Apple can be congratulated with 1 billion active iPhones

Apple itself doesn’t run out of stats on how much the iPhone has power for a given moment. To be overwhelmed by the analysts, who took up the support of the army of active iPhone koristuvachi.

Analyst Nil Saybart, who has a very good track record of news about Apple, has taken on the job and arrived to the end of the day, but in the last month the company reached the milestone of 1 billion active iPhones.

Moreover, it is because of the excitement that the company has not yet reached the peak of sales of smartphones. If in 2018 Apple took the decision, by the way, published the statistics of iPhone sales, they let it go, but in such a rank they would like to take advantage of the fact that sales were declining. Neil Cybart does not prohibit that, well, it is possible, at that hour Apple could get stuck for a change in its extension. Aleh vidmovu, from the publication of statistics, I am not convinced that the Kupertino concern simply didn’t want to, but the experts in the stock market incorrectly blamed “injecting a trivial update cycle”.

It is a matter of humor that piece sales do not give more and more correct pictures about the iPhone business. It is not possible to use them to talk about the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers, as they try to keep their vibe on the corny of the product.