do I behave on speed dating? A few useful tips:

Be yourself. Do not try to seem like someone you are not.

Relax and have fun. Understand that you don’t owe anyone anything.

Get ready for unusual offers right away, they will come. Do not overreact to them, do not take them seriously. Just stop communicating and let them know that you don’t intend to respond to stupid suggestions. Or you could just make a joke.

Talk about what? Tell them about yourself, ask them anything you’re interested in. You can discuss hobbies, interests, music, movies, travel, preferences. Ask unconventional questions and be honest. You shouldn’t talk about weather, money, politics, pets. Banal topics are not interesting. Make jokes and improvise.

Don’t believe everything they say. And don’t take what you’re saying to heart.

How do you get dressed?

What are you gonna wear when you go on speed dating? Clothes should be stylish, beautiful and comfortable. You should be comfortable, things should not distract from communication, causing discomfort. Do not dress too bright or vulgar, it will alert or lead the interlocutor to the idea that you are “easy prey”.

Visit express dating, enjoy the pastime and find your destiny!