Beach holidays in the fall: where to go to extend the summer

For everyone who wants to extend summer, Aboutmans has chosen ten countries that are ideal for beach holidays in the autumn season. This selection will help you decide on the ideal place for your next vacation.

Travelling is a good way to get rid of autumn moping, get away from cold rains and get a bronze tan. Some countries are perfect for beach holidays, despite the onset of calendar autumn. At this time, the resorts have fewer people, and prices are much lower. It’s time to pack your suitcases. You can swim and sunbathe not only in the “velvet season”. For example, in Sri Lanka and Cuba in November, the high season is just beginning.

Turkey: warm sea till November

When to go: September, October

In autumn, the Turkish climate becomes milder and more pleasant, and the sun is no longer so merciless. In September-October, daytime air temperature still rises to 30 degrees, and the water is perfect for bathing. However, from time to time, brief rains are possible. The cost of accommodation and additional services in Turkish hotels in autumn is much lower. For example, a five-star hotel with all-inclusive service can be booked at the price of a three-star hotel. And at this time there are a lot of cheap fruits and vegetables, great discounts on quality clothes and shoes in fashionable stores, and most importantly – half-empty beaches. Just do not forget to bring something warm: autumn nights in Turkey are cool enough.

Cyprus: fishing and music festival

When to go: September, first half of October

Flying to Cyprus is best in September-October, when the weather is warm and dry, and the beaches become freer. During the summer, the Mediterranean Sea waters have time to warm up well and cool down only by November. Keep in mind that in the evenings it is cool, and by the end of October the difference between day and night temperatures reaches 12-13 degrees. We advise you to bring light windbreakers and sweater. By the way, you can not only swim in Cyprus, but also climb mountains, explore archeological monuments of Kato Paphos, and walk through picturesque villages. In addition, autumn is a great time for fishing. Also, in October, Kiripa’s major music festival and Lemesia sports competitions are held here.

Morocco: colorful dunes and Moroccan spa.

When to go: September, October

The first half of autumn is one of the most successful periods for a visit to Morocco. At this time there is a pleasant weather, which is perfect for a beach holiday. Bathing season closes towards the end of October, when the waves get stronger and the water cools down. But this time is ideal for Moroccan spa and excursions. Be sure to visit the Sahara, and best of all – sandy massif Erg Shebbi. Its dunes are constantly moving, changing color and shape. Going on a beach holiday, pay attention: in the north of Morocco is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the west – by the Atlantic. The ocean waters warm up much slower and weaker even in summer. So choose resorts as close to the Mediterranean Sea as possible.

Israel: four seas and therapeutic muds

When to go: from September to mid-November

Another direction where you can go in the middle of the calendar autumn – Israel. At this time, the average temperature is almost the same as in summer, and precipitation is almost never. Even in November, the air is heated to 28-30 degrees, and water – to 25 degrees. In the southern regions is even warmer, so the autumn tour operators advise to go there. Israel – this is one of the rare countries, which is washed four seas. The most comfortable for autumn beach holidays is the Red Sea. In addition, unlike the Mediterranean coast, there are no poisonous jellyfishes. In autumn, the Dead Sea curative resorts are very popular. And the real autumn with rain and cool wind comes here only in late November.

Bali: a paradise for gourmets and surfers

When to go: October

If you want to warm up properly before a long winter, spend a vacation in Bali. In the middle of calendar autumn, the water in the ocean is very warm, and the cost of tours is 10-20% lower. And also at this time, tropical plants bloom here. In November, the rainy season begins on the Indonesian island, but it is difficult to predict the amount of precipitation. The division of climate into seasons is very tentative. And the prolonged rains in Bali are rare. Therefore, tourists come here all year round for swimming. The second most popular type of recreation on the island is surfing. Every October, here is a large-scale “Kuta Carnival”, which opens a thousand surfers. In addition, the event hosts a grand gastronomic festival.

UAE: diving and night crabs hunting

When to go: October, November

Autumn is considered the best time of year for holidays in the Arab Emirates. The air temperature from the exhausting 45-50 degrees falls to comfortable 30 degrees, and the water in the Persian Gulf warms up to 27-28 degrees. At this time, beach vacation becomes really comfortable, especially near the east coast – near the emirate of Fujairah. To diversify your vacation, you can go on a jeep safari on the dunes, buy an excursion to the oasis city of Al-Ain or Musandam Peninsula, famous for its mountain scenery. You can also go water skiing or scuba diving or surfing. However, in October, with the beginning of the high tourist season, prices for recreation here reach a maximum.

Vietnam: the opening of the holiday season

When to go: November

In recent years, Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Vacationers are attracted not only monuments of ancient civilizations, beautiful landscapes and cheap diving, but also visa-free entry into the country. If you want to relax in autumn, buy tickets for November. At this time in the south of the country just opened the holiday season. We advise you to go to Fukuok, Muine or Fanthiet. Choosing a tour, you should consider that in September and October in Vietnam still rains, and the popular resort Nha Trang wet season lasts until December. In late autumn, the country hosts a colorful festival “Ok Om Bok”, when locals arrange boat races and launch paper lanterns into the sky.

Cuba: snow-white beaches and tropical downpours

When to go: November

If you are not afraid of long flights, go to Cuba. Hundreds of kilometers of snow-white beaches, warm clear water and azure sky every year attract more than 2 million tourists. In September, Cuba is hot and blowing with powerful winds and hurricanes. The last month of the unfavorable tropical season is October. Readings of the thermometer column in mid-autumn range from 30-33 degrees. If you like cooler weather, book a hotel on the north coast. For example, in Havana or Varadero. However, in October in Cuba there is still a great risk of getting under the powerful tropical rainfall, which can last from three to five days. Heat and humidity drop here only in November.

Sri Lanka: tea plantations and low prices

When to go: September, November

As in Cuba, the high season starts in November in Sri Lanka. At this time, the southwest of the country is already warm and dry. At the same time, there are no crowds of tourists yet, and the prices are one and a half or two times lower than in the period from December to April. Besides, in November it is much more comfortable to travel around the famous tea plantations and ancient temples of Sri Lanka. In early autumn, the ocean is quite calm, so some tourists prefer not to overpay for the rest and go to Sri Lanka in September. This trip is more like a lottery: the rains can last from a few hours to several days. The main thing is to book a hotel in the north-east of the country. For example, in Uppuveli and Nilevali, these resorts remain dry.

Maldives: lush flowering of exotic plants

When to go: November

If you want to move from cold autumn to hot tropics, buy tickets to the Maldives. According to tourist reviews, it is more profitable to fly to the islands by yourself. At this time, the air and water are heated to 28-30 degrees, and this figure is almost unchanged. The heat is diluted by the cool ocean breeze, which makes the temperature as comfortable as possible. In October, winds are still blowing in the Maldives and short-term tropical storms are raining, and in November the windless, cloudless and sunny weather comes. In addition, the flowering of beautiful exotic plants begins at the same time. Another important advantage of rest in the Maldives is that you do not need to apply for a visa.