Business ideas 2020 – 40 options with minimal investment for small businesses + new ideas

So far, many citizens in other CIS countries are in no hurry to start their own businesses and continue to work for their uncle. Some are stopped by high starting capital, others by the fear of “burning out”, others by lack of experience. In this article business ideas 2020 are collected, which can be implemented even for a beginner entrepreneur. Some options do not even require investment.

If you want to change the monotonous days of a hired employee to independent life with a high income, then think about implementing any of the following ideas business.

You will learn from this article:

1 3 actions that you should take before launching a business idea

2 Business ideas with minimum investment 2020

2.1 Idea number 1. Toy business

2.2 Idea number 2. Business with animals

2.3 Idea No. 3. Children’s business

2.4 Idea No. 4. Business on training

2.5 Idea number 5. Business on LSW

2.6 Idea number 6. Online shop .

2.7 Idea No. 7. Master (husband) for one hour

2.8 Idea No. 8. Blogging

2.9 Idea No. 9. Business on sports and fitness

2.10 Idea No. 10. Beauty Industry

2.11 Ideas No. 11-17. The freshest and most original versions (table)

3 Business without investment from scratch – best ideas

3.1 Idea No. 18. Portraits to order

3.2 Idea No. 19. Delivery of lunches to offices

3.3 Idea No. 20. Guide services

3.4 Idea No. 21. Mediation in real estate and services

3.5 Idea No. 22. Autonyan

3.6 Idea No. 23. Cleaning cars from snow

3.7 Idea No. 24. Copywriting

3.8 Idea No. 25. Organization of holidays

4 Business ideas 2020, which do not exist in Russia

4.1 Idea No. 26. Service Station Aggregator

4.2 Idea No. 27. Rent a car

4.3 Idea No. 28. Vending business

4.4 Idea No. 29. 3D printing

4.5 Idea #30. Capsule Hotel

4.6 Idea No. 31. Organization of express dating

4.7 Idea No. 32. Café for singles

4.8 Idea No. 33. Dining room on wheels

5 Business ideas 2020 in a small town

6 Conclusions

3 actions that you must take before launching a business idea

To start a business from scratch is capable of a person who has three important qualities: courage, sociability and flexible mind. But before you can realize an idea, you have to do three things.

Evaluate start-up capital

Investments in business are an integral part of the start. Count how much money you have to start your own business. You should start by using your own savings.

IT’S IMPORTANT. It’s better to study business ideas with minimum investment than borrowing from a bank. After all, you’ll have to pay interest even if the project doesn’t pay off.

business ideas 2020

Do market analysis

When looking through the TOP business ideas of 2020, one should be guided by the market realities and trends. In particular, find answers to the following questions:

which goods/services are in high demand at the moment and why, whether they will still be relevant in 5-10 years;

what is the level of competition in the niche and in your region;

how much money will be needed for advertising and promotion.

It is not enough just to copy business ideas that do not exist in Russia, taking into account the experience of Western entrepreneurs. It is necessary to take into account the psychology and level of income of local clients, peculiarities of legal regulation, tax burden and administrative barriers. Otherwise, you will get “zero” income as a result of implementing the idea.

Draw up a business plan

Even if you decide to do business with minimal investment, make a business plan. It will allow you to see and assess the risks that are not visible when you analyze an idea superficially. It will also show you how quickly your business will pay off, what profit it will bring in the long term.

Business ideas with minimum investment 2020

This section lists ideas 2020 with minimum investment – no more than 100,000 dollars. Agree that it is realistic to collect this amount in a short period of time (1-3 years) even for a person with a modest salary.

Idea № 1. Toy business

In Russia and other CIS countries there is a tendency to have children at a more mature age – after 25 years. Most urban families already have middle or high income levels by the time they give birth to their first child. As a result, parents have become more selective in choosing toys. Instead of Chinese plastic things of dubious quality, they are ready to buy the following goods:

toys made of environmentally friendly materials: wood, natural fabrics, yarn;

educational toys, including bizicubs;

soft handmade toys reproducing children’s drawings;

animation costumes for holidays.

