Challenges the nerves: Android has the most challenging game

Dental game Dead Cells from game consoles migrated to Android mobile platforms

Known for its complexity, the game Dead Cells from Motion Twin Studios was released on the Android mobile platform. Previously, the game was available on computers on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch game consoles. Now, owners of mobile platforms will be able to pass the time for a hardcorebagelin the style of metro diving, which even won the award forThe best action gameat The Game Awards 2018. The game can be downloaded to Google Play for the price of 199 hryvnias.

On smartphones, Dead Cells offers users an interface adapted for touch screens, several game modes, support for controllers and the ability to turn on autoba, since the reaction of the touch display can affect the dynamics of the game process. Dead Cells requires Android version 6.0 and above, as well as 600 MB of memory to run.

Most importantly, the developers remind that the game is very complex and requires strong nerves, and they ask gamers to take a closer look so that they do not break the phone during an intense game session. For their furious gameplay, journalists praised the game on the Metacritic website at 90 points out of 100.

The gameplay has remained unchangedthe main character also explores abandoned dungeons, cities and sewers, fighting with the local monsters. For killing enemies, the character receivescells” (cells), which can be spent on improvements and access to new weapons. After each death, the hero is taken away the found weapons and accumulated resources, but thecellscan be spent between levels.