Britain breaks the Internet speed record

Scientists from the University College London, together with the companies Xtera and KDDI Research, have set a record for the speed of transmission of money at 178 terabytes per second. Tse yak 4000 entangled files per second.

As soon as Science Alert is seen, there is a wide range of options for increasing the speed of transmissions of gifts. For the whole, a special system has increased the throughput of 16.8 terahertz in one fiber, but at least 4.5 terahertz from the modern infrastructure. For such an increase in smog, the transmission required an increase in the pressure on the signal, and in the same way, there was a combination of other methods of improvement. The whole technology of hardening the pressure of signals is based on the method of geometric modulation of the so-called signal control. With the full implementation of the technology, it will be less difficult to get rid of the existing fiber-optic hedge, it is necessary to deprive the innovation of the traffic, as you want to get up from 40 to 100 km.