Breaking down the trends: what sunglasses are fashionable in 2023?

In 2023 beige and transparent frames continue their victorious march in the world of men’s fashion. They are suitable for literally every style and for every situation. And at the same time you will not look as if you did not try to create a harmonious image.

Square sunglasses are also popular. Moreover, designers are interested not only in retro forms in a minimalist metal frame, referring to the classic optics of the 80s, but also in more futuristic models, enclosed in plastic of neutral shades. Fashionable frames for men’s glasses in 2023 do without very bright colors in general, preferring muted ones.

On the heels of the square and rectangular glasses trend comes the aviator glasses trend. If they were forgotten last year, they seem to be back for good. In 2023, the trend for slightly tinted frames and lenses gives a freshness to the old shape.

Trendy Sunglasses 2023

As always, the sunglasses trends are very diverse and in many ways contradict each other, so you can’t follow all the fashion trends. The secret to a stylish look is to choose one or two trends that you think are the best and try to combine them.

So, when choosing sunglasses in 2023, you should pay attention to:

Geometric oversize. Huge sunglasses that cover half of the face have not gone out of fashion for a season. This season, the square shape and futuristic motifs inspired by cyberpunk are especially popular.

Elongated shape. Rectangular and oval shaped glasses have returned from the early noughties to current trends and catwalks. We don’t know if this is due to the return of the iconic “The Matrix” to the screens, but if you choose Neo and Trinity style glasses in 2023, you will definitely not go wrong.

Bright colors. Lenses of rich and muted shades with different frames – from a subtle metallic to massive plastic – are the unmistakable hit of the season. Most often for the current collections designers selected glasses to match the color of the clothes – and you should definitely try to do so.

Triangles and chanterelles. Those very glasses-butterflies, “chanterelles” or, as they are also called, “pussies” have experienced a new birth and are now triangles. Quite a bold shape, which despite its recent appearance, has already managed to settle firmly on the catwalks and in the closets of trendsetters. In addition, the usual “chanterelles” are still extremely popular.