Children’s dreams against reality

How would a 15-year-old feel when you saw yourself today? People told me who they wanted to be, who they’ve become, and what they think about all this. As a kid, we had other dreams and plans. But we grew up not to be what we expected. Sometimes we’re happy for our success, and sometimes not so happy. What would we young people think of ourselves today? How have we changed, what we achieved and how we live? Children’s dreams against reality I wouldn’t be impressed with my car, home or family. It was taken for granted as a child.

That’s how adult life was presented. But I’d be surprised to sit at my computer all day and get paid for it. I’d be a little disappointed that I never became a racing driver or a war pilot. But I’ve become a firefighter, which I like and has a bit of a risk. When I was young, I hoped to work in creative work. But I have a routine job. I’d be disappointed with the lack of boobs. They never grew up. I would have been happy for myself that I managed to find such a hot wife, a good job and keep my childhood friends. I’d be particularly surprised to have such a beautiful wife.

I was from a very poor family and I didn’t believe I would ever have my own big house. 20 years later, I had my own big house and a spacious apartment. As a child I dreamed of working in a cool job where I had to risk my life and travel a lot. And now I work in a regular office for a regular job. Office plankton. But I’m happy with the state of affairs. It would be a surprise to me that I managed to get a girl and marry her, with whom I started dating in my youth. If I’d known that beforehand, I’d have screwed it up. And it turned out great. I’d have been happy to lose a lot of weight and be athletic. Although in all the years I haven’t found a girlfriend to be in a constant relationship with. I’d be disappointed to see myself today. I had a lot of big plans and desires.

But now I realize there were many unrealistic expectations of life. Life is a lot harder. As a child, I dreamed of developing games or playing them. Many years later, I work as a tester in a company that develops computer games. Young I would ask where all your friends in adult life? Why are you alone and lonely? I’d be surprised to see my career and office in the first place. That the last two marriages broke up because of constant employment. I’d be surprised I never got taller. Maximum growth spurt was in high school, and then it didn’t change much. Just gained some weight. I’d be pissed off that life didn’t work out the way I wanted. Would have been most disappointed that he was unhappyly married and had survived the divorce.

And I also work where I don’t want to. When I was young, I liked to collect everything and there were a lot of things. I’d be surprised to become a supporter of minimalism. Thought I’d never live to be 30, but I overcame that threshold. Always thought I wasn’t smart enough. As a young man, I’d be happy to know that I managed to become a boss in a technical company. I would be annoyed that after almost 10 years I am still depressed and deadlocked. I’d be delighted. Everybody said I wouldn’t make it, and I’d be a bandit. Now I have a great education, a job, travel and a dream life. When I was young, I thought I’d leave my rotten town for the capital or the big city.

Now I have a family, a job and dreams that never came true. I hope that my children will go away and achieve something that I didn’t dare. When I was young, I was a withdrawn nerd and did not believe in a happy future. I’d be happy for me today. I managed to find confidence, a great job, a cozy apartment, a nice wife and wonderful children. Children’s dreams never coincide with real life. And what would you say a 15-year-old about yourself today? Are you happy or not? Or is the game not over yet?