After more than 70 years, Nikon will stop producing cameras in Japan

Nikon intends to stop producing cameras in Japan. According to DigitalCameraWorld, intending to reduce production costs in the face of a significant reduction in the camera market, the company decided to move production to Thailand. Production of the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 has already been postponed, and the Nikon D6 will move by the end of 2021.

The Sendai plant has been a staple of Nikon for decades. The company not only produced cameras, but also provided assistance to foreign production branches. The publication notes that the fact that Nikon cameras will no longer be produced in Japan in the future, initially sounds like a negative signal. However, he adds that production in Thailand should not be equated with low quality.

The cameras have been manufactured at the Nikon factory in Thai for almost 30 years, so the employees have many years of experience and knowledge. The brand new plant, according to the publication, should be treated much more skeptically.