Basic shirt-how to choose and with what to combine?

The shirt is one of the main elements of men’s closet. Therefore, its selection should be approached with the utmost responsibility. When choosing a basic model it is necessary to rely not only on the quality, fit, color and details. It should be remembered that the basic model is the one that will be the basis for most of the images, it is suitable for a combination with a significant number of clothing options – pants, jackets, cardigans and in each image will look in a new way.

Rule №1 – Determine the purpose!

This is the very first thing you need to start picking out a basic shirt.

For everyday life you can buy any models in casual style. In this case, choose shirts that will suit you better in color and style. If you often wear dark pants and jeans, then a great option would be light basic shirts, the image will play on the contrast. Nowadays monochrome looks are also in fashion, so you can choose shirts of the same color as your favorite pants.

In everyday looks will also look harmoniously variants of shirts in a check or stripes, but they should be discreet and not large.

For celebrations

For celebrations, the best shirts are those made of good quality fabrics and those that can be worn under a jacket with accessories. For example, with a tie, with it the image looks more formal and festive. For more refined options you can choose a bow tie. Well, and, of course, a great festive version would be a shirt with cufflinks. Cufflinks give the appearance of solidity and a touch of chic.

Rule №2 – choose the right colors!

The undoubted favorite in the basic men’s clothing is a white shirt – a win-win option for any image. Its uniqueness is that it is combined with absolutely all other colors and always looks perfect. And, whatever the nature of the event – daily office routine, celebration, important meeting or meeting – it will be pertinent in any of them.

Next in popularity among the basic models are shirts in pastel colors – blue, pink and lilac. They are also considered versatile and provide many opportunities for color combinations.

Rule №3 – Consider the fit!

The choice of the silhouette of the basic shirt depends, first of all, on the figure. If you are close to the ideal, you can afford both fitted and semi-fitted silhouettes. They will emphasize all the advantages of a slender body. If you do not like close-fitting shirts or your figure has small flaws, you should give preference to semi-sheer or straight silhouettes. If your figure is not quite perfect, it is better to buy straight models.

Rule №4 – combine style!

The first thing to consider when combining clothing is the style. In today’s world the rules are increasingly being erased, there has come an era of the so-called fusion – a mixture of styles. This provides a huge number of new and bold solutions, you can not limit yourself to one style, to experiment, but it is important to know the measure. And if you have no desire to experiment or you do not know where to start, you can follow these tips.

Classics is always combined with classics, that’s why classic suits, sweaters and cardigans are always appropriate with a classic basic shirt. Classic jacket can also be combined with a casual shirt and pants. Today this style is called Smart casual. A T-shirt or T-shirt, dressed underneath will be a great addition to the shirt in a casual style. Roll up the sleeves and your stylish image is ready. All the more, layering is still in trend.

Rule №5 – Matching by Color!

It’s just as important to match your clothing partners by color. Here you need to remember the “rule of three colors” – the image looks good if you use 3 colors that match each other. To a monochrome image, when all items are made in one color, you can add one item of another color, such as a belt. It is important to know that to colors like white and black fit all other colors. And in order not to get confused with the palettes, the designers of menswear brand have prepared ready-made solutions for the most popular colors of men’s base shirts. Black, gray and navy pants will suit perfectly to a blue shirt, gray and black will suit to a pink one. If you like gray shirts, then wear black and gray closet items on the bottom. To the blue shirt – brown, maroon, gray and black pants.