Canon has patented a removable camera for a smartphone

Canon has filed a patent for a portable camera that scrolls from a shared photo to a selfie and joins a smartphone to stream images to the screen. The publication notes that the design of the device differs from the traditional one for video blogging cameras. The lens can be used in conjunction with a smartphone, ie the images are tracked on the screen and can be adjusted.

You also don’t need to change the position of your hand to rotate the camera – just turn the lens in the opposite direction. The disadvantage of the camera is the inability to take selfie videos with a microphone connected due to the placement of a mounting element on the upper side of the body, which can interfere with shooting in the blog genre, which requires quality sound. The Canon documentation does not mention the gimbal of the camera.

This means that any stabilization must be provided by a potential internal mechanism and through a full-frame lens. Because it is not the lightest weight, the camera will be inconvenient to use as a pocket. The corporation followed the design of Osmo portable cameras when developing the device. Canon News notes that the company has filed five patents related to the design of a removable camera, confirming the seriousness of the intentions to manufacture a portable product.