Away, blues: tips on how to cheer yourself up

When the weather outside the window changes frequently, our mood starts to fluctuate and get worse too. Rainy weather often provokes melancholy and depression. Therefore, even the first signs of bad mood in yourself, a loved one, a friend or a girlfriend need to fight. How? Learn more about how to cheer up yourself and others from the wise advice we have gathered specially for you.

How to cheer yourself up

Take a shower or bath. The water will literally wash away the bad mood. Many people notice the healing properties of a shower or bath. Ideally, you should take a contrast shower, but the usual one will gather you with strength. If you can’t get a full dip – just wash your head or hands to your elbows – it will surely refresh you.

Take a little walk. A walk in the fresh air, such as in a park or garden, can lift your spirits. And if the sun is still shining and the weather is nice outside, it can improve instantly.

Dance. Turn on your favourite incendiary music and just move in time. Or choose music that suits your mood to improve it.

How to cheer yourself up when things are bad

Make cocoa, coffee or green tea. These drinks have invigorating elements that make you feel better.

Play with pets. Put your business on hold for just five minutes and just play with them. You won’t even notice how your mood is getting better.

Listen to the music. Keep your mobile phone or headphone player handy at all times. Your favorite tunes will help you relax and you won’t notice how your thoughts will change direction and get better. Just don’t listen to sad or sentimental tunes. You can even make a playlist with songs that always cheers you up.

Laugh. Everyone knows that laughter prolongs life and improves health. That’s why you can arrange yourself a laugh evening, for example, watch funny videos on the Internet or funny movies.

Make your wishes come true. Make yourself happy with something that you have long dreamed of. You don’t have to buy a new car or go on a round-the-world trip. But maybe you have some long-standing wishes that you didn’t have the time, money or just the strength to get off the sofa. Now it’s time to fulfill them.

Enjoy nature. If you do not have the opportunity to go for a walk in the park, enjoy the tranquility and beauty that only nature provides. If even the view from the window depresses you, you can attract pictures or videos with beautiful landscapes. Find something of your own, something for your soul, something that is pleasant to look at.

How do you cheer up a girl?

Start writing a journal of joyful events. Don’t be lazy, get yourself a notebook or a beautiful notebook. Write down the fragments of life that have pleasantly surprised or laughed at you. It will be pleasant to remember them in difficult moments and they will lift your spirits.

Get involved in sports. How do you cheer yourself up in the morning? Charge up. During exercise, the body increases the production of special hormones of joy – endorphin and serotonin. Blood circulates more actively through the body, the brain is saturated with oxygen, mental and physical performance increases, and the mood – rises.

Cook a delicious meal. Another way to lift your spirits is to pamper yourself with delicious food. Try something you’ve long wanted to buy – exotic fruit or a favorite treat.

Hug it out. To cheer up yourself and your loved one, just hug him or find someone to hug you. It can also be just a friendly hug. Research has shown that people who hug often are less prone to depression and apathy.

You sleep more. Sleeping is important to human life. During sleep, the brain reboots like a computer and the nervous system rests. So, after a full sleep, the mood itself improves.

Smell the lemon. Hold a non-standard way to cheer up your loved ones or yourself. The fresh citrus aroma of the lemon cheers you up. This is explained by the fact that the lemon contains the substance linalool, which reduces stress levels. Also, a few drops of lemon essential oil can be poured into the aroma lamp. Lavender and basil essential oils have similar properties.

Have sex. Sex is the best way to lift your spirits. Orgasm and sexual discharge lead to powerful release of hormones of joy in the blood.