Advice for the younger generation. Tips for teens and adults

What kind of wisdom would you say to yourself in the future, but already an adult? If an adult could talk to himself in his youth, what would he advise and warn himself against? What should be avoided, what to pay attention to, how to self-realize, achieve the desired and become happy? Advice to teenagers and adults, which will certainly be useful in life. How to make life better, and most importantly, happier? Most of the advice will be related to specific experiences and personal circumstances with which we will face 100% in life.

Tips for teenagers and adults

1. Fill lives with adventures, not things Often people think only about things, forgetting about something more. The way will be something to tell you, not something to show you. Material things, branded clothes, new gadgets. More important are good memories of travels, excursions, acquaintances, adventures. Pursue not things, but emotions and impressions. This is what makes us happy.

2. Don’t rush to grow up We are rapidly trying to grow up. We want to be independent and more meaningful. We want to look grown up and solid, doing many adult things. But growing up should not be something to chase. Everything comes at its right time. It is better to enjoy the young years, not to rush. We are in a hurry to grow up, but then we ourselves regret it. Not in a hurry to grow up is a trap.

3. Treat life with irony The difference between a hard trial and adventure lies only in our attitude to the situation. You can always benefit and learn from the situation, not just experience it. The choice is up to you, how to behave and what to do. Any problems can be solved, and in a year it will no longer matter. Is it worth worrying about? Do not give up and go ahead.

4.Be open What advice will teenagers and adults need? Be open! Stay open to other opinions and everything going on around you. Be ready to learn new things, rather than closing in a world convenient for you. The world is much wider and bigger than we think. Don’t be afraid to try new things, learn the unusual, travel, meet people, study and even take risks. Do not be afraid to try the unknown. Be open to this world, and it will open to you in return.

5. We find ourselves under a lot of pressure from people who impose their opinions and desires on you. It will not be so much parents as friends, peers, acquaintances and even strangers. You should give up everything that is not in your interest. Do not allow yourself to go to the crowd and become part of it. It is important to have your own opinion, which will be on guard of your interests, and not an echo of others’ opinions and desires. Every person has a different path in life.

6. People will come and go Not all people come into your life forever. They will be friends who will gradually move away and disappear beyond the horizon. You will be very sad, there is nothing you can do about it. Mutual relations will also fall apart, and the first love is not eternal and stops very quickly. It is important to understand that some people are just temporary satellites. They must teach you something and go away. Just accept it. But there will also be those who will stay with you forever. Appreciate them. Do not let fleeting whims destroy important things.

7. Choose growth, not chase money Live not today, but think about the future. The desire to be rich can become a trap from which you can not get out alive. It is important to look for your way of self-realization and a place in the sun. It is important to find a job that you like, not which you hate. It is important to work in a place where there will be good future prospects, and not where you can get money at once. It is better to spend time on training, courses and self-education than to be satisfied with a low-paying job all your life. But you should look for a balance between work and life, otherwise why all this?

8. Do more and invest 100% Better Be better. Writer and self-development teacher Wayne Dyer used to say, “Walk the extra mile. It’s never crowded there.” Don’t try to blackmail and do as little as possible. In work, business, relationships, love, friendship and life it’s important to give 100%. Do a little more than others do. Try to do more. This way you will always be better than others and the average bar. This is how you will stand out and become stronger.

9. Live the moment and enjoy life What is the most important advice for teenagers and adults to learn for the last time? Often people live in anticipation of something. Finish school, get higher education, go on vacation, wait for retirement. Stop waiting. Wherever you are, be there. Live today’s moment and rejoice in life. Take everything from today. Enjoy moments, little things and short moments of life. Take care of friendship, love and loved ones. Try to be happy for the moment that we call our life.

10. Teenagers and adults could have lived a lot of life not in vain, but it is better to remember what 70-90 years old people regret the most? Here is a list of 4 things that have remained unchanged over the past many years. What do people regret at retirement age? An unloved job, for which most of the life has been spent. Little time is given to our loved ones and those who are dear to us. Inattentive attitude towards appearance and health. Regret that we didn’t have time to see the world and spent our lives on useless things. And what will you regret in your old age? Or will you be happy to remember your years of youth, playing with your grandchildren? This is your life. Everyone chooses his own way of life.