AI Dungeon 2 – a fully-generated AI game

Nowadays, making video games is mostly a manual, painstaking job that takes a lot of effort, time and money. Nevertheless, every year, the industry comes up with new technologies that make it much easier and simpler to work on some aspects of the project. Such technologies can be considered at least DirectX 12, as well as ray tracing. Undoubtedly, the above technologies simplify the development process, but are there any ways to simplify the process, which will reduce the need for manual development to “no”?

And as it turned out, there is such a thing. This is a well-known artificial intelligence for all of us. Naturally, it is impossible to order artificial intelligence to develop a game, after which it will immediately produce an incredibly high level of results. And it is unlikely that AI will ever be able to do that. However, if you are satisfied with the simple text role-playing game, the AI will be very useful for you here.

The fact is that enthusiasts have created such an artificial intelligence, which constantly generates a variety of scenarios for the game. The name of this game is AI Dungeon 2, and yes, it is essentially the brainchild of AI. And it is worth saying that for a project that does not have one fixed scenario, the mechanics of the game are worked out at an extremely decent level.

AI Dungeon 2 was developed by Nick Walton. He is a pretty experienced developer who “suddenly caught fire with the desire to do something very simple at the same time, but at the same time technological and interesting. In his work he used “all the power of modern random text generation system”, which has open source code, and was created through OpenAI. In order to provide each of the gamers with an individual, different story, Nick Walton “fed” the artificial intelligence a whole bunch of different scenarios, texts, and books in the style of adventure and fantasy. As a result, we now have an extremely unusual, long and individual textual adventure, which is entirely generated by AI.

AI Dungeon 2 can be played by anyone who wants to play directly through their browser, just by clicking on the first link that appears when you request “AI Dungeon 2”. Before you start the game you have to make a basic configuration of the browser, and then choose some conditions of your game world. Anyway, you can’t hush up one single, but still quite unpleasant problem AI Dungeon 2.

The fact is that, as you have already understood, literally everything in the game is generated by artificial intelligence. That’s why in the game you will incredibly rarely meet really well-prescribed characters. However, if you abstract from this – AI Dungeon 2, it is a great, very brave and original project that can potentially date a new life to such a game genre as text quests.