Business Meetings

Business meetings at the exhibition are meetings at a convenient business platform, where successful people gather in one place. Here they can exchange their experience, share interesting ideas and innovative solutions, present ready and effectively working projects, and discuss the prospects for their cooperation. Business meetings and negotiations are the most common forms of international business communication.

The presence or absence of trust between the partners influences the process of business negotiations very much. Here the personal qualities of the participants also play an important role. There are several models of psychological interaction that can help or hinder the goals of the business meeting. Emotions manifest themselves: doubt, fear of entering into business contact, sympathy, a negative attitude, as well as a positive attitude. All of these feelings may arise during a meeting, but in the end one psychological pattern prevails.

The successful conduct of the entire negotiation process is helped by a mutual desire to reach an agreement, a good knowledge of the partner and a trusting attitude toward him or her. Any business meeting is a human communication, during which the participants inform each other about their positions, influence the partners through their intellect and various emotional-volitional qualities.

In order for the negotiations to be successful, it is necessary to prepare for them. Observance of elementary rules of business meetings allows you to immediately favor your interlocutors, thereby creating an atmosphere of mutual respect. Because of indifference to the already formed rules of business etiquette business meeting may end badly for you.
Business meeting rules

Plan the meeting in advance. All serious business people value not only their time, but also the time of their partners. That is why you need to think about the course of the business meeting, the structure of the conversation and the main points that must be touched upon during the negotiations.

Never be late for a scheduled meeting. Come in advance. This will help you gather your thoughts.

Prepare. At a business meeting you may need various documents, introductory materials or booklets. You should prepare all of these things well in advance. This will help you not look confused in front of your business partner and reassure them that you are practical and businesslike.

Turn off your cell phone and any other means of communication during the business meeting. Don’t let anything get in your way. Well, if you’re expecting a very important call, in that case, just warn your business partner in advance.

Observe business conversation etiquette. Listen carefully to the interlocutor, do not interrupt him. All business conversations should be conducted in a calm tone, even if the discussion will be unpleasant for you.

Avoid parasitic words and monotonous actions. This can make your interlocutor nervous. Gesticulate less, do not make abrupt movements. And only then your partner will have the impression that he/she is a well-mannered and self-confident person.

Watch the time. The business meeting should end on time, at the agreed time. After all, in business, every minute is worth its weight in gold. Do not abuse the precious time of your partners.