Business of the future. Top Business Ideas for 2020

Which types of business will be popular in the near future? What is worth paying attention to for start-up entrepreneurs if they want to be in a trend. What business ideas will be relevant in 2020? We will discuss them in the article.

The question – what ideas for business will be relevant in the near future ask many, but not everyone understands that to choose from a variety of options requires a certain strategy. It is simple, but effective and will help to cut off at an early stage something that will not benefit you.

Strategy for choosing an idea for business in 2020

The basic principle of starting a business environment will not change in the near future. You need an idea on which to base your business. But what if you want to do not just to come up with a good profitable and relevant idea, but to look into the future. How do you know which ideas will work and which will be forgotten by potential customers like a fleeting psyche? And we will answer you.

In the future, of course, no one can look. But the simplest logical analysis can be done by anyone. Next year, as in the present and the past, people will still love food, fix cars, buy clothes and shoes, go to entertainment places and provide for children. This means that the basic ideas will always remain. And if you want to start a business, then first of all analyze the ideas in these areas.

Second, think about what you like. Maybe you have always dreamed of organizing children’s holidays, but are afraid that this idea will not work for you because of the big competition. In fact, business may “not go” more likely because you don’t like doing it. And the fact that it’s hard to make a profit for objective reasons “shoots” just because you invest there not only money and time, but also your soul.

These two components – personal preferences and social needs – are universal components for finding ideas at any time.

But still, do not forget about trends. Therefore, we still have to talk about what’s new in the world of business ideas and what may become popular in 2020.

Idea 1. A wall printer…

Remember, more recently 3D-printers were something absolutely new and on a price range accessible only to corporations? And look at what’s happening now. By means of technology of the 3D-press all – from food to cars is created, and the simplest variants of cars under the price are quite accessible to ordinary inhabitant. The potential in this direction is huge. We are confident that we will never once again be impressed by the news in the development of 3D devices capable of building our lives. But now we are interested in how the devices can be used in ordinary business and what can become popular in the near future.

3D printers, which can print walls, may well claim to this role!

The essence of the device is simple. The device is connected to a special manipulator, which squeezes out a special plastic with reinforced fiber. As a result, at the output we get a frame with increased strength. All that remains to be done for readiness – to pour separate cavities with construction foam, and then to engage in external finishing.

This technology opens up a new field for the implementation of design solutions. After all, the walls can actually be created by individual design, choose not only the external decoration, but even the shape of the walls.

We are confident that this is not the last solution and the technology will develop further. So we will follow the news. And the idea can be considered now and adopted.

Idea 2. Smart Film

Society is already accustomed to the smart console. Smartphones, smart TVs and everything else that has long been associated with technological innovation.

So the smart film is a technological solution that will soon find application in many areas of life. It is a material self-adhesive digital film, the transparency of which can be adjusted, and also be used as a back projection screen, which is able to show video materials.

Applications for such a “miracle material” can be found a huge variety. Starting from the fact that a smart film will create a smart tint of car windows, when one click you can change the intensity, ending with the fact that the glass, mirrors, windows can be used as a screen to transmit information. Banal glued to the storefront smart film can display promotional videos when you need them, and when you don’t – just be effective protection from dust and light.

Idea 3. Luminous cotton candy

Sweet cotton has always been a profitable seasonal business and, for example, a beginner who wants to make money from it was almost unrealistic to find a free place where many people walk (parks, quays, fairs). Everything was packed with people who did not want to miss a profitable business with incredibly high profitability.

Then cunning novices began to come up with something that would help them attract attention. That’s how new kinds of cotton candy began to appear. Not only did they become multicolored. Sweet cotton wool of different shapes came into being.

Competition breeds progress. And the inventor entrepreneurs didn’t stop at the forms either. So maybe soon we will see cotton candy glowing in numerous parks in our country.

In fact, in such cotton wool, not the cotton wool itself, but the shelves with LEDs glow. But it’s a great trick that does its job of attracting visitors. Moreover, those who bought also expect a surprise – these sticks can be used as a toy after the main delicacy will be eaten.

Idea 4. A device that will teach you how to play guitar

In fact, there are a lot of different devices that are designed for those who can’t play instruments. And they weren’t developed yesterday. Take at least special controllers for game consoles and games that mimic popular songs, players have time to press the keys.

Still, they’re all more about the entertainment format than about learning. And people who even in adulthood dream of learning to play the real instrument – a lot. That’s why a special device that will make learning as easy as possible at times.

That’s how ChordBuddy became. It represents a set of special buttons, which are attached to the real guitar’s neck in the right places. The student learns the chords by pressing the buttons. And then, one by one, they clean up. Thus, the muscular memory is also involved, the hands remember the positions themselves.

It is a comfortable, interesting and inexpensive thing that an entrepreneur can easily order and sell in Russia before anyone else does. It is desirable, for fast growth to create an introductory branding and invest money in advertising.

Idea 5. Children’s 3D printer

We have already written about how quickly these devices are developing and occupying more and more niches, becoming more convenient, compact and accessible.

So the industry of children’s entertainment and toys has given up on modern technology. Device Toybox 3D allows you to print toys for your child. The company has its own catalog of what allows you to do this funny thing, where you can already find more than 1,000 options. What’s more, it continues to grow.

An excellent factor is also the fact that the child will not just play with it. Toybox 3D will allow you to develop your fantasy and introduce the latest technology to your child in a gaming form.

Idea 6. LED animation for bicycle wheels

Aimed at fans of cycling and walks, the implementation of this idea looks very impressive. The essence is that on the wheels of the bike is a special light, which when you scroll the wheel gives an amazing effect of different pictures. Pictures can be different, and managed directly from the screen smartphone, where you can choose what others will see when you ride your two-wheeled horse.

