Best Sneakers for Asphalt Running 2020

Sneakers for running on asphalt differ, for example, from trail shoes with increased depreciation, wear resistance of the sole, lightweight upper sneaker.

This selection is based on the 2020 ranking of RunRepeat, a large community of runners who write reviews of running shoes.

Why should you consider this information when choosing your running shoes? The popularity of a sneaker usually indicates its versatility. If 90% of the users are satisfied with it (and there are not 1 user), then there is a high probability that it will suit you as well. This is true for beginners who do not yet know their preferences in running shoes.

Why not rely on this 100% rating? Because everyone’s feet are different. Perfect sneakers for a runner with overweight and wide feet may not be good for an athlete with skinny physique and narrow feet.

Please note: you can’t rely on this top of running shoes 100%. It only introduces you to the models that fit a large number of runners. Measure, try and compare in person!


Puma Hybrid Astro

If you think it’s weird that Puma Hybrid Astro is the first model in the rating, don’t worry: I think it’s weird too. However, Puma Hybrid Astro is the one that tops the RunRepeat rating with unreachable 99 points. So, what makes them so cool? Well, judging by the reviews, nothing is perfect.


Several customers noted a very cool energy recovery property with every step.

PROFOAM technology provides a powerful rebound, according to several customers

Some runners said these sneakers have excellent arch support and damping properties.

Many runners love the customizable shoe fitting implemented with NETFIT technology and the shoe lacing system.

Several runners noted the durability of the Puma Hybrid Astro.

According to several runners, these shoes have good support and a comfortable fit.

A lot of people recognized this model as very stylish.

A lot of people liked the implementation of external heel support


The top of the sneaker, called Netfit, felt pretty tight for some runners.

According to several reviews, the Hybrid’s foam weighed heavily on sneakers.

Several runners complained that the sneaker didn’t hold the heel very well.

Adidas Alphaboost

I don’t think you need to introduce this brand. The top models of Adidas are very comfortable, and these also look cool. Alphaboost technology promises good bounce and cushioning, and with the Continental™ outsole, your sneakers won’t need wet weather. This is the second of only 4 sneaker models with a rating of “99” in the rating.


Several runners noted that Adidas Alphaboost has excellent support…

Some users noted the comfort of this sneaker model.

Some customers reported that sneakers are great for long distance running and walking.

According to several reviews, these sneakers are lightweight.

Many users noted the cool appearance of the sneakers.

According to some reports, these sneakers have excellent breathability…


One of the runners said that the fabric in the front of the sneaker deformed

One customer complained that the top does not stretch

Saucony Omni ISO 2

Saucony (pronounced “Sokoni”) is an American company founded in 1898. Personally, I have two pairs of Saucony (Guide 10 and Mad River TR) and I am satisfied with them, but it certainly has nothing to do with the quality of this model. The Omni ISO 2 is really expensive and it’s hard for me to tell why. They are much cheaper to order from the official website.


Several runners said that the front of the Saucony Omni ISO 2 sneakers is quite spacious.

According to several customers, these shoes have good support

Almost everyone appreciated the high comfort of this model.

According to several reviews, Saucony Omni ISO 2 fit just fine

A lot of people liked the design of the sneakers.

According to several runners, the sneakers have excellent cushioning properties.


According to several reviews, this model does not have enough support for the arch of the foot.

A couple of runners in these sneakers were starting to hurt their ankles.

ASICS Gel Excite 6

Note the complaints about the narrow sock in this sneaker model.


Some runners noted comfort in everyday use of sneakers, while others noted comfort for both walking and running.

A large number of customers liked the low price of Asics GEL Excite 6.

A few people said the sneakers have a pretty soft sole.

According to a couple of users, the top of the sneaker is made so that the foot can breathe.

According to several runners, sneakers have reduced foot and Achilles’ pain.

Removable insole

A large number of users liked the choice of sneaker width.

Pretty lightweight.


Several users complained about the narrow front of the sneaker.

Hoka One One Carbon X

The Hoka One One broke into the market not so long ago and already made so much noise that only the admirer of Soviet cedars could not hear about them. Hoka One One (that’s how it’s pronounced) translates as “Flying above the ground” from the Maori language. The company was opened in 2009 by two former Salomon employees and found a bunch of fans in a very short time. Very cool looks, tangible amortization and technology have made their mark. I had a tiny experience running a Clifton and decided I would definitely buy myself a couple of Hawks in the near future.


Several buyers noted good support for the vault foot in the Hoka One One Carbon X.

