Blondes, brunettes, brown hair, redheads


Brunettes are the most common color of women in the world (many thanks to India, China and Africa). Before globalization, brunettes were rare creatures in Europe. For a long time they were considered beautiful, but dangerous creatures, endowed with a secret power and capable of instantly turn a man into a pathetic nobody. Thanks to the gypsies and Jewish women, for a long time almost the only brunettes in Northern Europe. These ladies wore strange clothes, prayed to strange gods – no wonder that brunettes began to grow into myths. The brunette is unbridled, cruel – a witch. Most of the “witches” burned at the fires during the Renaissance were brunettes. It is assumed that the brunette is passionate, expressive, jealous, intelligent and vengeful. A female vamp. Am – and no. Intelligence and career Brunettes have always been considered the smartest women. “What do you call a blonde girl repainted as a brunette?” – “artificial intelligence.” This opinion stirred scientists, and they decided to do research. As one would expect, no difference was found by the scientists. Only redheads showed a slightly lower result (but that’s why they are redheads). Nevertheless, brunettes are still hired more willingly for managerial positions. Employers subconsciously consider them smarter and more assertive. Sex Known fact that high levels of testosterone in the blood brunettes turns them into a sultry tigress at 14 years – not unambiguous. Hair color and hormonal fluctuations do not have a direct correlation. More importantly, where a girl got her genes.

If her ancestors were of Mediterranean or Indo-European type, then yes. These types are characterized by early puberty, increased libido (yay!) And … increased facial and body hair. Although this is not terrible – waxing is now inexpensive.


Blondes account for just under 14% of the female population in Europe. But this is in real life. In commercials, their number reaches 35%, 45% in movies, and 75% on the covers of men’s magazines. In other words, blondes are somewhat similar to unicorns: everyone knows how they look, but very few have met these animals in reality. Why is the of blondes so attractive? Scientists believe that the fascination for blondes is similar to collecting of rare stamps – they are popular only because of rarity. In fact, men like faces in “contrasting frames” of dark hair. Scientists believe that they have proved this through experience. 500 men who have declared a predilection for blondes, long tortured, forcing them to look through photos of thousands of women (blondes and brunettes were equal) and choose the prettiest. In the first hour of the experiment, the pictures did not count: the scientists felt that the man could be under the weight of his prejudices.

And indeed: if in the first hour blondes were in the lead, then their share in the selected material catastrophically fell. Of the 100 selected for the share of blonde beauties accounted for no more than 20%. Intelligence and career Here blondes were not so lucky. Public opinion considers them limited and narrow-minded. This attitude really makes blondes stupid. Scientists have conducted a series of experiments related to this issue. It turned out that student blondes in general do not stand out among their peers. But if they gathered the blondes separately and told them about the general mental limitations of blonde students before the tests (by illustrating the story with anecdotes about blondes), the group’s results would immediately drop. This inhumane experiment was put on by the scientists for more than a year in a row – and each time it was repeated. “If you tell a man he’s a pig, he’ll eventually grunt.”


And that’s where it’s really good. Blondes are record-breakers in the production of the female sex hormone estrogen. These hormones are responsible for the feeling of tenderness, tenderness, affection, for the need of bodily contact, hugs and kisses. In sex, as shown by studies, peculiar to blondes rather passive behavior, willingness to obey the desires of the partner, deep emotionality and love of long caresses.


Medium-blonde, dark-blonde, “brownish hair,” “well, so … dark” – in general, the brown hair is unlucky with the singers and poets. Not blonde, not brunette, she is perceived by the mass consciousness as “no one. Intellect and career Here, the shaggy-haired girl is lucky. If interlocutors and potential employers see brunettes as “predatory and aggressive,” and in the blonde “beauty of what fools,” the brown hair evokes the most positive associations. They are considered smart, hardworking, calm, responsible and reliable. Is it so? In part yes – stereotypes like to subvert reality. And if the whole world sees a brown-haired woman as a reliable friend and a good companion – she willy-nilly tries to match. Sex Chatty women reach orgasm less often than blondes and brunettes – these are the results of research scientists. It is not clear what is the reason for this disproportion. Although there is an opinion that it is in the most balanced hormonal background baten – no estrogen, or testosterone are not beyond the norm, and do not provoke an increase in sexuality. This is probably the reason why brown women are more likely to fake orgasm – but only in marriage. This, too, is the data of scientists. Why in marriage? To improve marital relationships? Then why the orgasm, and not, for example, a hot dinner and ironed shirts? All in all, enigmatic creatures of brown hair. And scientists, too. Redheads Only 2% of the world’s population have red hair color (in Scotland – 12%, such an interesting country). Unlike all other colors, scientists tend to consider ginger as a mutation, a factor affecting the whole human body, and not always positively. Redheads are more often born left-handed. Redheads are more often born with various genetic disorders, including serious ones.

Redheaded baby can be born as a brunette, and blond or brown-haired, in which case the risk that the baby will suffer from congenital diseases, increases several times. Intelligence and career Redheads are considered to be intelligent, cunning and energetic. And although according to the tests already mentioned in this article, it is redheads showed the lowest IQ, this does not prevent them from being very successful in their careers. This is partly due to the fact that they are faster to remember, they are the first to catch the eye, and in general always, since childhood, are in sight, and therefore rarely fearful and shy. Sex And here everything is much sadder. Berlin Institute of Sexual Sciences (yes, and there is one!) has created an “orgasmic” scale of female sexuality. Redheads were at the bottom of it. They often suffer from frigidity and anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), rarely feel satisfaction from sex. And, as a consequence, more often change their partners as a result of feeling their own dissatisfaction. That is to get a red-haired girl in his bed is not so difficult, but to keep her there – a serious challenge. The peak in the popularity of red hair dyes came after the premiere of “The Fifth Element”, where the red-haired Lila portrayed the ideal human being. All of the world’s major manufacturers released their “red-red” lines within a year of that.