Author’s doll business

Recently, there has been a clear tendency to promote handicraft products. For many, a favorite hobby at home is becoming a significant source of income. Creativity can really make a significant profit, but it is important to choose the right direction and become a master of his craft. For example, you can build a great business by making author’s dolls.

It is possible that many people will question this idea. But the fact remains. Knowledgeable people are well aware that the author’s dolls are valued very highly – the cost of some of them comes to 7-8 thousand dollars per copy! Such dolls are equated to objects of art, acquire their connoisseurs, of course, not for children’s games – handmade products designed to decorate the interior and give their owners contemplative pleasure.

Masters of puppetry are artists, sculptors and designers in one person. Creating the image of a doll, often takes no less time and effort than the implementation of the sketch in life. But the result is worth it! If you love to create beautiful things with your own hands, have a good imagination, an excellent sense of taste and style, as well as not afraid of painstaking work, this home business – for you!

At once we will note – profitability of the project makes 30-40%, depending on the chosen materials for work. For example, half a kilo of the simplest mass for modeling is estimated at 60-70 dollars. Various accessories (eyes, cracks, fabrics, varnishes, etc.) will cost not less than 50 dollars (for one small doll). Many masters make only dolls, and sewing clothes for them is ordered from outside specialists, which, of course, affects the cost of the finished product.

The cost of the simplest author’s doll begins with 5 thousand rubles, and such a price tag is quite justified, if you consider how much work is invested in the manufacture (it’s molding, and assembly, and coloring – all stages are performed manually).

Becoming a true master of his craft and gaining a reputation, the project can be further developed by opening its own school of puppet skills. Training other people will bring much higher income, and no significant investment is needed to open the school. You can start with 5000 dollars in your pocket. The minimum price for a master class is 150 dollars per person. A full course of several classes will cost your clients already 2-3 thousand dollars. Thus, you can recoup the investment for a couple of months of work.