You can also upload your own pictures using a special editor in the application. You can also create inscriptions, which in theory can be used as advertising.

It’s easy to find customers who like the idea. In addition to the actual thematic forums and groups in social networks, where you can buy ads, you need to take into account that in large cities cyclists are becoming more and more. This is a trend of today, which will only develop, so the idea with backlighting on wheels is more relevant than ever.

Idea 7. Wall printer

Do you like the paintings on the walls? And what if you can not buy them, but print them yourself, and make images as the soul asks? No, we’re not talking about wide format printing and photo wallpaper. We speak about the device from the world of 3D-printers which will allow to print pictures directly on walls. The device becomes the magnificent tool for any designer.

By the way, the printer is capable to work on any surfaces – from glass to plastic and a tree.

With departure on object will cope even one person. The main thing – to install the device on the spot, and you can manage it with a compact computer.

Idea 8: Interactive sandbox

Remember how popular was the novelty of sand painting on a glowing table? Until now, such shows are organized as part of entertainment events. However, the demand for them gradually began to decrease. Which is not surprising. Everything ever gets tired of the public, and almost everyone has seen it.

That’s why the novelty in sand ideas will definitely appeal to the public. Especially since it’s much more technologically advanced than its predecessor.

It’s a sandbox that uses a scanner and software, as well as a projector. The point is that such a sandbox can display an image in the sand depending on what kind of landscape is created. So, if you make a slide out of sand, the projector will display the image of the mountain on it, if you make a ditch, the river will appear. There are a lot of modes and they are all interactive.

For children, such a sandpit is a wonderful world where they can show and develop their imagination. And in fact, it will be interesting not only for children, it is already very interesting to build technology.

You can install such sandboxes for business as in shopping malls, and in other places – cafes, restaurants, games rooms.

Idea 9. 3D printing of embryos

This idea may seem strange to some, but in fact it is quietly gaining momentum and has already made its way into Russia.

The essence is that parents make a picture of ultrasound of the future child, on the basis of which the program creates a model of the embryo and printed on a 3D printer, where it is created, painted and placed in a flask.

Application of this idea can be found in different ways, especially since the potential audience will never end. For example, in Tokyo, such models are used as key chains.

Idea 10. Laser for cleaning surfaces

Cleaning various surfaces from such things as soot, soot, oil, rust, oxide, paint is a problem for many, especially in production. Previously, various chemical detergents were used, which did not make the process much easier, and sometimes could damage the object.

Now the technology of removing the element of contamination with laser is available.

This method not only purifies the component with high quality, but also makes it much faster and easier for humans. Accordingly, it is possible to multiply the volume of objects to be cleaned.

If you have such a device, you can offer your services at least at all service stations. And there are so many. But only service stations your potential audience will not be limited, of course. The main thing here is to make available and quality advertising. Orders will be.

It is also important to understand that for this business a lot of space is not needed. In fact, you can quietly equip your garage and provide services there.

But we warn you right away – such a machine is very inexpensive. That’s why it won’t be possible to quickly repel the investment.

Idea 11. Family psychotherapy

You must have seen the positioning of family psychologists in American films. Almost every family has them. For Russia, this topic seems to be irrelevant. But it’s not really the case. We need psychological help to people in the same way. They just don’t advertise it yet and position it as something socially-approved. Meanwhile, the psychological help of a good specialist could solve the main problems of millions of families.

But fortunately, the situation is gradually beginning to change. And people are more willing to pay attention to the services of psychologists and are not shy about asking for help. All this will develop and the further, the faster. Therefore, we can expect that in the early 20’s, many people will go into this business, and specialists psychologists will be in demand in the market.

Idea 12. Vertical farming

In addition to the overpopulation problem on Earth, there is also the problem of lack of area for food crops. And the problems are related. Therefore, new technologies are being developed to solve these problems.

The same is happening in the technological sector of agriculture. Nowadays, more and more attention of entrepreneurs is attracted to the devices that can provide vertical farming. The essence of them is that they allow you to grow crops in a limited width and length of space. Places for planting are placed on top of each other.

Building such vertical farms is beneficial in terms of space saving. Therefore, the topic is developing in advanced farming and is becoming more and more popular. By the way, for comparison, we can give an example with vertical parking, which also solved this problem and won its part of the market.

The idea is 13. Solar collectors

While the industry of solar batteries still develops, while creation and installation of accumulators of solar energy is still too expensive for an inhabitant, businessmen do not lose time in vain and establish for people solar collectors. They too use energy of the sun, but unlike the real solar batteries, it is very simple in construction. They represent the tubes painted in special sun absorbing colour on which water runs. Such water heated without using paid energy can heat private homes, showers and so on. It is very convenient and has long been used in hot climate zones.

Idea 14. Charge stations for electric cars

No one is surprised by the novelties in the electric car market anymore. But for some reason, few people pay attention to the fact that in large cities you can already find such devices on the streets that the market is already in operation, that he began to develop and is not going to stop. But no infrastructure has been created yet.

You can act ahead of the curve, there will be few customers, but there is no competition. And in the near future there will be a moment when there will be a sharp growth of the entire industry and the gains will be blown away primarily by those who have already taken their place in this market.

The result is

Many of these ideas may seem too early. But the truth is, they’re not. The only difficulty is that you will be one of the pioneers in this market, which means that you too will have to form a potential audience. On the other hand, isn’t it great when exactly your firm will be at the origin of the trend?