Apple to reveal new products on September 15

There were several leaks regarding launch dates of new Apple products. There were even reports that Apple is announcing new products today, particularly the new Apple Series Watch and the new iPad, but this has not happened. Most likely, the technology giant from Cupertino announced the launch date.

Apple has announced that it will have a virtual event at 10:00 Pacific Time (17:00 UTC) on September 15, which is exactly one week after today. There are already speculations about what will be announced. Many people expect the iPhone 12 series, but may be disappointed.

According to Mark Gourmet, who writes for Bloomberg, Apple may announce not new phones, but a new Apple watch. In his message, he said that the invitation sent to the media says “Time flies”, which hints at the clock, not the iPhone 12 series. It is expected that Apple will announce the Series 6 Watch, as well as a budget watch called Apple Watch SE. There is no confirmation that the two models will be announced together.

This will be the second Apple virtual event this year. Back in June, he had one, which was marked by success. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, several manufacturers have switched to online presentation of their presentations.