To implement a business idea, you need a minimum capital of 15-20 thousand dollars. Money will be needed to purchase materials, fittings, equipment, advertising. Net profit will be from 10 thousand dollars per month.

Idea number 2. Business with animals

Can’t you imagine life without four-legged friends? Then the best business ideas for 2020 are for you:

walking, feeding the dogs;

the services of a trainer;

animal grooming (the equivalent of a beauty salon: haircutting, hair care, wet treatments, etc.);

sewing clothes for pets;

making houses and claws for cats;

breeding of thoroughbred kittens, puppies, exotic aquarium fish.

claws for animals

House for cats

The first two options can be tried from scratch without investment and receive income from 10-15 thousand dollars per month. Other ideas require a minimum initial capital of 20-30 thousand dollars, but also bring higher profits.

IMPORTANT. Animal business is relevant for large cities. Potential clients are people with above average income.

Idea № 3. Children’s business

Services for parents – always a relevant type of business. For an entrepreneur who works with children himself, it is desirable to have a medical or pedagogical education. Without investment, you can implement the following ideas:

Breastfeeding consultant;

a private pediatrician;

a private speech therapist;

a nanny.

nursery school

Organizing a mini kindergarten for children

And if you have in stock 50-100 thousand dollars, try to organize a mini kindergarten at home (permanent or weekend). In the conditions of a spacious 3-room apartment you can look after a group of 5-6 people. Tariff – up to 10 thousand dollars per month per child.

The idea number 4. Business on training

TOP business ideas 2020 with minimum investment includes tutoring. The minimum rate for beginners private teachers is 300 dollars per hour. And experienced tutors get 800-1500 dollars for the same time, teaching 5-7 students per day.

IMPORTANT. For convenience and time saving classes can be held on Skype.

There are other topical educational business ideas:

Online school: foreign language, computer literacy, needlework, playing musical instruments and so on;

home creativity studio: for children or adults;

selling educational videos (courses, trainings, webinars).

Today there is a high demand for professional training on the Internet. People are increasingly hoping to get a new remote job after 3-4 month courses.

Idea No. 5. Business on Lifelong Learning

Dissemination of information on health and weight loss on the Internet has led to the fashion for Lifesaving. In 2020, the following ideas will be relevant:

health food shop;

a vegan food store;

home delivery of vegan/cheese food;

delivery of Groow Food boxed food with the calculation of the balance of Grown Food and calories;

production of organic vegetables, fruits, greens for sale;

sale of dietary supplements, means for weight loss (patches, massagers).

There are business options without investment. For example, you can take paid courses and become a nutritionist-consultant. 1 hour of work of such a specialist is estimated at 500-1000 dollars.

The idea number 6. Internet-shop

Selling goods online is the most profitable business with minimal investment. To launch the project will suffice 50-60 thousand dollars, and the net monthly income will be 60 thousand dollars and above. What will be profitable to sell in 2020?

unusual sweets: figured chocolate, cookies with logos, handmade caramel;

gift boxes;

cactuses and sukulents;

nuts and dried fruits;


Asian tea (e.g. match, oolong, puer);

rucksacks and bags;


baby food.

online shop

Online tea shop

Goods for resale are profitable to buy in China from wholesale suppliers. You can use the websites AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao and others.

IMPORTANT. Business option with minimum investment – dropshipping. With this scheme, you do not buy from a supplier, but work on a prepayment and are responsible for delivery.

And here you can read about easier ways to make money online in 2020 without investing.

Idea No. 7. Master (husband) for one hour

The best ideas with minimal investment for a man with “golden” hands can’t be found. Usually the master does the following types of work:

assembly and hauling of furniture;

window installation;

connection and repair of household appliances;

installation of sanitary ware;

installation of doors;

replacement and repair of sockets, removal of electrical wiring;

hanging items: curtains, cornices, shelves, chandeliers.

