Apple’s partner company secretly stole and sold 100,000 devices to be disposed of. Now she has been sued

GEEP Canada, an Apple partner, has stolen and resold gadgets for recycling. Because of this, Apple sued her.

This was reported by The Logic.

From 2015 to 2017, GEEP received half a million devices from Apple to recycle them. However, as it turned out, the company did not do that – moreover, these gadgets went on sale.

Apple found that 18% of them are still connected to the Internet – that is, they actively use them. The company conducted an audit of Canadian GEEP warehouses and found that the devices are stored in an area inaccessible to security cameras, and serial numbers have been connected to Apple’s servers.

GEEP itself does not deny that the gadgets were stolen, but noted that some of its employees could have done so. Apple claims that the company’s senior managers were indeed responsible for the disposal.

Apple has filed a lawsuit to find out who is to blame and recover all the profits that the Canadian company probably received – $ 2.27 million.

Why is it dangerous

No company can guarantee the safety of devices to be disposed of. As a rule, they do not meet quality or safety standards. If you start using such gadgets again, it can cause serious security problems, including defects in electronics or the battery.