Choosing a men’s shirt: useful tips

A shirt is an important part of a business person. If you are buying a shirt for yourself or as a gift, the following tips will help you with that.

When buying a shirt take into account the following characteristics: style, color and, of course, quality. These three parameters are the most important when choosing a shirt.


Going to the store can be overwhelming because there are so many stores. It is worth limiting and deciding on one men’s clothing store that you like. The specialists of the store will always help you in choosing the right thing for you.

Once you have decided on a shirt, you should try it on and see how it sits on you. Make sure you can fit 2 fingers behind your neck, bend your arm at the elbow, and make sure the sleeve is long enough.

Most shirts shrink after washing, this is also something to consider. When buying a shirt, make sure you have all sizes (neck size, chest size and sleeve length).

Consider collars

Men’s shirts have different types of collars. And they are all designed for different types of ties.

Pay attention to the cuffs

Cuffs have their own style. There are cuffs with cufflinks – a kind of accessory for men’s closet.

Despite the fact that the shirts are called suit shirts, they can be worn at the party. It all depends on the style and, of course, the color of the shirt.

The choice of fabric

There is a huge variety of fabrics that shirts are made of. Regardless of what you will wear it with.

If you travel frequently, you should choose a shirt that is resistant to crumpling and soiling. And it’s worth making sure it’s hand-washable.

Better shirts are made of double material, so they are more durable. Also check the seam, quality shirts only have one seam. Shirts also have a button on the sleeve for convenience.

Choice of color

If you purchase a shirt for business meetings or work, then it should certainly be a white shirt color.

Dark or brown shirts go well with gray or black suits, but also look good with jeans. It is better to take a friend with you, he will tell you what color suits you. The main thing is not to be afraid of colors.

If you are going to an event with your girlfriend, then you should take into account the dress she is wearing.

Shirts to order

If you want a perfectly matched shirt for you, then you can order a shirt in specialty stores.

Now that you have a men’s shirt you can safely go to a business meeting or date.