The average tariff – 500 dollars per hour. To find customers, you can create a business card site or use newspapers, social networks, free bulletin boards like Avito.

Idea № 8. Blogging

Blogging is a creative way of making money online with no or minimal investment. You can create a blog on your favorite subject, in which you are well versed, regularly write articles and get money in the following 2 ways:

post ads: context, banner, teaser, selling texts;

sell partner goods/services/information products for a certain % or your own (e.g. handmade).

Some still earn by collecting donations, but this is an option.

Blogs in Instagram have become especially popular lately. Profits of top bloggers exceed 1 million dollars per month. But even a small blog with useful content and attendance from 1000 people per day can bring 15-20 thousand dollars a month. Learn more about how to make money in Instagram.

Business ideas 2020 – 40 options with minimum investment for small businesses + new ideas that are not yet in Russia

IT’S IMPORTANT. In 2020, the trend topics for blogs are as follows: HOUSE, business, cryptocurrencies, online marketing, relationships, education, moving to another country.

Idea No. 9. Business on sports and fitness

If you have managed to achieve a trim body and the appearance of press cubes on your stomach, share your experience with others. Now the next business niches are in the trend:

personal fitness trainer services;

bodyflex training;

weight-loss/weight gain training.

You can provide training and advice on Skype, as well as sell training videos on social networks. How to do this, read the article about making money on social networks. If you already have sports equipment, the investment will be required only in advertising – from 15 thousand dollars.

The idea number 10. Beauty industry

The most profitable business niches for women are associated with beauty. With an investment of 15-20 thousand dollars at home you can organize a mini-salon and provide the following services:

manicure, pedicure – 500-800 dollars;

nail extension – 1,000-1,200 roubles;

keratin hair straightening – 1500-2000 dollars..;

haircutting, styling – from 1000 dollars..;

evening and wedding hairstyles – from 3000 dollars..;

anti-cellulite massage – 700-1200 dollars..;

depilation and shugaring – from 300 dollars.

If you don’t want to work with your hands, do some online sales. This will require an investment of 60-100 thousand dollars. In 2020 it is profitable to open the following shops: Korean cosmetics, organic cosmetics, slimming products.

Ideas No. 11-17. The freshest and most original versions (table)

The table below lists the newest business ideas in the world in 2020. Take note of them sooner than potential competitors.

Idea Initial investment Net profit per month Important nuance

Production of alcoholic jelly at home 60-100 thousand dollars. 20-25 thousand dollars Stable profit is possible only when setting up deliveries to cafes and restaurants.

Delivery of diapers at home 10 thousand dollars. 10-15 thous. dollars Business success depends on competent promotion of the company in social networks.

Production and sale of ecological avosec 15 thousand dollars. 10-15 thousand dollars Demand for eco-friendly products is still average, but will grow in the future

Production of phyto-pillows 20 thousand dollars. 10-15 thousand dollars It is better to use soothing plants for pillow stuffing: thyme, yarrow, hop, St. John’s wort.

Production of biokamines 30-40 thousand dollars. 80-100 thousand dollars At the start it is possible to make products yourself

Sticker-shop 60-80 thousand dollars. 30-40 thousand dollars. When you make your own stickers for sale, you should take into account the copyrights to the drawings.

Survival rates 20-25 thousand dollars. 30-35 thousand dollars. Instructors should have personal experience in the subject of survival (it is better to involve firefighters, military, mountaineers in courses).

Business from scratch is the best idea.

Many novice entrepreneurs have ambitions and valuable knowledge, but no start-up capital. If you’re one of them, look at business ideas offline and online without investing. On legal and technical issues, how to start your own business, read a separate article on the link, and here you will find.

Idea No. 18. Portraits to order

The best idea of small business for an artist is making portraits to order. Painting can be done with simple pencils or paints. The cost of the finished work is 500-3000 dollars. Place your portfolio on the Internet and wait for the first applications.

IMPORTANT. Portraits by photo are in demand now. They are usually ordered for a birthday or Valentine’s Day as a gift.

