Beard design: overview of options and tools for simulation

Which beard designs hold the palm tree in place and which tools help to create them – that’s what we’re looking at in this review.

Long and short, only on the chin and turning into sideburns – beards of all shapes are becoming more and more popular. A new term “lumberjack” from the English lumber (forester) has appeared. This is the name given to men who consider facial vegetation to be one of the factors determining their style and sexuality. What beard designs hold the palm of the championship and what tools help to create them – about this in our review.

Garibaldi and full (English) beard

They look alike. They’re voluminous beards growing all over the place. They must be accompanied by a mustache. Let’s see what the difference is.

Full beard – the most natural shape, so the bottom edge should be oval or round, the beginning of the cheeks and mustache is not further processed. The length can be any.

Garibaldi – beard, which is trimmed rectangular, mustache designed clearly on the cheeks clearly visible line of the beginning. Length – no more than 20 cm. This form is easiest to maintain at home (slight negligence is allowed), but the most difficult thing to do – grow long.

To shape your beard and keep it in shape at home, choose professional scissors. We recommend Katachi Sunangel from Hitek’s range. The edges of these scissors are angled, so you will get a nice cut even if you are not very precise. Tangible advantage – the system of adjustment of the tension of the cut, the scissors can be easily adjusted to the hair of different thicknesses. And thanks to the fact that the shears are made from high hardness steel, long work without sharpening is guaranteed.

Did you choose Garibaldi? Then you have to make sure your cheeks are clean. Walk through them with a razor or trimmer with a minimum height nozzle, and the final treatment is better done with a shaper.

These beards need to be cared for carefully. Choose a special soap or shampoo (common for the head is not suitable – the hair on your beard is harder), use oils, there are a lot of them on the market now (almost any flavor). To keep your beard neat, you need to brush, dry and stylish it regularly. But don’t take a regular hair dryer – they’re not designed to work with hard hair close to sensitive skin. Choose a special hairdryer for barbers like the Barber Phon from Gamma PIU. By the way, you can also dry your head with it.

Van Dyke and Balboa beards

It’s one thing, so they’re often confused. But the real difference is.

Van Dyke is the beard that Johnny Depp put into fashion. The lower part resembles an anchor, but the hair is removed down to the edge of the chin, there is a “path” to the lower lip or a small island under it. There must be a mustache that goes below mouth level.

Balboa – the shape is the same, but there is more hair on the chin and the cheekbones are not shaved. Balboa is characterized by clear contours.

For this beard design to look spectacular, you need to clean your cheeks regularly (bristles will only spoil everything), update the contours and adjust the length.

If you have chosen the Van Dyke shape, you can easily do at home with one shaper, but you should take a professional model. Pay attention to the shaper from Andis – with it you can both shave, and contours to work out, and the height of the beard adjust. The heads are angled so you can work through all areas of your face effortlessly.

Bristles and fading

Despite the fact that in both cases transitions of shades are created, the difference between designs is striking. You can do such effects on any beard shape.

Bristles – cut to a certain length, and light transitions are created due to the different density of hair growth. This can be corrected, but the look should remain as natural as possible. Bristles can be short (barely noticeable points), medium (‘three-day’) and long (as if you haven’t shaved for a week or two).

Fading – creating a smooth transition from dark to light shade. Naturally, it won’t work, it looks neater than bristles. It’s a very current season.

If a trimmer is enough to maintain the bristles (just choose the height of the nozzle by the desired length of hair), then fading requires a more serious approach. First, you need to grow a beard all over the area first – the transitions are created when processing long hair. Secondly, it is necessary to keep the length to zero, otherwise the “splashes” will form.

If you want to try to make the transition yourself, take a US Fade vibrating machine from Andis. It is a professional, powerful tool that works on wet and dry hair, the set has nozzles 3-25 mm high. Usually used for cutting, but it also works well with facial vegetation. To keep the bristles in one length will also be suitable.

Beards grow long, any mistake can be a very unpleasant surprise. That’s why the first time you should turn to a barber – he will create the right shape, tell you how to take care of your hair. And in the future, you will be able to maintain the chosen shape yourself.