An easy way to disable YouTube ads has been published

Numerous commercial inserts when watching videos on YouTube are familiar to many users of popular video hosting. To get rid of annoying content, sometimes you have to “weigh” the browser with various extensions. But one of Reddit’s regulars managed to find a much easier way to completely get rid of “advertising pauses” without resorting to third-party solutions.

Reddit has published the simplest instructions on how to watch videos on YouTube in a browser and without ads. It turns out the whole point.

How to watch YouTube videos without ads

To do this, in the address bar of the browser just add a period after com.

Example: “”
In this version, the ad will be displayed.

Example: “”
And with a dot after com intrusive advertising will no longer bother you.

The manual is now publicly available, and Google may fix this feature soon. As for the description of the operation of this method, it is very simple. It turns out that the whole point is that most sites forget to normalize the hostname. In this case, the content will still be served, but due to differences in hostnames, cookies are not loaded, which are used by most sites to display advertising.