Idea number 19. Delivery of lunches to offices

Busy office workers (especially in Moscow and other major cities) are increasingly using delivery services to save lunch break time. You can offer them ready-made dishes: salads, soups, pancakes, cutlets, meat.

IMPORTANT. The average cost per lunch box is 200-300 dollars. Lunch box – 30-50% of the cost.

food delivery

Idea number 20. Guide services

Opening a tour business makes sense in a city with rich historical and cultural heritage or in a region with beautiful nature: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, nature reserves. The cost of a guide will start from 700-800 dollars per tour lasting 3 hours. If you are sociable, know how to tell interestingly about history (and not just retell facts from Wikipedia), make up author’s routes, you will definitely not be left without clients.

This is interesting. Over the past 3 years, the demand for tours of abandoned places has increased.

Idea № 21. Mediation in real estate and services

If you are interested in a quick return, try to be an intermediary. For example, bring together sellers and buyers of housing, attract investors to the startup, find clients for private professionals: lawyers, accountants, psychologists.

If you have your own website/blog, participate in affiliate programs. Usually large online stores like AliExpress are ready to pay partners 5-10% for assistance in selling goods, and infobusinessmen – up to 50-70% for the sale of infoproducts: books, courses, trainings.

Idea № 22. Autonyan

A nanny is a nanny and a taxi driver in one person. Services are mainly required by busy parents in large cities. The nanny will take your child to kindergarten, school, to a circle, take him back, if necessary, will stay with him for another 1-2 hours. One-time order is estimated at an average of 500 dollars.

This is interesting. Mainly employers want a carny to correspond to the following portrait: a sociable girl (or a young woman of 30-40 years) with a personal car and pedagogical education.

Idea number 23. Cleaning cars from snow

Profitable seasonal business ideas:

clearing snow from the windows;

cleaning snow drifts near a car;

charging the battery in the freezing cold.

Any man who lives in a large or medium-sized city can take on such work. The normal rate for digging one car – 1000-1500 dollars. Rapid departure will cost the client 2 times more expensive.

The idea number 24. Copywriting

Of all business ideas on the Internet the most popular is copywriting. You can write articles for websites/blogs/internet shops and get a stable income. Work on the Internet, creative and does not require special education.

Beginner copywriter earns on average 15-30 dollars. for 1000 zn. text without spaces, and an experienced – from 50-60 dollars. for the same amount.


Idea number 25. Organization of holidays

Holiday organization is a good business option for those who have acting talent. The scheme of earning looks like this:

You come up with a script and write it.

You make costumes and other festive paraphernalia.

Find customers through friends, social networks, free bulletin boards on the Internet.

Go to people at home and spend the holiday.

Usually parents of children aged 5-12 years use the services of the organizers. On New Year’s Eve Santa Claus and Snegurochka often manage to earn 5-10 thousand dollars.

Business idea 2020, which does not exist in Russia

Ideas for business, which do not exist in Russia, will allow you to occupy a free niche in time and get huge profits. However, they will also require large investments in advertising, because people need to get used to new products/services.

Idea No. 26. Automotive service station aggregator

This profitable business from Europe and the USA has so far been implemented only in some major cities of Russia. The aggregator is a website (mobile application) with a list of car services available in the region with services and tariffs. Owners of such a site can earn on commission 100 thousand dollars per month.

Idea № 27. Rent a car

For small businesses it is better to buy at least 2-3 small cars like Citroen DS3, Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 208. They can be rented out to taxi companies or individuals. The average tariff is 1500-2000 dollars per day.

IMPORTANT. Be sure to take out CASCO insurance before renting out your car.

car rental

Idea number 28. Vending business

If you study vending ideas from America and Asia, you can find a lot of interesting options that have not yet been implemented in Russia. For example, there are such options:

products for travelers: pillows under the neck, clothes and shoes, headphones;


board games;

children’s constructor;

bicycle equipment;

things for forgetful parents: baby food, diapers, rattles, napkins.