Several runners noted the wide front of the sneaker, which allows the fingers to be positioned freely.

Some were attracted to the appearance of sneakers…

Most runners reported that this model is very comfortable.

A couple of reviews noted high impact absorption qualities

Everyone who ran in this couple said that these sneakers were light.

Sneaker corresponds to actual size


One runner complained about rubbing his right foot while running…

Pretty expensive

Brooks Glycerin 17

Brooks – grandfathers in shoe making. As a manufacturer of shoes for various sports, the company has been working since 1914. For some reason, they are not as promoted in our country as in the United States. For the same reason that I don’t understand, they cost us some crazy money. Pay attention to this if you think about ordering a pair.


Most people were positive about the damping properties of Brooks Glycerin 17 sneakers.

Many noted that the OrthoLite® insole provides an extra soft feeling.

Most of the testers were happy with the way the sneakers sat on their feet. A wide range of sizes and widths of sneakers contributed to this.

Several runners noted comfort in sneakers.

The sneakers are versatile and can be used for various sports.

Most of them separately noted the steep grip of the sneakers due to the special sole.


A few runners didn’t like the colors of this model.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2

Under Armour is quite a young company, conquering the market at a huge pace. The cool thing about this sneaker model is that it uses Ortholite® insoles (I wrote about them in my post about cool technology). I have one pair of Under Armour sneakers, the Horizon RTT GTX (my review), which, alas, didn’t work for me because of the small width of the shoe, so it’s important to try them on before you buy them or have time to return them (and not kill them) within 14 days.


Some users were delighted with the ability to synchronize these sneakers with the UA MAPMYRUN™ application (the application tracks some running characteristics)

One runner noted that sneakers are comfortable from the first step and there is no need to “run” them.

A lot of runners liked the sneaker design.

The top of the sneaker is perfectly ventilated.

One of the runners said that amortization in Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2 gives the impression of running in the clouds (UA HOVR™ technology).


One runner noted that the sneaker did not match the actual size

Several runners were annoyed by the limited choice of model width.

One of the runners who had experience running in another UA model noted that this model is quite heavy.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Another Brooks model on our list. Lighter (266 grams) than previous models. Pretty big difference (12mm), so the model will fit the runners’ heels.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 uses the latest damping and foot support technology from Brooks (GuideRails, DNA LOFT, BioMoGo DNA).


Many customers noted comfort in sneakers.

A few runners liked the design of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20.

One buyer noted good support for the vault of the foot.

Some customers have appreciated the spaciousness of the front sneaker

Several runners claim that sneakers are ideal for long runs.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 fits perfectly on your leg

According to one customer, sneakers are pretty light.


Several customers complained about the narrow back of the sneaker.

One commentator thought the tongue was too long.

Some customers were disappointed with the small selection of flowers…

Under Armour Charged Intake 3


Most runners noted the comfort of these sneakers.

Several runners noted a wide front of the sneakers.

Most of them liked the low weight of the sneakers.

One of the runners noted that these sneakers showed no signs of rubbing together

Most liked the Under Armour Charged Intake 3 landing.

Most noted high quality sneakers

Several people said the sneakers look versatile and look great with jeans.

Good support


One runner said the sneakers look cumbersome compared to other models.

Mizuno Wave Rider 23

Mizuno is a Japanese company, which is not as popular as Asics in our region, but nevertheless it is well known all over the world.

Mizuno are very recognizable due to their proprietary Wave technology (you can see it at the end of the sole), which provides depreciation and support. Alas, I haven’t had to run in them yet.


Upper comfortable and breathable

Sneakers are quite light (289 grams).

A lot of people liked the balance of depreciation and rigidity in these sneakers.

A few runners said the sneakers fit well on the leg.

Some said the Mizuno Wave Rider 23 provides a natural running and walking experience.

The sole feels like a cloud.

Comfortable tongue


Several runners said this model isn’t new enough compared to the previous one, so they don’t see the point in updating it.

Under Armour Charged Escape 3

277 grams, 10 mm difference for runners at heel and very soft and tender top (judging by reviews).


The upper part fits the leg softly and tightly.

According to the feeling of some runners, the middle part of these sneakers supports the arch of the foot.

Most noted that they felt like they were in the clouds in sneakers (a similar review was given to some Adidas model with CloudFoam technology).

Many people liked the quality of the material, which gives the impression of durability.

Some say they’re light, so they’re good to wear all day.

A lot of people liked the look


A few runners said they were tight.

A few runners said these sneakers need to be runnin’ around before they’re comfortable.

