Camping is the best way to relax body and soul

The unity with nature is something that is so lacking in modern man. Endless work, household chores do not allow you to fully relax, gaining strength and energy. That is why more and more people are trying to spend their weekends outside in the countryside.

Renting a cottage near Kiev at the recreation center is the best way to spend a weekend away from the noisy city and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Comfortable wooden houses are equipped with everything you might need, including air conditioning, WI-FI and cable TV to ensure a good rest.

Recreation base is a paradise where you can relax and devote your time only to yourself. Wide range of services will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

If you consider interaction with animals as the best cure for fatigue, you can take advantage of horseback riding and training. The Equides center will give you the opportunity to experience complete freedom – saddled on a horse, you can admire the splendor of the forests and meadows that surround the recreation center.

Fans of outdoor activities won’t get bored. In the recreation center you can visit the gym where you can keep perfect shape even during rest. Connoisseurs of the game of aristocracy, undoubtedly, will enjoy the opportunity to visit the golf area, where you can both independently determine their skills, and learn the skills of golf by signing a personal trainer.

Take part in the quest-games – a great opportunity to show your leadership skills, enjoy team play and feel the spirit of competition in archery competitions, races on quad bikes and speedy passage through the maze.

After an active day out, take some time out just for yourself with a visit to the Equides spa. This is where you can relax and have an unforgettable experience. You will be offered the following services:

Massage: classic, anti-cellulite, relaxing;
Facial treatments, moisturizing and toning, which significantly improves the complexion and condition of the skin;
Restoration of the body after physical exertion – a complex for muscle relaxation, regeneration of the skin and slowing down of aging processes;
Sauna. A visit to the sauna is the best opportunity to relax and unwind.

A comprehensive vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the best way to restore mental balance and enjoy the unity with nature.