On average, the vending business brings 20% of the annual return on investment. You just need to place the machine in the passage place and regularly replenish products.

vending machines

Idea number 29. 3D printing

Now you can buy a new 3D printer in the amateur segment for 20-50 thousand dollars. And then you can use it to make the following items to order:

stylish jewelry and accessories;

toys, souvenirs;


covers for mobile phones;

medical products.

3D-printing is an idea of business with fast payback. If to choose correctly a direction and not to spare money for advertising, investments will return to you in 3-4 months.

Idea № 30. Capsule Hotel

Business ideas 2020, which do not exist in Russia, can be found in the tourist niche. The capsule hotel is a small block with isolated places for sleep. It is very popular in Asia, as it allows tourists to save money on hotels. The minimum investment in business will be 1 million dollars, payback period – 1.5-2.5 years.

capsule hotel

Idea number 31. Organization of express dating

For the first time the idea of “Speed Dating” business appeared in American states, then it moved to Europe. In Russia, it is underdeveloped.

The essence is to organize an event where people can have a pleasant time and get acquainted with the opposite sex. The investment is small: you need to rent a room in a cafe, to spend on advertising and services of the leading. Net profit will be from 30 thousand dollars per month.

The idea number 32. Café for singles

Another novelty in the world of Russian business is a café with a bias towards dating. That is, the opening of the institution with a romantic atmosphere and the ability to view profiles of potential partners. The idea is better to implement in a large city. The minimum investment will be 1.5-2.5 million dollars, net profit – from 130 thousand dollars per month.

IMPORTANT. Experience of the best institutions in the world in this niche shows that it is better to open a cafe for single people in the format of a coffee shop.

cafe for singles

Idea number 33. Dining room on wheels

The idea of business is very popular in the USA, Asia and Poland. Mobile diner can be placed in a small town or on the road between settlements. The main products are fast food (burgers, shawarma, pizza, buns).

The minimum investment is 1-1.2 million dollars. Money will be needed to buy a van, equipment and the first batch of products. Net profit of the promoted canteen on wheels in the summer season reaches 30 thousand dollars per day.

I suggest another video to see, which also has a couple of new ideas for opening a business.

Business ideas 2020 in a small town

Even a start-up entrepreneur can start a business in a small town. But there are two things to consider:

The low purchasing power of the population

For small towns of the Russian Federation salaries of 20-30 thousand dollars are considered “cool”. So there is no point in opening a fashionable boutique, vegan restaurant or hotel for animals.

Low competition in individual niches

Residents of the provinces usually cannot boast a large selection of clothing stores, pharmacies, car washes, cafes, kindergartens, workshops. For you, this is a great chance to take a free niche.

IT’S IMPORTANT. You can start a business in the garage to save money on renting space.

With minimal investment in a small town, you can implement dozens of ideas. 7 business options are listed in the table below.

Table 2 “Ideas with minimal investment for a small town”.

Idea: what can you open in a small town Initial investment Net profit per month

Dry cleaning of carpets 250 thousand dollars. 90-100 thousand dollars

Smoked (dried) fish production DOLLARS 0.5-1 million 50-60 thousand dollars

Sale of shawarma 150-170 thousand dollars 40-50 thousand dollars

Production of keys in the garage 150 thousand dollars. 30-40 thous. dollars

Receiving recyclable materials for delivery to wholesale manufacturers (garage business) 30-50 thousand dollars. 6 thousand dollars. (per ton) 30-50 thousand dollars

Sewing atelier (home) 200 thousand dollars. 30 thousand dollars

Shashlik 270-300 thousand dollars. 150-170 thousand dollars

And a couple more options.

income ideas for a small town


The business ideas of 2020 listed in this article will tell you what to do so that you don’t lose clients and money. If you analyze the market as a whole, now the most profitable options are the provision of services and online trading. Small business in production requires large investments, it pays off for a long time, and a beginner rarely competes with more experienced players. When choosing a new business idea, focus not only on the world (the experience of Europe, Asia, USA), but also local realities.