At the end of the year, Huawei will release its first smartphone without Android

Huawei has run out of a temporary license for Android, so the company is trying to release the first smartphone to the market faster on the new mobile system HarmonyOS, which is known as HongmengOS in China. The day before it was announced that by the end of this year, Huawei would introduce the first watches, tablets and laptops on the HarmonyOS operating system. But after the news of the closure of the license to update Android, the company changed its plans to faster release the first smartphone, according to foreign media Global Times.

However, information about the first Huawei smartphone on HarmonyOS is not yet available. The operating system still works only in last year’s Huawei and Honor TVs, but first the company planned to move it to all devices. The company has been working on its own operating system for many years, but it was only last year when the U.S. imposed sanctions on Huawei and banned it from cooperating with U.S. companies. Thus, the manufacturer has lost Google services in Android and ARM technologies for Kirin processors.