Apple has added a secret feature to iOS 14

After the release of iOS 14, technology giant Apple added a new revolutionary Back Tap feature, the activation of which turns the back of the smartphone into a touchpad. The developers report that this feature blurs the line between software and hardware. The main purpose of Back Tap is to give iPhone owners more opportunities to interact with their device.

With this feature, users will be able to program the interaction with the back panel to launch an application, such as the Control Center or message menu.

Apple said that the algorithm created behind the walls of the company can easily distinguish intentional pressing or collision with the hand when using a smartphone. This “button”, if you can call it that, is deactivated until the user activates the Back Tap function in the accessibility menu. It is not yet reported which smartphone models will be able to use the Back Tap function, but most likely it will be only the iPhone 12 line.