Apple has patented a case that hardens when dropped

The technology includes electromechanical materials and a magnet

The American company Apple has received a patent for a protective case for iPhone, which will change its properties before hitting the ground if the user accidentally drops the smartphone. And the greater the height of the fall, the stronger the protection.

According to technical documents published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple engineers suggest using electromechanical materials to protect electronic devices.

The “smart” case will read electric and magnetic fields and change the properties at operation of certain triggers. The case itself will consist of a main body, a processor, a magnetic circuit and a magnetically sensitive layer, which includes a matrix and magnetic particles interspersed inside the matrix.

Unlike passive protection, a case with electromechanical materials has a key advantage – an adjustable damping factor. Thanks to electroactive polymers during the fall, the cover will read the surrounding space and automatically change the stiffness and viscosity of the material.

The published renderings also show the technical components of the cover, but the active material can be hidden under a cosmetic layer. That is, the outer part of the accessory can be made of traditional silicone or leather, but will be noticeably thicker.

The patent also states that the material will change its properties almost instantly, and the greater the drop height, the stronger the cover will be. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide sufficient damping to absorb the force of the impact in a matter of milliseconds.