Apple smart glasses can be dynamically darkened

Apple smart glasses will be able to dynamically darken, so that augmented reality is better combined with the real world. Rumors that Apple is developing smart glasses have been circulating for a long time. Now published a new patent that describes some of the features that can get the device. We are talking about lenses that can adjust the image so that the elements of augmented reality blend well with the real world, writes appleinsider.

The company has long been working on the idea of ​​custom lenses. Initially, it was assumed that the function would be intended for people with visual impairments, but it seems that the company has found a new application for it. A patent called “Localized Optical Display System” describes lenses that can change their properties to better reflect the elements of augmented reality.

According to the information in the application, the lenses will be able to dynamically change the brightness, so that the superimposed graphic effects will not look foreign. It is assumed that the lenses will be made of electrically adjustable metal-containing material. Unfortunately, at today’s level of technology, the optical components described in the patent may be too cumbersome or heavy. In addition, they can display unwanted graphic artifacts.