Ask your ex-girlfriend a question. 150 questions from your ex to ask

What’s the point of talking to your ex anyway? From every relationship, we learn from our experiences with the beautiful sex. When breaking up, it is important to break up in a way that learns about your mistakes and blunders in past relationships. This experience will come in handy in future relationships, allowing you to avoid making the mistakes you have already made. Questions to ask your ex when breaking up so you can be more successful with your future girlfriends. Exes always want to send them away, but it’s not always wise to do so. You may find that you will make the same mistakes with new girls. It will happen over and over again until you learn some rules. Why torture yourself when you can just learn all your mistakes from your ex and then fix them immediately?

There is no point in stepping on familiar rake if you and your ex have already danced on them and scored more than one bump. Breaking up with a girl is like getting fired from your job when you need a good reference. Having a calm and appropriate conversation with your ex can make life with future girlfriends a lot easier. Your ex knows you like the back of her hand, so she can tell you your weaknesses and strengths. Often such questions can stir up memories in you, and the girl will turn from an ex to a real one. But this is a pretty rare situation and a bad idea. Usually relationships with exes are doomed.

Especially for you, we’ve compiled a list of questions that will help you get feedback from a girl. It’s like a sociological survey that puts everything into perspective and gives you a sober assessment of what’s going on. A list of questions for your ex that will reveal all the skeletons in your closet. Why would your ex want to answer them? She might also be interested in getting feedback or helping you move on with your life. It’s not like you’re strangers to each other, and you’ll keep each other’s memories forever.

What questions to ask an ex-girlfriend?

1. Why did we break up?

2. What few words would she use to describe me?

3. What was it about me that attracted you?

4. What communication mistakes did you make?

5. What do you need to work on in your appearance?

6. Do you like me as a person?

7. What do I need to correct in my behavior with girls?

8. What do you think of me as a man from the outside, after the breakup?

9. What impression do I make on girls when I first talk to them?

10. What memories of me still make you smile?

11. What do your girlfriends honestly think of me?

12. What do you think and feel when you see me?

13. Would you like to be friends with me? Let’s stay friends?

14. What have we argued about most often?

15. Was our love strong?

16. Did I behave correctly in the relationship and where did I often go wrong?

17. What body parts are the most attractive and hot?

18. What strengths and weaknesses do you need to work on?

19. what made you happy around me?

20. If your girlfriend wanted to go out with me? Would you talk her out of it or approve of it?

21. How would you feel about having an affair with your ex?

22: Do you follow me on social media?

23. Describe a typical day for us if we hadn’t broken up?

24. What major flaws can you name?

25. In what ways was I good when compared to other men?

26. What was I bad at when compared to other men?

27. What relationship mistakes did you make?

28. weren’t your girlfriends or enemies scheming against us?

29. would having children have stopped the relationship from falling apart?

