Chip in the human body: experts have named the pros and cons of future technology

On March 26, Microsoft received the patent “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data” number WO/2020/060606, which states that “human body activity related to the task assigned to the user can be used in the process of cryptocurrency mining”. The thoughts concerning this unusual project with portal are shared by Vasily Kulesh, the head of a line of products with use of block technologies, company *instinctools.

If we speak about patent Microsoft number WO2020060606 in which technology on introduction in a body of the person of the chip by means of which, to the carrier tasks will be put, and rewarding for performance of tasks in view, I would raise the main question: “Whether the mankind is ready to introduction and management of such technologies? Are people able to use them for good?”

Mankind already has many cases where good goals have led to tragic results, for example, the development of nuclear energy management technology, and in the end we have nuclear weapons.

If you look at the history of the struggle for power, for territory, for finance, for resources, are people ready to let a chip be introduced into their bodies, with this level of possible influence on body and personality?

The patent presents the most correct description of the technology in the most correct formulations, it describes the most harmless cases of using this technology.

But what if you ask yourself questions: “What else can this chip do?”, “Where is the limit of influence on the personality of the carrier?”, “Who sets the tasks?”, “Who decides which tasks and actions of the carrier of the chip are right or wrong?”. The answers to these questions lead me to terrifying thoughts.

For example, if the person who controls the chip decides that this particular chip carrier should not have children and the chip stimulates the area of the brain responsible for the release of hormones that block births.

Or, for example, having complete information about the carrier’s body, health status and body characteristics, the chip manager will decide that the carrier’s organs are suitable for someone who is willing to pay very well for them. The chip may be able to stimulate the clot and the carrier of the chip may die from seemingly natural causes…

Or if the chip manager decides that the chip host must commit a crime to get him out of some process. The chip stimulates the production of the hormones responsible for the aggression…

Possible cases with financial control, freedom of movement and other freedoms of the carrier, in general, seem like pranks for children.

And if we assume that the manager of the chip will decide what is good, what is bad, what to do and what not to do to the carrier, then we can continue – where to go and where not to go, with whom to communicate and with whom not, and what if it turns out that the manager of the chip will be able to decide how long the life of the carrier and what will be its quality??