A lot of people didn’t like the cost

Brooks Ghost 12

12 model in the series of highway running Brooks Ghost, which became quite famous in runners’ circles. We really don’t have Brooks as popular as they do in the States.

The sneakers are loaded with BioMoGo DNA (cushioning foam) and DNA LOFT (separate heel foam) technology.


Several customers claim that the sneakers sit comfortably and safely…

A few runners liked the feeling of rolling.

The top of the sneakers is breathable and removes heat.

Several runners noted good grip of Brooks Ghost 12 sneakers.

A few runners liked the reliability of the lacing.


Some customers didn’t like the look of it.

To a few runners, the front of the sneakers seemed narrow.

Some runners didn’t like the too protruding middle part of the sneakers, which made them feel uncomfortable.

Under Armour Charged Impulse

The weight of these sneakers is only 227 grams. Shock-absorbing foam Charged Cushioning®. And the coolest color!


Almost all the runners noted the low weight of the sneakers.

A lot of people liked the feeling of softness

They have good responsiveness and bounce back.

Many noted good support

The sneakers have a light top, so the leg isn’t hot.

Owners liked the soft soles, so the sneakers helped the foot move naturally.


Some runners didn’t like the upper part: because of the stiffness of its sneakers, it pressed the foot…

Not very good heel support.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

The famous Nike universal model. You can find a lot of reviews of this model on YouTube or on other blogs. I do not know how, but Nike manages to keep track of what models of their shoes are on the market and already now, for example, it is hard to find 35 Pegasus. So keep an eye on the 36th, there is no doubt that they are good too.


Almost everyone liked the universal appearance of the sneakers and the wide range of color schemes.

Special zigzag top sneaker knitting scheme provides stability and stability

A large number of users noted the benefits of the Zoom Air platform, which is used throughout the sole of sneakers. It is the platform that provides cushioning and relieves the impact load.

Good adhesion to the surface

According to most reviews, the functionality of the sneakers is universal: they can be used for intervals, pace training and half marathons.

Several users noted the comfort of these sneakers.


One runner complained about the upper part of the sneaker being too wide, so it didn’t feel like it covered his leg securely.

A couple of runners noted a weak Pegasus 35 collar, which sometimes caused the heel to jump out of the sneaker.

The appearance of the sneaker quickly deteriorated due to “wrinkles” on the midsole.

They’re pretty expensive.

ASICS Gel Kayano 25

Kayano, in my opinion, is super comfortable sneakers (one of my highway models where I ran my first marathon). This model is the most popular one among Asics in the world. For 25 years in a row Japanese company Asics has been implementing all its technologies in them. This year I’ve got them and when I’ve raided enough, I’m sure to write a post about them.


Several runners said the Asics Gel Kayano 25 was comfortable on long jogging.

Some noted that this model has a wide range of colors…

Several customers noted the stability of these sneakers.

Almost everyone praised the cushioning properties of the sole.

Several owners appreciated the spacious front part of the sneakers, there’s enough room for their fingers.

Some runners noted that this sneaker has an excellent fit…

The Asics GEL Kayano 25 is very versatile; some have used this model for walking and training in the gym.

According to a few runners, the sneakers are quite durable.

GEL Kayano 25 is available in a wider version for people with wide feet.


Sneakers are quite expensive.

Several runners rubbed their Achilles and complained of ankle pain.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

“Brooks Brothers is one of the oldest men’s clothing brands in the United States. Founded in 1818 as a family business, this private company is now owned by Retail Brand Alliance Corporation, headquartered in Madison Avenue, New York.


A large number of customers noted the comfortable sensation from the first sneaker wear.

The sneakers don’t look massive.

The upper part of the sneaker is flexible and breathing well.

Many noted support for pronation, which is provided by the middle part of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 sole.

A lot of people liked the low cost of sneakers.

Sneakers are smaller than they look.

The upper part of the sneaker is made as comfortable as possible and does not rub.


Several users noted that the model was half the size of the one declared.

Adidas Alphabounce Instinct

The next Adidas in this ranking. Making this rating, I have a desire to try every couple I write about.


Several reviews noted the comfort of Adidas Alphabounce Instinct sneakers.

Buyers said it’s the perfect sneakers for walking, running and training in the gym.

Most of them liked the design of the sneakers.

Pretty long-lasting, according to some reviews.

Universal model


One of the runners said he felt pain after a few hours of running.

Bulky back, according to one review.

Sneakers are quite expensive.

Not very good wet grip on wet surfaces