30. What did you think of me in the beginning and how did your point of view change?

31. What was he like in bed and what did he do wrong?

32. How much jealousy was justified or was he too jealous?

33. Who was taking steps toward a friend more?

34. Was there more selfishness or was there no healthy selfishness?

35. Was he dominant in the relationship or was he driven?

36. What was the happiest part of the relationship?

37. Did I idealize my soulmate?

38. How did the relationship with me change you?

39. What’s the question you want to ask me the most?

40. Was I greedy or did I spend too much money?

41. Were there enough actions, words, or gifts? What wasn’t enough?

42. Who was the first to reconcile?

43. Why did we come together?

44. We didn’t talk much about relationship problems?

45. How was the relationship with me different from other relationships?

46. How is your closet and sense of style?

47. Did she suspect me of cheating and with whom?

48. Do you hate me?

49. What made you fall in love with me?

50. What do you think of my friends?

51. Have you thought about cheating on me?

52. What was the biggest disappointment I brought to you?

53. How often do you remember and think about me?

54. Who did more and tried harder in the relationship?

55. How long did we think we were going to date then?

56. What did you learn about your relationship with a man after talking to me?

57. When did the relationship crack and what was the reason?

58. Who was more loved in the relationship?

59. How long did it take you to make the decision to break up?

60. What did your family and loved ones think of me?

61. Are you sure other people didn’t ruin our relationship?

62. How have I shown love to you?

63. Should we give second or hundredth chances in a relationship?

64. What advice would you give me now?

65. Why did you keep quiet when you didn’t like something about me?

66. If we were still dating, what kind of relationship would it be?

67. What did I hurt you the most?

68. How will you describe me to a new man?

69. Could our breakup have been prevented?

70. How often did you dream about me and what happened in your dreams?

71. What would you like to erase from your memory about the relationship?

72. Did we believe in eternal love in the past?

73. Do you think I follow your life on social media?

74. Did you immediately like your ex or was it not love at first sight?

75. Am I too much of a rascal? Or too nice a guy to be nauseous?

76. Was I good at apologizing or was I stubborn?

77. What were the worst moments?

78. How did you affect me and what did you change about me?

79. How did your friends and family react to the breakup?

80. What are you grateful for in the relationship?

81. Were we planning a family and a wedding?

82. How often do you remember me and what exactly are your thoughts?

83. What do you get from me best and what do you get worst?

84. What would you change about past relationships if you could?

85. What was the last straw in the relationship?

86. What was missing in our bed?

87. Why do exes often get back together?

88. How long were we together?

89. How often did you stimulate pleasure in bed?

90. Did you trust me?

91. How could we solve our problems?

92. In what ways have I not lived up to your expectations?

93. What question should I ask my ex-girlfriend?

94. How often have you lied to me or told me lies?

95. Where in the relationship did you pour oil on the fire?

96. Am I an asshole in your eyes?

97. Would I be a good father?

98. Have we learned how to compromise?

99. When exactly did the discord begin?

100. Did you understand the underlying reasons for the breakup?

101. What did you tell your girlfriends about me?

102. How much of me was good and how good were you?

103. What would happen if we were married?

104. How many times have you thought about breaking up with me and why?

105. What was it about me that scared you?

106. What would you do differently in a new relationship?

107. Your favorite memory of us?

108. Remind you of some things, movies, or tunes about me?

109. Does it bother you that we have friends in common?

110. What do you do when you miss me?

111. Do you think of me when you do something indecent?

112. Did we meet too soon or too late?

113. What did you want to change about me?

114. Do you find our breakup ugly?

115. In what ways have we changed since we broke up?

116. What are our most important disagreements?

117. When we broke up, did you feel freer?

118. Who was more to blame for our breakup?

119. What was unique about our relationship?

120. What did I constantly make mistakes about?

121. Is another relationship between exes doomed?

122. How compatible were we in bed?

123. Were you comfortable with our financial situation?

124. Would you rather be in a relationship or single?

125. What will you regret in retirement?

126. Have you ever had the feeling of losing something in your soul or heart?

127. Have other people been privy to our problems?

128. How have I changed since the breakup?

129. How grateful are you for our relationship?

130. Will you compare other guys to me?

131. What was the point of no return in the relationship?

132. How long did it take you to make the decision to break up?

133. How did you feel after the breakup?

134. What did you change about yourself after the breakup?

135. Were we able to start a family and have children?

136. If you can’t find anyone better, or is everyone else better?

137. Will you be jealous of my new girlfriend?

138. Would you want it all back? 139. What do you miss the most?

140. What kind of guy was I? What kind of girl were you?

141. How long did it take you to get over the breakup?

142. What would you change in the past if you could?

143. What are some things you have left over from me?

144. What will you never forget?

145. Do you mind if we meet at mutual hangouts in the future?

146. How do you feel when I show up?

147. How have you changed since we broke up?

148. Do you still love me?

149. Would you repeat the relationship if you went back in time?

150. What would you want to tell me?

A serious conversation between two adults can help you dot your i’s and move on with your life. Resuming a relationship between exes rarely leads to good things. Why drag past mistakes into a new relationship? Asking questions of an ex-girlfriend gives us experience that is sure to come in handy in the future. Life does not end with one relationship, and you will still have many wonderful girls, among which will be the one with whom the last love affair will be tied.