Advice to a young man

We asked for advice from people who are happy with their life. Which lived a bright, saturated and amazing life. Who realized themselves in life, traveled a lot, got a lot of impressions and took everything from this world? Tips for a young man who will change his life once and for all. In old age we will be divided into two types of people. Who are satisfied with their life and those who will be bitterly sorry? We asked the first group of people to tell how they got it. What did they do, how did they behave and what can they advise? Why make common mistakes you can avoid? These tips are worth considering for being useful to any young or even adult person. Do not waste your time on mistakes, but spend it to enjoy life more.

Tips for a young man “Younger than tonight, you no longer become.” Palanik Chuck 1. Learn independence and enjoy loneliness in life, there comes a moment when you need to break away from your parents and go on an independent voyage. Learn to be responsible for your actions, decisions and life yourself. Your future life depends only on you. Live alone for at least a couple of years, without friends or a girl. This will teach you to look differently at life and life in general. Do not make a girlfriend for yourself, but enjoy the time when you are free to do anything and with anyone. Loneliness is given to us for self-awareness, our goals and desires. Loneliness makes us adults and independent.

2. Time is more important than money. This is an important piece of advice for a young man whose values ​​are not yet defined. You will spend a lot of time only on their earnings. You can even become a financial millionaire. But you cannot become a millionaire of “time.” Any 100-year-old financial millionaire is ready to swap places with a 20-year-old poor man. Rich or poor, you will have a maximum of 100 years. Some people spend all their youth and maturity on earnings, and then regret it. They are old, but have not seen anything in their lives, except for work, earnings and fuss. Time goes very fast, and with age it accelerates more and more. Time is more important than money. Learn to spend time on something that can be more important than money.

3. Do what you love. Find what you love to do and do it every day. It doesn’t matter if you make money from it or get international recognition. It is important to do what you are interested in and what you want. It can be any business, hobby or hobby. Do your favorite thing, and happiness for it will be the best pay in the world.

4. Get a love experience. This is a little strange advice for a young person, from a more experienced one, but it should be given. Get a love experience. You do not have to be a womanizer or a pick-up. Relations and sex should not be for you the center of the universe. It is love experience that puts them on the right shelf. This will not confuse sexual desire with love and the desire to get married. Pay attention to the many girls in the world and how different they are. Have sex with different girls and enjoy it. Meet, fall in love, have sex, enter into a relationship, part and fall in love again. The world is full of beautiful girls who do not mind stirring you up.

5. Learn to communicate with people. You will have to communicate with different people all your life. Learn to communicate and find a common language. Learn to listen to people and hear them. Learn how to make them happy with your presence. Show empathy, delve into their emotions, mood and life more deeply. Show care and goodwill. Career, friendship, love relationships depend on the ability to communicate in life.

6. Become a better version of yourself. There are several alternative versions of you. When you make a decision and choose one of the roads, you prefer one of your versions. Whether it will be better or worse depends mainly on you. There is a version of you a loser in which laziness, cowardice, modesty and indifference are drawn. There is a version of you lucky. But this requires effort, perseverance, courage. Become the best version of yourself to get what you want out of life and get the most out of it.

7. Be happy as often as possible Advice to a young person is to be happy every day. Learn to enjoy life and everything that surrounds you. Enjoy every day. Life is a bunch of moments that are simply interconnected. Turn your life into a happy romance. No one can be happy all the time. Turn your life into a collection of happy poems. Every day and every positive thing may please you. Smile more often, laugh more often, have fun more often, rejoice more often and enjoy moments more often. Better to go through life with optimism and a happy smile.

8. Learn to manage money wisely Learn financial literacy, and don’t scatter money right and left. Do not invest your resources in entertainment, alcohol, girls, clothes, junk, gadgets and show-offs. Spend your resources in your development and what will make life better. Further life depends on your development, mind and abilities. Learn to count money, avoid loans and keep a budget. Do not allow yourself to drain money on useless things. In a relationship, write down all the property on yourself and manage the money yourself. Too many cases are known when a man was driven out into the street by their women. Learn to manage money wisely. This is a valuable resource, like time.

9. You do not have to justify other people’s desires. You yourself know better than others what you want most. But often, many advisers will confuse you by slipping their goals and dreams. You don’t have to be what others want you to be. In any case, they will condemn you, criticize and reproach you. Prevent attempts to remake you into someone else that you are not. You do not have to justify other people’s desires or dance to someone else’s tune. Follow only your desires. This is the necessary advice for a young man.

10. It is never too late to start all over from the beginning. When you are already halfway through, it seems that it is too late to retreat from the chosen path. But it’s never too late to quit and start all over again. This is much better than persisting in your madness and doing what you do not want. It’s much better to quit and start from scratch. It only seems that life at 30, 40, 50, 60 is pumping. It’s never too late. The best moment is today. You will be much happier that you have decided than if you are scared once again.

11. Find your love. Do not listen to cynics, nerds and holy men. You will fall in love many times on your life path. Surrender to your love and enjoy it. Do not allow yourself to settle for less. Do not take handouts from fate. Fall in love with really nice and worthy girls. Avoid predators, bitch, walk up heifers, freeloaders, eternally displeased princesses and other defective specimens. Fall in love with a clean, bright, beautiful, positive and cheerful girl. May she delight you with her smile, tenderness, care and love. Find her and do not be happy together. Together in life is always better.

12. Follow your dreams. Never give up. Do not listen to those who do not believe in you or dissuade. In old age you will regret that you did not dare. What did not try. What a coward. What did not dare. Life goes very fast, and you will regret it if you did not spend it on your dreams. If you ugrohal her on things that are not worthy of your attention. Follow your dreams while there is gunpowder in the flasks.

There could be more tips for a young man, but you yourself will figure out what to do with another. You are better, smarter and wiser than past generations. You have more potential, freedom, passion and drive. Good luck!