Beach dress code

Men’s Beachwear

When vacation comes, what clothes do you take with you? It seems that everyone will unanimously say now, they do not need anything except swimming trunks and shorts. But, unfortunately, you’re wrong. After all, most likely you will not only sunbathe on the beach, but also want to go to the crazy party. Also, do not forget about the resort romance, and it clearly will not go to him in swim trunks. This time you’ll have to take a bigger bag, as today we’ll talk about the “dress code” at the resort.

Clothing with horizontal stripes

This type of clothing suits everyone and makes few people look fat. But if you are thin, just a striped shirt can adorn your body. Be sure to take things to the sea in stripes, as the nautical theme is very relevant on such a vacation.

  1. khaki pants

These pants will always be fashionable. And if you roll them up to mid-shin and wear leather sandals instead of flip-flops, your look will be mind-blowing.

  1. Leather sandals

When it came to khaki pants, we mentioned leather sandals. Previously, men had to suffer in the summer in closed shoes with tiny holes, but thanks to designers who came up with leather sandals can go to a cafe or go on a date.

6. Clothing in a small plaid

Nowadays the plaid is in fashion. The main thing to remember two nuances. The first is that you should not wear checkered clothes if you are overweight.

Otherwise, this type of clothing will add a couple of pounds and will make you look fat, and we do not need this. The second – avoid bulky shoes to begin with, otherwise you will turn from an ordinary vacationer into the chairman of the collective farm.

  1. Nylon

Don’t forget that the weather can change and it can rain by the law of meanness, and this will cause the temperature to drop. Then a nylon jacket will come to the rescue. Bright colors are very fashionable now, and, since it will be summer outside, then experiment with the color.

  1. Things in white

This color will always be in fashion, especially in summer. So do not miss the chance to look stylish and fashionable. Do not forget to combine white things with denim, because it makes a classic white jacket with an ordinary T-shirt look stylish.

  1. A hat with narrow brim

If you think that a hat will add a few years to your life, then you are mistaken. And if you think so, then you shouldn’t wear this type of hat. But don’t feel bad, there are also straw hats that will protect you from a hot sunny day.

This is a basic list of things you should definitely put in your travel bag for vacation. Such a closet will save you in any situation, and you’ll see for yourself. Have a great vacation!